I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 125

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Patiently waiting for to finish her speech, Eric went down the stage with her, and after giving her another hug, he returned to his seat.

---- ----

In this three hours Eric like most of the audience had to laugh over and over again at the unfunny jokes the guest presenters told on stage.

《》 was only nominated for the best soundtrack award which can be ignored.

As a young man who broke into Hollywood for more than six months, he made great achievements, and more than once he suffered from all sorts of jokes aimed at him by the guest presenters. So the camera lens often sweeps over him or took close ups of him. In this situation, Eric didn\'t have the chance to relax. But Eric did not feel bored. Instead, he relished the contrast between this version of the Oscar ceremony and the Oscar ceremonies ten years later.

An hour and a half into the show, Eric found that the biggest difference between the Oscar now and the Oscar in the future, is that most of the award-winning works such as 《》, 《》, 《》 and so on are commercial films. Unlike 10 years later, when most of the winners are politically correct films or extreme art films.

So after more than two hours, most of the major awards have been awarded, it was the technical awards turn. After the best cinematography award was presented, the best animated short film award come-up. The ones who cared the most about those type of awards are the directors, producers, and the film crews, and there was a lot of them in this auditorium.

The guest presenter for the best animated short film award is who starred in 《》, feeling the audience expectations, quickly give a brief introduction of the nominees, opened the envelope and read: "The winner of the best animated short film is 《》, by ."

Hearing the applause, once again glanced at Eric. After receiving a look of encouragement, she got up and walked to the stage.

The name announced was obviously a male name, but the one walking to the stage is a beautiful woman wearing a blue strapless dress, most of the audience in front of their TV\'s were questioning who is this goddess.

"Who is this?"

"What a beautiful girl!"

"It\'s strange to have a girl be named John!"

The organizer obviously know who she was, so after Virginia walked on stage, the camera directly zoomed to Eric\'s face, giving him a big close up. Eric secretly had the urge to flee, but could only sit tightly in his seat, with a blank look on his face. As if he didn\'t know that the camera was focusing on him.

Trying to pretend he didn\'t know anything didn\'t have much effect on the audience in the auditorium, especially when Eric\'s face showed on the huge screen, some of the crowd surrounding Eric quickly give him some playful smiles.

Many people in front of the TV was also able to make the connection, especially those who pay attention to gossip news, they quickly remembered the identity of , they also remembered that Eric Williams himself personally wrote a movie script just for her.

--- ---

In an apartment in Manhattan, New York, was sitting on a sofa, while holding a teddy bear Eric brought her. She spent the whole night sitting there motionless, staring at the TV. Hoping to see her boyfriend just one more time, she even looked forward to the times those presenters ridiculed him. But every time she saw Eric, her eyes couldn\'t help but involuntarily look at the girl sitting beside him.

Seeing Virginia getting on stage to accept the award, she couldn\'t help but bitterly mumbled \'Bitch\' and tore a few hairs from the fluffy bear in her arm.

Looking at smiling at the camera, Aniston quickly made up her mind, "I\'m going back tomorrow." she then went into her bedroom and began packing her luggage.

As she was doing that, she remembered the words her father told her: \'If you really care about that boy, then you better stay by his side. Because keeping a long distance relationship alive is a very hard thing to do. If you feel you can\'t stand it anymore. Then you should give up early, to avoid hurting each other.\'

"I won\'t give him up, especially to that bitch!" she kept grumbling, as she neatly packed her clothes. Finally, she picked up the keys to Eric luxurious mansion, and stuffed them in her bag, then called a travel agency to book a flight ticket.

--- ---

was also watching the Oscar through cable TV in Rome, Italy.

The night after she rejected Eric offer, she returned to Europe, and took the initiative to ask 《》 director to reshoot some scenes, and just as her broker said? Because she give up such an important opportunity, she can\'t afford to break her connections in Europe. The first film she starred in is 《》 a film made by the Italian director Sergio Leone, since then she won the recognition of the Italian film circle, so she can\'t afford to break this valuable life line.

Connelly also noticed that her broker Lester had started acting cold toward her, he spent more time on his other artists and paid less attention to her. Even in this trip to Rome, he didn\'t come along with her.

For the past few days, every time she thought about the missed opportunity, her regrets accumulated. And as the close-up of Eric face appeared on TV, her hand couldn\'t help but reach for the phone book that was in her hand bag, trying to find his phone number.

"Will he still give me the role if I called him now?" mumbled to herself, as she stared at the phone number in her hand.

Although she was far away in Rome, she could still read the scattered news about the major things happening in Hollywood, even news saying that 《》 actors have been identified. Although only the two lead actors were announced, the casting list has yet to be exposed. She knew that the role of the lead girl had been identified, so if she called him now, Eric wouldn\'t dismiss the new actress and give her back the role. He will probably give her another role, but she also know that he has a limited number of film projects in his hand, after all, he isn\'t the boss of one of the six giant film Studios. So, in the end, she decided not to call.

--- ---

After boarding the Oscar podium, didn\'t make any unexpected move, she was content with just doing what Eric told her to do. Taking a deep breath, she unfolded a paper and started reading the acceptance speech Eric give her. Then she elegantly walked backstage with .

After that, the best actor award was as expected taken by for his wonderful performance in 《》.

When the best director award was about to start, Virginia came back carrying the gold statue, cheeks flushed, hips swaying, her whole body was exuded a mature charm, making all the men close to them envious of Eric, even some women couldn\'t take their eyes off of her.

Although this wasn\'t a good time to talk, Virginia still secretly stroked his leg under the table, trying to convey how grateful she was.

Unsurprisingly 《》 won the best picture, the three-hour long ceremony was finally over.

But that didn\'t mean that after the Oscar ends, the stars will go back home, countless celebration parties happen every year after the Oscar ceremony, so most of the guests are able to find a party to go to.

Because 《》 didn\'t win any award, Firefly didn\'t host any celebration party, so although the Runkle couple\'s who came as part of 《》 crew wanted to go to some of those party\'s. They couldn\'t, because the little guy was tired and drowsy, after sitting motionless in his seat for more than three hours, the couple had to swallow their disappointment and take the little guy back home to rest.

--- ---

"So Eric, where are we going to go next?" asked.

Eric looked at Virginia who was still carefully holding the golden statues and said: "You chose, I received invitations to a few parties, the big ones are the party held by 《》 crew, 《》 crew, As well as , and . Oh, and also said that would hold a party, so which one you wanna go to."

"Uh, 《》?" Virginia said in a voice filled with uncertainty.

"Smart choice, 《》 celebration party is held at the Sunset Tower Hotel in Beverly Hills, close to home."

After making the decision, the two quickly found Kapoor Sid and drove to the Sunset Tower Hotel.

--- ---

As the biggest winners this year, 《》 crew celebration party is undoubtedly the grandest, at his arrival , and the director Barry Levinson personally come to welcome him.

As he was Greeting and chatting with some people in the crowd, Cruise came to his side and said to Virginia: "Miss Madsen, can I talk to Eric alone."

After spending the entire night by his side, was tired, but she still stayed by his side because she didn\'t want another woman to take him from her. But now that Cruise personally asked, Virginia happily nodded.

"Eric, about 《》, I have a new idea, you see, in the part where ...... maybe we can modify it to ...... Do you think we can do that?" As soon as Virginia walked a little far away, Cruise Began telling Eric about his new ideas.

After listening to him for a few minutes, Eric could Sum up all of ideas into one short sentence: add more drama!

...... ......

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