I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 124.5 part2

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When they were about seven or eight meters away from the fans\' area, some girls saw Eric\'s figure and started screaming his name, with some of them screaming "I love you" and so on. Most of the actors who attended the Oscar were over the age of thirty, compared to them the young and handsome Eric has a huge advantage.

In addition to his young age, he also starred in 《》 not long ago, which enabled him to have a large number of fans in the youth group. If it were not for staff, who maintained order, he was sure someone would have rushed directly to the red carpet. Fortunately, this didn\'t happen. Slowing down his pace, Eric put a proper smile on his face, and give them a nod, which created another burst of female screams.

Without even realizing it, he had fans, Eric felt slightly emotional, giving Virginia\'s arm a little squeeze he moved on.

Because no one was calling her name, felt slightly lost, She even noticed that some girls in the audience were giving her hostile looks, those emotions subsided only when they reached the media area.

"Eric, look here!"

"Here, here."

"Eric, Virginia, get closer?"

Compared to the fans who were only concerned about their favorite stars, the reporters easily recognized her. They have long heard that , is about to participate in a film made by the Firefly and that Eric himself wrote the script.

From the start of Hollywood development to this day, everyone in this circle knows the rule, that if an unknown beautiful actress or a handsome actor suddenly get a major role in a movie, people will subconsciously ask: who did She or He sleep with to get the role? Those pretty stars couldn\'t possibly get the chance without reason, they possibly had to pay a price, and in addition to their body, they can\'t pay with anything else. Most of the people in the circle don\'t look down on these men and women, they will only envy them, and regret missing the opportunity.

The reporter\'s eyes shone the moment they saw the two, this is the type of gossip they come her for. While urging Eric and Virginia to get as close as possible and to show some intimacy, they pressed the camera shutter like crazy.

When they finally walked out of the reporter\'s area, they found the channel reporter was interviewing , taking this chance Eric took and directly slipped to stars resting area.

"Hello, Mr. Williams, I\'m "

"Hello, Mr. Downey," Eric smiled and shook his hand, just as he wanted to give a few words of praise for his works, Eric found that he didn\'t remember any of the famous young star early works, trying to save himself Eric pointed to the girl beside him and said: "This is ."

politely shook Virginia\'s hand, he was just trying to mingle with the other stars, in the hope that he can get the opportunity to cooperate with them in the future, so he didn\'t spend too much talking to Eric, after just a few word, he left, Eric also took the initiative to start greeting other stars.

Like, , , , , , , and his wife , , , , ...

Like a ball, he bounced from one star to another, until a staff member told them to enter the auditorium where the Oscar ceremony was gonna be hosted.

He didn\'t know what the Oscar organizers were thinking, but no one came to get him.

After entering the hall and finding the location of the 《》 crew, Eric walked straight to the backstage. Because he was the presenter of the best-supporting actress award he was placed first, there is no strict order to how the Oscar awards are presented. Many times, to attract the attention of the audience, the organizers will first present the more important awards, like the best-supporting actor, or the best-supporting actress.

"Hello, Eric, I\'m ." Backstage, a tall and strong man stretched out his hand and said: "I\'ll show you around."

Eric shook his hand and said: "Thank you. Mr. Selleck, I loved your film 《》, I heard there will be a sequel?"

《》 is 1987 box office champion, this warm comedy film was able to get the first place at the box office, only by luck, because in the year 1987 no famous film was released all year round.

As for , the only thing Eric remember about him is that he starred in 《》 and him playing boyfriend in 《》 the TV show.

After he completes filming 《》, Eric intends to keep his promise to and start working on 《》. Although performance as boyfriend was memorable, Eric knows he has to choose another actor because his career is flourishing now, Eric was sure he will reject the invitation if he asked him to play in a TV show, Tom might even see it as Eric looking down on him.

laughed when he heard Eric mention his best work, and said: "Of course, but the film will only be released next year, but to tell you the truth, I don\'t want my film to be released the same time your film does."

--- ---

Ten minutes or so after the opening song and dance, a staff member handed Eric a few envelope that contains his lines and the name of the winner. Then under the guidance of , Eric walked to the stage.

All the things the audience see the guest presenters say and do on stage are written by screenwriters, in fact, no one is allowed to show their own skills.

"Wow," walking to the center of the stage, Eric adjusted the microphone and said: "Hello everyone, after I received the invitation. I asked the producer, why don\'t I have a female partner like all the other guest presenters, isn\'t it unfair! Allan stared at me for a long time then said: Because you\'re too young!"

Speaking up to here, Eric gave the audience an innocent look.

The audience was silent for a moment, then there was a burst of laughter, followed by applause. In the last six months, although Eric has made a series of spectacular achievements, but there are always people in Hollywood who say that 18-year-old boy was just lucky and isn\'t a genius and that he won\'t be able to achieve such a big achievement again.

After saying another few words, the audience Laughed again, then Eric got back on track: "In any movie, when the main actors and actresses show their acting skills, There is always other supporting actors in the background, a good supporting actor or actress, can make a movie even more colorful, we can even say that the supporting actors are the secret ingredient that can either make or break a film. Then let us see who was nominated to get the best-supporting actress award."

Speaking up to here, Eric made a gesture, and footage of those who were nominated for the award appeared on the big screen. The first two were , and for their role in 《》, third was for her role in 《》, forth is for her role in 《》 and the last is in 《》.

Personally, Eric wasn\'t optimistic about , before she was able to win , but now he was sure that the winner should be either or .

After the nominated actresses were introduced, Eric slowly opened the envelope and looked at the name. Sure enough, just like he expected it was one of the two.

"This year best Supporting Actress is , for her role in 《》."

After he announced the name, loud applause sounded in the auditorium. A red haired girl about 180 cm in height (6 feet tall) stood up excitedly, hugged the people around her, then hurriedly walked on stage. She didn\'t rush to take the small gold statue, instead, she hugged Eric excitedly. Eric could only smile and pat her on the back, is already more than 180 cm in height, but with her wearing high heels, she looked much taller than Eric, when the two hugged, most of the audience couldn\'t help but chuckle.

A few moments later, when he saw that she wasn\'t gonna let go of him, Eric softly whispered in her ear: "Hey, Ms. Davis, Can you let me go? And why do I feel you\'re doing this just to tease me."

"Impatient little fellow!" whispered softly to him, then quickly let go of him.Taking the trophy, she began giving her speech.

...... ......

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