I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 123

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In the last four years, the number of movies bundled by has reached more than one hundred and fifty films, as for the TV market, the CAA has occupied more than 1/3 of the shows sold.

In Eric view, CAA secret weapon is its own unique business model, even if left the company, could still keep developing indefinitely. So although many people are trying to unveil the secret to CAA success, most of their analysis missed the mark, ending up with specious reasoning.

So Eric felt that this was a good chance to stop CAA from expanding like in his past life. If it wasn\'t for CAA, then he will have had the original cast of 《》, although Eric was confident in acting skills, he was still worried, he was afraid that changing the original with Al will affect the film box office, but fortunately, it turned out well. And then, when he invited the two Tom\'s, still tried to inconvenience him, now the supporting roles for 《》 had been identified, and all the Preparations are complete, only the two main protagonists haven\'t been settled yet.

"Since you don\'t have any objection, I\'ll ask Alan to contact the newspaper for publication."

"Ok," Kapoor nodded, but suddenly said: "Don\'t worry, just give me a copy first, I want to study it, maybe I can optimize UTA work strategy."

"As you wish." Eric nodded, got up and opened the office copier, and started making a copy for him: "In fact, Kapoor, in the next few years, I don\'t intend to expand the scale of UTA, because now my strength isn\'t enough. You know, A few days ago, when I was trying the find places to shoot some scenes for the film, I found how weak I am. I just wanted to shoot a few scenes in the rooftop of the National Bank building, but when I contacted the building management department they directly turned me down, they said they were afraid that I will affect their business order, they didn\'t even give me the chance to try to convince them. But when I told the producer that sent to help me what happened, he just made a few calls and got us the permission. Initially, I was pleased with the achievements I made in my previous films, but now that I think about it, I can see that I\'m still just a little rat."

Kapoor advised: "Eric, don\'t put too much pressure on your self, you have done a good job until now. Plus, think about your age, you aren\'t even nineteen years old yet, am I right? How many people your age do you think can earn hundreds of millions of dollars by their own hands in such a short time?\'

"Oh, those are the same words Jeffrey told me," smiling, Eric handed Kapoor his copy of the manuscript: "Here, by the way, I\'ll have to go to the in a few days, can you help me prepare for it, I\'m swamped these days. Plus, I\'ll have to participate in a dress rehearsal, I shouldn\'t have agreed to act as a guest presenter."

"I really don\'t know what to say, many little stars I know will do any thing to show their face in the , even sell their body, but you don\'t want to act as a guest presenter." Kapoor laughed: "By the way, who are you going to take as a companion?"

"I originally wanted to bring my girlfriend , she was going to come back from Los Angeles at the end of the month, but last night she called and said that she can\'t and that she will only be able to come back at the beginning of April. Anyway, I\'m not sure, I will probably take with me like I did at the last time."

Acting as if he remembered something, Kapoor said: "By the way, I got another movie that is suitable for , I think it\'s a good book, are you still going to stop me from inviting her?"

"Don\'t send any thing her way, I don\'t intend to let pick any movie for the next two years."

Kapoor nodded and said after a few moments: "If that\'s the case, then I suggest you don\'t take Drew to the Oscar. This is a good chance to promote our other actors, I suggest taking Miss or the girl you picked last week the little British beauty, she has gained the recognition of and . Oh, and there is also , for the sake of promoting your movies, I suggest you take one of the three."


Eric thought for a moment, the one who needs help the most should be , She is going to have to hold up 《》 alone, she will gain great benefits by exposing her face on the Oscars red carpet. 《》 have , plus 《》 have and , so even if show up on the Oscar red carpet, it wouldn\'t matter.

"Then , you tell her to prepare."

"No problem, I\'ll help her prepare, but Eric, in front of outsiders, you\'d better not act intimate with Miss ."

Although Kapoor said it in a businesslike tone, he could see that he just joking, embarrassed Eric coughed and said: "Well, I will pay attention."

--- ---

After Kapoor had left, Eric handed the file to Alan and told him to see if he can find a newspaper to publish it. After that, he continued working hard for the rest of the day, then drove his care to meet .

Their meeting was in a fancy restaurant in Beverly hills, after shaking hands, Eric didn\'t rush to poach hanks from CAA, instead, they talked about 《》. Although Hanks had a premonition about why Eric wanted to meet him, he didn\'t think that job-hopping to UTA is a good choice. But he was very interested in talking to Eric about the film.

Because wasn\'t able to get him a share of the profits, Hanks and Fireflies contract was gonna be signed in a few days, so he was already on board to participate in 《》.

"In fact, I had intended to set Sean character as a someone who had to quit the special weapons and tactics (SWAT) because of the injury, who ended up being a civilian police officer but was unwilling to remain in the limelight. But I think that if this setting is pointed out in the movie, the audience won\'t accept it easily, so I decided to keep this setting obscure, and give the audience some room to imagine things on there on."

put down the tableware and wiped his mouth, and wondered, "Didn\'t we discuss this problem in our last discussion, and we made a whole new setting for Sean\'s background, you didn\'t tell me this detail last time."

"Because this setting is somewhat ...... evil, didn\'t you read the script? the reason why Sean doesn\'t go to clubs and isn\'t married is because of his injury, he doesn\'t want to delay other women."

Hanks paused, and quickly come to understand, smiling he said: "This setting is indeed true ...... but it kinda hard to accept, but I also prefer keeping Sean\'s background blurred."

The two of them spent more than half an hour talking about the film, until they finished their dinner, then ordered coffee. Taking a sip from his cup, Eric said: "Tom, in fact, invite you to dinner this evening, because......"

After listening to his explanation, Hanks interrupted Eric and said in a lukewarm tone: "Eric, I think development is good, So I don\'t intend to change brokerage firms for the time being."

"Don\'t you want to hear my condition first?" Eric said smiling.

"Eric if I change to other companies the amount of money I get will drop, after all, doesn\'t take a big cut from my pay, plus if I suddenly change to another brokerage firm, I don\'t know how long it will take before I can adapt to the new environment. And, to be honest, although I know Kapoor Sid is a competent agent, the size of UTA is too small, and those two big stars had occupied most of the resources, I don\'t think UTA has enough energy to take care of me."

Eric was very surprised by Hanks clear analysis, but when he thought about it, he understood why. Although Hanks look kinda silly, he was still able to achieve great success in Hollywood the land of the sharks, so that tell him that Hanks is actually a very smart man.

"Listen to my condition first, UTA won\'t reduce your fee." Eric smiled and said: "As long as you join UTA, in the next decade, I can arrange for you at least five movies that can make more than $100 million at the box office."

couldn\'t help but stare at him with wide open eyes, within ten years five films that can make more than $100 million at the box office, what concept is that? from the year 1981 to now only one of his movies 《》 was able to achieve more than $100 million at the box office, 《》 the film that originally broke through the $100 million mark, wasn\'t able to do do it this time. Because of the sudden emergence of 《》, the film earned less than $80 million at the box office, but the movie was guaranteed to win some Oscar awards this year, so getting past the 100 million mark is just a matter of time.

"Are you talking about the local box office?" Hanks asked subconsciously.

"Of course, within ten years, at least five movies that can earn more than $100 million in North America." after a pause, he added: "and you\'ll be the leading actor in all of them."

"But........" Hanks wasn\'t carried away by Eric\'s promise of success: "How can I believe what you said is true? Although several of your previous movies brook the 100 million mark, that doesn\'t mean you\'ll still keep succeeding."

"We can sign a secret contract, If within ten years I can\'t arrange at least five movies that break the 100 million mark in North America, then I will pay you a lot of money." Eric did not hesitate to add: "Of course, you\'ll have to star in a certain number of movies, after all, if you signed the contract and decided to just play around and wait for the money, then I won\'t compensation you."

was amused by Eric last sentence, laughing he said: "Of course I won\'t, I love making movies. If I can\'t continue being an actor, then I really don\'t know how to live, you have to understand, a man who is used to regularly doing something he loves, if he suddenly stops, he will be bored to death."

"Well, do you agree?"

shook his head: "Eric, although what you said made me very excited, but I can\'t agree so easily. If I quit, you won\'t achieve your promise, how much compensation can I get in ten years? Ten million, or twenty million, is not an amount worth losing my career over. Well, if nothing else, I\'ll take my leave, this dinner was delicious, Eric, if you have time, let\'s do it again, this time I will treat you."

"One hundred million dollars!" Eric said, staring at Hanks shocked expression: "$100 million, Tom, if I can\'t fulfill my promise, then I will pay you $100 million, we can sign a contract now if you want, we\'ll have to find a Notary public to do the notarization. I can even set up a fund and put $100 million into it in advance. Even if your future pay rise to $10 million a film, you\'ll need to shoot at least one movie a year to earn 100 million, is this enough to show my sincerity?"

Hanks who started wearing his coat, slowed down his movement, and said: "Eric, are you serious?"

"Of course, and you know, I\'m sure I can afford it now."

"Well, I need to think about it." Hanks still didn\'t accept.

"Well, I\'ll be waiting for your good news." Although Eric was disappointed, he made a sure to keep smiling.

put on his coat, looked strangely at Eric, then walked outside the restaurant.

Disappointed Eric sat motionless in his seat, and finished his cup of coffee.

When he was about to settle the bill, Hanks suddenly appeared in front of him again.

"Eric, since you are going to bet $100 million, I don\'t understand why I have to hesitate." Hanks sat down opposite Eric, and said: "I accept this bet!"

...... ......

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