I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 120

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March 17, this was the first weekend of the Easter season, many new films were released on this day, this includes the highly anticipated film 《》. For this movie, United Artists used 1927 screens in the opening weekend, more than the number of screens used in 《》 by a few dozens. has been using a lot of money to grease the pockets of the critics, to get them to praise their film, but the next day after the premiere, the film was criticized by everyone.


"The hero character setting is very strange, he has a P.H.D., and he is also a master of mysterious oriental martial arts, but he is willing to work as a bodyguard in a bar, plus he dresses like a cowboy. And then, the director awkwardly built him into a paranoid avenger, but not a qualified Avenger, he can kill the henchman without any care, but he\'ll show mercy to the big villain who he hates the most. To make a long story short, It\'s a funny movie with a very ridiculous plot." The Chicago Tribune

"The film is full of anarchy, lawlessness, destruction and unbridled violence. It\'s a farce." Movie Guide magazine

"I only saw a stream of brawls, broken beer bottles, and groups of big breasted girls and splashes of fake blood. The story was pale and lame, acting was dull, he wasn\'t even on the same level as the villain." Montreal film magazine

"A ridiculous and noisy film" The Reel Movie Review

"You can remove the lead actor from this movie, and the plot wouldn\'t change, The villain wants to control the Town, so he commit some violent actions like starting fights, murder, arson, and then the intolerable town residents revolt, kill the villain and his henchman. I can\'t believe give up Eric Williams film 《》 for such a movie, I don\'t know how he can sleep at night." The Hollywood Journal

"The film was nothing but a rock and roll soundtrack." Rolling Stone Magazine


Because of the strong publicity, on the first day the attendance in the 1927 screening rooms got for 《》 reached more than 70%, but with the one-sided criticisms after the movie release, the attendance quickly plummeted.

Three days later, the film box office started dwindling as the first weekend the Easter season ended. This was also the sixth week since 《》 was released, and with no surprise 《》 box office was up by $2.4 million more than last week, reaching 11.27 million US dollars, winning the first place at the box office. In just six weeks the film accumulated $97.69 million at the box office, Eric believes that before the next week ends, his third film will break the $100 million mark at the box office. A month before he celebrated his nineteen birthday, the results will once again usher a wave of speculation and uproar in the media.

Although 《》 has nearly two thousand screens to work with, after the first day the attendance fell sharply, the film only got $5.25 million in the first weekend ranking second at the box office, less than half of what 《》 got.

Universal Pictures crime comedy film 《》 won the third place, earning $5.04 million at the box office with 1400 screens.

Because increased its support, 《》 the film that was Released eighteenth weeks ago still was able to win $4 million at the box office, Steadily approaching the $300 million mark. For twelve weeks in a row, 《》 box office topped the list, for more than four months this dark horse has been shocking everyone again and again.

Perhaps someday soon 《》 box office will cross the $300 million mark, he was sure this will create another media storm.

.... ....

The next week, Eric finished the casting auditions of 《》, as for 《》 and 《》 auditions, he was going to leave it to the two directors. He was going to start running around the Greater Los Angeles Area to select the places he was going to shoot in.

Although 《》 doesn\'t have many scenes outside, there are a lot of scenes that need him to seal roads to complete the shooting, but finding a suitable place is not an easy thing.

At the same time, Eric also discovered that he lacks connections. As the base of Hollywood, Los Angeles policy support for the film industry is very strong, but that doesn\'t mean a film crew can do whatever they want, many scenes require the approval of various municipal departments, although their flexibility is great, the process is very complex.

Moreover, having connections is essential, Eric is famous now, But compared to the big directors who have been famous for years, he is still small. If it was another director of the same caliber as him, with just a phone call, he could probably get everything done, but Eric had to personally call repeatedly.

Fortunately, this movie is very important to , so to ensure that Eric can start shooting as soon as possible, they specially sent an experienced producer to assist Eric in preparing, which significantly shortened the preparation time.

--- ---

When Eric was running around trying to find the right places to shoot his film, another big thing also occurred.

The storm began when , who was nearly forty years old, saw 《》 first weekend box office result. He started to feel bitter about giving up the role in 《》, he knew he had missed a rare chance to become an A-class superstar. So he became more and more upset, especially after the recent box office failure of 《》.

After a series failures, was desperate to get a chance to turn thing around, he felt that had the responsibility and obligation to help him, if it weren\'t for personal grudge, he wouldn\'t have given up the chance to star in 《》.

After he finished filming "" his broker Horner Willie, recommended for him a small cost horror film, even though he took fancy to a medium cost production film made by for universal pictures, Richard thought he wasn\'t asking for too much. But Horner Willie didn\'t agree to win the role for him, he knows why he refused after he saw 《》 reviews, CAA wouldn\'t risk giving a big budget film to an actor who\'s reputation has fallen so much.

Horner Willie is one of early group of brokers, he can be considered a gold broker, even A-level actors are polite to him, which slowly contributed to him having a big ego. When made the mistake of refusing to star in 《》, he put all the blame on body, and with the accumulation of grievances in his heart, coupled with Horner Willie refusing to fight for that role, all that accumulated anger broke loose.

The two had a big fight in Horner Willie\'s office, if not others people come in time to break them apart, the two are likely to start fist fighting.

After this incident, completely cut ties with . On the third day after the incident, relying on a friend\'s introduction, Richard joined another big brokerage firm called "William Morris Agency" also known as (WMA).

Countless job-hopping events happen every year in Hollywood. Even the who claims to have a perfect system to stop actors from leaving, can\'t stop this from happening to them.

so-called system is there to prevent the brokers working for the firm from leaving, the five founders of Mike Rosenfeld, , Ronald Meyer, William Haber, and Rowland Perkins originally worked at William Morris Agency, know the danger of letting the talents they nurtured for many years leave. So they put the system in place from the start, to prevent that from happening. As for top stars, they don\'t have too many constraints, they can leave whenever they want. As for second and third line actors, as long as they are willing to pay liquidated damages, they can easily leave. But now CAA-owned film and television industry chain resources are very large, so most of the stars can\'t be lured away by other companies.

Moreover, because promptly stopped the rumors about Horner Willie and quarrel from getting leaked, they thought that this matter was over, but they forget that Richard Gere is one of the parties involved in this fight.

In order to get back at , in an interview with "The Hollywood Reporter," reporter Richard painted himself as a victim and mercilessly discredited .

The next day after the interview, an article titled "Richard Gere: why I lost the protagonist role in 《》." appeared in "The Hollywood Reporter" front page.


"Recently, the famous actor who was expected to star in Eric Williams blockbuster masterpiece 《》 suddenly left the brokage firm he worked with for many years, in an interview with our reporter, Richard Gere finally told us why he refused to star in 《》.

The following is Mr. original words: when I first saw 《》 script, I thought that this was going to be an excellent film and that the character was in sync with my image, I even did some preparation for the role. And although Eric Williams is very young, but after watching his first two works, I found that he was a very talented young man. But when I made an appointment with him, Horner Willie my agent, suggested that I refuse the offer.

I was puzzled at first, then Horner Willie told me that because Eric Williams brought Kapoor Sid Agency and started working with him. Mr. who have a deep dispute with Kapoor Sid, won\'t allow any artist to cooperate with Eric Williams, he made it clear to me that want\'s to ban Eric Williams.

Then, to appease me, give 《》 protagonist role to me, when I first saw the script, I said to Horner Willie: No, this character isn\'t suitable for me. Although I played in action films before, this role was too violent for me, and that perhaps finding a man with more muscles than me will be more appropriate.

Horner Willie said I have no choice, and that I would have to take a meager pay in the film. To be more in line with the character image, I had to do a high strength workout for many months, but the film still failed in the end.

The reason why I\'m exposing all these things now is that I think has forgotten who they are. Because they monopolize too many resources, they become unscrupulous, doing whatever they like. Because of a little personal grudge, and to show how powerful they are, they will treat their artist\'s career as a joke. even started treating other companies tens of millions of dollars investment as chips to play with as they want, this is a terrible thing. Brokerage companies should serve their artists, and should always keep their employer\'s interests first, this is the only way a brokage firm can survive for a long time, but now that started treating their artists as pawns, sooner or later they will self-destruct."

...... ......

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