I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 119

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Although is twenty-four-year-old this year, she started her acting career at the age of 12, her first movie was a horror/slasher film called 《》, two years later in the year 1978 at the age of 14 she starred in two films 《》 and 《》.

But after that, her career become a disaster. was the first actress to get the Golden Raspberry Award for worst actress in 1981, and again in 1982 she was nominated for the \'worst actress award\', then in 1985 she was nominated for \'worst actress\' and won the \'worst supporting actress award\'. Then again in 1990, she was nominated for the \'worst actress of the decade\', but unfortunately, she lost it to actress Bo Derek for her roles in 《》 and 《》, instead, she won the \'worst supporting actress award\'.

Then in 2000, she was nominated for the \'worst actress of the century\'. Unfortunately, won that one for her roles in 《》, 《》, 《》, etc.

acting was so bad that if you try looking for a worse actress than her in Hollywood you can only find , which can tell you how bad she was at acting.

If it weren\'t that this role didn\'t require good acting skills, Eric, wouldn\'t have allowed her to attend this audition, even though she is beautiful he wouldn\'t joke about the quality of his film.

Because the role of the audition is set for a working girl, most of the contestants deliberately wore office girls suits, was no exception. As a result, Eric wasn\'t able to appreciate her figure especially her two beautiful long legs.

After introducing herself, Eric asked: "Miss Shields, what we need is a girl with a soft temperament, but you look too sharp, If you get the part, are you willing to let the makeup artist makes some necessary changes to your face?"

Worried about what he said she asked: "Mr. Williams, can you be more specific?"

Eric looked carefully at her and said: "For example, your eyebrows are too thick, we will have to trim them a little, which will make you look gentler and softer. Of course, this is only my personal opinion, for the specific makeup design, we will need to ask a professional makeup artist."

When Brooke heard Eric explain, she nodded her head without hesitation: "No problem. If I can get the role, I am willing to listen to the makeup artist advice and make any changes if necessary."

"Oh," Eric responded feeling melancholy and whispered to himself \'what a determined woman\'.

Although Eric bowed his head and started writing something in a document, Brooke was keen to capture the subtle changes in Eric\'s expression, she didn\'t know where she went wrong, but it was evident that the young director didn\'t like her answer.

After a few moments, Eric looked up and said: "Well then, Miss Shields, how about we start the audition?"

"Ok," Brooke quickly stood up, only to find that no staff member will hand her the script, ignoring the helpless look on her face, Eric slowly explained: "Miss Shields, Pay attention, you are now a ... ... ah, " Eric slightly pondered, as he made a background for the role: "You are a small clerk working at a design company in Los Angelos."

Speaking up to her, Eric suddenly stopped and said to Alan who was sitting beside him: "Alan, write what I say." waiting until Alan was ready he started from the beginning. "You are a clerk working at a design company in Los Angelos, you start work at nine and end at five every day, you live a boring life. But by chance, you fell in love with a mysterious man you encountered on the bus, but after meeting him a few times, he disappears. But your love didn\'t subside you keep taking the same bus, again and again, hoping to meet that mysterious man again."

Having said up to her, he stopped and looked at Brooke who was standing there blankly: "Miss Shields, do you understand what I just said."

nodded quickly.

"Then let\'s start the performance," Eric pointed to a door next to the one she came through that leads to a changing room, and said. "Miss Shields, The scene I want you to perform is like this, the heroine has been busy all day, so she took the same bus like she does every day, but she still didn\'t find the mysterious man. Pretend that door is the bus door, and show us how the girl should act when she gets off of the bus."

hesitated for a moment not knowing what to do, in desperation, she asked: "Mr. Williams, can you ...... can you explain a little more clearly?" while giving him a pleading look that was hard to resist. Even Eric who was becoming numb to the charm of woman couldn\'t stop his heart from skipping a beat, after calming his heart Eric explained again: "Well, you have to show us the fatigue the heroine feels after a day of hard work. And the sense of loss she feels after not meeting the man she loves once again, and the loneliness of walking alone on the streets at night."

Still confused Brooke walked into the small empty room and shut the door, after calming her racing thoughts. She again opened the door and came out from the room with her head lowered, her pace was very slow, she walked stiffly as if walking on a tightrope, giving them a feeling that she was uncomfortable.

From the dressing room door to the wall on the opposite side, there is a distance of eight meters. So when Brook finished her walk, she knows that her performance was awful, so she took the initiative and said: "Mr. Williams, can I try again?"

"Of course," Eric nodded and made a casual gesture as if to say go ahead.

Brook hurried back to the room, but this time she took her time. Only after calming down did she open the door and walk out. Although this time her performance was better, she still wasn\'t satisfied.

Looking at Eric again with a pleading look, asking for another chance.

Smiling Eric said: "Try one more time."


"Never mind, relax, and try again."


"Last time was better, try again."


"your expression needs to be a little bit more relaxed, try again."


"Swing your arm a little bit more. try again."


At first, he was just asking her to repeat, but after a few times, Eric seems to have forgotten that this was just an audition and started acting like a director, ordering her again and again, to repeat, while trying to fix her mistakes.

Brooke was completely shocked by Eric\'s momentum and almost forgot that she had the power to refuse. After ten times, she was almost in tears, but she still did what he requested from her.

After nearly twenty times, Eric saw what he wanted to see, she walked out with her head hanging low, a lock of hair dropping over her face, with a sad look on her face. And as she walked she exuded a lonely feeling if Brooke previous appearance could arouse the desires of men, now she would cause the majority of people to feel pity for her.

"Cut! that\'s great, prepare for the next shot!" Eric blurted out what he always said on set instinctively.

Brooke was stunned, everyone in the audition room was stunned, even Eric who finally come back to himself was shocked!

After a short silence, someone couldn\'t help but utter the first chuckle, then everyone started laughing even who was on the verge of tears couldn\'t help it and started laughing.

Eric feeling embarrassed by his behavior sat back in his, he didn\'t know what happened to him. Maybe because her acting was bad, she aroused his instincts as a director.

"Okay, we will stop here, Miss Shields."

"You can call me Brooke, Mr. Williams," she said as she sat back in her chair.

"Well, Brooke, like you saw a few moments ago, you still have great potential, perhaps you didn\'t perform well in your other movies in the past because those directors weren\'t willing to push you to do better."

"Well, Mr. Williams, is there any hope I can get the part?" she said and give him a charming smile: "I also hope that you can \'push\' me more."

All the staff around him involuntarily turned their attention to Eric. They didn\'t know what happened last night, but they still thought that Eric has settled on . So they were curious how Eric would respond to Brooke provocative words.

Eric picked up his pen and started writing something on a document, as he said: "You can go back now, Miss Brooke, soon someone will tell you the good news. But you have to think about it before you make this decision, although this role doesn\'t require too much acting skills, I\'m still going to be very strict. I hope when the time comes, you won\'t start crying like you almost did just now, if your crazy fans know I made you cry, they\'ll kill me."

"Of course, I won\'t," Brooke said, as she almost jumped out of her chair in happiness. She thanked him one more time then stood up and walked out of the room.

"Hey, Eric, what about the little girl from yesterday?" Nicole asked just after left.

Eric shrugged and didn\'t say anything else: "OK, let\'s continue, call the next one."

After Brooke no girl impressed Eric, so he finally decided to give the role to .

...... ......

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