I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 118

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Eric also knows that behind this article must be the hands , for their own interests they will do anything to suppress and discredit their competitors. This kind of trick has been routinely used in all walks of life, but this simple and crude method can achieve good results almost every time.

After eating breakfast, he put share in the fridge and said goodbye to the girl who was still lying on her bed. Eric drove the Jeffrey Buick to Firefly\'s office because some actresses still need to audition today.

As soon as he arrived at the office, he was taken into Jeffrey office, he didn\'t have to ask. Just by looking at the dirty looks his employees was giving him, he could predict what\'s going on. The Los Angeles times is the most famous newspaper in Los Angeles, in this era, there was no internet, so to get information people mainly depend on the paper media and television. In the great Los Angeles area newspaper subscription rate for residents is still quite high, So, Eric was sure, everyone in the company has seen or heard of the news.

In the face of Jeffrey\'s worried eyes, Eric hastened to explain: "Jeffrey, I know that this is indeed my fault. But has rejected the role, So, when the list of the cast is published in the future, this rumor will collapse on itself."

Jeffrey sighed, "Well, Eric, I hope you know what you\'re doing. Do you need me to contact Kapoor to do some PR?""

Eric shook his head and said: "There\'s no need. If we try to explain this kind of thing they will consider it a cover-up, the best way to deal with this problem is to ignore it."

Jeffrey nodded and handed Eric a copy of a document: "Those are the final offers the sponsors give. Except for Motorola, everything else has been decided, the total is 3 million 400 thousand dollars. If you have no opinion, I\'ll sign these contracts today."

Eric took the document and started reading it, Motorola\'s offered $3 million, but they are waiting until the negotiation with Cruise and Hanks are finished to sign the contract. Everything else has been set, the next highest offer was by Lamborghini they offered $800 thousand. And the lowest offer was by Marvel Comics only $100 thousand, for a scene in the movie where Andy was reading Comic books before he robbed a finance company, because the scene was short Eric wasn\'t sure the Ad would sell.

Seeing the name of Marvel Comics, Eric unconsciously touched his chin, this is a big gold mine, in the future in order to alleviate their financial pressure Marvel started mass selling the rights to their superhero characters.

... ...

As the two men were talking, Alan Fisemann knocked on the office door: "Eric, Mr. Hansen, Audition time is up."

"I\'ll come right away, you go ahead," Eric answered.

"Jeffrey, sign the contracts. and have a good rest this weekend, because starting next week, we will start working on 《》."

"I know," Jeffrey nodded, then said with resentment: "As long as you don\'t come to harass me late at night again, I"ll take a good care of myself."

"I won\'t," Eric waved his hand as he walked out of the office.

... ...

Perhaps because they heard or read the news in the newspapers, many actresses were absent-minded during the auditions.

Eric was too lazy to remind them to focus, if they don\'t have the drive to chase this opportunity, they can only blame themselves.

"Next, Miss ."

A petite woman, about eighteen years old, came in, although she was wearing black high heels, the girl height was still less than one meter seven.

"Hello, everyone. My name is ."

Eric looked carefully at the girl, she was the same age as him with a pointed nose, thick lips, and tanned skin. Taking a look at the information in front of him, Eric didn\'t follow the procedures. Instead, he asked: "Miss Anwar. You came from the United Kingdom to attend this audition?"

She nodded and said with a charming smile: "I was born in Laleham, Surrey. But I grew up in London."

Eric smiled, he also grew up in London, but he moved to Los Angeles at the age of eight. Moreover, Eric himself still has British citizenship, Williams is one of Britain\'s five most used surnames. Whether he wants to or not, he was destined to be included in the Hollywood English circle.

"Well, Miss Anwar, the information on your resume shows that you attended a dance school. Can you dance the tango?"

Gabrielle hesitated for a moment, but she quickly shook her head: "No, but I\'ve studied ballet for ten years. If necessary, I can learn the tango in the shortest time possible."

Eric showed a look of appreciation on his face and said: "Miss Anwar, I like your honesty. But I think you are not suitable for this role, so there\'s no need to audition."

was delighted when she heard Eric prize her in the first half of the sentence, but when she heard the second half, she just sat there stunned and speechless.

When she first saw Firefly release the news about Eric Williams\'s new film audition, she quickly mailed her resume without putting any hope on getting a reply. But unexpectedly, she received an invitation to audition, ecstatic she managed to persuade her old father to allow her to come to Los Angeles alone. But unexpectedly, the other side didn\'t even give her the opportunity to perform, so she almost started crying because of the unexpected shock.

"Oh, no," said Eric, and hurriedly waved hand to stop her tears from falling, "Miss Anwar, don\'t do that. I have not finished yet."

Hearing what Eric said, the tears she was trying to stop started flowing. Eric gave a glance to the assistant next to him, who immediately stood up and handed her a box of paper towels.

Carefully wiping her eyes, Gabrielle took out a mirror from her handbag, and made sure she didn\'t have smudges on her face, then said: "I\'m sorry, Mr. Williams, I panicked a little."

"It is my fault," Eric was very afraid of making women cry: "I just didn\'t make it clear, I know, you are only eighteen years old, and you came all the way from Britain for this audition, this isn\'t an easy thing."

"Thank you for your understanding, Mr. Williams."

"This is the case, Miss Anwar. I just asked you if you can dance the tango because you are very suitable for a role in another movie we are making. The protagonist is , do you know who is Al Pacino?"

nodded: "Of course, in the UK many times I read that you are going to make another movie called 《》, Mr. Pacino played the role of Edward in 《》 he was very charming."

"That\'s good, Al\'s next movie lacks a tango dancer girl, it is also the role of the heroine,. when I first saw you, I know you are perfect for the role, and if you can play this role well, I believe this will help your career a lot."

Gabrielle has only appeared in several TV shows in the UK and had no expectations when it comes to winning the audition, but when she heard Eric words the disappointment and shock, she felt a few moments ago quickly dissipated.

After suddenly hearing the good news, Gabrielle unconsciously started daydreaming. After 《》, Al Pacino once again become a world-class superstar. She would jump for joy even if she can act as a minor supporting character in a film he is starring in. What\'s more, in this movie she will be the first actress.

"Mr. Williams, I really don\'t know how to thank you." held her hands in front of her chest and said excitedly.

Eric quickly wrote something on a paper, and let his assistant hand it to her, and said: "Miss Anwar, don\'t get too excited, although I do have the right to decide the movie roles. But I still have to take into consideration the opinion of Al and the director , you have a week time to prepare, if your performance is too bad, then I can only say sorry."

"I\'ll do my best," said , taking the note, she looked at the string of numbers and the message he wrote on the paper and asked: "Mr. Williams, this is?"

"UTA, oh, It\'s the phone number of Mr. Kapoor Sid, the CEO of the brokerage company I own, you need to call him, and let him arrange a temporary agent for you, to help you find a tango dance teacher. If after a week your performance gets the approval of Al and Martin, then you\'ll need to join the UTA. Miss Anwar, are you willing to join the UTA?"

Being able to stay in Hollywood was a dream for many foreign actors, including Anwar who nodded without hesitation: "Of course, I\'d love to."

Meeting is purely an accident, Eric didn\'t attempt to find the original actress from 《》. Because the original film was released in 1992, he didn\'t have much hope finding the original tango girl.

But since fate brought her before him this day, he decided to yield. Plus she was perfect for the role.

After was sent away, Eric looked at the next participant name:

Oh, another legendary Hollywood beauty.

Compared to the purity of , the beauty that walked into the audition room, was a bit more fierce. However, from the shining eyes of several staff members, Eric understood that appearance who was said to be a descendant of aristocrats was clearly more in line with western aesthetics.

...... ......

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