I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 117

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", Ah, what a lucky girl. She was able to get a role in Sergio Leone\'s 《》 at the age of thirteen, it is natural for her to have some naivety and pride. By the time she reaches thirty, and if she still didn\'t accomplish anything in Hollywood, she will regret losing this chance." After listening to Eric story leaned against him and sighed, she probably thought of her own experience.

Eric could only hug Virginia to comfort her, thinking of something at the same time, pride did persist to the age of thirty.

At the age of twenty in 1991 she had a breakthrough in her career, she got the heroine role in a movie called the 《》, but unfortunately, the film flopped. So far, since she debuted all the big productions she participated in including 《》, 《》 and 《》 failed at the box office. Although these failures didn\'t have anything to do with her. But Hollywood producers are very superstitious, so, after five years disappeared from the public eye.

Virginia looked up at the absent minded Eric and suggested, "Eric, it\'s not too hard for you to get her."

"Huh?" Eric came back to himself.

"You now have your own film company, there will be new film projects in the future, all you have to do is, from time to time throw a piece of bait at her. for a girl who\'s longing for fame if you tempt her a few times, she will be obediently hooked."

"Wow, I can\'t believe you are this wicked" Eric give her a hug and a slap on the ass: "It seems I\'ll have to punish you."

"Ah, looks like you aren\'t frustrated anymore," Virginia warped her legs around his waist and started rubbing down on him.

"Of course not," Eric turned over and again put under his body and said and positioned his tool at her entrance: "I\'m the man who will become the king of Hollywood, what is frustration? In the future, I want to become a playboy like Howard Hughes, as long as I fancy a woman, someone will pick them up and bring them to my bed."

Feeling the strong impact, Virginia cried out, but her mouth refused to admit defeat. Instead, she retorted: "That\'s ridiculous, now is not the same era, no one can fully control Hollywood."

"Actually, controlling Hollywood is easy," Eric again turned her over and put her in his favorite posture, and said: "All you have to do is turn all the big studios in Hollywood into one big giant studio."

"That\'s impossible, ah!" Virginia said sarcastically: "When you do it, don\'t forget to send a message up to me in heaven because I will be long dead by then."

Eric grunted as he took his tool out of her, and started putting it in the other hole, saying with a smirk on his face, "you want heaven, then I\'ll bring you to heaven."

"Ah, ha, no that hurt, you jerk, don\'t push it in, uh ... ... this isn\'t heaven, ah, this is hell."

... ...

Although he slept late at night, Eric still woke up early, if a person wants to make a difference, good habits are necessary.

Bending over, he kissed the sleeping girl cheek, put on his clothes and walked downstairs. He went to the backyard and did some simple stretches to wake up his body, then after that, he went to the kitchen to make breakfast. Upstairs Virginia still didn\'t wake up, so Eric let her keep sleeping, he then went to the mailbox to get today\'s newspaper to read while eating breakfast.

didn\'t subscribe to many newspapers, but Eric still found the news about himself, it appeared on the popular Los Angeles times Entertainment edition. Although he didn\'t get the headline, his news was still in a very prominent position.


Eric Williams bring his new girlfriend to watch 《》, is he worried that the box office of 《》 will be affected.

Last night our reporter met the young director Eric Williams in Beverly Hills Avenue, he was driving a purple Lamborghini. The reporter said that he saw Mr. Williams with Miss behaving intimately.

At the age of thirteen, was lucky enough to be in the classic film 《》. Later, she participated in a series of works such as 《》, But the girl, who looks as delicate as a doll, had no new works of art in recent years. In this case, appearing together with Eric Williams mean only one thing another "Hollywood Cinderella" is about to be born?

Coincidentally, Williams\'s new film 《》 is carrying the selection of the heroine role this week, and according to reliable sources, also participated in the audition. It\'s hard not to think that the heroine role has been given to Miss Connelly, it seems that hundreds of hopeful girls who attended the audition full of expectations will be disappointed.

Our reporter said that he didn\'t see the two go shopping or do any other activities, Instead, they went straight to a cinema, to watch new film 《》. When they walk out of the screening hall, Eric Williams looked somber, and after he had noticed the reporter, he pulled Miss Connelly by the hand and hurriedly left the cinema using the back door in silence.

It seems that 《》 have put some pressure on Eric Williams, it was said that when saw the film script, he greatly praised it, and decided to give up on Williams\'s 《》.

《》 is a cutting-edge action film directed by and Richard Gere as the protagonist, this action film cost 20 million US dollars to create, the film integrates fighting, car chases, gun fights, explosions, and other elements. After the preview, the film was praised by the critics and audiences alike, we believe in this Easter period 《》 can bring you an exciting visual feast.


It seems that executives spent a lot of effort to promote their film, they even used his name in this propaganda filled article to hype up their trash film. He had to admit this wasn\'t an easy thing to do. Even if the investment in the film isn\'t twenty million dollars, recovering the cost is going to be hard.

Eric didn\'t mind the second part of the article, he knows the movie quality is bad, and yesterday after seeing the film, he heard the audience comments, most of them criticized the film, so even if they used him in this article, they were destined to fail.

But after seeing the first half describing the relationship between him and Jennifer, Eric couldn\'t help but frown. Although their words didn\'t point it out, everyone can see they are hinting that the selection of the actress was unfair and that behind closed doors some kind of trade happened between Eric and Jennifer.

In Hollywood, it\'s common for actresses to climb up the bed of producers, directors, or investors, everyone knows and tacitly accepts this kind of consensual transaction.

But this sort of thing can only be carried on in private. Once exposed by the media, the relevant people will certainly be questioned and condemned by the public, and their public image will also be affected.

To reverse this situation, the easiest way is to release a public statement saying that the two people are in love, a lot of Hollywood directors use this trick, even if they use this method many times, all they will be accused of is them being playboys, and wouldn\'t affect their public image.

Thinking about it for a few moments, Eric decided to let it go, if he refutes this kind of thing in the media, things will only get worse. Anyway, has rejected the role of the heroine, once he announces the list of actors in the future the rumor will collapse in on itself.

He\'s not an actor, who relies on fame and public image to eat, many of the prominent directors in Hollywood these days have a bad public image, but their movies still earn awards and perform well at the box office.

...... ......

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