I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 116

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Jennifer became speechless after listening to Lester\'s words, she was aware of her rash decision, but she still didn\'t regret it.

"Jane, Eric Williams only asked you to eat a meal, even if he later made some excessive demands, if you don\'t want to, you can just be tactful and refuse. Although he is young, he is still a big shot in Hollywood, so even if he act outrageous, you don\'t have to turn down the role?"

"He didn\'t do anything to me, but ... ... when I was with him we were photographed by the paparazzi," Jennifer explained in annoyance: "I don\'t want to be seen as the kind of woman who will sell her body for fame."

Lester who followed into the room sat on the sofa and explained in a Sincere voice: "Jane, Hollywood will only remember the winner, as long as you become a big star, no one is going to care about what you\'ve done. You don\'t even have to open your mouth; there are lots of people who will help you cover up everything, this is the real reality. Moreover, many women in Hollywood are willing to accompany ugly old men to get a chance like this, By contrast, Eric Williams is both young and handsome, what happened with him should be an acceptable thing?"

"But he has a formal girlfriend." squeaked.

"Then steal him from her," Lester said in frustration: "Do you have no confidence in your appearance. Jane, I also know that he has a formal girlfriend, but so what, they are not engaged, not to mention they have been separated for a long time, this is the best time for you to snatch him."

"Ah, ah!" Jennifer grew more and more tangled, suddenly she couldn\'t help but threw herself on the sofa, pulled a pillow over her head, and said in a muffled voice: "Jim, don\'t force me to do it."

"All right," Lester said when he saw that she wouldn\'t bend. he has been her broker for so many years, so he was clear about Jennifer temperament, in helplessness he said: "Well, you\'re going to have to call the director of 《》 tomorrow morning to apologize. because you wanted to catch this audition, the filming of 《》 was done in a rush, if he needs to take more shots, we\'ll have to go back to Rome."

"I know." her voice came from under the pillow.

"Don\'t answer so offhandedly, Jane," Lester said solemnly: "since you give up this opportunity, we don\'t know when you\'ll be able to get a role in Hollywood, so it\'s better to maintain a good relationship with the Europeans."

"Ok," again she said in a loud voice.

Lester wanted to say more to her, but looking at the girl acting like an ostrich with her head under the pillow. Giving up, he got up and patted Jennifer on the shoulder, and said: "Sleep early, I\'m going back to my room."

Shutting the girl door, Lester couldn\'t help but shake his head, what a great opportunity, if they can stick to Eric Williams this rising star, it is equal to riding on a rocket to the moon.

Eighteen-year-old, in the end, she was still just a child, Adhering to her pride, and not knowing what he had lost.

Lester had spent most of his energy on Jennifer, the year after the box office failure of 《》, the fifteen-year-old for a long time wasn\'t able to receive a job. So he personally went to Japan to try to help her develop her career, then he went Europe to find other opportunities for her.

To make this beautiful girl rid of the image of a vase, he arranged for her to study at Yale University in the UK, he even arranged for her to learn how to sing properly.

But now, he suddenly felt that perhaps he should spend more energy cultivating the other actors he has, ah, the boy named Sean is a good actor, plus he is handsome, and the most important thing he was very clever, he was very mature for his age. And as for , he will just let her go.

... ....

Sitting in his Lamborghini Eric watched as Jennifer walked into the hotel, it was frustrating to be rejected by the little girl. After his rebirth, although he encountered many twists and turns. But in general everything was going smoothly, this somewhat inflated his ego, and made him almost forgot the taste of defeat.

Irritated he looked at the road signs to know where he is, finding that Jeffrey house was close, Eric drove straight to the old man\'s house.

Knocking on the old man\'s door, Jeffrey opened wearing a pajama, with a ridiculous pointed hood. When he saw Eric depressed face, Jeffrey quickly let Eric through the door, and asked in a surprised voice: "Eric, what happened this late at night?"

Eric shook his head and said, "Nothing, the date I was on, was canceled halfway through. And I found myself close to your house, so I came to talk to you."

Jeffrey who was about to pour water in a cup for Eric stopped his action, and said: "that\'s it?"

"Uh huh ......"

Jeffrey put the water pitcher back in its place, and said: "You son of a bitch, quickly go away, don\'t you see it\'s nearly eleven o\'clock already? I spent the entire day working so hard taking care of your company, and you came to harass me even in the night."

Eric scratched his head and protested: "Hey, don\'t be so angry, now I\'m mentally weak, and in need of comfort."

Jeffrey walked to Eric who was sitting on the couch grabbed him by the collar pulled him up and said: "Get out!"

"Oh, Jeffrey, don\'t pull, this suit cost more than $2000!"

Eric got rid of the old man and threw the Lamborghini key on the coffee table and said: "I will have to leave my car here, loan me yours."

Jeffrey looked at the car keys on the coffee label and said: "Are those the keys to the car sent to you by Lamborghini, you are giving such a good car to me?"

Depressed Eric said: "In your dreams, the paparazzi took pictures of the car, so for the next two days the car will be all over the newspapers, so I won\'t dare driving it if I were you?"

"Okay, come with me," Jeffrey took Eric to his garage and handed him new car keys: "you can take my Buick!"

Seeing another car parked next to the Buick it looked almost like a brand-new Benz, Eric pointed at it and said: "lets trade, I will give you my Lamborghini for the Benz."

"Don\'t even think about it," Jeffrey glared angrily at Eric as he stepped forward and stroked the hood of the Benz gently. his voice instantly turned soft and gentle. "This is Solina\'s."

(TN note: Solina is Jeffrey dead wife.)

Hearing Jeffrey explanation Eric immediately shut his mouth and took the Buick key from Jeffrey\'s hand.

The old man treated everything his wife left like a treasure, he didn\'t use the money he earned being Eric producer to by anything luxurious nor did he invest the money. Instead, he used the money to buy the copyrights of his wife movies; It is said that he was taken advantage of when he was buying the rights to his wife movies, Eric heard that he paid several times what the films rights were worth.

Leaving the love-struck old man with the car, Eric drove the Buick to small villa in Malibu, knock on the door, and as soon as she opened the door for him, he swept her off her feet\'s and carried her petite body into the bedroom.

... ...

Waking up from her sexual fog, finally was able to put her thoughts together.

With her hands up on Eric\'s chest, Virginia asked softly, "Hey, Eric, what\'s wrong? You look dejected."

"Hmm! ... ..." Eric just hummed and didn\'t answer.

"Oh, Let me guess, when you came I smelled the fragrance of another woman on you. It was a mixture of gardenia, jasmine, and violets. Generally, only girls in their Teens will wear this type of Perfume, hmm ..., you were on a date with a young beauty didn\'t you."

Seeing the shocked look on Eric\'s face, she completed her speculation: "and then ... ... you were rejected?"

Eric directly pulled soft body to him and buried his face in her big breasts.

Seeing Eric acting embarrassed, Virginia laughed and patted him on the back: "You\'re a real jerk, another woman rejected you, and the first thing you do is, come to my bed. Oh, don\'t rub there, you bastard, that itches." pushing Eric away from her, she lay back on the bed and curiously asked: "come on tell who is this mysterious girl who dares reject Eric Williams, I really wanna know?"

"Vicky, let\'s not talk about this topic, please."

"Well, if you aren\'t going to tell me, then don\'t try to vent your frustration on me tonight." in a huff she turned her back on him.

"Oh really" hearing her words, Eric decided to toss her around for a second time. as for she didn\'t mean what she said when it comes to sex with Eric, she can\'t refuse him, she won\'t refuse because he was that good.

... ...

After the second round of sex, Eric gradually calmed down and found that his state of mind is too unbalanced. Rubbing his face, Eric reflected on his actions for a while; he thought that this young body was affecting his behavior, if he were 100% himself, Eric wouldn\'t get flustered by a girl rejection, only a teenager will act as he did.

He inherited the memory of the original owner of the body, and although his soul has dominated everything, more or less he wasn\'t affected by the young man\'s personality and habits, or maybe he just wasn\'t affected at first. Because the original owner of the body didn\'t experience the same things as he did in his past life, because in his past life he experienced so many ups and downs, Eric didn\'t know whether this was a bad or good thing for him.

"Hey, Eric, are you all right?" Virginia saw Eric rubbing her face and frowning, so she leaned over and asked anxiously.

"It\'s okay, Vicky, I\'m all right." Eric put his arms around her. Naturally, his hand went to her soft bosom, and started explaining: "Actually, this is what happened ... ..."

...... ......

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