I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 115

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The back door they come out of led them to a quiet and secluded alley, that leads to a street 10 meters on the left side, as they walked out of the ally, a small figure quickly darted over to them.

After Victor was escorted out of the cinema by the security guards, he waited for a while, but he found that Eric did not come out. Making a crucial decision Victor quickly ran back to the back alley, Eric really underestimated this paparazzi rookie, just as he thought of the back door strategy to deal with that paparazzi, the shrewd paparazzi already started moving.

Victor didn\'t take pictures this time, he already had enough pictures of two people in his camera. Instead, he walked over to them and put a tape recorder in front of Eric\'s face, and asked: "Eric, is Miss your new girlfriend?"

Eric didn\'t answer. Instead, he pulled on Jennifer\'s hand and quickly walked to the parking lot. But because she was wearing high heels, they were doomed not to walk fast.

Victor closely followed Eric and kept asking questions: "Eric, why did you come to watch 《》, are you worried about it threatening your film 《》 at the box office."

"When are you going to start shooting 《》? Did and encounter the same strong opposition from like did?"

Although Eric is a rookie at dealing with the paparazzi. But he firmly remembered the most useful tactic to use when dealing with them, and that is, in the face of the sudden emergence of paparazzi, no matter what the other side asked, and no matter how he provokes you, it is best not to say a word. Because no matter what you say, the paparazzi will distort your words and interpret them according to their wishes.

Seeing that nothing will come out of Eric\'s mouth, Victor shifted his targets to Jennifer: "Jennifer, when did you start dating Eric, don\'t you mind that Eric also has another girlfriend named ?"

"Jennifer, will you be the heroine in 《》?"

"Jennifer, are you going to move into Eric\'s Beverly Hills mansion?"

"... ..."

In the face of Victor barrage of questions, Jennifer\'s face slowly started showing an impatient look, she was about to say something, but unfortunately, they reached the Lamborghini, opening the passenger side door, Jennifer quickly hopped in.

"Hey, Eric, why are you so rude to Miss Jennifer? Does that mean she isn\'t your girlfriend? What\'s your relationship? Is it some kind of deal? Eric, Eric ... ... "

Seeing the Lamborghini scissor doors closing behind Eric, Victor patted the sports car glass window and raised his voice to ask questions, but unfortunately, he was doomed to receive no answers. Soon after that the sports car slowly drove out of the parking lot and disappeared into the traffic.

Along the way, Jennifer remained silent with her head bowed, Eric is neither a gentleman nor a patient person. Originally he did all those things tonight, the sports car, the movie, and the dinner were all just him trying to woo the girl so she will let down her guard so he can take her to bed.

Unfortunately, the one thing he didn\'t want to happen tonight happened, a lot of the questions asked by the paparazzi were implying that he as the director and her the actress had a transaction, which hurt her feelings, so Eric can only temporarily give up on taking her to bed.

He didn\'t want to spend money on Victor to shut him up. After all, the other side is a paparazzi, not to mention he had a tape recorder On, so he didn\'t risk opening his mouth.

If he tried to buy the paparazzi silence and failed in the negotiation, the original trip to watch a movie will turn to something bigger.

... ...

After the Lamborghini stopped at the gate of the hotel where was staying. She sat there quietly, not rushing to get off as if wondering what she should do. Eric didn\'t hurry her, he just sat there drumming a piano-like beat with his fingers on the steering wheel, he thought she had just been frightened by the paparazzi and needed to sit back and relax.

After a while, finally raised his head, looked Eric in the eyes with all the courage she could muster and said: "Mr. Williams, you\'re not breaking up with that girl named , right?"

Eric\'s finger on the steering wheel suddenly stopped the drumming, after hesitating for a moment, he nodded his head and said: "Yes."

Although she didn\'t have too much hope, a sad look still appeared on her face: "Well, Mr. Williams, I think, I\'m not suitable for the role, you should consider other people."

"Jennifer, If this because of what that paparazzi said, then I won\'t pester you anymore," Eric made up his mind to try to stabilize her mind first.

Not surprisingly, a look of struggle emerged on her face, but after a few moments her pride finally prevail over her thirst for fame: "I\'m sorry, Eric, even if nothing happens between us in the future, the tabloid will say that I slept with you just to get the role. I don\'t want to be seen as ... ... A woman like that."

Eric stared at her for a few moment, and said: "well, as you wish."

Although he was overbearing, he wasn\'t a bully. Since she was so determined, Eric will not try to stop her.

Hearing Eric\'s words, did not have a happy look, she knows what it means to give up this opportunity, perhaps for a long time, her career will be at a low ebb.

She was about to push the door to leave, when Eric suddenly called out to her, "Jennifer, wait a minute."

Jennifer sat back and looked at him, as he searched his pockets for something, he was searching for a business card or something to write with. Giving up Eric reached for her handbag and took out a lipstick, forcibly pulled her hand and quickly wrote a string of numbers, and said: "this is my home phone number, you can call me anytime if you need any help in the future."

Jennifer looked at the string of numbers on her hand, and nodded her head as if to say thanks, then opened the door to leave.

... ...

When she got back to her hotel room, felt faint and weary, putting aside her handbag on the coffee table, she quickly took off her dress and underwear and walked into the bathroom naked. Turning on the tap, she looked blankly at the phone number for a long time. Eventually, she decided not to wash it off.

Sighing, she returned to the living room to find her address book to record the number, then returned to the bathroom to take a bath.

More than 20 minutes later, she returned to the living room wearing a bathrobe and a towel covering her wet hair. Before she could reach for the hair dryer, she heard a knock at the door.

As soon as she opened the door, her broker asked, "Jane, I just heard a waiter say you came back, how did things go?" when he heard that she returned, he immediately had an uneasy feeling in his heart.

"I\'m sorry, Jim. I turned down the role."

"You! ... ..." The thing he feared the most has become a reality, his lips opened and closed a few times, but no sound comes out, but after calming his heart he said: "Jane, you are too impulsive. Do you know how many girls submitted their resume to the Firefly, more than 2800, but only 200 got the chance to audition. I heard that Eric Williams also rejected a few Hollywood actress. Listen to these figures, do you have any idea how lucky you are."

...... ......

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