I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 114

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After sitting in the theater seat, Eric and chatted about what the tabloid is saying about 《》 until the lights in the theater dimmed down and the movie started playing.

played the character of Dalton a professional "cooler" with a mysterious past who is enticed from his current job at a club in New York City by a bar owner to help him rectify his increasingly chaotic club/bar, in Jasper, Missouri.

The first twenty minutes of the film didn\'t make any sense, woman flirting with men, bar fights everywhere, and Richard Gere always showing a cold face in every scene, acting as if he is tougher than everyone else.

As an action movie, at least the film should start with an intense fight to attract the audience attention, right? But the screenwriter apparently didn\'t bother to do so, instead, in the first fight a wannabe gangster only scratched Richard\'s arm, and then the romance plot starts when he goes to the hospital for stitches, and end up striking up a friendship with Dr. Elizabeth, which develops into a romantic relationship.

But this scene did not cause the audience to resonate with the character because performance was so relaxed as if the doctor is sewing clothes, rather than stitching his wound, he didn\'t even make a sound, or show in his expression that he is in pain, nothing at all. So although the scene is so bloody, Eric could still hear someone behind him chewing popcorn.

Then, after arriving at the chaotic club/bar outside the city, the protagonist still didn\'t do a thing he just watched, after understanding the cause of the chaos. The lead actor summons all the staff to a meeting, fired several unruly and corrupt employees, then opened the bar back again, and everything started going smoothly just like that.

Then, the club/bar business started Growing, causing the small town bully Wesley to try to take over the bar, Wesley sought to recruit the protagonist to become one of his henchmen. And of course, he was rejected by the leading character.

Then, more than 80 minutes later, the film finally ushered in some fights, or maybe the director finally remembered that this is an action movie.

After the protagonist rejected the bad guy Wesley, he comes back with a crowd of thugs to destroy the club/bar, causing a clash. Although the director tried to add some Chinese martial arts choreography to the fights, in general, most of the fights were just punches and kicks, this was also first time shooting this kind of film, so as expected his fighting moves were bad, you can even say he looked ridiculous.

The end of the movie was like this, the town bully Brad Wesley, began to do some evil things in the small town, to show his status as the ruler of the small town, forcing the protagonist to come out to stop him.

First, he burned the auto parts store because he refuses to give ground to Wesley\'s persistent extortion demands, then the next day, car dealership owner becomes Wesley\'s next victim when he also refuses to pay. As a result, Wesley has one of his thugs, demolish the dealership and crush four station wagons in the showroom with his monster truck as the protagonist and his friends look on with contempt. In the last ten minutes, he finally decides to settle the score with Wesley, he single-handedly dispatched all Wesley men one by one, and finally decide to kill Wesley at the end.

When he comes face-to-face with Wesley, the protagonist gains the upper hand in their fight and prepares to finish Wesley in the same brutal manner as he did to his henchmen, but decides against it. Everyone thought the protagonist will resolutely get rid of Wesley and then end the film, but he let him go, he smashed his place, killed his closest friend, but the protagonist becomes soft-hearted and lets him go ... what nonsense is this.

Just after the false protagonist releases him and walks away, Wesley seizes the opportunity to reach for a gun. But he was promptly shot to death by the real protagonists of the film, a group oppressed town residents, who come to save the false protagonist.

At this point, the two-hour action movie finally ended.

The lighting of the auditorium had not yet lit up, and Eric could already hear the voices of the audience around him.

... ...

"That monster truck was really too domineering, Avril, what do you say we buy a car like that? "

"This is Los Angeles. The police won\'t allow you to drive that kind of car on the roads unless you want us to go back to the farm in Texas."

"Well, forget it. I don\'t want to go back to Texas. When the old guy hangs up, I\'ll sell the farm, then we can buy a beautiful house in Santa Monica."

"If your father heard what you said, he will kill you."

... ...

"Hey, Victor, how many songs do you recognize?"

" 《Don\'t Throw Stones》, 《I Sold My Soul to Rock and Roll》, 《On the Road Again》, and when the little blonde girl was dancing, 《Hoochie Coochie Man》 by . we don\'t have to remember these songs, soon the original soundtrack will be released."

"I just can\'t wait. The soundtrack is great. I intend to buy all albums when I go back."

... ...

With the lights on, the auditorium become noisier, so Eric could only hear the audience broken comments.

"It was shit, I can\'t believe I was fooled by the propaganda in the newspaper when we go back let\'s unsubscribe from the "Los Angeles Daily News" I would rather watch 《》 again than watch this film."

" will even give up 《》 to play this garbage movie. He must be out of his mind."

"They call this fighting, and they even tried to imitate Bruce Lee, Lee can jump and kick a three meter high light bulb on the ceiling, Richard Gere can\'t even do good high kick, he isn\'t even as good as the supporting actors who play as the villains."

"Although Richard Gere performance has no bright spots, I don\'t think the movie was that bad. At least the girls are beautiful, and the music also was great."

... ...

"Hey, Mr.wil ... ... Eric, let\'s go." who was sitting next to Eric noticed that he had been listening to what the audience is saying about the move, so she chose not to disturb him, only when most of the people in the auditorium were gone, did she gently pull on Eric\'s cuff, breaking his concentration.

"Ah," Eric recovered, stood up and walked out with her, and asked: "so what do you think of the film?"

Jennifer shook her head in disappointment, and unconsciously held Eric\'s arm, and gave a one-word comment: "Noisy."

They talked in a low voice, as they walked out of the screening hall.

Victor who was waiting outside didn\'t know the length of the 《》. So he spent more than ninety minutes outside the screening hall staring at the exit door, fearing that he will miss Eric and if he left the place for too long, he had to go to the toilet once, but he quickly came back.

Finally, after nearly two hours, the audience started coming out of the screening hall, Victor held the camera to take the pictures, but after waiting for more than two minutes, Eric didn\'t come out.

"They couldn\'t have gone out when I went to the restroom," Victor muttered in confusion, just when he started losing hoop, he saw a handsome man and a beautiful woman coming out hand in hand.

To get the best results, Victor quickly turned on the camera flash.

Click click click

The bright light of the camera flashed several times in cinema hall, When Eric realized the situation was bad and attempted to raise his hand in front of him, it was too late.

Originally the Movie theater security guards won\'t stop reporters from doing interviews inside the cinema hall, this can bring some publicity to the cinema. But using the Flash is not the same, this can cause the customers some trouble, so after Victor took a few pictures, two security guards quickly rushed over to stop him, and escorted Victor out.

Eric patted Jennifer\'s hand and gave her a reassuring look, looked around, then went toward the theater\'s front desk.

"Hello, sir. May I have your name, please? ... you are that ... Eric, wow, Mr. Williams, I didn\'t expect you\'d come to our cinema to watch movies. My name is Linda, Linda Claude." The front desk girl Linda excitedly stretched out her small hand and shook Eric\'s hand who didn\'t know how to deal with the super energetic girl.

Eric withdrew his hand from her firm grip and said, "Well, Linda, you must have noticed the trouble we are in, so could you take us out from the other exit?"

"No problem, Mr. Williams, please come with me." Linda quickly nodded her head like a chicken, and led Eric and Jennifer to the back door, while her little mouth kept chattering and asking a variety of questions.

"Mr. Williams, is this lady your new girlfriend? How beautiful!"

heard the question and looked up at Eric with anticipation and anxiety.

Eric knew that in this case there is only one right answer, or else he will risk embarrassing the girl, so he did not hesitate to nod and say, "Yes."

"Mr. Williams, when are you going to start shooting 《》, I"m a big fan of yours, I always watch your movies as soon as they come out."

"I\'m not sure yet, but probably in the summer."

"Mr. Williams, which movie did you come to watch tonight?"

"... ..."

If he weren\'t sure about her occupation, Eric would have suspected that she was an undercover paparazzi, on their walk to the back door Linda asked more than ten questions, Eric could only answer the barrage of questions using short words.

"Here it is," said Linda, referring to the security door in front of her, as she opened the door, she summoned her courage and said: "Mr. Williams, ah, can you give me a signature."

"Of course," Eric nodded. "But I don\'t have a pen or paper."

"I do," Linda took out a pen from her the chest pocket, but she still didn\'t have paper, after a few moment of searching all her pockets, she raised her arm and said, "Mr. Williams, please sign my sleeve."

"Okay. " Eric quickly signed his name on the shirt fabric. and left through the back door and walked out of the cinema.

...... ......

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