I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 113

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Eric continued trying to wow her, "Then there was Sarah in 《》, to see more of you, I bought the video tape, but unfortunately I lost it. Oh, and your latest work 《》, I like it, too."

Hearing Eric mention her last movie, Jennifer was a little ashamed, "Some Girls" was her first attempt at a larger scale performance, so she was subject to a lot of conservative criticism by the critics.

The reason why she starred in the film was that, after 《》 box office failure, for a long time she couldn\'t find a job. She even tried going to Japan to seek for new opportunities, she shot several commercials there, and even recorded two pop songs for the Japanese market: "Monologue of Love" and "Message of Love" she sang in phonetic Japanese as she didn\'t know how to speak the language. But that still didn\'t help her career.

After returning to the United States, to continue staying in Hollywood, she had to shoot 《》 or else she would have to go back home.

She was just a teenager girl, so after hearing Eric flattering words, she gradually put down her guard and opened her heart to him. After she had calmed down, she was just like a chatterbox, she became very open about her personal life, and as dinner went on, their talk started to become more and more intimate.

After dinner, she put her arm around Eric\'s arm and walked with him to the parking lot, once she sat in the Lamborghini, once again she was nervous he won\'t bring her back to her hotel, what would she do then? Should she turn him down? Or should she accept his invitation?

But perhaps...

Feeling nervous her hand unconsciously started scratching at her handbag, when she tried to glance at Eric secretly, she ended up making eye contact with him. In embarrassment, she quickly averted her eyes.

Smiling at how cute she was acting Eric still wanted to spend some time with her, so he said: "Before I take you back, let\'s go see a movie first."

like someone on the death penalty list suddenly received a notice saying that his execution was delayed, Jennifer nodded her head in excitement, realizing that her reaction was quite excessive she smiled in embarrassment.

Seeing that beautiful smile, Eric said: "You should smile more. I like seeing you smile."

... ...

Starting the car, Eric drove a few laps in the streets of Beverly Hills trying to find a luxurious cinema, when he finally found one he stopped his Lamborghini outside and looked at the row of movie posters, the first film he saw was the newly released 《》.

Parking his car in the parking lot, he first walked her to the cinema lobby, then he went to the ticket booth and bought two tickets.

"What movie is it?" Seeing Eric coming back to her side, Jennifer asked, but after seeing the movie ticket in his hand, she blurted out: "《》 isn\'t that new film, in the newspaper they said ... ..."

Speaking up to here, she quickly shut her mouth.

Eric took her by the hand, as they walked into the cinema, and said in amusement: "What did they say in the newspapers?"

"They ... ... They stated that 《》 would certainly be able to exceed your movie 《》."

"It seems that to create some hype for their movie, they will even use these cheap tactics," said Eric, laughing: "So, what do you think of what the tabloids are saying."

"I believe that the analysis of the newspaper is very reasonable," Jennifer disproved weakly.

"Oh, wait a minute. Tell me more about this press report. I\'m very interested."

... ...

As the two were having this conversation and buying coke and popcorn, they were completely oblivious to the man not far behind them. The thin, short white man with a camera was frantically taking pictures of them, and he became even more, excited when he saw the two entering 《》 screening hall, the speed his index finger that was pressing the shutter seems to have become extremely fast.

When Eric and Jennifer walked into the movie theater, Victor the short white man was reluctant to put down his camera. He was a Los Angeles fashion magazine reporter, responsible for the fashion pages, many times he had come in contact with many stars. So, when Victor encounters valuable scandals, he doesn\'t mind acting like a paparazzi to earn more money.

Meeting Eric and today was completely an accident, because of working overtime, Victor was driving home when he saw Eric cool purple Lamborghini, so he tailed the car trying to take pictures.

As a fashion magazine editor, after watching the movie 《》 he could at a glance recognize this type of car, he knew that this car model would be listed on the market only after a few months. So he thought if he could take some pictures, and write an article about the limited edition car, he could make a quick buck.

Because of the movie 《》, These days, Lamborghini has almost become the world\'s hottest sports car brand in the market, leaving even Ferrari and other cars company\'s behind.

After a few minutes of carefully chasing the purple Lamborghini, the car finally stopped at the entrance of a cinema. Victor was going to wait until the owner of the car leaves then start taking pictures, but he found that the man who got out of the car is the famous young director Eric Williams.

This discovery didn\'t excite Victor too much; everyone knows that Eric and Lamborghini had cooperated in advertising the car, in this case, getting the limited edition car before it hit the market isn\'t a strange thing.

If Eric was the only one to get out of the car, Victor decided not to mention Eric\'s name in the article, and keep the owner of the car unknown to added some mystery to the story and make it more appealing to the eye of the reader.

But next, a gorgeous girl comes out from the co-driver side, giving Victor a mental shock. The girl wasn\'t or , nor was it Eric\'s girlfriend , it was another beautiful girl. Although wasn\'t very famous, Victor was still aware of who she was.

Eric Williams\'s private life has always been the object of interest of the paparazzi. But unfortunately, after he became famous, he neither went to nightclubs or bars, and he didn\'t have any hidden bad habits. Although there was a disturbance when it was known that he had a girlfriend named , the news quickly subsided, after that, there was that famous photo with them hugging in the streets of New York.

In this case, although the paparazzi were curious about his personal life. But because the boy always keeps himself away from trouble the paparazzi gradually stopped chasing him, Hollywood has so many newsworthy stars; no one will spend months chasing Eric just to get a scoop.

So today this scandal was all his, no paparazzi will take this scoop from him, swapping the used roll of photographic film in the camera with a new one, he patiently waited outside the cinema. While waiting his heart was tangled, should the scandal focus on Eric and his new girlfriend , or should he focus on Eric watching 《》, or should he split it into two different topics?

...... ......

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