I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 112

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... ...

Eric purple Lamborghini come to a stop in front of the hotel was staying in, as he got out of the car, he saw Jennifer who was wearing a pale blue dress standing outside the hotel with another middle-aged man waiting for him.

As Eric got off the car, the two quickly found him, and briskly come over to greet him. Jennifer smiled reluctantly at Eric, while the middle-aged man enthusiastically stretched his hand out and introduced herself: "Hello, Mr. Williams, I\'m Miss Connelly\'s agent, Jim Lester."

"Hello, Mr. Lester," Eric politely shook his hand, then turned his attention to Jennifer and said: "Miss Connelly, are you ready to go, I\'ve booked the restaurant."

Jennifer felt that Eric\'s eyes and tone were too aggressive as if he regards her as one of his personal belongings, not knowing what to do, she looked at her agent for help.

She began her debut at the age of thirteen, because of her perfect appearance, more than once she met some men who yearned to have her, but no one acted full of arrogant like Eric did. She felt that if she allowed herself to be alone with him, all the methods she used to deal with men would be of no avail.

Eric followed her gaze at Jim Lester, who was standing beside her: "Mr. Lester, would you like to come along?"

Lester did not dare to look at Jennifer cry for help, Smiling he shook his head and said: "Of course not, Mr. Williams. How could I possibly disturb the date between the two of you?". Speaking up to here, the middle-aged man hesitantly asked: "Mr. Williams, Can you tell me what the effect of Janet\'s audition today?"

It felt somewhat strange hearing him call her her Janet, the nickname doesn\'t suit her.

Putting aside those thoughts he went straight to the point and said: "If there is no accident! This role will be hers."

Even who was skeptical about him, couldn\'t help but look at him with surprise, let alone the ecstatic Lester.

As a man, and also as her broker, he was aware that Eric was trying to woo Jennifer, so he was confident Eric would keep his words in the future.

He knows that usually when Eric Williams discover a good actor, he will try to bring them into his brokerage firm. And as a third line artists broker, Lester knew that if he didn\'t take this chance, he would never see such an opportunity again.

"Well, Mr. Williams, I think UTA is a promising brokerage firm, so I would like to move over with my artists. What do you say?"

looked with surprise at her broker, Lester didn\'t mention the matter before, which made her somewhat dissatisfied with his decision. But she chose not to confront him about it in front of Eric.

At the same time, she worriedly looked at the young man in front of her, She knew, that UTA was Eric\'s company. So, once Eric agrees, she certainly would not have the leeway to refuse, unless she didn\'t want the role in 《》. But deep down, she resisted joining the UTA, not because she isn\'t optimistic about the UTA, but because Jennifer felt that, she will be just like a sheep entering the lion\'s den.

Eric also noted Jennifer surprised and worried expression, with keen interest he looked at the stout middle-aged man in front of him.

After thinking about it for a moment, he said: "Mr. Lester, you are a wise man, you know how to seize the opportunity, and you\'ve made the right choice by joining the UTA."

He did intend to dig into the UTA, but he was going to let Kapoor take care of her.

However, since the girl\'s agent took the initiative to mention transferring, Eric was also happy to accept. And since Lester wanted to continue managing the girls, he will let him try it. After all, Eric can\'t put all the people he is optimistic about into Kapoor\'s hands, plus even now Kapoor was barely keeping up with the ones in his hands now, and if Lester can\'t prove his strength in the future, he will fire him.

"By the way, how many artists do you have now?" Eric asked, remembering what Lester had said.

"Four, including Janet." Lester immediately said, he was going to start introducing the other three, but was interrupted by Eric: "give up the other three people, at this point in time UTA can only look after Miss Connery."

Lester struggled for a bit in his decision. He has a good relationship with the three actors, one of them is a brother of a friend, who especially asked him to take care of, but, thinking of his future, Lester quickly made his decision: "no problem, Mr. Williams."

After handling this matter, Lester eagerly took the initiative to leave, leaving alone with Eric.

... ...

Starting the car, Eric looked at the girl sitting blankly in the Co-pilot seat and suddenly leaned over.

Jennifer noticed Eric\'s movements and immediately raised her hands in front of her body and asked in horror: "you! ... ... What are you doing?"

"Why are you scared," Eric said as his hand crossed over her body and pulled the co-pilot seat belt: "I can\'t drive this car safely, so it\'s safer to fasten your seat belt."

"I\'ll do it myself," she said, and reached for the seat belt, but in a fluster instead of grabbing the seat belt, she caught Eric hand, in shock she immediately shrank back in her seat as if she touched fire.

After fastening her seat belt, Eric sat back in his seat, but he didn\'t immediately start the car. Instead, he twisted his head and looked at the restless girl sitting beside him for a few moments.

"Are you afraid of me?" After a while, Eric finally asked.

Unconsciously Jennifer nodded her head, but after realizing what she did, she quickly shook her head no: "Mr. Williams, I ... ... I didn\'t mean that."

"You can call me Eric."

In a fluster, she looked out of the window and gently nodded her head.

"Come on, look at me." Eric\'s tone turned a little softer, so she involuntarily turned her head and looked at him with eyes filled with doubt.

Eric suddenly stretched out his hand behind her head and leaned forward and kissed her delicate red lips.

Eric\'s move instantly petrified , she subconsciously put her hands on his chest, but she forgets to push him away. Feeling the young man sucking on her lips, and his tongue trying to get into her mouth. After Eric released her when the kiss ended, her eyes brimmed with tears.

"How could you do that?" her first reaction was to give Eric a slap, and then get off to leave, but she found herself tied up in her seat not able to move.

Scrambling to undo the seat belt, Eric stepped on the throttle and drove the Lamborghini onto the road. But she still said: "Mr. Williams, would you please pull over I want to get off."

"Come on, be a good girl and fasten your seat belt."

"No! ... ... I want to get off!" She stubbornly raised her voice.

Eric was about to say something to calm her when suddenly a convertible Mercedes-Benz sports car crossed over the middle line and drove closer to them. Swearing in anger Eric started Honking the Horn at them, they almost hit his car, maybe because the punks in the car saw the beautiful girl in the co-pilot seat. Their car stayed close to them, and started whistling at her, in anger he stepped on the throttle and drove faster.

After the Mercedes-Benz car had disappeared from his Rear-view mirror, Eric found that his body has become covered in cold sweat, looking at the frightened girl beside him, Eric said in a serious tone: "Fasten your seat belt."

didn\'t dare resist this time, she wasn\'t going to treat her life as a joke, so she obediently put on the seat belt, but she still stubbornly turned her head and refused to look at him.

... ...

Ten minutes later the purple Lamborghini come to a stop in front of a famous Italian restaurant in Beverly Hills when the doorman saw the expensive car he eagerly got up and walked over to open the Lamborghini door.

Getting out of the car Eric handed the keys and a tip to the doorman, and Then he went to open Jennifer car door. Maybe she calmed down because she spent all the time on the road ignoring him, she obediently held his outstretched arm and followed him to the restaurant.

"Why do woman always order a salad, Why don\'t you order something else?" Eric couldn\'t help but say after hearing her order.

Jennifer glanced at the waiter standing next to her and said softly, "I\'m on a diet."

Giving up on pursuing her, he instead he ordered his dinner, and a bottle of wine, and give back the menu to the waiter,

After the waiter left Eric said: "All right, girl, smile a little, You make me feel guilty for what I did."

"I don\'t believe you." she bluntly gave Eric a stern look, and said: "and stop talking like you are older than me, You...... You\'re only a few months older than me."

"It\'s an honor, knowing that you know when my birthday is, I\'m sure we will get along well in the future. I also remember your birthday, the 12th of December, isn\'t that right?."

Eric\'s words made her a little uneasy: "How do you know my birthday?"

"From your file," Smiling he started telling her some lies to make her relax, "I know a lot about you, your first film 《》 was released in 1984. When I saw you in that movie, I instantly had a crush on you, then today the girl I dreamed about appeared in front of me."

No woman does not love compliments, let alone compliments from a famous young director, embarrassed she bowed her head and didn\'t dare look him in the eyes. She quickly forgave him for the kiss he stole in the car.

...... ......

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