I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 111

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... ...

The girl\'s face was delicate and flawless, as if carved by an artist, raven black hair, fair face, high nose, she was wearing an office girl\'s professional suit, and holding a white handbag, when she sat in the chair opposite him, she exudes a quiet and beautiful atmosphere.

From his past life memories, he remembered that she starred in a film called 《》 in 1984, when she was just a thirteen-year-old girl. Many years later, she also starred in another movie called 《》 in 2001, that had big success making more than $313 million at the box office.

Instead of looking at the information in his hand, Eric blurted out: "Miss Connelly, please introduce yourself first."

"Hello, my name is . I am nineteen years old. I am currently studying at Yale University in England ... ..."

Her voice was slightly hoarse, adding to her charm, in the following Q & A session, remained calm, it was until the performance that a problem appeared, she has appeared in many films, but she had no professional training. So, her acting was still very prone to exaggeration, she even had some facial paralysis when performing.

But it didn\'t matter to him, who can run just after being born, she can be trained. The key is, Eric was sure that can definitely make the audience eyes light up. Moreover, she can make the audience feel compassion and sympathy for her when the robber takes her hostage, and in the scene where she leans on Andy, the weak expression she displayed in this scene was lethal, he almost wanted to give her a hug.

After her performance was finished, Eric made a note beside Jennifer Connelly\'s name, then looked up and said: "Miss Connolly, can I invite you to dinner tonight?"

Hearing his words all the staff in the audition room were stunned, he was too direct, it\'s an unspoken rule in Hollywood to avoid this kind of thing in auditions.

who was about to leave the room also was stunned, the expression on her face changed a few times before turning back to normal, she specifically came back from Italy, just for this audition, but in doing so, she made the director of a small film called 《》unhappy.

But if she can get this role, she can completely not care about 《》, going to Europe to shoot art films, this was a bottleneck many actresses in Hollywood face, but she had to choose this path. European films in this era haven\'t completely declined yet. So, many actors are expected to shoot European movies, and once they get the award, they rush back to their hometown, to start developing their career in Hollywood.

If he invited her in private, might not have too much hesitation, but under the watchful eyes of so many people, the proud girl had a difficult time putting aside her modesty. So she was in a dilemma.

"I\'m sorry, I was abrupt, Miss Connally, thank you for your audition, we will inform you as soon as possible, you can leave now."

Eric really regret that he invited her is front of everyone, he intended to rescue the girl and let her save face, but thought he took her hesitation as a refusal, If so, then she won\'t be able to get the role.

Standing still for a few moments, she didn\'t push the door to leave, hesitating for a few seconds Jennifer said in a faint voice: "Mr. Williams, I ... ... I\'d love to."

"What?" Eric, who had already bowed his head and started written on a paper, raised his head again because the girl\'s voice was so small he didn\'t hear her clearly.

Her face turned red with embarrassment, she really didn\'t want to repeat her words again in front of so many people.

Nicole couldn\'t help but warn him: "Hey, Eric, don\'t go too far, the girl agreed."

Eric quickly reacted, and hurriedly nodded his head: "That\'s really good, Miss Connery." he quickly wrote a series of numbers on a piece of paper and handed it to the girl, and said: "I hope you can contact me, at seven o\'clock this evening, I\'ll come pick you up. After all, the audition must go on, many girls are still waiting."

Jennifer quickly folded the paper and put it in her handbag, lowered her head and hastily left the room.

"Hey, Eric, is she the one?" Nicole couldn\'t help but ask.

Eric nodded and said: "If there are no surprises, then she is the one."

"Then do we have to continue auditioning?"

"Of course," Eric started looking at the next actress information: "There are so many people still waiting, perhaps, we can find someone who is even better than her, so go ahead and call the next one."

Everyone in the audition room knew that in Eric mind he has already chosen her, so in the next auditions, most of them didn\'t even bother to pay attention. At five o\'clock in the afternoon, The last girl left the room, as the door closed behind her, everyone started packing their thing to leave as if the place was on fire.

... ...

Eric went back to his office, tidied up, and was about to leave when Jeffrey knocked at his door and walked in.

After handing him a document, Jeffrey said: "Eric, this is the latest results of our negotiations, has made some concessions, the conditions for and are the same, they want $5 million plus 12% of the profits each."

Eric took a look at the information in the document, and said: "Will, Jeffrey, Don\'t talk to them for the next few days, let\'s wait for another week, in Friday 《》 will be released, I\'m sure that next week will be very lively."

"I also wanted to tell you this," Jeffrey laughed: "most of the critics who watched the preview of 《》 all said the film isn\'t good. As a result, in the papers half of the voices are praising it and the other half are criticizing it, although recently United Artists tried to hype the film by saying that abandoned 《》 because he found that 《》 is better, But the effect isn\'t good, it is estimated that many people are waiting to see the joke."

Smirking Eric said: "who cares, anyway, as long as 《》 flop, will no longer have the energy to continue fighting with us. Otherwise, both and will not agree."

"Why don\'t we try to contact actors from the other brokerage company\'s, and make it look like we are looking for other protagonists?"

Eric shook his head and said, "Not yet, at least not for the time being, let\'s see what happens next."

They didn\'t talk about this CAA things too much, after that, they both left the office, no one has thought that 《》 was like a blasting fuse, The noise caused by it was much more than Eric had expected.

...... ......

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