I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 110

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... ...

After the morning auditions, only a few actresses impressed Eric, but none of them made his eyes light up. Therefore, the selected actresses can only be used as alternatives, If they couldn\'t find a more suitable actress at the end, these candidates will have to go through the third round of auditions.

Because 《》 isn\'t a Hollywood film, he couldn\'t use the original actors as a reference, so he can only choose in accordance to what he visualized the character to be like. In addition to the roles of and as well as , what Eric cares about most is the role of "the girl Andy encounter on the bus." Therefore, this role will be selected only after most of the leading roles have been identified so he could choose her slowly.

This role is also the role that received the biggest number of applications. Although this role has only a few scenes, it is still the female lead. Therefore, this role even attracted the interest of a few A-level actresses, and because there are only a few scenes, a few of them even expressed intention of participating for no money, they only wanted to increase their presence in Hollywood using this highly anticipated film.

Unfortunately, after Eric saw their information he had to refuse because they weren\'t right for the role. The current cast of 《》 is solid, so there is no need to accommodate an A-level actress who does not conform to the character image, just for the sake of adding another star to the list of A-level stars in the film, that might hurt the film instead of helping.

He believes that the girl must be able to make people eyes light up, he wanted her to make a deep impression on the audience, in this brief appearance. In his past life, the actress wasn\'t able to do it, all audience could remember is that there is a warm encounter on the bus, but the actress herself was not remembered. Although in the years after 《》, the actress acted in a lot of films, but he still can\'t remember her clearly.

The afternoon auditions were still bland, but the list of alternative actresses got a few more names on it. After a busy day, Eric returned to his mansion in Beverly Hills, he found the house empty, so he switched On the TV in the living room and let it idly play the news, and started preparing dinner, after finishing he come back to the living room to slowly enjoy.

Eric did not like solitude in his past life, he was a very lively person. But unfortunately, when he came to this world, he strangely found himself attracted to this kind of atmosphere. The solitude help calms his mind and body, and help him think calmly. So when Drew suggested he hire a servant he immediately rejected her proposal. Of course, it is possible that this change in behavior is caused by the original owner of this body, or maybe he just has some kind of primitive and instinctive sense of territory hidden deep inside him.

When he was cleaning the dished, he heard the phone ringing in the living room. Picking up the phone, he didn\'t immediately hear the sound of the caller, all he heard was the sound of a bunch of girls squealing. He vaguely heard Drew\'s voice mixed in, smiling he patiently waited.

... ...

In a girls\' dormitory, at this time everyone should be getting ready to sleep, but because the night owl wasn\'t planning to sneak out at night to play today, she was still wearing her pajamas. Instead, she was having a party in her dorm room with a bunch of girls. After learning that Drew was going to call Eric, all the girls surrounded her with curiosity in their eyes, they have always been curious about the relationship between her and Eric.

Seeing the gossip girls surrounding her like a bunch of piranhas, she quickly decided to kick them out of her room, after locking her door, Drew returned to pick up the phone: "Eric, it \'s me, I would like to ask how audition went today?"

Eric said the truth: "Her performance was awful, Drew, did Gwyneth ask you?"

"Yes," when she heard his evaluation, she wasn\'t surprised at all: "No wonder she called me in a hurry after her audition today, she wanted me to ask you for a second chance to audition."

"I think her performance will be the same even if she tries again, plus her image is too far from how the character should look like. Otherwise, she can try again, the character doesn\'t need much acting anyway. Drew, if you really have a good relationship with her? I can help her get a few roles in the future in later movies, and if you want, I can give her a secondary role in 《》."

"No, no, no, of course not," Drew quickly refused: "My relationship with her isn\'t that good."

Puzzled Eric said: "Aren\'t both of you the goddaughters of ?"

"This is the only thing we have in common," Drew said in a somewhat sad tone: "Gwyneth father is a film producer, her mother is an actress, and she has been carefree since childhood. I\'ve met her several times before, at house, she always acted as proud as a princess. As for me, I have always been taken by my mother to go work shooting Ad and movies to earn money to support the family. In fact, she always looked down on me, If not this time she needed my help, she would never have taken the initiative to contact me."

Drew words made him feel sad for her, leaning back against the sofa Eric sighed and advised her: "Drew, it\'s different now. You don\'t have to accommodate any person as long as I\'m still alive, you\'re my little princess now. Next time you meet a nuisance, don\'t give them face, you don\'t have to worry, I\'ll always have your back if anything happens."

On the other side of the phone, he heard giggling a few times, then he started hearing the sound of the bed squeaking, she was probably jumping and rolling on the bed. When the phone line almost got cut off, she comes to a stop and said: "Eric, this is the most beautiful love talk I\'ve ever heard, I love you too."

"... ..."

"Well, well, I know you do love me, so you don\'t have to say it" Drew\'s voice again become energetic: "So did you select the actress for the role?"

"I\'m not sure yet. It\'ll take another day and a half to go through all the auditions, and if I\'m still not sure, then we will have a third round of auditions."

"Oh, well, if there\'s a third round, give another chance."

Eric frowned: "didn\'t you just say that she ... ..."

Drew quickly interrupted him, and said with a smirk: "I just want Gwyneth to owe me a favor, in spite of her narcissistic and self-righteous character."

Eric laughed: "well if there is a third round of auditions, I\'ll tell her."

... ...

"Miss Lopez, thank you for your audition, we\'ll let you know as soon as possible." Once again, after the woman went out, Eric drew an X behind the girl\'s name.

Coming over, Nicole saw Eric\'s drawing a big red X on the name of the girl: "Eric, I think this girl isn\'t bad ah, especially ... ... especially ... ..."

Eric glanced at Nicole and said: "Don\'t tell me you have a fetish for big butts, do you? When you saw that woman, your eyes started to shine."

Everyone in the audition room suddenly burst into laughter, staring awkwardly at his colleagues laughing, Nicole retorted: "I\'m a photographer, It\'s my job to appreciate beauty, and record it."

The Deputy Director Royce could finally seize the opportunity to ridicule Nicole like he did to him the day before: "Guys have I ever told you about the time Nicole almost got to appreciate a big butt, we were in a bar, he ... ..."

"Royce, shut up, I\'ll kill you." He hurriedly rushed to cover Royce\'s mouth, the two were entangled together for a few moments until the crowd broke them apart.

Eric smiled and tapped the table. "All right, hurry up and let the next girl come in. if we can finish today auditions early, we can get ready for the next job."

After Eric finished giving his orders, he opened the next actress file, and before he could read her name, the girl entered the room, before he could look up at her, he clearly felt that all the men around him took a deep breath.

Looking up, the first things he could think of is.


And his second thought was.

She\'s mine!

...... ......

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