I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 109

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... ...

Eric listened to her and didn\'t say anything else, bowing his head he started taking notes, this reaction made somewhat perturbed, she felt that her answer should be very appropriate. But he didn\'t give her enough time to think, after a few more questions, he asked her to start performing.

A staff member moved a two seat bench on wheels to the middle of the room and explained: "Miss , the scene you want to perform is like this. On a bus, a strange man suddenly sat down next to you. He\'s very handsome, just by looking at him you feel your heart start beating faster. But suddenly you feel a pistol pressing on your side, the man held you hostage, and want you to pretend that the two of you are a couple as a police officer investigate the bus, you dare not resist, and have no choice but to do as he said. Miss Paltrow, you have no lines, you can only rely on facial expressions and body language to express your emotions, you have one minute to prepare."

Not a single line, this was too difficult, that was the first thing that came to her mind. However, she knew she had no choice, but to adjust her mentality and prepare for the performances quickly.

A minute later, sat on the bench and said she was ready, the assistant reminded her \'when the music stops, then the show is over, using a clapboard he announced the start of the performances.

At the same time, another staff member pressed the start button on the music player; a refreshing piano composition rang in the room.

This was the soundtrack that appeared in the original bus scene, the name of the song is 《Silent Love》. The soundtrack was allegedly copied from a 1995 musical made by a Greek composer called and failed to make it to the film soundtrack album. This time Eric chose to copy all the music from 《》, now he certainly will not be involved in any copyright issues, and in the future if he wanted he can also publish Vangelis original soundtrack.

(TN Note: Listen to Vangelis original soundtrack from HERE),

sat there quietly, after a few moments, a staff member sat down beside her. She gently frowned and turned to look at the man next to her, feeling something on her side she looked down only to find a plastic gun pressed against her, her face immediately showed a look of fear, her body expressed a backward movement like she was trying to hide.

Sitting behind the Audition table Eric frowned slightly, Gwyneth expressions were too exaggerated, but he didn\'t make any noise to interrupt her.

The performance of the two people was still going on, the staff member put his arm around Gwyneth\'s shoulder, and said: "Don\'t make any noise."

Gwyneth\'s body stiffened for a moment and pretended to stare straight ahead. From the perspective of Eric, he could see her hands on her knees gently trembling. The staff member took off his sunglasses and put them on her. She didn\'t have any reaction, like a puppet she didn\'t make a move.

Here the actor should have started talking on a cell phone, but because this was the actress audition, this part was omitted.

"Lean over," the staff told her in a whisper again, obediently Gwyneth leaned against his shoulder.

A few moments later, Eric made a gesture, and immediately someone stopped the music.

Hearing the music stop, Gwyneth knows that the show is over, she quickly straightened up, and removed the sunglasses and handed them back to the man beside her.

Eric quickly said: "Miss , thank you for your audition, you can leave now, we will inform you of the results as soon as possible."

"Ah, that\'s it ... ... it\'s over?" Gwyneth asked without restraint.

Eric nodded and made a gesture as if to say "please leave," Gwyneth had to pick up her bag and get out of the room, after closing the audition room\'s door, she immediately wiped out the smile on her face, and coldly walked through the crowd of girls waiting to audition.

In the audition room, a few people were discussing her performance.

Alan Fisemann, who was sitting beside Eric, asked: "Eric, what do you think?"

Before meeting her Eric had already drawn an X on Gwyneth name in his mind, he wasn\'t impressed by her beauty. Moreover, the other side\'s acting was terrible, so he casually explained: "No, she isn\'t fit for the role, her expressions are all over the place, and look very artificial. Kurt, get ready to call the next one?"

Sitting next to him, Nickel Frank quickly stopped the staff from calling the next one, and said: "Eric, would you mind changing the actor?"

"Hey, this was only third one, we agreed to rotate after every ten girls." The man who was playing as a temporary actor retorted.

Nicole gave him a look filled with hatred and resentment and said: "Royce, I don\'t think you should be allowed to participate in the auditions. You are so ugly, the last three girls have been affected by you sitting next to them, so they didn\'t perform well. You are literally killing the poor girl\'s careers."

"If auditioned, even if she had a gorilla sitting next to her, she could still act perfectly."

"Royce, you finally admitted that you aren\'t even as good-looking as a gorilla."

He looked rough, but he wasn\'t ugly, in an anger Royce said: "Nicole if you keep mocking me, I\'ll tell everyone what happened that night at Brady\'s Bar."

"You dare!"

Eric quickly patted the table, to stop the quarrel of the two, Nicole is Eric photographer, and Royce now holds the post of deputy director, the two formerly belonged to Jeffrey wife team, they are very close friends. This kind of thing happens every two or three days, so Eric was not worried that the two would really clash, but he was getting tired of their noise.

The cause of the quarrel is today auditions, all the woman that come today were beautiful, Eric was going to find a temporary actor, but all the men present wanted to play the role of the robber Andy. So he considered it a small reward for the crew who had been working so hard for so many days.

Unexpectedly, he underestimated how restless this was going to make their Testosterone filled bodies. At the start of the auditions everything was going great, but when this particularly sexy Latin girl with a curvy body entered the room, Nicole directly took the role of the temporary actor, even though it was Eric\'s assistant Alan Fiseman turn. But because of the presence of an outsider in the room, all Alan could do was to sit and watch.

"Guys stop quarreling, you\'re starting to give me a headache. Royce continue doing your job, and if no one respect the rules, I will find a temporary actor, and nobody will get to play."

Maybe because Eric still has a lot of prestige, or maybe the threat played a role, the two men immediately shut their mouths, and give each other the middle finger. After Kurt had received the signal from Eric, he went out and called the next name on the list.

... ...

It wasn\'t until she came out of the office building that Gwyneth suddenly reacted.

"Ah, I should have thought of that!" Gwyneth bitterly kicked the trash in the parking lot.

When she started thinking about what the performance was about, she finally knows why Eric asked her about love at first sight. Apparently, what she was supposed to perform, was the scene of love at first sight.

She felt stupid about her answer, moreover, when she was acting, she only showed fear, and there was no love at first sight.

Even the staff member seems to remind her that the man is handsome, that just by looking at him you will feel your heart start beating faster.

She put the blame on the temporary actor he obviously was ugly, but they allowed him to play the role of a handsome man. If Eric Williams or sat by her side, she was sure her heart would start beating faster.

But she didn\'t blame her stupidity and negligence on herself instead she transferred all her anger to Drew, she began blaming the little bitch. She lived in Eric\'s house, so Drew must have seen the whole script, but when she asked Drew about the script. But she only revealed a little bit of the content, if it weren\'t for that, she wouldn\'t be so unprepared.

Passing a telephone booth, she wondered if she should contact again, to see if she can help her get a second chance to try again. Next time she was sure she\'d be well-prepared, and will not make the same mistakes.

Gwyneth didn\'t take into account, that at the current time, Drew should be in class, after finding her address book, she put a coin in the coin-operated telephone, and dialed Drew bedroom number.

After a few beeps, the phone call connected.

"Hello! ... ..." There was a dazed girl\'s voice on the other side as if she hadn\'t woken up yet.

She put on a warm tone and said: "Hey Drew, it\'s me, Gwyneth ...... Oh, now it\'s ten o\'clock, are you still asleep, I envy you ...... Well, Today I participated in that audition, but I don\'t think I did a good job. Can you help me talk to Mr. Williams to give me a second chance to audition? ....... Good ......, Ok ......, I\'ll be waiting for your good news. Let\'s eat together this weekend; I know this great Italian restaurant in Sunset Strip ...... That\'s good ...... OK, that\'s it. Bye bye."

Putting down the phone in its place, said in a voice full of envy: "For her to be sleeping during the day, the bitch definitely was out fooling around last night."

...... ......

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