I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 108

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... ...

"Motorola promised to pay $3 million in sponsorship fees, but their condition is that we must reveal to them who is the male lead, is it Tom Cruise or Tom Hanks."

"Lamborghini sponsorship offer is a one-time payment of $800,000, The other side learned fast, they no longer accept the same rules used in 《Pretty Woman》, They felt cheated by having the sponsorship fee be decided, by the size of the box office."

"As for the others, Ray-Ban sunglasses offer is $500 thousand, their condition is to have the Ray-Ban glasses trademark appear in a close-up shot for more than 5 seconds. The Hershey Companyalso made a bid of $500,000, to buy the Ad placement in the box bombs ..."

In the meeting room, Jeffrey was reading the sponsorship offers one by one in an excited voice.

In fact, Eric also had the same document. However, Jeffrey couldn\'t help but read it out loud, because he was happy. If the final offers were all finalized, then that means that before the movie has even started shooting, Firefly earned about $6 million in profit.

In this era, Hollywood produces more than 500 films every year, but even if you count the box office, videotape sales, broadcast rights and other peripheral earnings, no more than fifty, reach $6 million in profits.

Eric looked at the comments and conditions made by the company\'s that offered to buy the implanted ads, then closed the folder and handed it to Jeffrey: "Well, Jeffrey, did just $6 million in sponsorship fees make you this happy?"

"Only $6 million," repeating Eric\'s words, Jeffrey raised his voice in disapproval, and retorted: "Eric, if you have the ability then try finding another movie that can get $6 million in sponsorship fees?"

"Not now, but that doesn\'t mean there won\'t be others in the future," Eric said: "Perhaps in a decade or two, movies will be able to recover most of the cost by implanting ads."

"You don\'t have to wait for a decade or two," Jeffrey said with some emotion: "When we were making 《Pretty Woman》, if we tried to find more sponsors, maybe we will have recovered the cost."

"Maybe you\'re right" Suddenly remembering another important thing, Eric asked: "by the way, did you tell these sponsors to keep this matter secret until we release the film?"

"Of course I didn\'t forget," Jeffrey said: "I explained to them why we are doing it, and they agreed. Before the movie is released, the sponsors won\'t disclose anything to the media."

Feeling relieved, Eric stood up and said: "That\'s good, the second round of auditions are about to start, do you want to come?"

"No, I\'m Exhausted, I won\'t go." Jeffrey quickly refused. Initially, he enjoyed the sense of power he felt during the auditions. But after sitting behind the audition table for a few days, asking the same questions repeatedly, and watching the same performance over and over again, slowly, the sense of superiority he felt completely disappeared, leaving him feeling dull and tired.

These days the auditions have also made Eric feel exhausted, especially 《Running Out of Time》 auditions, every character, had hundreds of actors who qualified for the audition, even after extensive screening? Some rejected actresses also through a variety of ways get a second chance to audition. In short, this was giving him a headache.

So he decided to also include Jonathan Demme and Martin Brest in 《The Others》 and 《Scent of a Woman》 audition, he\'s going to let two directors select less than ten actors for every character, then he\'ll have a third round of auditions again, that will make things a lot easier for him.

The only thing better than spending a couple of days slugging though auditioning the villain roles is that today\'s audition was for the role of the heroine.

Eric had set the standard for the applicants to be between age 18 to 30 years old, and they had to be beautiful and have the temperament of an office lady. So, today\'s auditions will be very pleasing to the eyes.

... ....

A girl walks out of the audition room, and gently closed the door behind her. After turning around, the happy expression on her face quickly disappeared, ignore the curious eyes of the other contestants focusing on her, she went to her broker who was waiting for her not far away, and whispered a few words in his ears, then walked outside.

A staff member called Kurt walked out from the audition room and called the name of another girl. The one after her was going to be Gwyneth Paltrow, who quickly took out a mirror from her handbag, and checked her makeup.

Born in 1972, she was only 17 years old this year. And according to Eric\'s criteria for the candidates, she should have been eliminated from the list, because she wasn\'t even 18 years old.

But that didn\'t bother her because she knew that Eric Williams has a very close relationship with Drew, and she and Drew share the same godfather Steven Spielberg.

Gwyneth\'s father is a producer, her mother is a well-known film and television actor, and her family conditions are one hundred times stronger than Drew, but she grew up despising how cute Drew looked every time she saw her baby face. Even at Spielberg party\'s, she rarely talked to Drew; She prefers to get along with other people whose family conditions are similar to her family so she can help her future development.

However, when she learned that there is a chance to cooperate with Eric Williams, Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks, she was ready to do anything to win this opportunity to enter Hollywood.

If she can get this role, her career in Hollywood will be even higher than those little actors who struggled for many years. So, without hesitation, she immediately contacted Drew, hoping that she would help her get a chance to audition.

Although she had no relationship with Drew before, fortunately, she didn\'t have any enmity with her. After asking the little bitch to help her get the chance to audition, she immediately accepted. What a fool, Gwyneth thought contemptuously.

... ...

After less than five minutes, the girl who had just entered the audition room, walked out looking lost.

All the actresses waiting in the corridor eyes lit up, thinking one less competitor.

"Next, Miss Gwyneth Paltrow."

She quickly stood up, took a deep breath, adjusted her clothes, then walked into the audition room with a faint smile on her face and sat down on the chair. Looking at the blond man seated in the middle of the table with his head bowed written something, she thought, he\'s truly handsome.

Gwyneth heart rate speed up a little, she couldn\'t help but fantasize about him inviting her to dinner, perhaps, she should say no to him at first, to show some modesty. After all, if a man easily gets what he wants, he never cherishes it.

After more than 10 seconds, the young man sitting on the opposite side raised his head, and said with a smile on his face: "Hello, Miss Paltrow, first introduce yourself."

After a brief eye contact with him, she was sure that Eric Williams knows who she was, this made her feel a bit excited, it seems that the little bitch did her job well, at least now the other party won\'t treat her like a stranger.

"Hello, my name is Gwyneth Paltrow. I am 17 years old. I graduated from......"

After a brief self-introduction, Eric asked, "Ms. Paltrow, the information shows that you haven\'t had any previous experience starring in a film. Why do you think you can get this role?"

Gwyneth who had made some preparations for those kinds of questions, calmly replied: "Because I was born in a family of entertainers, my mother is an actress, so when I was very young, I started helping my mom with her lines. Because of that, I\'ve always had a big interest in acting, starting from middle school, I have been the backbone of the school drama club, I participated in many stage shows, and has accumulated a wealth of experience in the performing arts."

When she finished speaking, she saw several judges at the same time nodding their heads.

"Miss Paltrow, do you believe in love at first sight?." Out of nowhere, Eric throws this personal question at her.

Hearing the question, Gwyneth froze for a few moments; she didn\'t know why he asked this kind of question, she does believe in love at first sight. But, she thought, if she gives that answer, she will appear very foolish?.

After thinking for half a minute, she said: "No, I don\'t believe in love at first sight, in contrast, I am more willing to accept the sincere feelings that were cultivated over an extended period of time."