I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 106

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... ...

"Deceitful ugly man" like a cat scratched Eric chest a few of times, and said in a hurt voice: "I will forgive you, but just for this time."

Eric by habit flipped her on the forehead, and said: "I would also like to thank you for your generosity?

Reaching into her jeans back pocket, she dug out a crumpled paper, and said: "Well, here it is."

He took the paper handed to him, and glanced at the string of names auditioning for roles, smiling he said: "Looks like you have been very busy these days."

"Ah ... ..." she involuntarily uttered a sigh of regret: "If I could refuse then I would have rejected them all, you don\'t need to directly give them a role, just giving them a chance to audition is enough."

"All right, I\'ll arrange it." Eric didn\'t say anything more since she suddenly came back today, he knew that it must have something to do with the recent auditions.

His future plans for Drew were almost the same as her previous life, even the name of her future film company name is good, he liked . With her clever and capable character, she will be a big help in the future, It\'s not bad to help her accumulate more connections now.

And as she said, all he needs to do is give them a chance to audition, whether or not they get the roles, he has the final say, plus he can also help her earn some favors, so why not?.

... ...

After carefully reading the list, he found that many of the people on the list will become well-known Hollywood stars in the future. There is also a goddaughter of , , she should be seventeen or eighteen this year, she wanted to audition for the role of the girl Andy meet on the bus after a robbery.

Recalling Gwyneth appearance, Eric directly draws an X on her name in his mind. She is completely incompatible with his aesthetic view. Perhaps in the eyes of Europeans and Americans, is a standard of beauty, but Eric doesn\'t like her high cheekbones, Bridge nose, deep eye sockets. He prefers beautiful women with softer facial lines, , , and all belong to this type.

Thinking of this, he couldn\'t help but pull the TV remote control from her hand, and hold the girl\'s little face in his hands to carefully look at, thinking that the girl may have long residual damage done to her skin in the future because of the drugs, he couldn\'t help but sigh.

was waiting nervously, she was expecting him to kiss her, but the result was a sigh, suddenly she got angry, bearing her teeth at him and threatened: "Eric if you dare sigh in my face again, I will scratch you."

"Did you expect a kiss, why are you in a hurry" he stroked her smooth hair and said: "Just four years ago in 《》 you were a small sweet little girl holding that cat, how did you suddenly get so big?"

Hearing the evilness in his voice, she pushed him down on the sofa, and got on top of him, giving him a condescending look, she said: "You damned Lolicon, I want to report you to the Los Angeles Police Department, maybe you\'ll get chemically castrated, then see if that woman with the big breasts, will still welcome you in her home!"

Eric was surprised a little, he felt that his thing with Virginia, shouldn\'t be known to too many people.

"Ah... ... does everyone in Los Angeles know about this thing?"

"Yeah, yeah, everyone in North America knows, a third-rate actress got Eric Williams to personally create a script for her, do you think everyone is a fool? You have to be careful, don\'t be photographed by paparazzi, Otherwise, someone will say you have an Oedipus complex after all that woman is ten years older than you."

"I absolutely don\'t have that complex," he raised his voice and snapped back.

"Of course, I can prove that" because she was on top of him, she could feel the thing rising in his pants, she looked at him arrogantly and said: "because you are Lolicon!"

"All right, maybe I\'m a Lolicon," said Eric in surrender. "Can you of me now?"

she quickly wrapped her legs around his waist and started rubbing down on him, seeing her intention, he quickly forced himself to reach out and hold her waist, and move her to the side: "come on, don\'t make trouble, in broad daylight."

"Then I\'ll come to your room at night?"

"I decided to go to her at night, anyway, all North America knows."

Hearing his threat Drew immediately warped her arms around him and said: "No, Eric, you can\'t give up. You should learn from me."

Braking free from her arms, he quickly got up and started walking upstairs, and said: "are you going to teach me how to stay away from school?. I met at a party last night, he said that he saw a naughty little girl at a party on Wednesday."

Eric had no hope that she would stay in school, and he didn\'t expect her to go to college. he only wanted her to stay in school until she reaches 16 years old, then she can go back to Hollywood. But as things stand now, that\'s not very feasible. she didn\'t like going to school, And the only thing that worries him now is that he doesn\'t know what method she used to stop the school principal from calling him to complain about her bad behavior.

Hearing Eric\'s words, Drew jumped up and angrily raised his little fist and waved in the air: "! That bastard, I\'m going to break up my friendship with him, I specifically told him not to tell you."

"Then he must have misunderstood what you meant," he said without turning back. "But I am very pleased, Al said you didn\'t drink, By the way, when did your friendship with Al start?"

"After the release of 《》, I met him by accident once."

Eric was quick to understand the hidden meaning in her words: "It seems that you have done a lot of \'bad things\' using my name, maybe I should torture you to get a confession."

Acting afraid she said: "No, Eric, I don\'t like pain, if you give me a kiss I\'ll tell you everything."

... ...

followed him into the study, and watched as he packed up a few files, and put them in his satchel bag, "Eric, do you have to go out, today is the weekend?"

Eric picked up his satchel bag and went downstairs: "Because of you I have to go out, we will officially start the auditions next week, the staff will have to issue the audition notice to all the actors in two days. I have to add the names of the people you give me, to the list."

"But I also want you to take me to Malibu to see our new home address." she said in an unhappy tone.

"What\'s good about it?, It\'s still a wasteland. It will take at least a year to build. Just watch TV or something, and if you find it in your heart, make me a dinner or something."

She blinked her green eyes, and said: "My heart tells me to order a takeout."

"Then I\'ll go to that third-rate actress home to eat her homemade dinner."

"Don\'t do that, Eric, let\'s make a deal, I\'ll order takeout and heat it personally."

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