I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 105

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... ...

almost started dancing in joy, of course, this was only his inner impulse, on the surface he will certainly not show it.

"Eric, thank you, thank you for giving me this opportunity, I promise I\'ll make a movie that will satisfy you."

Looking at the middle-aged man in front of him trying to conceal his happiness, Eric also revealed a smile: "Jonathan, for the specific director contract, you can go to the firefly headquarters tomorrow to talk to Jeffrey about it... and I think, you\'d better go back home to sleep"

"What?" Jonathan felt that some of Eric\'s words were out of hand, he slept very little for an entire week, but now that he managed to get this opportunity every cell in Jonathan body was in state of excitement, without any sense of exhaustion: "Eric, I\'m not tired, maybe we can talk more about the movie, I still have a lot of ideas."

Jonathan said, patting the thick stack of papers in front of him.

Eric shook his head and firmly refused: "Jonathan, I understand that in order to get this opportunity you put in a lot of effort, maybe you didn\'t carefully look at the mirror these days, right?"

touched the stubble on his face, and said: "I\'m sorry, Eric. I just washed my face this morning, and didn\'t have time to shave"

"No," said Eric: "It\'s not the Facial hair, It\'s your eyes. Your eyes are bloodshot, probably caused by lack of sleep. So, listen to me this time, go back and take a good night of sleep, your health come first"

At Eric\'s insistence, Jonathan had to get up and go home.

... ...

The next day, Jonathan signed the director contract with the firefly\'s, there was no profit split agreement for , he only got $500 thousand as a fee, he signed it without thinking. Because this opportunity for him is the most important, once 《The Others》 become successful, he will be able to completely get rid of the previous B-film circle, and step into a new world.

On the surface, Hollywood is the place where the American dream happens most frequently, some obscure little actor, or some small director, because a film he worked on sold well, suddenly entered the ranks of top actors, and top directors, sought after by film companies and praised by the general public.

But in fact, in Hollywood, there is more invisible barriers then you can imagine, There are circles for all types of movies, B-class movies have B-class circle, low-cost films have a low-cost circle, big productions have a big production circle, even the porn industry have it\'s own circle.

Each of these circles, although they have mutual intersection, but if you originally belonged to one of those circles and want to jump to another circle, you\'ll find out in this process, that there will be a barrier or an obstacle in front of you, slowly, many people give up the struggle, and stayed in their own circle.

Fortunately, occasionally some people are lucky enough to jump from a lower circle to a higher circle, and suddenly shine, then they became the representatives of the American dream.

... ...

After signed the contract, all the directors of Eric\'s films were confirmed. 《》 has already started shooting, followed by 《》, 《》 and 《》 those three films will enter the casting stage soon.

Although the three films have identified some of the leading roles, but the remaining roles are still vacant. In Eric\'s first two movies, even if just a supporting role, many people\'s careers have risen directly to a new level. So, after the firefly released the audition news, Hollywood second and third line actors circle was almost boiling up. And many first line actors showed their interest.

For reasons known to all, the three films casting tend to favor UTA actors, therefore, in just a few days, thousands of cooperation applications was handed over to Kapoor, many of them were of broker bringing their artists and wanting to collectively join the UTA.

After Kapoor and Eric talked about it, the two agreed that it wasn\'t the best time for the UTA to expand.

Blind expansion of the scale that doesn\'t provide enough opportunities for the artists, will only affect UTA\'s reputation. So almost all requests for cooperation have been rejected, and because Kapoor was still receiving the application, he had to published a statement, saying that the casting was temporarily halted.

... ...

The film that was most popular when casting the supporting actors, wasn\'t the film Eric was directing 《》, nor was it 《》 the film that have . Instead, it was the most obscure film 《》.

Because 《》 have two roles for two ten year young actors, a girl and a boy.

Although the film director and actress are not famous, except for the name of the film \'The Others\', they didn\'t disclose any information about the Theme and content of the script, the only thing they announce is that Eric wrote the script himself.

A lot of people naturally thought of Stuart Runkle, who relied on 《》 to become the most famous child star, before 《Home Alone》, the little boy was just Eric neighbor. Who would have thought that this child will become famous all over the world now.

As a result, while the roles of the other two films received only a few hundred auditions, the list of young actors has expanded to over 5000, and continues to grow. With the dissemination of the audition news, firefly\'s also received applications from Canada, Europe and Australia and some other places.

... ...

"I\'m sorry, Charles, I don\'t want to use Stuart in this film, this movie does not require an actor on the level of Stuart ... ... this isn\'t the issue of the pay ... ...., I know, I know, the little boy doesn\'t have many scenes in the film ... ... No problem. You are welcome in my home if you have time ... ... Well, goodbye."

Hanging up the phone, Eric rubbed his aching temples, since firefly\'s released the auditions list, every day either at home or in the company, he received numerous calls by people he knows recommending actors.

The man he was talking to just a few moments ago is Stuart father Charles Runkle, it has been a long time since he contacted him, but today he personally called, wanting his son to win the little boy\'s role in 《》 a horror movie.

Stuart Runkle career in the eyes of outsiders seem to have infinite possibility of expansion, but only insiders know that Stuart fee is ridiculously high, and not many people have the courage to invite him, most of his income now comes from advertising and endorsements. Maybe Charles Runkle understood that maintain Stuart fame is the most important, so he called Eric personally, and even quoted a $3 million low price, usually, when CAA start negotiating Stuart fee they always start with $8 million.

Unconsciously, Eric found himself involved a lot of communication activity, although not many, but his interpersonal circle has become surprisingly large.

Even if he only met to them once, they will call him and chat with him in a familiar tone, they will spend a few minutes talking about topics like the weather, then inadvertently recommend a certain actor.

First he smelled a sweet perfume fragrance, then two milky white arms wrapped around his neck from behind him, Acting like a spoiled brat Drew started rubbing her face on Eric\'s cheeks.

"Hey, come on, don\'t make trouble." Eric escaped the clutches of Drew beautiful milky white arms, he secretly sighed in his heart, this girl was really blessed by god, even after years of alcohol and drug abuse her skin didn\'t suffer any damage.

was laughing as she jumped over the sofa, and threw herself into his arms.

"You are this old, and still so naughty " Eric could not help but give a slap on the ass.

"Aw ... ... that Hurts ... ... " After getting a second slap, she immediately became tearful, but looked at Eric with glittering eyes as if to say: \'do it again, do it again\'

For Drew anytime and anywhere is good chance to tease him, he has become accustomed to it: "Well, speak, why did you suddenly ran back, what\'s the matter?"

"Really, can\'t I just come here whenever I want."

"That\'s right ... ... now say, you come back to do what?"

"In fact, I missed you, ah ... ..., Eric, I saw the Lamborghini in the garage. Unexpectedly, I just said that I liked the car that one time, and you remembered to get it for me. I\'m so touched."

"You misunderstood, I was actually going to give it to jenny."

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