I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 104

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... ...

After Bringing home, Eric took to a coffee shop nearby. After they ordered two cups of coffee and some snacks, Eric took the lead and began speaking: "Jonathan, first let\'s talk about your understanding of the script of 《》"

Jonathan Demme, like a student who\'s taking a school test, straightening his thoughts, and said: "Compared to the films that rely on violence, blood and weird sounds or grotesque makeup to achieve the effects of scaring the audience, 《》 will undoubtedly create a new type of psychological thrillers/horror films. The script is full of Hitchcock suspense settings, and although the plot isn\'t complicated, it can firmly grab the audience curiosity. And finally, at the end, when the truth about the ghosts is revealed, that great plot reversal at the end of the movie, is even more surprising ... ... Eric, many people feel that your present success is due to the blessing of God. But if they see the script you created, I believe that no one will think so, your talent is simply amazing."

At the end Jonathan couldn\'t help but give him a compliment, Eric saw that the compliment were really coming from the heart, and not to please him, smiling he said: "thanks for the compliment Jonathan, Your understanding of the script is in place. However, this is not enough for me to give you the film. Although I haven\'t had time to pay attention to the reply of the other two candidates, but I believe the other two will be very interested in this movie, what do you think your advantage is, when compared to the two and those two masters of horror films, so what are your strengths?"

"Plasticity," Jonathan replied without hesitation. "Eric, I\'m more malleable than they are."

Eric looked at the middle-aged man in front of him, who was already more than 40 years old, and wondered, "plasticity?"

calmly explained: "Yes, Eric, my biggest advantage is that I have never filmed a horror film, I have been in this business for almost twenty years, I believe my professional level as a director is OK, I can shoot the film completely in accordance with your concept of the psychological thriller you wrote in the script. But if you handed this film to the other two famous directors, the two of them will certainly bring their own shooting styles into the film, this may not be their intention, but habit is a very powerful force. As a result, they are likely to turn 《》 to other traditional horror films like 《》 or to 《》, the film will have very scary effects, but that will inevitably weaken the sensation caused by the plot reversal at the end of the film."

After Jonathan finished, he saw that Eric expression was loosening, Quickly he took out a thick stack of paper he prepared from his backpack, but he didn\'t hand the file to Eric, he knew that if he did that, the other party may not be patient enough to read all that information. Instead, he selected just the most important pages and handed them to Eric.

"Eric, you see, This is some of my thoughts about shooting 《》, and those are also some script shots I envisioned. I think the film should focus on creating suspense, and arousing the curiosity of the audience. This can also cover the weak points in the plot, and not make the audience feel dull. I think we should focus on building the atmosphere, by that I mean we should put more emphasis on psychological pressure, not sensory stimulation."

Eric looked down at Jonathan\'s list of shooting ideas, and carefully looked at several sub lens design drafts, his fingers unconsciously started drumming several times on the table.

knew that the most critical moment was coming, his right hand under the table tightly clenched into a fist.

... ...

Compared to Eric, a director who was blessed by god to have a smooth journey, Jonathan\'s journey in Hollywood has been rough, he has shown a strong interest in films since he was a child. So although when he was in college he majored in veterinary, but he did not embark on that road, instead of entering the then-flourishing work force as a veterinarian, he boldly choose to start at the bottom of the ladder as a handyman in Hollywood.

It was until the age of thirty that he had the opportunity to participate in the production of some low-cost B movie, in 1977, Jonathan finally won the opportunity to direct a film, Although his first film won the attention and applaud of the critics, but the box office performance was a mess.

To be exact, there was no box office at all, Jonathan in order to let more people enjoy his work, he had to pay from his own pocket to let his film be screened in a New York theater for free, but still only a handful of viewers showed up.

The shock silenced Jonathan for three years, and in 1980, another work of Jonathan won two awards, that kinda improved his career again. But until now, all his works didn\'t have a commercial value, their box office is generally only a few millions dollars, and the highest one only got ten million dollar.

In Hollywood, to be recognized as a director, without a good box office movie that\'s impossible. Before when he was studying Eric personal experience, Jonathan found that, all the three films related to Eric have been able to sell at the box office, and that the biggest common ground between them, is that Eric personally wrote the scripts.

Although he wasn\'t clear why Eric Williams will send him an invitation to be the director of 《》, but that didn\'t prevent Jonathan from seizing the opportunity.

After receiving the invitation, Jonathan stayed up all night, reading the script many times over and over again, more than once he was stunned by the plot ending, the next day in the morning, He sent back a reply to Jeffrey Hansen, expressing his willingness to direct the film.

Originally he thought that the other party will soon contact him, to discuss signing a contract and so on, but after waiting patiently for a few days, no one called.

Jonathan hurried to the firefly headquarters himself, to find Jeffrey, after knowing the whole story, Jonathan found out that, compared to the other two directors who have been famous for a long time, he has no experience shooting horror movies, he found that he was the least competitive one.

But Jonathan didn\'t give up, Although the performance of the films he directed isn\'t good, But his vision isn\'t very bad, He keenly sensed that if 《》 was shot by him, getting both a good box office results and the awards won\'t be a problem, so he was more desperate to get this opportunity.

He took a few days, racking his brains to come up with a set of arguments to convince Eric. At the same time, he also made a more profound analysis of the script, and did a lot of careful preparation ... To save time, and prevent the script director from being decided ahead of time, Jonathan has been sleeping for no more than three hours a day for more than a week.

The reason why he can energetically sit in front of Eric and eloquently talk, is because he drank a lot of coffee in the morning, he knows that he will soon crash and burn.

... ...

Eric didn\'t notice Jonathan uneasiness, after drumming on the table for a few moments, he looked up and said: "Jonathan, can you wait for a moment, I\'m gonna make a phone call."

"Sure, no problem." Jonathan did not understand what he was doing, be he still nodded his head.

Eric got up and headed to the coffee shop counter, after talking to the waiter, he picked the phone on the counter and dialed Jeffrey office number.

"Jeffrey, it\'s me ... ... there is something I forgot to ask about, it\'s about the 《》 directors ... ... Yes, did and respond? ... ... Yeah ... ... Yeah ... ... Okey, I see ... ... actually came to see me personally, I think he has good ideas, and he showed great enthusiasm for the film, I think we can give him a chance ... ... Yeah ... ..., turn him down ... ..., I\'m going to hang up ... ... I know, don\'t worry I have a sense of proportion about what really matters."

Hanging up the phone Eric went back to his seat.

Jonathan knew that the moment was coming, so he couldn\'t help but sit upright, and look at Eric with great anticipation.

"Jonathan, when we sent you the invitation, we said that the film heroine has been set, do you have a problem with that?"

couldn\'t hide the smile from appearing on his face, he knew that Eric asking, is equivalent to giving him the film: "No, I have no opinion, the actor\' s choice is the right of the producer." Hesitating for a moment, Jonathan couldn\'t refrain from asking: "Eric, the heroine ... ... is it your girlfriend ?"

Eric shook his head and said: "No."

Jonathan Demme was worried that Eric will choose his girlfriend, he was going to resolutely accept it, even if it is ... But after Eric denied, he felt some relief, Jonathan was originally worried that Eric deliberately mentioned this condition, just to make a star out of his girlfriend.

But the girl is too young to play the role of a single mother, even if she wore make-up it will be hard to make the audience believe that she is a mother of two kids.

As for the relationship between the heroine and Eric, he felt that he shouldn\'t pay attention to this matter.

"So, Eric, did I get the job? ... ... "

Eric nodded: "Yes, Jonathan, you\'ve got the chance to direct the film. Mr. is directing another film, and naturally turned down the invitation. Mr. also showed a strong interest in the script. But he had some concerns about the default heroine ... ... plus your words and the ideas you showed me does have some truth in them, so I told Jeffrey to turn him down."

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