I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 103

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... ...

Amy Pascal also knows what\'s going to happen, so she didn\'t insist, standing up she said: "Since that is the case, then I will take my leave. I\'ll keep you updated."

"I\'ll see you off." Eric followed up: "Amy, I didn\'t see you driving your car today?"

"My car was sent for maintenance today."

Eric enthusiastically said: "Then why don\'t I give you a ride?, getting a taxi in my neighborhood won\'t be easy"

Amy Pascal knew that Eric was telling the truth, plus the place she\'s going to isn\'t too far away, so she agreed.

They walked out of the villa together, Eric opened the garage door and walked in, he went straight to the old Ford sedan.

Standing in the garage door, Amy Pascal listened to the muffled sound of the old Ford engine, and looked curiously inside the garage, she found a huge garage that can house more than ten cars, but except for the old Ford sedan, only another car was parked in the corner, a purple sports car.

"Eric, with your present net worth, you can change to a better car." Amy smiled and pointed her finger at the Ford, then glanced at the purple sports car in the corner with a curious look in her eyes.

"Do you mean that Lamborghini?" Eric asked Amy as he carefully drove the car past the garage door.

Eric said: "It\'s a gift the Lamborghini company sent me a few days ago, but I don\'t like driving it on the streets of Los Angeles, i feel like I will have an accident, but I like driving it and racing on the freeway."

"Lamborghini is really generous, this car is estimated to cost at least two hundred thousand dollars."

Eric smiled and did not answer, this car isn\'t the ordinary sports car Lamborghini is about to release. It\'s a hand-built four-wheel drive concept car, an ordinary Countach sports car price is about 240 thousand dollars, while although there is no pricing on the car gifted to him, it\'s value is estimated to be no less than 300 thousand dollars.

Lamborghini was generous, because they want to keep working with him. Their sales are at least three times as high this year as they were in previous years, compared to the profits earned by Lamborghini, a $300,000 concept car is nothing.

Because the news that his new film will be a cooperation between and was "exposed" a few days ago, Lamborghini took the initiative to come to his door, they presented him with this concept car, but they also wanted to sign a long-term cooperation agreement with him.

Eric, of course, will not do so, with the rapid development of the implantable advertising model in movies, profits from embedded ads will certainly grow higher in the future, signing a contract now is certainly not a good choice.

... ...

Driving out of his villa, Eric was about to get off the car to close the villa door, but he saw a middle-aged man more than 40 year old quickly rushing up to him, and gently tapped on his car window.

"Mr. Williams, Mr. Williams?"

In this unexpected situation, Eric quickly stopped his action, and carefully lowered the glass window down leaving a little gap.

The middle-aged man quickly took out his business card and inserted it through the gap: "Mr. Williams, please don\'t misunderstand me, I have no malice toward you. My name is , you know me?"

Eric took the business card, looked at it, then looked out the window at the middle-aged man ... only after determining that the image of the man matched the image in his memory, did he calm down.

The man is one of the three directors he invited to direct 《》. These days, Eric was mainly busy 《》 things ... ... as for 《》 director , he had already received Firefly investment and 3 million dollars for to join the film, and rushed to Louisiana to start filming.

As for 《》, personally recommended a Director, Coincidentally, the man Al recommended was the original director of the film .

Since it\'s the original director, Eric didn\'t worry too much, and after talking with each other, he was confident that Martin will do a good job ... ... Currently, Martin was hard at work preparing from the film.

This kind of delay, led to Eric having no time to determine 《》 director, also because Eric wasn\'t in a hurry to release 《》, 《》 or Herbert Ross\'s 《》, he was planning to release them by the end of the year, so he still had plenty of time.

Unexpectedly, today, one of the three horror movies directors he selected, suddenly came to find him.

Eric thought it wasn\'t good to keep staying in the car, and ignore the middle-aged man, getting out of the car, he shook his hand and said: "Mr. Demme, what can I do for you?"

"Yes ... ah" said: "Mr. Williams, I want to talk to you about the 《》 script ... ... I know you also sent invitations to two other directors, but I think, I have enough strength to make this film better, I have done a lot of preparations, if you can give me some of your time, I can explain my ideas to you?"

Eric said in an embarrassed tone: "Sorry, Mr. Demme, unfortunately, I have to take my friend back to her place, so ... ..."

"No problem, Mr. Williams. I can wait here until you come back."

Eric was touched by his dedication, he thought for a moment and said: "Mr. Demme, why don\'t you come with us, after I send her back, let\'s find a place to talk."

"Is that all right?" glanced hesitantly at Amy Pascal in the car. He didn\'t know what her relationship with Eric was, so he worried that by doing so will make them feel uneasy.

inside the car was able to listen to their conversations, thinking about it she said: "Mr. Demme, get in the car, my destination isn\'t far from here, it will only take about 10 minutes"

"Then ... ... Sorry for bothering you." After confirmed with Eric again, he carefully opened the back door of the Ford and sat while holding his backpack in his lap.

Eric locked the villa gate, before driving away. Because of , they didn\'t talk too much along the way. But fortunately, Amy Pascal\'s destination wasn\'t too far, so the atmosphere didn\'t become awkward.

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