I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 10.2

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Chapter 10.2

At this time to encourage Aniston Eric said: “I also believe that, just in audition, its a very good performance and you do not have too many traces of the theater, it is a natural. You know, there was a girl at the beginning of the audition, the kind of theatrical style, almost made me bored. ”

Mentioning audition, Aniston suddenly a little quiet, after a while asked softly:” Eric, Maggie’s role is it concluded even before I auditioned? ”

“I have to say, Annie, your eyes are really keen. ”

” I find you are some absent-minded, maybe just going through the motions. ”

Eric indirectly said:. “If nothing else, it may be played by Drew Barrymore, when she auditioned for Maggie , the performance is very good,”

“Drew Barrymore, in” E.T ” that cute little girl ? She should be only thirteen years old now, Maggie is the high school student about to enter university, ”

Eric curious said:” How, Annie, did you not see Drew in waiting room? She is now a young lady, though …… ah, really only thirteen years old. ”

Aniston, embarrassed :” That, to attend audition today, last night I have with my colleagues in store transferred duty timings.At twelve has the duty today and it’s already a little late, ”

“Nothing, in fact, I do not know whether or not to tell you …… ”

Aniston looked curiously asked:”?What is ?”

“Just after you leave, they saw me to like …… you ”

Aniston mouth suddenly curled up, ” So…… then what? ”

“James, the film’s producer said to me, people are a vast sea, once missed a good girl , it is hard to encounter again. So encouraged me to chase you. Also said that if I did, he will give you a role in creating more opportunities for us to get along. “Eric in heart said James sorry to sell you, but gaining heart of te girl is not easy.

“Ah, that, I …… I …… I” Aniston looks a little flustered, by Eric’s direct confession, but also in heart there is a warmth.

Eric , quickly said:?. “No, you do not have any burden. Annie we have now become friends, among friends helping each other is normal. In fact, nothing important in that role , Maggie is just one of three friends, a few scenes. But if you accept it, you can have qualifications to participate in the future audition, I believe that my film will be able to achieve good results. ”

” Thank you, Eric, I really do not know what to say. ”

The car drove for another ten minutes, Aniston pointed to an intersection in front said:” Eric, parking there will be fine. ”

Car in a somewhat narrow little alley stopped, two people sit silent for a few seconds, Aniston did not want to get off , Eric is certainly not stupid enough to let Annie get off. Sit quietly for a little while, the atmosphere in the car gradually become somewhat hot.

Finally, gathering courage Aniston said: “Otherwise, I invite you for lunch, Eric, in front there is a small restaurant, I often dine there.”

Eric relieved and said: “That’s not fine, Annie, leting the girl treat is not a decent thing, of course, I will pay for it. Let’s go, show me the way. ”


Aniston finally accepted that role, followed by a period of preparations for the film, the two talked almost every day through phone.

Eric does not say his own life problems, but comfort the girl who is alone away from home. Though Aniston is in contact with many people, but somebody can not ingratiate themselves with friends. In a short time Eric seems to have become her spiritual sustenance. Eric knew that if he asked Aniston will definitely promise to be his girlfriend.

But Eric was not eager to do so, he did not want Aniston between the movie role and being his girlfriend come under any bad influence.

During this period, another thing is also taking shape, that is, “Jurassic Park,” the publication, after half a month and Michael Klaus signed, he finally got the “Jurassic Park,” book, on cover is a huge Tyrannosaurus rex chasing bolted off-road vehicles. This was inspired by the memory of “Jurassic Park” movie,Michael Klaus touht it is great.

Eric specifically asked for one more, gave Aniston. These days, Eric has unknowingly, in the mind of Aniston bears gentle good boyfriend image.

Upon receipt of “Jurassic Park”, have been very impressed screenwriter Eric and performing talent Aniston, eyes suddenly took some small worship, of course, she was in my heart to lay a genius Eric label.


“17 Again” preparations are still underway , Eric has participated in the preparatory work of several cast, crew . About the role of the son of Michael, the crew did not choose Brad Pitt , of course, also did not choose that Blake Quinn skinny boy, but a slightly stronger eighteen year-old boy.

For this, Eric did not complain about , because he met Aniston, and Aniston and Brad Pitt are married and divorced in previous life. Eric even thought in the future if became a director , is not going to make Pitt and Jolie to star together.

On August 16, 1988, after Eric rebirth, the first movie started officially.