I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 101

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"Eric, How can you be so smart, although I found that the assistant suit doesn\'t fit him, but I didn\'t think of these things."

"This is nothing, It\'s good to develop the habit of observing and thinking. And I also like reading Sherlock Holmes novels."

"Well then" Virginia raised her chin: "Mr. Holmes. Did you find any changes in me?"

Eric touched her dyed golden brown hair, and said: "I discovered the change long ago, your hair looks very nice, I love it."

"Then why are you saying it only after I asked, you know it took me hours to dye my hair."

Eric kissed her on the cheek, and said: "well, let\'s not talk about this problem anymore. By the way how is your preparation for 《》 going?"

"These days I have been carefully reading the script, however, Mr. Kapoor isn\'t too optimistic about me, he felt that giving me the script is a waste, if you change to an Oscar-level actress like , or , perhaps their interpretation of the story can be more exciting, I myself am a little concerned about whether I can play this role well ... ... Eric, aren\'t you preparing a new movie, how about giving me a role in your next film?" she said, looking at Eric with hope in her eyes.

"Well, then, don\'t play this role." a trace of the smile appeared on his lips: "My new film have a female Interpol role that is just right for you."

was just testing him and didn\'t hold too much hope, but unexpectedly, Eric agreed so easily, in disbelief she asked: "Really?"

Eric nodded: "yes, but I have to tell you first that my next movie is a man show, there is only two female characters and they only have a few scenes."

"Ah!......" Virginia small mouth slightly opened, showing a speechless expression.

Maybe for those actresses who are still struggling in the bottom of Hollywood, even if it\'s just a small role in Eric\'s new film, they will do whatever is required to win the role, to get the chance to collaborate with and , even Virginia would have been ecstatic if he gives her this opportunity half a month ago.

But now it is different, she has a much better choice, she can play a leading role in a wonderful movie.

Just the thought of giving up this film in exchange for a role as a vase with only a few scenes made her almost shed tears.

What now? Tell Eric she regrets her decision, and want to play the horror movie again? With the young man shrewd and domineering character, he will likely try to do something perverted to her as punishment.

Smack ... ...

A burning pain comes from her buttocks, looking up, she found a joking smile on Eric face. Virginia instantly understood, her charade has not escaped Eric\'s eyes.

Well, the good news is.., he wasn\'t angry.

"You regret it, right?" he asked.

"Eric, I\'m sorry, I was wrong, I don\'t want to change the role." Virginia said in a soft voice, her whole body quickly slipped from the couch, and knelt on the carpet between his legs, she raised her charming little face and looked at him. She knew the pervert liked when women are in this submissive posture, so she didn\'t hesitate to do it.

Eric stretched out his hand and pinched her cheek, and said: "Your small brain is not smart enough, a little contentment is best. If you are insatiable, you will end up miserable in the end. Also ... ... don\'t really think of me as an 18 years old boy, sure you are ten years older than me, but mentally I\'m ten years older than you, Even Jeffrey and Kapoor always feel that I\'m their peer."

"All right" she nodded.

"Now with that said, make sure you don\'t end up doing something stupid." Eric continued: "And about the two of us? There can be no future, if you are willing to be my woman, I will always help you in your career. And if one day you get tired of me, and want to look for another to get married, tell me in advance, I\'ll let you go. But before that, if you are having an affair behind my back with other men, that will be a serious betrayal and a shame to me, so don\'t do it."

Although Eric didn\'t mention what are the consequences of betrayal, but just from the look in his eyes she got a chill, after a few moments of silence, she could only clumsily say: "Eric, I would never do that."

"In short, just have a good sense, I won\'t force you to do anything you don\'t want to do." Eric pulled up the petite girl from between his legs and put it on his lap, kissed her fair neck, and whispered in her ear: "If you do a good job in 《》, and your acting is good, then getting you several nominations is not impossible."

"Uh huh......" The girl hummed an alluring syllable.

... ...

Gradually, they no longer spook, Virginia familiar with Eric character, passively let him dominate her.

They didn\'t eat dinner that night, he has been tossing her around until late at night, until he got tired before her and fell asleep late at night.

Under the dim light of the lamp beside the bed, was gazing at the young man lying beside her, Stretching her index finger, she was to touch his nose, but after hesitating for a moment, she retracted her hand. If she woke him up again, he will end up tossing her around for a few hours more.

"What kind of person are you in the end." after a long time, Virginia let out a sigh, And then suddenly thought of something, and smiled proudly: "and he says he is not a little boy, hum."

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