I'm in Hollywood - Chapter 100

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After the field visit, proposed to find a place to discuss more details, Eric led them directly to the Virginia small villa not far away. did not show any dissatisfaction with Eric\'s action, but quietly invited Frank and his intern assistant inside her house.

Frank know in his heart that Virginia is Eric lover, but his expression didn\'t show any difference, he felt jealous of the young miracle director enjoyable life. Regardless of appearance or body shape, Virginia is a high class woman, and the rarer thing is, she was also extremely well behaved and sensible, such a woman is destined not to cause her man trouble.

As a renowned architect, he often comes into contact with the rich and famous celebrities who invite him to design their homes, he occasionally saw all sorts of strange things in that secret society, so he got used to it. He even saw a rich tycoon who kept slaves in his estate, not a maids who he have sexual relationships with, but the real literal female slaves, because those girls have been taught to live that way since they were small, to be as obedient as a pet.

It was Frank new the intern assistant, who was curiously glancing From time to time between Eric and Virginia. Only after several stern eye warnings from Frank, did he settled down, and started doing his job taking notes.

Eric bought about six hectares of land, after conversion that\'s 60000 square meters, the sketch he painted from his memory of iron man Malibu mansion, plus the helipad and other facilities, will only cover a few thousand square meters. Therefore, apart from the main building, the rest of the design will be handed over to Frank\'s design company, and will eventually form a small estate of about 14 acres.

is a master of deconstruction architecture, many of his designs are very unconstrained, therefore, he has received considerable criticism, but his designs has also been sought after by more and more people. After getting Eric\'s promise not to limit the budget, Frank was even more daring to play, he proposed to use granite, Special glass and High-strength low-alloy steel as the main materials to constructing the mansion, that alone pushed costs directly into more then ten millions dollars.

From Frank\'s explanation, Eric learned that those expensive materials are usually used only in some of the city\'s landmarks and public buildings. Eric also intended for the mansion to be landmark building for Malibu. As for the question of money, for Eric that\'s not a problem, the reason he worked so hard to earn so much money was just so he can do whatever he want\'s.

... ...

They kept talking until the evening, promised to complete the design as soon as possible and send it to Eric

After he refused an invitation to dinner, he took his assistant and left.

After getting on the car, Frank who was on the driver seat sincerely said to his young assistant: "Scott, In future jobs, you\'ll have deal with all kinds of rich and famous celebrities. It\'s unavoidable that you\'ll see and hear some things, but you have to remember, if you don\'t want to get into trouble, you\'d better control your mouth."

Not only was Scott familiar with Eric, he also know that Virginia is a less famous actress, he never thought that the 18 years old young Director was having secret a relationships with who was ten years older than him. If this thing come out, he was sure this is going to be a scandal.

Scott really was going to brag to some friends about this at a party tonight, however, when he heard his boss and mentor stern warning, Scott come bock to his senses, and directly dismissed the idea. Even if he sold the news to the paparazzi, the amount of money he will get will be small, and will led to him loosing this new promising job.

"Mr. Frank, I will remember."

Frank patted Scott\'s shoulder and didn\'t say anything more.

After sending the two men away, started cleaning up the empty coffee cups, and casually asked the young man setting on the sofa reading a magazine: "Eric, you brought the two of them to my house, aren\'t you afraid they will leak the news?"

Eric continued looking at the magazine, and answered: "Rest assured, they won\'t"

"That might not be the case" Virginia retorted from the kitchen while washing the cups: "I think Frank\'s assistant recognized me, I saw his eyes more than once, shifting between the two of us."

Eric turned and asked her: "Are you worried about our relationship getting exposed?"

Virginia showed Eric a charming smile, and said: "of course not, I can not wait for a scandal to happen, so this unknown little actress can hit the headlines."

"Then you should pray that the assistant sell the news to the paparazzi." Eric smiled and turned his attention back to the magazine in front of him.

... ...

After finished washing the cups, she dried her hands and went back to the living room, sitting beside Eric she said: "I\'m thinking about you, don\'t you have an official girlfriend?, and you are also keeping a Lolita at home, if the news about me come out, aren\'t you afraid of the media will start calling you a playboy?"

"I well be happy to be called a Playboy, that\'s one of my two life goals."

snatched the magazine from Eric\'s hand and threw it aside: "Eric, you seem very sure that they won\'t leak the news?"

Eric picked up the magazine again, and turned the pages back to where he was before, He was interested in an article on women\'s dresses and their personality, her little outstretched hand once again blocked his view: "Come on ... ... all I can tell you is, that Mr. Frank is a very stable man and won\'t leak the news. as for his assistant, have you noticed that his suit doesn\'t fit, it\'s obviously bigger then him?"

"Uh huh?" held Eric\'s arm, her eyes wide open with curiosity. this expression coming from a mature woman looked very sexy, and also ... ... very cute.

Eric could not help but look at the girl\'s face for a few seconds, then he continued: "The suit doesn\'t fit, it\'s unlikely that he borrowed it, because no one wears a borrowed suit for a long time, the suit is more likely to be his father\'s. That also indicate that his economic situation is not very good, he will definitely cherish his job ... ... Frank also noticed his eyes on us, he will certainly warn his assistant not to talk nonsense ... ... Him getting a job as an architect\'s assistant, also indicate that he has a high IQ, and as long as Frank give him a little warning, I\'m sure he will keep his mouth shut."

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