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Chapter 77.2

Magic VS Science [Part 2]

(Kouki) Alice, calculate the angle from where the beam shot! That way we should be able to know their blindspots. They probably can’t shoot again for some time, but we can’t be sure about it, so don’t get too close.

(Alice) Give me 10 seconds….. Got it! I think these spots should be safe.

(Kouki) Captain, we found the safezone. Let’s evacuate and rethink our strategy.

(Yurya) Understood. You go ahead, I have an idiot to carry.

While Alice and I moved to the safezone, we could see Joseph’s powersuit slowly approaching. I’m glad it’s still capable of moving by itself, but the body part of the suit melted. If someone were to take a shot in that suit they would die for sure.

(Alice) I’m sorry…

(Kouki) Hm?

(Alice) I’m sorry. If only I had noticed the danger earlier. I was relying on my computer data too much. The bad feeling was probably the compression of electrons. As soon as I felt it I should’ve-

(Joseph) No, it’s fine. You were just following the data.

(Alice) But Joseph-san…

(Joseph) Why are you bashing yourself? This is an everyday occurence for us, don’t sweat it. In fact, thank you for warning us in time. Just an instant later and I would’ve been evaporated along with the suit.

(Kouki) Joseph-san, your armor was almost melted. Are you ok?

(Joseph) Nothing to worry about, Commander. I have a slight burn near my ribs but I can move normally. My suit might’ve been melted but I can do just fine with a reinforced exoskeleton.

Just like Joseph-san said, the burn doesn’t seem to be that bad.

Come to think of it, some Soviet soldiers used to be Tank Desants. They would ride tanks and then unmount to help the rest of the units. I guess Joseph-san could be considered a Suit Desant.

(Chernobog member) Commander, we have news from Arakawa Miki in Hakone Base. We have identified the location of the fort where the cannon is shooting from. Also, we have confirmation that it is not a rotating cannon, it’s stationary.

(Kouki) Then at least we’re safe here.

(Yurya) They didn’t shoot Joseph while he was down, so we can assume the range is extremely lineal. But it’s still very dangerous. And we’re completely separated from the main squad. If we were to be attacked right now we would be crushed.

(Kouki) What a welcome.

(Yurya) You said it.

It’s a devastatingly powerful beam. Even for something like the Alice ship. I don’t know if asking the dragons for sky support is a good idea. Maybe I could be a decoy? Could I even dodge a beam like that? What is the range? How much does it take to recharge?

(Shuichi) Kouki, can you hear me?

(Kouki) Yes, Dad.

(Shuichi) Soo, about those Ursna guys… They’re sending an alchemist and a magician your way.

(Kouki) Excuse you!?

What is he thinking!? Stop them! We have our own powersuits and reinforced exoskeletons but a normal person would surely die from one of those beams! AND it’s 2 people?

(Shuichi) I know what you’re thinking, but stop for a moment and listen. That alchemist, apparently Mom, gave him an explanation about how charged particle guns work.

(Kouki) Dad, I have no idea what that means.

(Shuichi) Yeah, me neither. But Mom talked with the alchemist and she said it’s gonna be fine. So I trust her.

(Kouki) Ugh, why did Mom approve of this? Did she say anything else?

(Shuichi) “Basically you should try to stop anything that looks like a particle of dust flying at high speed”. Right now there’s a huge amount of water heading your way. The size of the Mermaid.

I see. If the cannon is underwater, it’ll quickly lose its power. Wait, what!? The Mermaid is 700 meters long!

(Shuichi) She knew a genius like you would understand the plan immediately. You’ll have to evacuate immediately. We’ll fill the valley with water.

(Kouki) Is that even possible!?

(Shuichi) It is. By the way, we were able to change the weather. Back when we first fought in G-88 they didn’t really know how to control it, but now we made it work. I’m glad we were part of the Alliance.

(Kouki) Oh wow. It feels like we have a few more aces up our sleeves.

(Shuichi) Yeah. Oh- I almost forgot. Victoria and Adrienne wanted to tell you something.

(Kouki) What is it?

(Shuichi) “Don’t underestimate magic”.

Communication with Macho cut off, leaving me dumbfounded contemplating the message they both gave me. When I turned my head, I saw Joseph laughing and pointing at a huge wall of water that was coming our way.