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Chapter 77.1

Magic VS Science [Part 1]

– Arakawa Kouki’s POV –

A snowscape appears in front of me as I once again experience the strange feeling of going through the gates. It’s the first time I visit the Antarctic but I don’t have time to appreciate it. Macho’s vehicle should be around here.

(Alice) Ugh, I feel so sick.

(Kouki) Really? I’ve gotten used to it. Actually, Mom said she also gets sick when going through the gates.

(Alice) How can you get used to this!? It’s awful!

Well, it’s not like you have to use them every day. Just endure it for now.

Every Chernobog member is guarding us. I scout the place while looking for the 1st squad. There doesn’t seem to be any signs of battles. The squad probably set up the bridgehead and slowly moved on. We should be receiving our main reinforcements soon, so no need to hurry.

Just like Captain Yurya said, Macho is right there, standing next to his vehicle with a giant shield from his power suit while he stares at his unit advancing. His arms are folded, so he’s probably in a bad mood. If he wasn’t wearing a suit he would be smoking a cigarette by now.

(Kouki) Dad.

(Shuichi) Hm? Oh, you’re here. Alice-chan and Kon are here too?

(Kouki) Of course. Well, what’s the situation?

(Shuichi) Everything is going smoothly. We haven’t received any considerable attacks. Although we did have to smash some torpedoes on the way here. And I took a Peacemaker attack to the head. But since you guys were coming here I sent the unit to do some recon.

Did the Peacemaker strike affect his brain or something? I’ll have Mom check him after this is over. Anyways, no serious battles yet?

(Kouki) It’s… weird.

(Shuichi) It’s weird alright. You said these people were capable of developing something that could cause a zombie outbreak, so it’s not like they wouldn’t be capable of defending themselves. For now, make sure you keep checking your data link constantly.

(Kouki) Got it.

As we talk, Alice is constantly updating a map with the position of every squad member. The 1st power suit unit has already reached the entrance to the iced valley. The Ursna Volunteer Army is moving from the gate. Am I headed to the valley too? We’ve predicted the enemy base to be under the crevasse at the end of the valley. It took a lot to find it so I’m starting to doubt whether that’s the right direction.

(Kouki) Dad, I’m going to the valley too. I’ll go with the recon team.

(Shuichi) Understood. Please make sure to be careful.

(Kouki) Captain Yurya is with me so I don’t think that will be a problem. Come on, Captain, let’s go.

(Yurya) Roger.

(Yurya) Listen up! The team with powersuits will head to the valley. The rest of you stay here and escort the Ursna and Merkava units.

Captain gave everyone instructions and made a formation consisting of the Chernbog members in the frontline and me in the backline. Alice’s face was lit up by the monitor she kept fiddling with.

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(Kouki) Alice, what are you doing?

(Alice) Uhh, this place in the map right here…

(Kouki) What about it?

(Alice) I can’t quite put my finger on it. I’m not reading any abnormalities coming from it, but that in itself is abnormal. It’s kind of making me uncomfortable.

Hmm, a feeling of uneasiness? I don’t think it’s a coincidence. I’ll let the captain know, just in case. Hopefully it’s nothing.

(Kouki) Captain, Alice says this location has a weird feeling to it. Data shows nothing strange, but I’ll forward it to you just in case.

(Yurya) This- What!? This does not look normal. We’ll stop here. Joseph! Your squad is the closest to point F-6! Go take a look.

With captain’s order, 3 men in power suit break formation and walk to the signaled point. I’m pretty sure the one at the front is Joseph-san. He said he was part of the heavy guns squad, but I doubt carrying a gatling gun on your arm is a good idea.

(Alice) Wait… These numbers… Stop! Kouki-kun, stop them!

(Kouki) Captain!

(Yurya) Loud and clear. Joseph! Leave the area at once!

I was surprised. Alice’s angry voice was so loud even the captain could hear it. She immediately ordered Joseph and the others to retreat. But the moment the captain yelled at them, Joseph’s suit started fuming and wouldn’t move. What is going on?

While I was wondering how to deal with the situation, an alarm rang in Alice’s suit.

(Alice) This is Alice Alford’s speech from the Type-0 Suit. All units retreat at once. There’s a high concentration of energy. The enemy must be using a Charged Particle Cannon.

(Yurya) What!? A beam that could destroy the current generation of powersuits? We can’t compete against that!

Captain is speechless, and I can’t blame her. How can the New World have technology like this? Even at Noah we haven’t been able to recreate something this powerful. In fact, we haven’t even come close.

New World’s technology is not at Noah’s level, it’s many years superior. But this isn’t time to be surprised. Beams can only go in a straight line. We just have to make sure to dodge that line.