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—- Miki Point of View —-

“I think you should sleep a little?”

When Shuichi-san came into the room, he said that to me who hadn’t been in bed for a while. It has been about 72 hours since the underground subway where Kouki was collapsed. Survival Limit── It will be difficult for human to survive without food and water for more than 72 hours. Three days after, survival rate will drop to less than 6%. However, that means it did not go down to 0%… I’m sure that kid is alive.

“I’m alright, anyway did you learn anything?”

“There was a report from the Technical Department. It seems they are done analyzing the suit used by New World. They are using 6th Generation powersuit but their commanders are using powersuit equivalent to 8th Generation”

“Is that so… so that’s why they were able to cause that damage”

“Yeah. It only took them 8 minutes to destroy UN’s Standing Army who was sent to rescue Kouki. In the end we only destroyed 65 power suits of New World while they shot down 241 of ours”

I can’t laugh when we did not even put up a fight. However, if the experiment with Alice-chan is successful, the difference in performance of powersuits will become irrelevant. In order to do that, I need to gather more data as quickly as possible.

“At 13:00, we will conduct Type-0 start-up test on Noah Island. All personnel except for relevant staffs are ordered to leave the island. If something happens, I ask for everyone’s cooperation”

“But that system is still incomplete, isn’t it too dangerous? Also, what happened to Kouki is not Alice’s fault. Most importantly, why did you tell the children about Alice Project!? What are you thinking!!”

“They will know about it sooner or later. That means, it is better to inform them now so that they wouldn’t feel that they were left out. Also, since the launch of the experiment Alice-chan insist to be part of it and I can’t stop her. She feels responsible”

“Kouki will blame us… This is the kind of thing that he wants to keep from happening that’s why he kept Alice’s secret but now──”

I know that. However, if Kouki is alive and need to escape from that place. A Type-0 suit is absolutely necessary. And the children strongly believe that Kouki is alive. To achieve our goal, it is necessary to shorten the development time by several years. Whatever method it takes, we need to finish in one day.

I push Shuichi-san who is still unconvinced out to the corrider. Feelng frustrated I unconsciously bit my lips. I felt somewhat better after tasting the blood that spread in my mouth──

—- Alice Point of View —-

“Kon, are you ok? Do your best”


I smiled at Kon-chan on the display and notify Miki-san that we are ready.

“Start the experiment. Activate the converter!”

“Activating converter──── output stable. Type-0 is now operational”

Thank goodness. Since the antimatter reactor which was originally planned to be used was not developed in time, we are using a Magical Power Converter which was just been suddenly created. I heard from Miki-san that the the magic of Kon is being used like a fuel for this one and seems like it is working properly. With this, I will be of use to everyone! I felt relieved. Miki-san was looking at me with a troubled expression. I wonder if she still worried about it?

“I am fine”

“I’m sorry… I do not mind if you blame me”

“I’m the one who told you to do this. I am different from an ordinary human── but I don’t mind. Anyway, let’s just quickly use the suit”

“Thank you. As I explained earlier, I will physically connect you with the Type-0 suit. From then on, you will handle the whole system including weapon control and motion control. Your brain will also handle data communication”

“A Living Computer, or more like a cyborg right? That sounds so cool”

Upon hearing my words, Miki-san’s eyes became like a dead fish. Even though I only intend it as a joke… Kouki will just laugh it off but now I feel guilty when she have such face. I kind of feel bad.

“……anyway, the burden on your brain will be more than unusual. We are using a device that we got from the Moon Ruin to help some brain operation but in worst case scenario──”

“I told you I’m fine. In the data we measured yesterday, it shows that my brain completely outperform the processing capability of a human”

It’s so cool. I have to boast to Megumin that ‘I surpass humanity’ if this experiment is successful. That means I can at least win against Kouki when it comes to processing capability. Which means, it is possible for me to become a genius right? In other words, I can become a person like Miki-san if I work hard. I must make this test a success and have her teach me everything.

“Well then, I’m off”

After saying so to Miki-san, I enter the special capsule which was behind the pilot unit with the help of some researchers. I wear a helmet which is large enough to cover not only my head but also the entire face. It took a moment for me to calm down then I speak out to the built-in microphone.

“I’m ready”

“Understood. We inject very thin needles into your brain to inject nanomachines. Make sure not to move” (TN: For medical students or anyone who has medical knowledge, anyone knows what this needle is called? Tried to search google but I have no luck. I think it will be better to use whatever the name of that needle is)

“I understand”

I was wondering what to do if it hurts but I did not feel any pain at all. Instead, I felt a little cold for a moment then suddenly the field came to view──

“Amazing! I can see everything even the things behind me!”

“Alice-chan calm down! You are sharing your senses with the external camera of the suit right now. We will now shift the power supply from low power to normal mode now”


“5 seconds until transition. 4, 3, 2, 1. Transitioning to normal mode. Type-0 suit fully operational”

I do not feel anything different in particular but is it really working? I became anxious and stared at Miki-san in the control center. A red circle appear in the middle of my view. What is this? As I was staring at it, I noticed that one of the researchers next to Miki-san was shaking. When I focus looking at that point, the number of red circles increased. At that moment, the person who was shaking started to convulsed.

“Alice-chan, its hard for me to say this…”

“What is it?”

“The Weapon Control System has been activated. You are locking on us”

Fue!? Wait how do I stop this? Etto, I feel like I know but I can’t get it right. When I was being nervous in my mind, a message ‘System Optimization Complete’ was displayed at the edge of my view. At that moment, I somehow ‘understand’ what I need to do. I disengage the lock using what I just learned then turn the Weapon Control System offline.

“I’m sorry”

“It’s okay, you are just puzzled since its your first time. Anyway, more optimization is complete── Wait a minute”

Miki-san suddenly cuts off what she was saying was excitedly talking on someone on the extension phone. While looking at this, she did her ‘usual smile’ for the first time ever since Kouki was missing.

“Alice-chan, we found Kouki!! They are in Chelyabinsk, they are alive and safe”

Yatta! Thank goodness, Really thank goodness. I knew Kouki is safe! Preparing this suit to be used at anytime is the right decision. I’m so happy that it feels like my emotion will explode. A message log appear at the edge of my view.

“Request for explosion confirmed. Do you want to overload the reactor?” ────

Fuee~eee~ I’m starting to hate this suit….

Author Notes: Alice is a strong child… and has a bit of chunibyo (`・ω・´)

Her chunibyo started when she gave Kon a name. (TN: Chunibyo = eighth-grader syndrome. If you don’t know what that is, watch the anime with the same title. It’s a fun anime)