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—- Arakawa Kouki Point of View —-

While Claire-san was doing her self-introduction and explaining what happened to her, I reconfirm the current situation. Apparently, New World was able to get into the upper ranks not just in Russia and United States but also in other countries. However, I cannot understand why a lot of people will work with such organization that has great risk. I wonder what kind of reward they provide them.

“Claire-san, what are the rewards for their collaborators?”

“Money and Anti-aging drugs”


“Yes, New World developed a drug similar to the drug that Noah created in order to live on G-88. Except, they use it for something else”

Certainly, it was written in the manual that the drug had the effect of stopping the time in your body however it does not let you stay forever in “youth”. No, if you take the drug continuously it will bad for the body. While I was thinking that, the hand of Claire-san which was operating the terminal stop and said something while having a serious face.

“Kouki-kun, New World’s Technology, Scientific Knowledge and personnel are probably equal to Noah. Except, we don’t tell sweet lies and deceive people──”

“Your fight won’t be over until Noah or New World is destroyed…”

Claire-san interject on Captain’s words but she did it while smiling and making a correction on what the Captain said.

“Captain Yurya, aren’t you on Noah’s side? What you mean is “our” fight right?”

“You are right and we can’t lose. So, what should we do now? Currently, my subordinates are deployed and using delay tactics to buy Arakawa time to escape but it looks like New World had assassins included on the rescue team that we are waiting…”

“I know that. We need to change our plans. I think we can break through the battlefield by heading north and using the underground passage that I use to get here. In order to do that, we need to withdraw from different points in the battlefield simultaneously… but it will be hard to get the timing right if we don’t know the situation on the ground”

While the Captain and Claire-san are discussing the operation, I had a sudden realization in Claire-san’s explanations. Claire-san has constantly been on the move, she has not yet contacted the rescue team and the search unit that she is safe. Does that mean that New World doesn’t know that Claire-san is still alive?

“Claire-san, do you think that New World doesn’t know that you are still alive?”

“Eh… I guess so, I don’t think they know. I will need to contact someone before we make our escape so they will know by then. Captain, looks like we can use this equipment──”

So they really don’t know. So if I die here… What will New World do if they misunderstood that I die? It seems they want to kill me, so if they achieve one of their goal then they might show their tail. If we find out what their main objective is, we can formulate countermeasures… or at least my mom will be able to do something about it.

“Captain, it doesn’t matter how far it is but is there a safe and well-equipped place that we can go to?”

“hm… Fumu. There is a secret base at Chelyabinsk in Ural. It is under our ally, the Security Unit, so I think that place is safe. Lieutenant Colonel, I’m sorry. I can tolerate if my men die in battle but to intentionally sacrifice them is what I cannot do──”

It is approximately 1900km from Old Moscow City to Chelyabinsk… It should be easy to get there if we can get into M5 Highway. In order to do that , we will need to cause confusion in New World for us to have time to move… As expected, me dying here is the best course of action. I am always misunderstood, so why not let the whole world misunderstood me this time.

“Can I have a minute? I have an idea”

After confirming that the two of them stopped discussing and turned to me, I squeeze my brain and consulted to them what I thought is a good idea.

“Currently, we have no idea on New World’s objective. I think if we let them achieve their current goal it will make their main objective clear. Let’s make everyone, including me, die in this battle then withdraw to Chelyabinsk”

“I see. We will see how New World moves once Kouki-kun and us die. We can use that to determine their main objective right?”


“But, how are we going to let them think you died? We don’t have time to prepare a disguised corpse”

“Earlier, you blasted a subway to stop the enemy from moving right? The next time they go for the offensive, blast off all the remaining explosives. We can make the whole area cave in. They will be certain that we died. The rescue unit will certainly try to dig up the rubble to look for my body and the Russian Government needs to return my body to Japan… rather to my mother and will surely mobilize the Fire Department, Police and their army.”

“Hoo, this will give give us time and limit their movement… and before the search begins, the rescue unit and Russian Army will have to fight New World. It will spur great confusion. You, despite that cute face you really can think── As expected of the person being called as the Devil”

“I will take that as a compliment. So, what do you think?”

I think it is the best thing we can do right now but it will be up to Claire-san and Captain to decide.

“This could work”

“I also think it will work but I have a question”

Claire-san had a serious look on her face. I know… I already know. I am also worried about that but we can only believe.

“It’s about Miki-san. Do you think she can stay calm if she learns that you died?”

“I’m sure my mom will believe that I am alive until she see a body and had a DNA test on it. During the Arakawa Particle case, she did not stopped believing that I was alive”

“Understood. We can tolerate this kind of uncertainty. Now then, Captain. Prepare for the next offensive attack of the enemy. Immediately contact all of your subordinates, let them know on what we will do and make them prepare”


I think about everyone while looking at these two people who are carefully laying down the details of the strategy… I’m certain my genius mom will be able to see through my intentions. I think Macho will stay calm and ready to sorie at any time. How about Shingo and Aikawa-san? Are they going to worry about me? And… Alice, I’m sure Alice will cry──

Author Notes: By the way, Chelyabinsk was hit my a meteor few years ago(´・ω・`)

“Alice will cry” (Next time! Look Forward into it!)