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Series: Isekai ni Tensei Shitandakedo Ore, Tensai tte Kanchigai Saretenai?

Translator: WeeJen, Ruri

Editor: Eclarion, llyboshi, Creis

***This is the edited version***

After having breakfast, I was spending quite a long time in front of the sink. I tidied up my hair, brushed my teeth just to make sure I look neat.

After I\'m satisfied I returned to my room and putting up my brand new school uniform, then I returned to confirm my looks in front of the mirror.

\'Kay, so far so good. The reflection I see is a young man, looking overly neat.

"Mom, how do I look?"

She replied with a smile, even gentler than her usual one, and she said that it suits me really well.

I saw the clock and noticed I still have some time, so I was thinking about checking the fortune-teller show on TV.

"Kou-chan, your pick-up car is about to come anytime soon. Could you get yourself ready at the front door?"

She casually told me that. I\'ve never heard anything about pick-up service before, so I asked her about it.

It seems that, as her son…As in the son of the "Mother of New Quantum Science", would be a problem for many people.

Ah, now I see. Since it\'s already a fact that a direct descendant of a world-renowned scientist are going to a technology academy, If I went there on public transportation, people might get really fussy. I didn\'t want to get caught up in that kind of chaos, so I decided to wait for the pick-up service as she told me so.

"…What the hell…"

When I saw the car that supposed to pick me up, I almost instinctively run back inside my house.

What I saw was a black car, engulfed in mafia\'s intimidating aura…With 2 pitch-black van guarding it both on the front and the back side. I sighed, trying to keep up with my exhaustion, and soon after, Mom come out from the house.

"Well then, Mom gotta go too."

As she said that, she got into the black car and went along with those big vans…

What\'s left just a normal sedan.

Gracious God!

I\'m totally relived!!

So all those intimidating people are all mom\'s pick-up guard… I can\'t imagine what would\'ve happened If had to go to school with those kind of people…

"You\'re Kouki-kun, right? Come, let\'s go to school."

What came out from that car, was a bald middle-aged man in black suit. I can only tremble in silence during the whole trip to school.


<Note: Sorry it just a photo of an illustration, Jen don’t want to tear her book just for scanlation :P>

Umm, 1-S…… 1-S……

I\'m totally lost! This place is way too big!!

Just how much money did they used to build this kind of school?!

What should I do now, everyone seems to be avoiding their gazes from me, so I can\'t bring myself to ask anyone.

Now I start remembering about my middle-school days,

Huh…my eyes are tearing up…

As I walking around aimlessly while having such thoughts, I heard a sound of someone running towards me from my back.

When I turn around, I saw a beautiful woman in front of me, trying to catch her breath. I tried to keep my poker face to avoid her worry about me, and to keep my excitement since I thought that it\'s my chance to get acquainted with a beauty. I was about to try asking her the location of my classroom.

"Pardon me, Arakawa-kun. There was a slight miscommunication from our side, so your guide didn\'t make it in time."

"She suddenly talked to me first, I can only nod and lost my timing to answer her. Crap… She\'ll think I\'m a comusho[1]. I took a glance at her, then I noticed her eyes are floating around.

"Whoaaaa, he\'s a comusho. Can\'t he even talk properly? Comushos\' creepy!"

She\'s definitely thinking like that.

For now, let\'s try to calm down first. I tried my best to maintain my composure, then talk to her.

"I understand your situation. For now, what should I do?

Will you be my guide instead?"

Perfectly executed!

With this strategy, it looks like I already grasped the situation.

And on top of that, I asked her to be my guide, now there\'s no way she can refuse me now!

Sure that was dirty-handed of me, but for now, I should get properly acquainted with this woman. She shows a thinking gesture for a while, then she looked at me and she said with a smile, that she\'ll guide me around.

Beauties\' smile sure have powerful healing effect!

After following her obediently, she stopped in front of the principal\'s room. Just when I thought that she\'s probably taking me to meet the headmaster, she entered the room without even knocking.

She walked to behind the desk in the back of the room, and then she turn around to me, smiling.

"Welcome to the State Technology Academy, Arakawa Kouki-kun. I\'m the academy’s principal, Yamamoto Kaori."

—- VIP Escort Personel POV —-

All of us are in a very nerve-wrecking situation. Right now, this house is totally surrounded by 32 personels of the JDF Special Ranger Squad, and by us, 20 personels of the VIP Escort Team.

"Skinhead reporting. The object will come out from the house shortly. Gentlemen, keep your guard up."

My codename is "Skinhead". It\'s quite obvious that you can know it right away after seeing my head. Well, not that it really matters…

Since getting too tensed up won\'t do me any good, so I\'m trying to loose myself up by thinking about trivial things.

Our mission is to escort Arakawa Kouki. And to make everything worse, we\'re going to repeat this operation of escorting him to school for 3 years until he graduates. What we can learn from documents given out to us, is that he is without a doubt, a crucial existence for Japan, and that he\'s atrocious and morally lacking…

Failure will not be tolerated. The method of the operation is a simple escort using a decoy. First, his mother Arakawa Miki which will be acting as the decoy, departing first with the escort car, followed by him afterwards.

By the way, she volunteered for that role herself.

After that, the real escort object Arakawa Kouki will depart with only one escort car, going through a different route. Though it\'s true that he\'ll depart with only one escort car, but right on the sky above, a stealth fighter belong to Japan Air Force are on standby. With this, we can cover a wide line of sight, protecting him from most land vehicle assaults.

And to add it up, disguised armored cars are also stationed along the route.

"Agent 1 reporting. The decoy has been deployed"

According to plan, Arakawa Miki has departed ahead. Now it\'s my turn to secure the real object.

"You\'re Kouki-kun, right? Come, let\'s go to school."

After I said that, he get into the car without saying a word. Normally, people would show some sort of responses after seeing someone with appearance like me, but he\'s just keep silent.

Not only that, it seems like he\'s not pleased getting sandwiched from both sides by two men. He\'s swinging his legs restlessly, as if to fix up his own mood.

It would be bad if we get into his nerve, so next time I\'ll ask the Information Bureau if they can dispatch a capable female agent instead…

—- Yamamoto Kaori POV —-

How in the world did this happen! I\'m running around the academy as I hold the urge to shout. After receiving news of Arakawa Kouki\'s arrival, the person in charge, which probably didn\'t know the importance of the person, only informed Arakawa Kouki of where to go next, and left him on the spot. When I received that report, he was no longer there.

The UN went all the way to inform me directly, to take extra care of Arakawa Kouki, yet this kind of thing still happened…

And I also received a report from the escort team that Arakawa Kuoki seems to be in a foul mood. He might unleashed some poisonous gas in the school area to get back on us!! When I finally found him and tried talking to him, I felt that it was already too late. He turned back to me, and after seeing me, his expression changed.

"Can\'t you prepare a better welcome for me, you bunch of idiots."

His eyes looked fiercely, as if saying those words.

"Pardon me, Arakawa-kun. There was a slight miscommunication from our side, so your guide didn\'t make it in time."

I desperately tried to apologize, but the only response I get is a nod. As I getting even more anxious, I desperately thinking up of what to say next.

"I understand your situation. For now, what should I do?

Will you be my guide instead?"

That\'s what he said to me. To be honest, I\'m feeling so scared I just want to refuse. There\'s no way I\'m getting along with him, but his way of speech tells me he wouldn\'t accept any refusal…

Should I ruin his mood any further, I\'m sure a cruise missile will land on my house tonight.

I have no other choice but to agreed with his proposal with a smile.

In the end, I couldn\'t think up of any good plan, and we ended up in front of my office… There\'s no turning back… I turned around, and speaks while giving the best smile I had.

"Welcome to the State Technology Academy, Arakawa Kouki-kun. I\'m the academy principal, Yamamoto Kaori."

—- Arakawa Kouki POV —-

"Welcome to the State Technology Academy, Arakawa Kouki-kun. I\'m the academy principal, Yamamoto Kaori."

The young woman– I mean the principal, said that right at my face.

Uh, what should I do? Did I just made the principal guide me around?

She\'s should be pissed, I\'m sure she\'s thinking, "Why the heck should I, the principal, have to guide a mere student like him around?"

…Or something like that…

Okay, for now I\'ll smile it off.

I\'ll just try to get through this with the technique I have polished since I\'m young, a smile!

"Thank you Miss Principal. Allow me to introduce myself properly.

I am Arakawa Kouki. I\'ll be in your care for the next 3 years."

Flawless! I said that with a light smile.

It\'s okay, smile can get one through most things! It\'s been working fine all this time, and I\'m sure it would work again now.

As I thought about that, I take a peek at her expression…

….Whoa, not looking too good…I have a feeling that I just messed up..

It\'s kinda like that situation when you\'re going on a blind date and you casually asked the girl for her number, and then she goes "…Eh??".

Both me and the principal froze in silence, predicting each other next move.…

After a while, the principal speaks, breaking the silence.

"Th, That\'s right. Arakawa-kun, There\'s some questions I\'d like to ask first. Do you mind answering?"

Fiuh, I\'m saved. If I had to endure the silence any longer, I might start crying and run home…

"Oh, what would that be?"

This is where I should farm points by honestly answering what she wants to know. They say beauties have lots of other beauties as friends, and not to mention that she\'s the principal of the academy I\'m going to attend, so I need to keep up a good impression.

"I want to know more about you"

"About me (ore)? Oh, pardon me. If you want to know more about me (boku), it\'s fine to ask."

Whoaaa! I\'m just getting started and I already got the beautiful principal saying (I want to know more about you), I\'m so shocked I just answered on impulse!!

Wait, don\'t start making perverted face now. I\'m a gentleman. I need to keep my face straight, since deep inside my heart I\'m a gentleman!

"You don\'t have answer if you don\'t want to…"

The principal said that with a hasty tone. There\'s no way I\'d refuse!

More like, it\'s a blessing for me!

"What is it? What about me do you want to know?"

I ask that as I try to keep my breathing as normal as possible. She became quiet for a moment, then she starts asking me.

"You shot a firework off the shore when you were 12, right? What were you trying to do that time?"

Umm, at age 12? I feel that I did something at that time…

More importantly, how did she knew about something I barely remember myself?

Oh well. Let\'s try to remember… Firework…firework… AH!? That!

If I remember it correctly, at that time, that macho is at home for once.

He showed me how to construct a rocket flare that he used at work. .

Since that macho\'s work are usually involving the unexplored areas in Africa, Amazon etc, I was guessing it was probably used to drive away wild animals.

I don\'t really listened to the details he said, but the conclusion is, if the rocket flews too high, then anyone would easily spotted it, and it\'s definitely a problem.

Hearing that, I tried shooting it off the shore, and it flews up at the altitude of 80m above sea level. Exactly like he said, it was too easily spotted as clear as the day. So I tried consulting Mom about it, and she said, it\'ll probably be better if we increase its speed and lowering the flying altitude. So I randomly drew a better version sketch, along with the rocket\'s flying illustration and gave it to her. And voila, 6 months later she made an improved version of that firework rocket.

The firework my genius mom made, flew at 1200 KM/h at 2m altitude, and it also automatically avoids obstacles. When I tried shooting it off the shore, it flew like crazy and disappeared into the horizon… Now that I remember it, that night I saw a lot of light from fighter aircrafts and it was quite a sight to see. When I told her that, she nodded and seems impressed. Great, she must be impressed at me, a role-model son, who would go out of his way to ask mom for help, all for his good-for-nothing father. I must have scored a lot with that!

"Then, what did you launch from your yard at age 13?"

Ah, that, I think that was the time when a woman colleague of that macho said she wanted to see how the earth looks like. Well, since I think she probably helped that macho a lot all this time, I tried consulting mom, and had her modify that previous firework rocket.

Then I installed it into mom\'s handmade mini-artificial satellite and launched it off. That time the lady was really excited by how photos that was sent back from the satellite was so good you can see the tiny details. It sure was worth the effort. Oh and while I\'m at it, I launched off something similar with those rockets 2 more times, of course without my mom knowing. What exactly did I launch will be unknown but to me, since it\'s a secret.

"Won\'t you tell me what you launched besides that satellite?"

No, I\'m not telling! There\'s no way I can tell her… I\'m not gonna tell you even if you look at me with those puppy eyes!! I have to change the subject somehow.

Then suddenly, a knock come from the door.

"Principal, it\'s about time for the Entrance Ceremony"

Just at a perfect time, when suddenly a glamorous blonde lady came into the room…

—- Yamamoto Kaori POV —-

"Welcome to the State Technology Academy, Arakawa Kouki-kun. I\'m the academy principal, Yamamoto Kaori."

After I introduce myself, he smirked at me, as if making a fool out of me.

"Thank you Miss Principal. Allow me to introduce myself properly.

I am Arakawa Kouki. I\'ll be in your care for the next 3 years."

From his expression and his atmosphere as he said that, I can almost feel that he was saying…

(I know that much. Can\'t you even tell? You stupid woman…)

This is bad, I have to break this silence… I desperately thought out of a plan and executes it, in which I immediately regret

"Th, That\'s right. Arakawa-kun, There\'s some questions I\'d like to ask first. Do you mind answering?"

What am I saying. I can\'t think clearly right now, I can\'t even comprehend what I just said. He asked me to continue, his eyes are serious… I said the next words, as if obeying to the devil\'s whisper.

"I want to know more about you"

I gasped after I said that.

What did I just say! I probably just said the most forbidden thing as an educator to this young man. When I look at him, he\'s making a stern expression as he gives me his consent.

Isn\'t it better to stop here? Such thought crosses my mind. But it was too late. My curiosity as a scholar has already grew too big for me to stop myself. The demon child… I recalled that he was called like that. If I knew anymore than this, there will be no turning back for me, I will become but another gear that conceals his true form. But even so, I don\'t mind. I want to know the truth.

"You shot a firework off the shore when you were 12, right? What were you trying to do that time?"

He answered with a smile. His father was consulting to him about the defect of the cruise missile he was using. When he tested the missile, it was far below his standard and far from usable. So then he designed a modification and asked his mother to make it…

The result of that, is a missile that far outdone the existing ones. The JDF put their dignity on the line as they desperately tries to intercept the missile, but to him, it was no different than seeing children making ruckus.

"The light of the fighter aircrafts that day was quite a sight to see."

That was what he said. He probably said that to show up his confidence, that no matter how many small flies swarm together, there\'s just nothing that they could do. As a scholar, I can only nodding impressed, to that confidence he had in his own creation. Then I also tried asking about the rocket he launched off when he was 13.

It seems like the rocket he launched off from his yard was a spy-satellite. A request from his father\'s colleague for a spy-satellite, that colleague is probably a member of the UN Information Bureau or something… Since that person said you can see tiny details from that satellite, it\'s specification is undoubtedly, far surpasses the currently existing satellite technologies.

But he launched it 3 times, when I asked about that, he answered that it was a secret.

I saw him getting a bit flustered. And then I can hear him mumbling, that it\'s the end if anyone were to found out what he launched.

Something that can get someone of his caliber to get flustered, and that the only way to hide it is by launching it off to space… There\'s only one thing that come up to my mind…

"….Biological Weapon"

There\'s probably no mistaking it. High infectivity, or very lethal, or probably both, a virus that can\'t possibly be managed on earth, he threw it away into space. I almost feel like crying, he created something that could wipe out the entire humanity without a second thought…

Is this something that can be fixed by teaching him moral ethics?

Not long after, someone came interrupting.

"Principal, it\'s about time for the Entrance Ceremony"

Roberta Scarlet, his to-be homeroom teacher entered the room.

—- Roberta Scarlet POV —-

As I lead the two, I took a glance to the young man walking beside me. He is a very strange one, since most boys would instantly gaze at my chest, but he doesn\'t show any sign of doing that.

Not only that, it\'s as if he has no interest in me.

This is the first time I got this kind of treatment and I can\'t help but feel perplexed.

But there\'s no way I could ask him "You\'re not going to look at my chest?", so I continue leading the two.

The headmaster said that this boy will be a student of the class I\'m in charge with, but I still don\'t know what kind of person he is… I was thinking maybe I should get to know him better while I\'m at it, but I don\'t know what to say to him and before I know it, we already arrived at the destination.

I took him to his seat, and then I went to my own seat. I wonder, will I be able to be a good teacher for students like him, for the next 1 year?

I can\'t help but worry about it…

EDNote :

Eclarion: let\'s talk about how great this "firework" is.

You guys probably have heard of RADAR, SAM installation, and other missile interceptor devices, right?

The main weakness of those kind of devices, that to detect something coming from above, then it would have to come from a high angle, since at land, there will be too much noises and you can\'t pinpoint exactly where the target you need to intercept.

But those rockets Kouki made, can flew at Mach 1 (~1200 km/h) and in low altitude (~2m). It makes it really hard, if not impossible, to intercept.

Moreover with the ability to avoids obstacles, basically it\'s a modern Gungnir. You shoot it, and it would hit the target no matter what your opponent do.

Thus referring to Chapter 5, when even the Naval Forces can\'t even intercept it.

TL;DR sick homing missile you got there bruh

Creis: I’m really sorry for the late release. Most of the editor have some problem in real life, it make the update really late.Just moving out and still in adaptation process in the new country, also need to adapt again in University life and the glorius Assignment

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TLNote :

[1] Comusho = someone with a communication disorder, its more like socially awkward type.

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