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TN: Made a mistake on the previous translation. What Kouki asked is not a map of Capus Kingdom but the map of Rinkudorubu Empire. Already fixed this. They are in the territory of the Empire and is on their way to Capus Kingdom. I got them mixed up. My bad.

—- Joachim, the Imperial Guard, point of view —-

That evening, we were waiting for the Alliance Forces who is approaching the capital outside of the robust gate. The soldiers around me who didn’t know any details on our circumstances are optimistic and saying that we might be fighting dwarf sized demi-humans but I cannot shake off my bad feeling. I was trying to calm down by touching the scarf on my neck that my wife gave me before we sortie when I saw some kind of huge object approaching from the front.

“Archer! Take aim!”

In response to my instructions, the archer deployed at the back pull out their bows and was ready to release arrows at any time. When I feel my throat drying due to tension, the huge object stopped, leaving a sufficient distance between it and the city gate.

“They are not going to attack?”

When I murmured such monologue, I found out that there is a black and white dragon flying in the sky. There is no doubt… Those dragons are Marvelous and Ririn. So the rumor that that they are cooperating with the Alliance is true! Can we survive against legendary monsters who cannot even be defeated by heroes?

Soldiers who were optimistic earlier when looking at the reality in front of them have their faces turned pale. However, something is not right, the dragon who are absolutely advantageous are not attacking.

“They are… are they trying to scare us?”

My aide asked me a question, but I do not think so. While I was thinking about the mysterious behavior of the dragons, I saw two people coming out from the huge object and was walking towards us leisurely. The two dragons also started to move slowly as if to match the pace of the two people

“Notify the whole army! Do not attack. Something is strange”

I gave instructions and again observe the two people who are coming closer. One was a beautiful woman with glossy dress but the other one is kind of different. No, it is already unusual when there is a beautiful woman in the battlefield… The other one is a boy who is dressed in something that looks like a military uniform. A young boy who looks around 16-17 years old, a beautiful woman and the dragons are heading in this direction.

As soon as they reach around 10 meters away from our front row, the boy opened his mouth.

“The dignified knight in there. Yes, you. Are you the commander of this troupe?”

While being overwhelmed by the intimidating air of the boy who is pointing at me, I responded to his question with a trembling voice.

“Y-yes, who are you? Alliance Forces?”

“Gura~aaaaaaaaa! You, is that how you should talk to his majesty, the Devil!”

Marvelous who was silent up to this point growl in rage due to my reply. The soldiers who saw his figure shoot arrows at him but Ririn swung her tail and a strong barrier appeared blocking all of those arrows.

While we are feeling despair and fear as we watch Marvelous approach, a command in a calm emotionless voice came out from the mouth of the boy.

“Stop, Marvelous”

“But to insult his majesty─”

“Marvelous, I said stop. I will not say it again”

Marvelous dropped his head and his jaw reached the ground due to the ‘order’ of the boy. Looking at the figure of that monster who destroyed many countries being obedient, I was speechless. Are you kidding me? Marvelous is obeying the orders of the boy in front of me, he can only be a…


The word naturally came out from my mouth while looking at the boy. Marvelous became angry again and was about to attack however the boy lightly swing his left arm. That’s all he did, and with just that action Marvelous instantly disappeared from my sight.

While confused on without knowing what happened, I heard a sound of something heavy falling into the ground in a distance. I worriedly look at the direction where the sound was and in there, I saw Marvelous motionlessly lying in the ground.

“Fool, I told you that I will not say it again. Ririn, is he dead?”

“He is of the higher race so I’m sure he is not dead. More than that your majesty, is your hand okay? I could have just done it in your stead if only you have ordered me”

Ririn who unexpectedly transformed into a human was rubbing the hand of the boy with a worried look. This boy blew away Marvelous!? A legendary dragon was defeated in a single blow? While I was stunned on the events that happened in front of my eyes, the boy smiled as if nothing happened and said a ‘request’ .

“I want to talk to the Emperor of your country. If you refuse, we will start an all out attack on your capital. If that happens, the people living in the city are going to be involved in a miserable warfare”

Damn! Does he intend to make the people of the capital hostage!? However, the boy requested to meet his majesty the Emperor and not Lord Dorune. I wonder if he knows the real circumstances of our country? I will ask once again to check if the boy is really requesting for his majesty.

“You are not asking for Lord Dorune but his majesty the Emperor?”

“Yes, I only want to talk to the Emperor”

I look at the appearance of the boy who smiles as usual as he responds to the question. Watching him brimming in absolute confidence, I could not help but hold great expectation to the boy who might change this country.

After the sun sets, my subordinates who I sent into the castle as messenger confirmed the answer of his majesty and go back to the front line. It was already dark and I cannot see very well but since the messenger have a cheerful face, the result should be good. As soon as he came close to me, he made a salute and starts talking.

“His majesty said that he will meet him”

“Is that so, what about Lord Dorune?”

“That person will also attend the meeting”

The discussion is in danger if Lord Dorune attends it. After the messenger goes away, I started to get close to the boy, his majesty the devil. I think he will be able to manage in making the talk productive somehow. I talk to the devil who was drinking tea with the beautiful woman accompanying him and was at the top of the Dragon formed Ririn.

“Your majesty, the devil. His majesty, the Emperor is ready to see you”

“Understood. Ririn, let us down”

As the devil gets down to the ground, Ririn transformed again into human and stood next to him. After confirming that they are ready, I call of the carriage that will carry these three people to castle but the carriage arrive with knights under Lord Dorune.

Why are they here? I was carefully watching the knights and one of them get close and opened his mouth.

"Only those from the Alliance can enter the castle. His majesty, the devil and the White Queen can enter but the attendant should wait here. Do not worry, we will \'properly\' take care of her"

The knight was grinning and I instinctively reach out to my sword. These guys are mercenary dressing up as knights! Because of them… they are the reason on why the Empire is declining. I can see that they don\'t care on whatever happens to the Empire. I should slash them to pieces before we proceed! However, before I was able to completely pull out my sword, the devil asked the mercenary in a low intimidating voice.

"You will properly take care of her?"

"Yes, your majesty. Please leave it to us. We take care of her and will have fun"

It seems the demon is thinking while saying "fumu" to the answer of the mercenary but is he really going to leave her? It will definitely be bad if you do that. I was thinking about that and was about to warn him to change his mind when I noticed that the devil is trying to suppress his laughter.

"Victoria, since they said that they will entertain you, I will leave you here. Go ahead and introduce yourself at the same time"

After the beautiful woman answered the devil "understood", she started to introduce herself to us with a charming smile.

"Empress of Ursna Empire, Victoria Loa Ursna. Pleasure to meet thee, humans. Thee art supposed to entertain me so what plans doth lot hast?"

"A-, We are…"

The stupid mercenaries are in dismayed but I am also the same, if you calmly think about it, the boy who call himself \'the devil\' will have no reason to bring an ordinary attendant. However, it is impossible to expect that the Demon Lord is treated as an attendant. Ririn suddenly offered an assistance when I was desperately thinking on how to solve the current situation.

"Your majesty, I think it would be better to take Victoria with us because she is more familiar with the human society and that is needed for our discussion"

"If Ririn says so, then I agree. Joachim, would that be alright?"

"Yes., that would be fine. I apologize for the disgraceful behavior of our knights"

The devil orders Victoria to "get on the carriage" and board together with them. I also got in a hurry and sat down on the seat. The devil, Ririn and even Victoria were laughing.

It seems that they have expected the earlier situation to happen, but I really do not want to believe that it was the case. As we travel the road towards the castle silently, the devil said something to himself.

"I cannot see very well because it is dark but it looks like to be a nice city. I want to avoid destroying the city due to war"

The words said seems came from the bottom of his heart. It make me wonder on what is the purpose of the devil himself for coming to the front line. There is no way for the empire to defeat the Alliance Army anymore. The knights who should have withdrawn from each battlefield are also missing, most probably they run away due to the advancement of the Alliance being too quick.

We only keep on fighting due to our stubbornness and to protect the Imperial family. Low ranking soldiers do not know that the supply lines of the Empire are cut by the Alliance and we can be defeated even without them attacking us. Of course, the devil should know of this but… why did he come and reveal himself to us?

If the devil is really here to change the Empire as I expected, then─

"Captain, we have arrived"

It seems I was thinking for quite some time and his voice pulled me back to reality. When I got out of the carriage and confirmed the safety in the surroundings, I found the figure of Clemens, the vice captain, in front of the castle gate. I approach him carefully, paying close attention that our behavior will not cause suspicion.

"Clemens, how is the preparation?"

"Ha! We are in perfect order"

"Is that so, an important meeting is will be held to determine the future of the Empire, so make sure to protect them"

While pretending to pat the shoulder of Clemens as he did a salute to those words, I whisper in low voice that only he can hear me.

"Prepare to proceed"

After the small nod of Clemens, I return to the carriage and saw the devil stretching out. I admire the devil gallantly showing his defenseless self in the enemy main castle. I told the devil that we can now enter the castle.

While walking in the castle, the devil stops and looks at the courtyard. Was there something that caught his eye? I rarely go inside the castle these past few days and I started to reminiscence about it. The devil asked a question while pointing on a tree planted in the courtyard.

"What are those birds resting at the top of that tree? It is a species that I have not seen before…"

Looking at where his finger is pointing at, I saw the birds which are native to the eastern continent. Those rare species of birds were given as a gift by the principality on the Queen\'s birthday. When I told him the story, the devil said "I see" and continue walking on but I can saw him sneaking glances on the birds.

I wonder if he likes taking care of pets? While having such question in my mind, we arrive in front of the room where the discussion will take place.

"His majesty is waiting on this room"


Simultaneous to his answer, I open the door and the devil enters the room quickly. I also enter following behind him. I saw the pale face of his majesty Carl and dissatisfied face of Lord Dorune while they sit on their chairs. I tried to introduce the two to the devil but the devil go straight to a chair and sat relaxingly with his legs crossed.

Lord Dorune who saw the behavior of the devil begins to raise his voice while having a red face.

"You are not given permission to sit! In the first place, you must be quite a senile person bringing a woman in the battlefield?"

"I do not need your permission because I did not come here to get your favor. Or do you think I am here to surrender to the empire? If so, then you must be an idiot. I have nothing to gain from a \'small\' country who is on the verge of being defeated in this war"

"You(Kisama), are you mocking the empire?!"

The devil who was looking at Lord Dorune, who is spitting as he speaks, makes a big sigh and asked his majesty, Carl.

"What is this your majesty, Carl? I said that I only like to talk to you. I have not said a single word that I want to talk to a hairy monster"

"I apologize for the action taken by my retainer but Lord Dorune is… faithful to the Empire and I also wanted to take his opinion to consideration so…"

His majesty Carl responds to the question of the devil. Please notice it devil! It is Lord Dorune who is controlling the Empire right now, we cannot oppose him since he is holding the \'Imperial Seal\' and have the prince and queen hostage.

While I was trembling due to frustration I bit my lips and the devil nodded as if accepting the situation. He look at me and back to his majesty and then inform Lord Dorune of the request of the Alliance Army.

"I see, I understand the situation. Then, Lord Dorune let me tell you the request of the Alliance. One, you must sign a ceasefire agreement prepared by the Alliance. Two, all of the slaves except for the criminal slaves should be set free. Three, all demi-humans in the country should be recognized as a proper citizen. Four, you must allow us to station the Alliance Army to your five major cities, including the capital. That is all. If you do not accept it, we will start a full scale attack tomorrow morning"

No way!? Those requests are the same for asking an unconditional surrender! There is no way that we will accept it. The devil asking us for something so stupid.

Unlike my previous impression of him, he might be someone who simply wish to overrun other countries. The face of his majesty, Carl became white and even Lord Dorune was speechless with his mouth opened.

"Your majesty, perhaps you should tell them our reward if they agree to our request? These humans are starting to look pale"

"Aahh.. You are right"

Ririn suggested something to the devil with a smile. They are offering something in return? I hope it is not something bad… I started listening to the \'reward\' of the devil. As he explains it, I feel something similar to resignation but as I listen further I was more shocked on this one compared to their requests. I have decided that we should accept it.

"In return for accepting the request, the Alliance will allow the survival of the imperial family. We will also provide funds to govern the social turmoil that will happen at the time the slaves are released. You will have low manual labor because of this but we will hire them back as your workforce with legitimate wages. In addition, the Allied Soldiers station on each city who committed crimes are punishable by the laws of this country, which means \'extraterritoriality\' is not applied"

The eyes of his majesty brightened and his face regained its color. If the imperial family survives then we have the opportunity to rebuild it and if extraterritoriality is not applied then we can make an excuse to our ally that we are not \'completely defeated\'.

I advise his majesty that we should accept the proposal of the Alliance but Lord Dorune opposed it.

"No way! The Empire can still fight, we will fight till the bitter end! Joachim, don\'t you have your pride as a human?"

"Lord Dorune! Please look at the reality, we don\'t have the power to fight the Alliance Army anymore! Is the lord trying to ruin the Empire?"

Lord Dorune, who was furious with my advice, left the room after saying that he would gather his soldiers. This is bad… If he is left alone, he will send young knights alone to attack Alliance.

If this happens, the future of the empire, the lives of the citizen and everything that I vow to protect is will be gone. After holding the scarf given to me by my wife for a short while, I issue commands to the Imperial Guards using the magic item pendant attached to my chest.

"Execute the plan that we have discussed. Hurry up, Clean up everything before the main force deployed in front of the city gate comes back"


I am satisfied on the powerful reply of my subordinate that I hear from the magic item. I approached his majesty who was dismayed and unable to follow the situation.

"Joachim, what is going on? What is the plan that you speak of? Why is the castle suddenly in commotion?"

I\'m sorry your majesty but this is necessary to restore the Empire to how it was and to protect the citizens and the Imperial family. I apologize in my heart and point the tip of my sword to his majesty Carl. My heart is being torn apart as I do this.

"Please sit down your majesty, this is \'coup d\'etat\'"

I could not look directly at his majesty who had a confuse look on my declaration. I just kept silent, turned my back on him and locked the door of the room so that nobody could enter.

I sat on the chair where Lord Dorune sat and listen to the reports from my subordinates, the plan seemed to be progressing smoothly.

"Captain, we have succeeded in capturing all the important nobles"

"Alright, keep them hostage inside the castle. Make sure not to hurt them"

The first goal seems to have succeeded. If the nobles are confined inside the castle as hostages, even if the main force returns from the front line they will not be able to do anything. Rather, it will spur more confusion because their noble commanders will not be able to issue instructions.

After that, we need to secure the Empress and the prince… I wonder if it will go well? While waiting, I folded my arms after I lit a cigar. The long-awaited report finally comes in.

We have rescued the Queen and the princes! They are currently weak but safe"

"You did well, take them to this room at once"

I unlock the door while waiting for my men who rescued the empress and the prince. Later, I heard the sounds of running footsteps and my subordinates who had their faces covered with cloth came into the room.

"We have brought the Empress and the prince. I apologize, we failed to detain Lord Dorune but we were able to find the Imperial Seal in his room. I will hand it to you, Captain"

"Although it\'s unfortunate, that is fine. You guys, return to your posts"

I took out some punishment documents for \'treacherous subjects\' and stamp the imperial seal one after another. The Empress speaks wondering on what I was doing but I ignore her and continue what I was doing. Once I\'m done, I finally speak to the devil who remain leisurely seated on the whole event.

"I now currently have the authority to make decision for this country but if I sign the surrender document, are the conditions that you mentioned earlier will be kept?"

"Of course. The surrender document are not recognized as will of an individual but of the whole empire so it does not matter whoever stamp the Imperial seal"

"I understand, please hand me the documents"

The devil took out a folded document from his breast pocket and gave it to me. It is carefully written in language of the empire. The conditions that the devil spoke of are also written in here. I read it three times making sure that there are no disadvantageous conditions for the empire and then I applied the imperial seal. The queen asked me with a distressed voice.

"Joachim, are you betraying the empire? I have believed that your loyalty will not waver whatever happens…"

I am still loyal to the Empire, Empress. That is why I chose this road. Everything is for the Empire and the Imperial family… that is the reason why I am committing treason. I abandoned all of my emotions and pushed the surrender document back to the devil.

"I have received it. From this moment, the war between the Empire and the Alliance are now officially suspended. By the way, what will be the position of Lord Dorune who ran away just now? Should I treat him as a noble of the empire? Or should I treat him as a traitor?"

"Lord Dorune is wanted as a traitor. So please treat him like that"

The devil got up on his feet after nodding and saying "fumu", he then walked to the window and look outside.

"Sun is about to rise again soon"

The time is as he said, the sky is also starting to light up. The events that happened are so fast since the devil arrives in the Imperial Capital. This will be the last sunrise that I will see. It was unfortunate that Lord Dorune escape but I can leave it to his majesty Carl and Clemens to take care of it later.

I have decided to use the magic tool to issue my last command to my subordinates but the devil grabs my hand.

"Where do you think Lord Dorune who ran away from the capital will go?"

"That is… I think to the north where there are fewer guards. We are searching for him but we believe that he already escaped from the capital, although it is regretful, he will likely escape to Rikuru Nation"

"I see… if you look on that place, do you think he can escape?"

I saw nothing at first at the place where his finger is pointing but as the sun rose, I saw countless flag which is waving in the wind in the north prairie. What army is this? The main force of the Alliance is deployed in front of the Imperial Capital and the north side of the empire has an environment where no one will survive due to high magical energy. How could there be an army marching in such a place?

I was observing the mysterious army which is slowly coming close but when I saw the symbols on their flag, I raised my voice in surprise.

"The army of Merkava Kingdom? No way, and that flag is of their \'Black Knights\'"

"While you were risking your life for the future of the empire, the Black Knights are also risking their lives by going through the mountain ranges at the north. Their effort should have been wasted since the Empire surrendered before the all out attack but the black knights reported that they have captured someone who seems to have escaped from the capital. Be glad. The one they capture is no doubt Lord Dorune"

Really, then I have no more regret. I send a command to my subordinates using the magic item while feeling the loads on my shoulder being lifted.

"The plan is complete. Do what you think you should do next"

"…Roger. It is an honor to fight under your command, Captain"

I put my sword to the table from my waist and then took out a flask that I always carry from my pocket and drank it. While holding my scarf, I can taste the pleasant burning feeling of the alcohol in my throat. Several footsteps running outside the corridor is can be heard.

Looks like my subordinates came… I would like to compliment my subordinates for the job well done like I usually do but I cannot do that anymore. Eventually, the door was opened vigorously and Clemens together with other knights who are fully armed came into the room.

"Traitor Joachim! As you can see, I have reacquired the command of the Imperial Guards. Your plan had failed, everyone, from here on, we will shall punish the traitor"

Clemens… Your face is about to cry, the other knights might become suspicious of you. Who have decided this long ago, if the coup d\'etat succeeded, the Imperial guards will deal with the traitors which is \'only me\'.

Everyone hid their faces so that no one will know who participated in coup d\'etat, do not waste your efforts. Clemens who had a distorted face points his sword at me and asked a question.

"Do you have any last words?"


I have nothing more to say… The future of the empire is now in your hands Clemens. Please do and fulfill the responsibility of the Imperial Guard to protect the Imperial Family till the end that I failed to do. I look at the face of all the excellent members of the knight and made my resolution. I nod but the voice of the devil made the objection instead of Clemens.

"I absolutely dislike such conclusion! Luis-san, Jonathan-san it\'s your turn. Proceed to plan C"

As soon the devil shouted the space distorted and two humans dressed in black appeared. They point an item which seemed to be their weapons towards my men.

"Do not move! We are Special Forces of the Alliance Army. Under the Cease-Fire Treaty, the Imperial City is currently under the control of the Alliance Army. If you fight back, we will judge that you \'have intention to rebel\'. Discard all of your weapons"

I cannot figure out how the two people appeared but then again everything will be for naught if the war restarts. I signal my men to lay down their weapons and turn to the devil to explain the circumstances but before I can speak, one of the two men speaks.

"I apologize but brace yourself"

I cannot understand what he mean… Pang! There was a plosive sound and my body was blown away and hit the wall. I was struck with pain and shock, one of two in black approached me and put his hand in my neck. The guy in black who had his hand on my neck for a few seconds shake his head and talk to the devil.

"Kakka, unfortunately one of the Imperial soldier were shot dead for not discarding his weapon"

"It is regrettable but it can\'t be helped. Your majesty, Carl. A painful incident happened on this last minute but we will turn a blind eye for this however the weapon that were used to shoot him down are confidential even in the Alliance Army, since he died using this weapon, I apologize, but we will need to collect the body of Joachim-san here"

What is the devil trying to do. More than that, the way he speaks changed. Although his voice is overflowing with air of intimidation a while ago, he is now talking with a smile appropriate for his age. Which is the real him?

I raised a groaning voice due to confusion and pain, one of the man in black kneeled down to me.

"We will be in trouble if the dead speaks. Please sleep for a while"

After he said so, he stabbed something into my thigh. I look around and saw Clemens with a puzzled face and the devil. The pain suddenly go away and eventually I lost consciousness─

—- Arakawa Kouki Point of View —-

"Nn… Ugn"

Joachim-san who is sleeping on the bed in front of me, raise his voice. Apparently, the anesthesia given to him in the castle is wearing off. Joachim-san slowly opened his eyes and looked around. After he look around, he turned to me and asked a question.

"Where am I?"

"You are in the Ground Battleship Alice, which is acting as the flagship of the Alliance Army. This is the Central Medical Bay. It is a place where we treat injuries if I am to explain"

"Ground Battle? What is that?"

Although I can explain it in detail, there are more important things than that. We quickly withdrew from the Imperial Capital after Joachim fainted but on our way, we stop by Joachim\'s house to pick up his family.

However, when I enter the house, we saw the figure of his wife with Luis-san and Jonathan-san at the second floor.

"Joachim-san, we headed to your house on our way back from the castle to pick up your wife and we found her on the second floor…"

"Did something happen to my wife?"

"Well~ your wife is from a cat sith race! I was so shocked and frozen when I first saw her. Her ears stood up when in a good mood and droop down when sad right?"

"Wa? Even if you ask me, eh… is that all?"

It is a tremendously important thing to know. She has real life nekomimi!? Her wife was surprised when we suddenly show up and she was pretty cautious to us at first but when Ririn-san showed Joachim-san and explained the situation, she calmly go with us. (TN: Nekomimi = Neko(cat) Mimi(ears) = Cat Ears)

By the way, I was seriously being stopped by mom when I tried to give her wife a \'Matatabi\' that I got from Coat-san. I asked him when I came back to Alice since I know that he takes care of cats. I really thought that she would be pleased but they said that it is bad to give something unexpectedly to someone\'s wife so I hurriedly gave it back to Coat-san. (TN: It\'s kind of long to explain what Matatabi is. )

"What will happen to the Empire from now on?"

"As explained in the castle, the Empire is will be placed under the control of the Alliance Army for a while. The management will gradually be back to the Empire and it is up for the Empire to decide if they will change or restore back to how it was"

"Is that so"

Joachim-san was deep in thought with his eyes closed. I\'m sure he is wondering on what kind of future the empire will have after he risk his life to protect it. Seeing him like this, makes me want to encourage him. After thinking for a while, I decided to tell a story that may lift his spirits.

"A long time ago, there is an island nation who fought against the world. Their national strength and technological capabilities are superior compared to other countries but they are eventually defeated against that many weapons and enemies.

It is said that more than 3 million people are killed who fight this wretched war by using every last drop of their national strength. After the war, the nation was occupied and the state of the country is completely exhausted"

"What happened to that country after that?"

"They swore in their heart to never repeat their past mistakes. They inherited the feelings of those who died in the war. More than 60 years past after that, the country grew large and is now shoulder to shoulder with other great nation especially its technology"

"Can the empire do the same thing?"

"If everyone join hands and cooperate with everyone, the Empire can definitely be reborn"

Joachim-san who finished listening to my story, nodded silently and stared at the ceiling. It seems I have given him some hope. Do not worry Joachim-san… I\'m sure the Empire will be reborn. You do not need to worry because we will cooperate with you. I was about to get out of the Medical Bay when I remember to pass a message from his majesty, Carl. I stop on my feet and call out to him again.

"That\'s right, his majesty Carl left me a message for you"

"What did he say?"

"He wants me to tell you, that he said \'Thank You\'"

I do not know if there is a deeper meaning on the word \'Thank You\' but Joachim-san started shedding tears while having a contorted face, probably the captain of the Imperial Guards are the one responsible for the security of his majesty, Carl.

"Ugu~u…… his majesty…… I was able to serve his majesty…… I am so happy"

I decided to exit quietly from the medical bay in order to give Joachim-san some time, alone.

Author Note: This time is the story of the capital occupation. The main character on this one is obviously Joachim. As an author, I love such developments (`· ω · ‘)

There will be a full battle on the next one and it will be the last decisive battle. Etc. etc.

TN: Lies, the next chapter is a recap chapter in Claire\'s POV. It is really short so I will not skip it. The Claire POV Recap is will be posted on Friday or Saturday. The chapter after that is on Sunday or Monday.