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—- Arakawa Kouki Point of View —-

After capturing the Coast City, Asti, we advance our troops and traverse to the east of Rinkudorubu Empire. 100km from the Capital City, Torieta, is our rendezvous point. In there, I waited for the arrival of Mom and Macho.

“Claire-san, when will Merkava and Ursna Troops arrive?”

“According to our plan, Merkava Troops will arrive after 5 hours and Ursna Troops will join after 7 hours. Considering all units that we lost up to now, the Allied Army is expected to capture Torieta with only 120,000 soldiers”

Noah’s main force is roughly 120,000! Merkava Troops are originally lacking in numbers so that’s understandable but why is Victoria-san’s Ursna Troops decreased so much. It seems Kon went to their aid… but did it not make any difference?

While considering such things in my mind, I organize the information that I received from Claire-san on my terminal. Acatle-san entered the room with food in both hands.

“I borrowed the kitchen of an Inn with the permission of the owner and made us some lunch, it is safe to eat since the ingredients are taken from our ship”

“Sorry to bother you. Itadakimasu” (TN: I’m pretty sure you guys already know the meaning of Itadakimasu but I’ll explain it anyway. Itadakimasu when translated means ‘Let’s eat’, ‘Bon Appetit’ or ‘Thanks for the food/meal’. It is an expression for giving thanks in receiving food.)

Unlike mom who is using the ground battleships, we get off the Iceberg Power-Suit Carrier and advance through the ground. We are basically using the inns at occupied town and villages as simple command base. Of course , I negotiate with the owner of every inn for us to pay for a fair price but somehow they refused me by saying “Our future is all we need”. I was wondering on why they are refusing our payment even though we are acting like a gentleman.

“Delicious, Acatle-san is a good cook”

“Thank you very much”

I enjoyed the delicious meal personally made by Acatle-san, Claire-san who was using her terminal inform me about some new information that she received from headquarters.

“Kakka, The dragon race who were fighting with the Ursna Army is flying into this town as their advance team. Would you like to meet with them?”

“Yes! I would love to meet them”

I have not seen a descent dragon other than Kon, so I am really excited to see one. The flying dragons that Acatle-san came with are cannot really be called ‘Dragons’. They are creatures similar to birds and are not as sublime as the real one. Actale-san told me that Dragon Race can understand human language, so I am really hoping to see one someday.

“Are they going to fly into the town?”

“No, the one flying to this location are Marvelous-sama and Ririn-sama. I request them to land outside the town to avoid confusion”

Are they going to land to the grassland in the west side of the city? It will take some time even if we go there by car. We should go there right away so that I can see them flying in the sky before they land… I concluded and crammed my lunch in a single mouthful.

“Kakka, the power suits that we sent as reconnaissance confirmed that the dragons are headed here, I think they will be visible soon”

To Claire-san’s words, I look at the sky with my eyes wide open. As I move my head in search for them, I see big creatures flying in the eastern sky. It’s probably the dragon race who are heading here. Eventually, the dragons came close allowing me to them clearly. They circle around the sky and slowly landed in front of me.


The black dragon growled. The growling sound is somewhat intimidating and the appearance looks really cool… but everything is ruined, because Kon is sitting on its head.

“Oi Kon, What the heck are you doing?”

“Gurraaaaa!! Kid, watch your mouth in addressing Kon-sama”

When the black dragon raised a roar and take a step forward, the power suit troops escorting me raised their weapon and unlock the safety. Wait, why are we in a situation where everyone is ready to fire! ?

Did I say something bad? While thinking about how to fix the situation and breaking in cold sweat, Kon began to speak while tapping the head of the dragon with its tail.

“Konkon, Kon”

“Yes, Ha!? This kid─ this young man is Kon-sama’s master?”


The black dragon was surprised. Kon, ignoring the black dragon, jump from the top of its head and fly into my arms using her small wings… fly!? this fellow flew!

“You learned how to fly?”

In my question, Kon created a glowing blue sphere at the end of her tail and threw it into the air. The blue sphere float into the air, explode and text character emerges from it.

“I learned how to fly from Marvelous and this magic is taught to me by Ririn, the white dragon over there. Also, that’s not all”

Kon flapped its wings and rises from my arms. When Kon reaches the height of my face, Kon’s eyes narrowed and was trying her best in saying “Kon” repeatedly.

“Kon, kokyu… kokyu, [Kouki]”

Did Kon called my name just now? In my surprise and happiness, I silently hugged Kon who is floating in the air and pet its head. Kon looked at me and when I did not react, she started to squeal “Kouki, Kouki”. I do not know what to say while Kon is saying that so I continue in stroking Kon’s head. The black dragon, Marvelous, who grew tired of watching us opened his mouth.

“Young man, Kon cannot speak the human words because she is still young. However, Kon practiced a lot of growling to somehow call the name of her own master. Therefore, you have the words that you should say to Kon-sama”

When I look around, it was not only Marvelous-san but also Claire-san and the escort suits who are watching me. I see. That’s right, Kon did her best so I should properly tell Kon personally.

“Kon, I can understand you. Thank You”


In my words, Kon cheerfully swing her tail, followed by going into her usual position which is around my neck─

“That means, Kon’s mother is originally a dragon from this world?”

“Indeed, the magical power that I can sense from Kon-sama closely resembles that of Rin-sama’s magic. Otherwise, the dragon race will not come when we were called by Kon nor follow someone not from a superior race”

After the scene in the grassland, Kon said “I want to eat some rice”. So we go back to the inn. I was listening to the story of Marvelous-san who is now in his human form while Kon is eating her food.

Although, I was surprised when Marvelous-san and Ririn-san transformed into human who looks like a handsome man and beautiful girl before entering the town… the true identity of Kon is more important right now.

“But Kon is born in a different world, since there are no other dragons in that world, Kon became dormant and was accidentally carried home with me”

“Yes, I heard the story directly from Kon-sama. Although there is no confirmation, does the young man know the race of Kon?”

Kon told me that her race is ‘Divine Ancient Dragon’. I know nothing but biased knowledge from my previous life but it should be the highest ranking race reigning at the top of every dragon. When I told Marvelous-san what I know, he used a napkin to wipe his mouth and keeps talking.

“In that case, do you know the characteristics of an ancient dragon that ordinary dragons like us don’t have?”

“No, I do not know”

Characteristics? It seems one of their characteristic is being smart but everyone from the Dragon race have high intelligence and magical power. I don’t think that the special skill of Kon, which is alchemy, is the ‘characteristics’ that Marvelous-san is talking about. I drink the cup of coffee that Claire-san brewed for me and waited for Marvelous-san’s next words.

“Kon’s race has two special characteristics. The first one is that they have the ability to cross dimension, I don’t think I need to explain this to you… Young man came to this world from a different world, the only difference is how you’ve done with your Scientific Technology instead of using magical power.

The second, which is more important, is that Ancient Dragon can have relationships with other races. I heard that the human form of Rin-sama’s was very beautiful”

“That is, that means─”

“I have no doubt that your are correct on whatever you are thinking. The proof is in the rumor within the dragon race when I was still very young. They said that Rin-sama gave birth to a child with a ‘human’ father. When the rumor was heard by the Elder Dragon of that time, he went to see Rin-sama to confirm tha truth. If it was true, the young half-human half-dragon is will be born as a weak infant and will need protection.

However, Rin-sama seems to have misunderstood and thought that we want to harm her child. Well now, young man, if you are in her position… what will the young man do?”

Obviously, I will escappe to protect my child. If I could escape by going to a different dimension, the other dragon cannot follow. Perhaps the mother of Kon thought the same way when she ran to the world where the Akroid Empire was. (TN: You can refresh your memory about Akroid Empire in Chapter 15)

“Fumu, it seems you have reached the same conclusion as I am. Like I’ve said, this is not confirmed but it is a convincing conclusion since Kon-sama is realeasing magical powers similar to Rin-sama even though Kon was born in a different world “

“Then why was Kon’s mother not in there when Kon was born? She was able travel to Akroid Empire on a different world so she can also just cross dimension when the situation is not good?”

In my question, Marvelous-san answered after thinking in silence while placing his hand on his chin.

“Usually, the child of 2 dragons will take about 800 years until the egg is laid, then another 200 years before the egg hatches… in total, it will take 1000 years. This is why the number of individual in our race is small─ ma~ I guess it does not matter. My guess is, with a weak human race as a father it will take more time for the egg to develop. Since there is no record of something like this in the past, I cannot say for sure, but it is possible that it took hundreds of thousands of years”

It is not possible for an Ancient Dragon who is very powerful to be subdued by the human beings of that world. It is possible that Kon’s mother died naturally while waiting for the egg to hatch.

Rather than that, what kind of life did Rin and her husband have after travelling to a different world? It is a tragedy caused by a minor misunderstanding but I want to believe that the two of them who fled to a different world had a happy life.

—- Marvelous Point of View —-

“Anata, are you sure about this?”

After we eat our meal, we stayed in a room of the inn. My wife, Ririn, who was silent after we left Kon-sama spoke to me.

“What do you mean?”

“That young man… Kouki-kun. You probably noticed that there is a small amount of ‘magical power’ in Kouki-kun and the magical power is exactly the same as the one flowing in Kon-sama, why did you not tell him about that?”

I guess that was because of Kon-sama is always close to him. It is not exceptionally unusual, it is the same principle as iron becoming magnetic after being left close to another piece of magnetic iron. I cannot understand why Ririn is asking that with a serious face. Does she want to say that the young man is a person who has something to do with Rin-sama?

“Do you want to say that the young man has the same blood as Rin-sama?”

“No, I think it is the opposite─ the father”

Impossible! What a stupid idea. Certainly, all beings who have soul are ‘reincarnated’ after death. However, they can be reincarnated to a different world, or to a different kind of living being such as plants.

Do you know how low the probability is to reincarnate into human being again and meet with Kon-sama? I said my opinion and Ririn argue without changing her facial expressions.

“It is as you say, but it is not zero. Rin-sama was a Divine Ancient Dragon… A being which is close to a ‘God’ in our world. She probably consume all of her magical power and life to twist the natural flow of life”

Impossible! Impossible! Impossible! If she really did that, it will no longer be called magic but more of a “god’s miracle”.

“Don’t you think it’s strange? Rin-sama died before Kon-sama was born. There is also the fact that Kon-sama is abnormally attached to Kouki-kun. Kon-sama also talked about a girl who is called Alice as if talking about her own mother.

Considering all of them, it is natural to think that those two who love each other cross over the world and time for them to meet again.”

“That means Rin-sama use herself as a catalyst to make such magical scale succeed… Hahhahahaha! I only saw Rin-sama once when I was still young but to think she will become a god just for this reason”

Ririn says more things but I do not listen to her anymore. Rin-sama do not wish to dominate the world nor obtain infinite power─ I closed my eyes trying to recall the legendary dragon’s figure. The dragon who became a god for the sake of her love ones.