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Author’s Note: Sorry to keep you waiting! This is the first part of the Another World Arc climax.

TN: Sorry for the delay, It was because I was… Lazy… Yep. No reasonable excuse for this one. I was busy playing/reading Crystalline, I finished it before got my butt translating again. Also, the website of EODTranslation is gone.. For some reason, they also disappear in NU. I will translate Chapter 20-21 but I still can’t say when.

Take note, since both the Human and Multi-Race Alliance are both considered/called as ‘Alliance’. I will be calling the Human Alliance as ‘Union’ and Multi-Race Alliance as ‘Alliance’ to avoid confusion.

—- Arakawa Miki Point of View —-

After confirming that Victoria-san and the princesses agree on not doing a worthless battle due to the words of Kouki, I started to explain the strategy of our Alliance.

“As I mentioned earlier, our Alliance Army will not engage in Defensive Warfare. If the enemy attacks, we will push them back with our full force”

To the west of the kingdom is the sea, to the north is the Rinkudorubu Empire and to the east is the Principality of Ragire. There is no way to escape. The desert area spreads to the south, however deploying military forces in there is virtually impossible. Originally, the condition of the kingdom’s location is bad but with us and Ursna Empire on their side, the location is quite advantageous to us. I show an image taken by the satellite on the screen and explain our Alliance planned attack route.

“This is a map centered on the Kingdom of Merkava. The red convex marks are the forces of the Union and the blue convex marks are the forces of the Alliance. From the reports of Information Department, the Union Forces plans to attack the north and the east of the kingdom at the same time, because of that the Alliance is will be divided into three groups and will be sent on three different battlefronts”

“Hmm, north and east aren’t thy only battlefronts?”

Victoria-san who was doubtfully staring at the screen asked a question. Based on the level of civilization in this world, battlefield in here means fighting in the ground with the knights or fighting in the “Sky” to secure aerial dominance with Dragons, Dragon Warriors or something similar. However, if we include our technology, the “Sea” is can also be considered as one of the main battlefield.

“Yes, we have 3 battlefronts. The main force of Noah aims to attack Rinkudorubu Empire in the north from the sea but for that purpose, it is necessary for the Alliance to stop the Union Forces in the Kingdom”

“We will push back the Union Forces with all our might… but… we don’t have enough soldiers”

Cassis-ojo said with a depress face. It is expected that the advancing force of the empire from the north is around 120,000… It is certain that the kingdom is will be defeated by a decisive blow if left as is. I tell Cassis-ojo what I had consulted with Shuichi-san in advance. (TN: -ojo literally means ‘King’s daughter’. It is used to address a princess.)

“No need to worry. I will lend all the Alice-Type Ground Battleships owned by Noah to the Kingdom and will act under your command. I do not mind even if they are destroyed”

“Eehh!? but, how is Noah going to fight if you lend us your main weapons?”

“It seems there is a misunderstanding. The ground battleships are not our main weapons, rather they are just a propaganda weapon to show off our technological strength”

I smile looking at Cassis-ojo and Adrienne-ojo who are surprised by my words. There are still other weapons that my son asked us to develop and I am proud of that. One of that is a powerful weapon which is the main strength of Noah.

Leaving the frozen princesses, I explain to Victoria-san a rough strategy.

“Victoria-san, the Ursna Empire is in charge of the east battlefront, the expected force of the Principality of Ragire which will advance is around 250,000”

“250,000, mine opponents may be humans… but will still be tough with thy numbers, mine would also like to ask thy Noah’s aid “

“I understand, we will lend our ‘Flying Destroyer – Ortho’ and one brigade of power suits to Ursna Empire, please use them to break through their front”

Victoria-san had a question mark on her face about Ortho but it would be faster to show the real thing to her than explain. Originally, Ortho was a “Space Destroyer” that has the capability to fly in the atmosphere and have the technology of using Gravity Collapse Bullets but Kouki seems to be disappointed when that child saw the completed Ortho.

“That is not a flying battleship. I was thinking of something like a floating Fuso or Yamashiro Battleship” (TN: Ask google-sensei if you want to know what Fuso and Yamashiro Battleship looks like)

It was technically impossible to have such a size float in the air. What is also the point of using a ship designed over 200 years ago and making it fly? I thought about it for a while but I immediately collected myself, opening my mouth while looking at the face of the people in this place.

“I think that this will be a very difficult battle but this world will surely change if we achieve victory, let us grab the future using our own power”

After confirming that everyone strongly agree in my words, we signed a declaration of war against the Human Union with the ‘Alliance’ that has the three names of our country under it──

—- Arakawa Kouki Point of View —-

After Victoria-san and the princesses return to their respective countries, my mom spoke to me who is still sitting in the conference table without any idea on what I should do.

“Ko-chan will advance through the sea, we trust your 8th generation power suit. You just need to scatter around the neutralizing gas just like when you rescue Alice-chan”

“Iya~ that’s fine but… flying from Noah Island, even my suit has a limited travel range”

Certainly, my suit can travel a long distance of 3,200 kilometers on its own but if you load it with missiles to the limit, you can only move about half of that distance. Does mom really understand what she is saying?

“It’s alright, The power suit carrier ship that you asked before was completed so we can now move freely”

Ooh~! She seriously made it. The Flying Battleship is different from what I imagine but it will be good if the Carrier is just as I imagined. Other than that, I asked them to install a device that will raise a “roar” when use and spent a lot of effort into it, I wonder if they are done installing it? When I show the data to Shingo, I was extensively praised for it so I want them to load it as soon as possible.

“Mom, have you installed the roaring device that I asked you?”

As I said so, my mom replied with a smile on her face

“Eh~ Yeah… It was done but are you sure you want to use that device? I wonder if we should use a slightly different voice”

That’s useless! I will never allow it, my motif is Satanachia, the devil, so I will not accept other voices. Did you know how long it took me to make that voice!? I did my best so there is no reason in changing it.

“No, It is good as it is. How about the wings and tails made from the data we collected from the moon ruins, are they complete…”

“Those are also installed. Are you really fine with such an appearance? You will not regret it?”

When I said It’s okay, I heard mom saying “I wonder if we made a mistake in raising him” in small voice but I think the problem here is with my mother who does not understand the romance of men.

It seems that my suit is now being called “Improved 8th Generation Power Suit” in the Technical Department who is responsible for its maintenance. There are a total of three improvement in the suit. The first is the thrusters which had been exposed so far are now covered with armor plates which is designed by imitating six wings making it more durable. Second, due to the result of changing the balancer of the weight from the leg to the long tail attached to the lumbar of the suit, it is now possible for the suit to walk on all fours for an increase in speed. The third is changing the color of the suit from black to white and gold.

By the way, to match the improvements I changed the name of my suit to “Satanachia” and forced them to change my call sign from ‘OF-7-001’ to ‘Goetia’ (TN: Goetia is a practice that includes the conjuration of demons, specifically the ones summoned by the Biblical figure)

“Miki-san, we are ready to sortie”

I was having fun imagining the appearance of my new suit when Claire-san reported to my mom that preparation is complete. As expected, Noah easily prepare a team for war even with the sudden announcement. Claire-san talks to me while I was forcing my facial expression not to change while being impressed.

“The suit of Kouki-kun has been fully loaded. Miki-san already appealed our north forces that you will be the commander. Please go to the designated location as soon as possible”

Wait, I’m in command again!? Isn’t that strange! This job is for professional soldiers, Noah is a gathering of former elite units of United Nations. I shouldn’t do this!

“U-um~ It will be a real warfare team so─”

“Ja~ Ko-chan, I’m counting on you! Mom and Dad are commanding the Noah Army in cooperation with the Kingdom and the Empire, so let’s meet again at the extraction point after we break through the front line.

Also, the wings and tail attached to Satanachia are considered over technology even on Earth’s standard. Although it is regrettable, once the war is over, we will need to destroy those together with all the data about it. I’m sure the clever Ko-chan understand this”

After saying somewhat important things, mom stood up, looked back and started to leave together with Ellis-san. I seriously decided to return to Earth once this war is over.

Three days later, around 2,600 kilometers north of Noah Island, the northern army of Noah which is commanded by me are waiting for the final supplies and permission to enter the territorial waters of Rinkudorubu Empire.

Since I am totally useless when it comes to Military affairs, just like last time, Claire-san is the one who is actually giving the command and just asking me for permission. She was next to me communicating with the command center and with a serious face, she reported to me.

“We receive report from command center that the forces of Merkava Kingdom has engaged combat with Rinkudorubu Empire at the border, at the same time, the main force of Ursna Empire found the reconnaissance unit of Principality of Ragire and began to attack them in full force. They are currently crossing over the border and pursuing them”

Victoria-san is too much of a war freak, oi! I wonder if she will be able to keep our pace properly? I am starting to get a little uneasy.

“Under the above circumstances, the HQ is giving us permission to invade Rinkudorubu Empire. The order that we received is to [Force the Coast City of the Empire to surrender]”

“I understand, we will take actions immediately. I will leave the details to Claire-san and the Captain. Please deliver the order on what you think is best”

The two people gladly salute on my orders. Ma~ This is how it should be. The survival rate will decline if we just follow the order of a young kid like me who don’t know anything. I understand that I am here as a decoration but I wish for this to end soon because it is somewhat hard for me to have everyone see me just sitting in here…

While thinking about such things, I asked a nearby female crew member for coffee and sit deeply into my seat and closed my eyes.

“There are flying units approaching from bearing 3-1-1! Their number… is 40”

While drinking coffee and playing with Kon, the person in charge of monitoring suddenly raised a voice and made a report. Is it an enemy attack units? However, there is no way for Rinkudorubu Empire to know that we are in this area. While watching how we will respond, the Captain gave the order to launch the interceptors but Claire-san stop the Captain. (TN: An interceptor aircraft, or simply interceptor, is a type of fighter aircraft designed specifically to attack enemy aircraft, particularly bombers and reconnaissance aircraft, as they approach)

“I have confirmed with HQ that the 40 Dragon Riders who are approaching belongs to Ursna Empire, they are dispatched as reinforcement for us. The one in command is Viscount Acatle of the Mantis Race”

Acatle-san! So that mantis person is the one who will support us! Moreover, it is so cool that 40 people of Mantis Race are riding dragons. I can’t stop imagining it. What should I do… I want to see Acatle-san, I wonder if they will allow me to have some of them board the ship. It should be fine right? Since I am the commander.

“Captain, can you have 20 of them to land on this ship and the rest to the second ship, Mermaid? I’d like to see Acatle-san”

“Roger that, Induction Officer! Direct 20 of them including Viscount Acatle to the main ship and the rest to Mermaid”

I realize the power of a commander’s authority because I easily got the permission but I am more focus right now with Acatle-san. When I consult to Claire-san that I will meet Acatle-san, she told me “I will go with you” so the two of us made our way to the deck. I decided to ask why she wants to follow me.

“Claire-san, Acatale-san is our ally so I believe there is no danger even if I meet her alone”

“It’s not that, what I am worried about is your bad habit. Kakka have no prejudice towards the demi-humans and you treat any kind of race fairly, correct? Although I am one of the people who is not good with the Centipede Race, I saw you eat meals with them and I thought that the people of Noah should follow your example but…”

“But”, what? I haven’t done any mischief this pass days. I even give my Orichalcum to Coat-san!

“…but when you are excited, Kakka starts ‘Touching’ the demi-humans. I guess it is fine with the Mantis Race but you started rubbing the spider legs of Ilya-sama of the Arachne Race. If she is a human being, it is similar to you ‘excitedly rubbing the thigh of a woman’.

Fortunately, Ilya-sama understands that Kakka has no malicious intent but at worst case she can sue you for ‘Sexual Harassment\'”

Are you serious… I will dogeza the next time I meet Ilya-san. Now I know the reason why the other female demi-human soldiers tries to avoid me. I think a rumor of ‘The Major General of Noah is a Hentai’ among the soldiers of Ursna Empire is being spread. When I got on the deck while being hurt of such thoughts, the Dragon Riders arrived in the sky and starts preparing to land. (TN: Dogeza is an element of Japanese etiquette which involves kneeling directly on the ground and bowing to prostrate oneself while touching one’s head to the floor. Hentai means Pervert)

“The Mantis are really riding the dragons”

Claire-san was surprised. I also lost my words looking at the strange sight. When you speak about Dragon Riders, you will usually imagine people wearing black or silver armor bravely riding a dragon but the Dragon Riders in front of me are Dragons with insects riding on the back. The image of such fantasy scene collapse with a breaking glass sound but looking at it carefully, it is still cool in its own way.

While looking at them, the dragons slowly circle around the sky and descends to the deck. The first Dragon Rider has a gorgeous sword at their waist so I have no doubt that this is Acatle-san who I met in the Demon Lord’s castle. I ran over to the place where Acatle-san is whom I haven’t seen for a long while.

“Long time no see Acatle-san, your forelegs are as cool as usual. Can you let me touch them again?”

I remember the words of Claire-san and decided to get permission from the other party before touching anyone. Acatle-san gently presented her forelegs so I would not get hurt and I touch it. I found something strapped in her torso and it looks like it is made of mysterious material, I poke it with my finger and Acatle-san talked using her mouth.

“Kachi.., gichichichi…kachikachi”

“Acatle-san, I’m sorry but I cannot understand the language of the Mantis race. Can you use translation magic?”

Responding to my words, Acatle-san step back and a magic circle appear in the air. Since it is a magic that I have never seen before, I was watching it with amazement. The people of Noah who are also in the deck also watch Acatle-san with a surprised expression. After the shining strong green light disappear, the people around was surprised even more.

“I believe my words will now be conveyed properly with this, how about it?”

There is a “Woman” speaking in human language in front of me. She is wearing a dark green beautiful dress and a gorgeous sword on her waist. While being confused, I finally got words out of my mouth to ask the woman.

“Ah…Eh, uhm… are you Acatle-san?”

“Yes. I am Mindena Acatle. That’s right, we did not introduce our self to each other before. Under the order of her majesty Victoria, the 40 Dragon Riders who belong to Ursna Empire is here to support Major General”

Is Acatle your name or surname? Which is it? No, beside that point… I was touching the strap of Acatle-san’s torso but now it is around her breast. If I convert everything into Claire-san’s words, “I was poking the breast of a woman”, then… there is only one action that I need to do──

“Acatle-san, Moshiwake arimasendeshita!” (TN: Moshiwake arimasendeshita, formal way of saying ‘I’m Sorry/Apologize’)

I decided to apologize for being rude by kneeling and putting my head to the floor of the deck near her feet.

—- Acatle-san Point of View —-

“Acatle-san, Moshiwake arimasendeshita!”

I was surprised when Kouki-san apologized by rubbing his head to the ground as I introduce myself, the woman next to him explained the situation.

“Kakka didn’t know that he was touching the chest of Acatle-sama. He is usually capable and intelligent but he become somewhat weird sometimes when in contact with rare races. It looks like he also didn’t know that Acatle-sama was a woman, will you please forgive him for this one time?”

I see, Kouki-san does not seem to know that we actually don’t mind to be touch by humans. This is kind of amusing and want it to last for a while… but he is one of the leader of Alliance── I cannot have his majesty, Devil to stay on the ground so I had him get up quickly. (TN: At first I thought its fine to translate 魔神陛下(Majin Heika) as Demon King, but Demon King is 魔王(Mao). So I’ll leave it as ‘His Majesty, Devil’. Let me know if you have better alternative for Majin Heika)

“We do not mind, we of the Mantis Race does not feel aversion when touch by a human but please be careful as other tribes may care about it”

Kouki-san who stood up with tears on his eyes lowered his head and apologized, after that he asked a question.

“Acatle-san was a woman, I really thought that you were a man. Are there many female soldiers in the Empire’s Army?”

“No, that is not the case, females are more powerful on insect type races but there should be more male soldiers in other races”

Kouki-san nods as he agreed with my explanation but I am honestly more concerned about this ship than such trivial things. Her majesty described the ship to us before she gave us the order to support the people of Noah… While flying in the sky, my heart skip a beat and thought that it is impossible as I saw this ship really floating in the sea. While my subordinates are also curiously touching the deck and walls of the ship, I asked a question

“Major General, the hull of this ship is made of ‘Ice’?”

“That’s right, the name of this ship is ‘Iceberg-Type power suit carrier – Siren’. The ship with a slightly different shape which can be seen over there is the ‘Iceberg-Type power suit carrier – Mermaid’. The engineering department of Noah who take my joke seriously tried to build it and this is the result, it is quite large isn’t it? Using our unit of measurement, the length is around 700 meters”

I believe it is a mistake to say that the size is just ‘quite large’… but I should keep quiet as this are the words of his majesty, Devil. I suddenly saw one of my subordinates trying to check the strength of the ice with their forelegs so I went and stop them in a hurry, Kouki-san who was watching, smile and say something while laughing.

“Let’s go inside, it is kind of cold here. It is almost lunch time as well so why not have the other people from the Mantis race eat inside”

“You like demi-humans to eat together with humans?”

“Yes. The people of Noah does not care about such things but there are some people who are not good with insects, not demi-humans, so please try not to come close to those people”

Although, in our hearts, we have not fully trusted yet the human beings. Apparently, it seems to be all right to trust the people of Noah who came from a different world. I thanked Kouki-san and said “It is our honor to join you”. Then I decided to stab my subordinate who was still scraping the ice even though I already warned them earlier.

“Eh, then I am not treated as a Hentai?”

“Yes, everyone does not approach you, Major General, because there are some who is calling you, the Devil”

While I was drinking tea after dinner with Kouki-san, he asked “Am I hated by the female soldiers of the Imperial Army?”. It seems that he thought it was cause of him touching the body of Ilya and I but it is different.

I explain to him that most female soldiers are saying “It is scary to talk to the Devil who rank higher than her highness, Victoria”. He deny the idea and seemed to be confused.

“I am not a Devil or someone amazing, That’s why this one… Kon, is a better fit for that description, Kon is an Ancient Dragon “

Saying that, Kouki-san grabbed a fruit on the table and let Kon eat it, but what he is saying does not mean anything to us. There is a legend from ancient times which is passed down through our ancestors.

“Demons will appear in the interval of time… The world will end. After that, the demon will sublimates under the devil and will control their rebirth for the world to be born again”

Could this saying pertains to the people of Noah? I heard that the progression of time is different between their world and our world and above all, I think that the “devil” refers to the armor worn by Kouki-san.

When I was about to explain that, Claire-san who was introduced to me a while ago came into the room and spoke to Kouki-san.

“Kakka, there is only one hour remaining until the time of operation. Please get ready”

“I understand, I know that we cannot allow everyone from the reinforcement to come in but can we atleast allow Acatle-san to enter the CIC? Since she came all the way here to support us, we can show our appreciation to them this way”

“Yes, I already asked the Captain’s permission in advance thinking that you will ask for it, I also have the permission for the subordinates of Acatle-san to stay in the recreation room”

I follow Claire-san who leads the way but Kouki-san went to another aisle in the middle of walking, I was wondering why and decided to ask a question.

“Is the Major General going to watch in a different room?”

“No, Kakka will lead the attack as the operation begins. Our forces here in the north… rather Noah’s greatest strength is his power suit”

It is impossible to understand the common sense of people from the different world since they are sending the commander himself to sortie, though I will not say anything since I know that he will definitely return unharmed. I was thinking about such things and arrived in front of a room with solid iron doors.

On both sides of the door, you can see soldiers with a weapon called a “rifle” guarding it. In a glance, you will know that this is an important room.

“Acatle-san, this room manages all of our battles. It is called CIC. I apologize but please do not touch any of the equipment once we are inside”


Upon entering the opened door, there are people working with agile movement in the room illuminated with bright blue light. I don’t know where I should stay to get out of their way and while I am having trouble about it, a man wearing a black military uniform speak to me with a smile.

“I am the Captain of Siren, Carter, we welcome the reinforcements of Ursna Empire. Please sit down on this seat”

After giving my thanks, I sat on the seat which was given to me. Carter-san tries to explain our plan and the facilities inside the room in an easy-to-understand manner.

“That large screen shows what is happening outside, it similar to magic tools that allows you to see things from far away. The round screen on the right is a radar and it is a tool that will allow us to detect opponents even those beyond the horizon unless on certain condition. I don’t think you will be able to understand the others even if I explain them right now, so I will do it later. After this, in 45 minutes, the Coast City of Rinkudorubu Empire is will be within our attack range. The moment we enter the attack range, the power suit ‘Satanachia’ worn by Kakka is will be launch into the center of the enemy defense. He will spray the neutralizing gas around him and a subsequent troops of power suits will follow him from behind to control the enemy. This time, we are attacking a city of an enemy country where many civilians live, so we will not use the main guns of the ship.

According to Carter-san’s explanation, they intend to control the city with minimal damage as much as possible. While admiring the attitude of Noah who are being careful of not hurting their enemies. Claire-san prepared a drink and brought it to me. While looking at the people moving around while drinking, the start time of the operation arrived. Kouki-san appeared on a screen and started to talk with Claire-san.

“Can you hear me? My preparation is complete, but… why do I need to go inside a capsule?”

“Kakka, that is an armored capsule especially designed for descending the atmosphere. It has the highest level of defense performance against shock and heat, it is perfect for breaking through the enemy defense. You are not thinking ‘I want to attack by flying because that looks cool’ are you? Even if you are talented enough to do that, I will not allow it because it is too dangerous”


After being silent for a quite some time Major General finally gave a reply, does he really want to fly in the sky that bad? I specialize in driving through the sky as a Dragon Rider but I still think that it is not a good idea to just fly over towards the enemy army. Claire-san said that he is a genius but I am now wondering if that is true, Carter-san started giving out orders in a loud void while wondering about this.

“180 seconds remaining for our planned time to attack, Satanachia prepare for launch”

“Ready, prepare for the launch impact. Countdown”

“160, 159, 158─”

The gentle face of Kouki-san disappear and soon changed into a serious face. All I can do right now is to wish for Kouki-san and the Noah soldiers who will follow him to come back home safely. I was praying as if they are someone who fought together with me in a battlefield for so many years.

“5, 4, 3, 2, Satanachia launch!”

The moment Carter-san said that, the image on the screen changed to the Coast of Rinkudorubu Empire and a big object was flying toward it. When the image was enlarged, the object that fell into the coast is something like an “egg” but is this the one that they are calling “capsule” earlier?

Kouki-san is supposed to be inside, but there is no movement… When the people in the room began to panic, we heard Kouki-san’s voice.

“Ano~ the device for the door of the capsule is broken. It won’t open, what should I do?”

“Please force it open. You are in Satanachia so Kakka should be able to break it open”

As Claire-san replied, Kouki-san replied “I understand” nonchalantly. He is not feeling tense in the battlefield? Gan! Gan! We can hear the sound of him hitting the capsule and at the same time, together with the sound the egg on the screen cracks. The hand came out from inside.

Eventually the arm… then the Head… the figure of the upper body of the devil gradually show and finally the lower body with a long tail came out from the egg. As if frustrated being sealed inside it, the devil reflected on the screen roar.


I was convinced when I heard the crooked voice. The roar of the devil who has just hatched from its egg is telling all the living creatures that ‘The world is about to end’──

—- Arakawa Kouki Point of View —-

I accidentally pushed the button for the roaring device while struggling in getting out of the armored capsule. At the moment the button was pressed, a voice similar to a badly tuned violin resounded from the external speaker of Satanachia. I was planning on using it while descending from the sky as if announcing my arrival but I cannot do that now.

It should be feeling similar to something like ‘Satanachia has arrived!’ but what happened just now is a complete mess. While feeling bad about what happened, I grabbed the tail of Kon who is now in my head and drop him into my knee. He made a “Kokyu~u” sound so I gently stroke his head and think on what to do next.

For now, I should let Claire-san knows that we successfully escaped from the capsule while Kon is quietly shaking in my knee.

“We have succeeded in going out from the capsule. We will not try to control the enem──”

“Kakka, what’s the matter? Did something happen?”

Although Claire-san was talking on the other side of the line, I cannot hear it. At the same time I was speaking with Claire-san, I was looking at the state of the coast through the external camera and saw the knights lying on the ground.

No way… did I cause this to the knights when I was trying to go out of the capsule? If you hit a human being using a power suit, they will surely die. I break to cold sweat and get close to a man who looks like a knight and gently scan for biological reactions.

“He is breathing… The heart also seems to be beating, are they just unconscious?”

Not that far from where the fainted knights are, there is a knight who is riding something similar to a horse and is escaping in full speed. Maybe we should ask that knights on what really happen here? Using the 4 legged form of my suit, I ran at high speed and grab the knight using the right hand of the suit.

“Ano~ What is going here? Are you fighting against your allies, if so then why is your country attacking?”

[Let me go! I have a wife and a child! Please do not eat me]

I cannot use translation magic so I do not understand what the knight is saying. Maybe Acatle-san who is in Siren can translate it for us. I use the communication device to contact her and she told me what the knight is saying.

“Major General… The human knight is frightened. This is hard for me to say but everyone will think that they will be eaten if a demon chase after them like that”

In a hurry to the words, I release the knight and he ran away while crawling. Is my suit really that scary!? They are hopeless… the people of the other world cannot understand romance. I have to spread the greatness of Satanachia starting with the Alliance once the war is over. A communication comes in from Claire-san while I was thinking such things.

“Kakka, we have confirmed that the main gate of their fortress is now open and they are raising a white flag. They realize that they continue the battle, leave the rest to the team following behind you and return to Siren. Thank you for your hard work”

What do you mean by ‘Thank you for your hard work’ if I haven’t done anything yet! Why is the captain saying “As expected of Kakka”? All my practice in front of the mirror to say “Go on without me, I will hold them off” in a cool way was wasted!

Kuso! Let’s just go back home and sleep. After I return to Siren, I will go straight to my room without going to CIC. To protect Kon from the vibration, I hug Kon who is on my knees as I ignite the thrusters Evening of the same day…

The empire headquarters got the information that “Asti”, the impregnable Coast City of Rinkudorubu Empire had fallen in just few minutes. They did not believe it and initially take the information as lie.

However, some of the anti-war factions independently dispatched a survey team to the defense stations where people from Asti escaped to. They found out that the information was true. At this point, they are starting to have anxiety towards the direction of war. At midnight, they did not expect to receive more ‘Allied Military Defeat” reports from different places.

Author’s Note:

We have kept you readers waiting. The next one is the story of the battlefronts of Merkava and Ursna Forces. The ground battle ships and other large weapons are available on this story.

I got the idea of Iceberg Power Suit Carrier from “Deruta-sama”, Legend of the Demi-Humans from “Saruson-sama” and the egg capsule from “Sky-sama”!