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Author’s Note: It is short, but please do not ignore this because it will connect well with the next episode. Also, bla bla etc etc. ヾ (* ‘· ω ·) ノ ノ

TN: A little early since it is short! I like the emoticon made by the author on his note so I include it. It reminds me a lot of Rusaku-sama, the celebrity of Japanese WN. LoL. Victoria’s POV is not what I expect. Sad 😦

I also cleared Fatal Bullet last night, what a meaningful weekend for me!

—-Arakawa Kouki Point of View —-

I took Victoria-san back to Noah Island, I was greeted by Macho with his fist for my desperate escape from the island and entering the Demon Kingdom. While holding down my head, I was ordered to stay in the detention room for three days as punishment but taking the result of my negotiation with Victoria-san, it was changed to one day. (TN: Macho did not punch Kouki, it is more like a powerful knock on his head)

Before entering the room, I bought tomatoes and fruits at PX for my payment to Kon… It doesn’t look right seeing Kon eating the fruits that I gave. Although he is only about 40 centimeters in length, he is having no trouble eating the entire melon including its skin.


Kon who noticed me staring wrote letters on paper and show it to me.

“I will not give it to you”

“I don’t need it”

You already had a bite on it. However, that’s is not the reason. What I am really concern about is how you can eat something that has the same mass as yourself, Isn’t that funny!? That melon has the same size as your torso.

“Na~ Kon, where does the food that you eat go?”

“As soon as I eat it, it will be taken in and converted into magical energy. That is why I do not excrete”

Kon no longer needs the help of its own hands to write letters using the tail so Kon was able to explain it while eating the melon. In other words, when Kon gets a meal Kon will get more magical power. Kon can increase its own magical power infinitely by eating more food, giving Kon the capability to produce as many “gold blocks” and “Jewelry” as we want.

Would it be possible for mom to sell those in the black market? I could increase my pocket money that way as well.

“Your face shows that you are thinking of something bad, I still feel full so it is impossible to have infinite magical power”

Kon is writing letters while looking at me sideways, Damn… This lizard was able to observe my habit really well.

“I am not thinking anything. Do not write strange things, you lizard”

“Kon! Kon! Grou….”

Kon got angry with my words or something. I got scared a little with the roar but I somewhat able to keep my figure and talk back to Kon. In the first place, a dragon is a creature that can fly in the sky or breath flames. Kon does not look like it has dignity like Victoria-san or like the Ice Spirit Maid which has an aura of cold air.

After listening to such words, Kon release the melon that it held so much and writes letters using its tail in an angry manner.

“When I roar towards the Demon Lord, The Demon Lord was clearly frightened! That is because my rank is at the top! Isn’t that right? I am a dragon but I am not from the dragon race. I am a ‘Divine Ancient Dragon’. Usually, ordinary black or dimension dragon will not be able to make precious metal through alchemy without equivalent exchange!”

It is absolutely a lie. Ancient Dragons are the most intelligent race. I never heard of such event where a dragon cannot speak the words even though they can write the letters.

“Do not lie, why can’t you speak? If you use a legendary class of magic, you can easily learn the human language”

The moment I said those words, Kon’s tail and wings staggered and began to write letters different from his attitude earlier.

“When I was born… my mother already passed away. There are no others of the same race in the surroundings. To protect myself from the enemies, I enter a long-term dormant state.

To return from the dormant state, a huge amount of magical power is needed. I thought that my own kind would find me someday and pour the needed magical energy. However, master picked me up and I woke up in a different world”

That’s right, I forgot but I did not know Kon was dormant when I carry Kon away from the other world. Naturally, there are no one who can teach Kon magic in my world and there isn’t anyone who can understand the language of the Dragons so Kon studied on how to write on its own.

It was my fault if I think over it again. When I lost my words to say, my mouth flutter and Kon wrote more letters and show it to me.

“I do not regret it. My master, your mother, Alice and everyone kindly raised me. So I am happy with the way the things happened. Everything is fine! However, do not forget that I am an amazing dragon”

After writing, Kon eats the melon again with its regained energy. Somehow, I became embarrassed and said “Thank You” with a voice just enough for Kon to hear. The great dragon in front of me returned a reply by wagging its tail.

I know that I will be spending the days in the room without touching the terminals and my books. I had no idea that time will advance very slowly if there is nothing to do. Since I am too busy lying down and drowning myself on the bed. Kon who became round by finishing the meal jumped over next to me.

While stroking the head of Kon with my right hand while staring at the ceiling, I noticed that the number of people walking in the corridor is increasing. I sit up my body and listen carefully, I can hear the sound of helicopters. It is not like there are only one or two of them, it sounds like there are dozens of them waiting to take off.

“Did something happen?”


When Kon and I was looking at each other, the sound of the door unlocking resounded and Claire-san who seems to be breathless came in with a scary face.

“Good morning Kouki-kun, your punishment was lifted”

“What happened?”

“‘The Human Alliance Army’ lead by Capus Kingdom declared war on the Kingdom of Merkava, one hour ago. Noah is to participate as ally of the Kingdom of Merkava in respect for the signed Security Treaty. I think you should also prepare quickly”

I cannot understand why I should prepare as well but I leave the room wearing the white military uniform that she gave me. Kon hold into my arm while wearing a card on its neck with the words “Noah” written on it. We decided to follow Claire-san together.

When I enter the command center in the basement, there are 5 people who seemed to be waiting for me. Mom, Macho, Cassis-san, Victoria-san and Adrienne-san were looking in our direction while sitting at the table.

“Kouki, come here quickly”

According to my mom’s words, I sat down in the vacant seat and she began to explain to me the current situation because I was confined in a room.

“I believe you already heard a brief explanation from Claire-san but Capus Kingdom has declared war on the Kingdom of Merkava. In response to that, the Principality of Ragire, Rikuru Nation and Rinkudorubo Empire of the Human Alliance also declared war on Merkava. The aim of the ‘Human Alliance Army’ is to subjugate all demi-humans”

Are they stupid? Do they seriously think that they can annihilate the entire demi-human of this world with just 4 countries? The military power, resources and coalition itself will collapse first. When I question that point, mom answers with a straight face.

“No, it’s not just four countries. It is actually a 12-country alliance because minor cities and states scattered around them also joined.”

Aren’t we in trouble!? How can she say this with a straight face? Noah’s maximum military power is 80,000. If we mobilize, standing next to the kingdom’s army there is only around 100,000 people at most. It was 12 countries invading so they will surely come with a big troops of around 500,000… Should we do something about our defensive line?

“How are we going to set our Defensive Line? We might lose the war of attrition”

“Defensive Line? What are you talking about? We are going to attack. Isn’t that why you told Victoria-san to ‘lend the Imperial army’?”

I did not say such a thing! I said ‘Please lend me your strength so Noah can live in this world’. I did not say any warlike things. I tried to explain the misunderstanding but mom continue the explanation and started talking.

“So then, we are taking this situation seriously and decided to stop all peace talks and form our own military alliance. The three countries of Noah, Merkava Kingdom and Ursna Empire is herby called the ‘Multi-Race Alliance’. We will fight against the Human Alliance Army”

Since you said ‘We will fight’, does that mean that we will kill people? I do not want to do that. In the first place, the reason why we move to a different world is to avoid this kind of thing. I will not ask ‘Are you prepared to kill’ because I am not that cold but I really do not want war. If it can be resolved with talks, isn’t it better to hold a place for peace negotiation with the Allied Forces once more?

“Mom, I don’t want us to kill each other”

“Don’t worry… Although we will go to war, we will not kill each other. We thought about this carefully, so please cooperate with us”

While saying that, mom was smiling and gently stroke my head──

KoukiWhiteUniform(Kouki, Miki, Victoria, Adrienne)

—- Victoria Point of View —-

“Don’t worry… Although we will go to war, we will not kill each other. We thought about this carefully, so please cooperate with us”

Miki-dono who said that was stroking the head of Kouki but how are we going to defeat the Human Alliance Army without killing them? There is no way that she will surrender based on our conversation earlier. I’m pretty sure that the mother of Kouki, Miki-dono, is an amazing person. Maybe I should ask what she is trying to do… (TN: -dono is an honorific which is kind of similar to -sama. The only difference is -dono roughly means “lord” or “master”. In a sense, it is more formal than -sama)

“Miki-dono, I apologize but I do not know any way of winning without killing thy enemy”

Miki-san shows an image which is in a large mirror-like magic item and began to explain.

“We will be using a ‘neutralizing gas’ which is a better version of BZ Gas. The intention is to forcibly disarm them in the battlefield by letting them inhale this. If it become inevitable to engage in melee combat, please use the ‘Stun Swords’ which are provided by Noah. The Stun Swords has current of high voltage which can cause the opponent to faint when hit

In any case that these weapons cannot suppressed the enemies, I will authorize the use of deadly weapons, but before you use it, please contact the emergency response group of Noah which are also deployed in the area. As much as possible… no─ I absolutely want to end this war without anyone dying” (TN: BZ is a NATO code for 3-Quinuclidinyl Benzilate(QNB). In US Army it is code EA-2277 and Substance 78 for the Soviet Code. It is an odorless military incapacitating agent with a half-life of three to four weeks in moist air)

Certainly, it is possible to end this war without anyone dying if we combined the technology and the forces of demi-humans. However… Why do we have to do such troublesome things? For my subject to have been persecuted for a long time, It would been fine to kill the human beings. The people from Noah don’t have any connection to the humans of this world since they are from a different world.

The Princesses of the kingdom does not agree with my proposal to ‘Kill the Alliance’, but they are also not oppose in particular. I wait for Miki-dono’s judgment.

“I have a question, why all the demi-human being persecuted?”

“Humans suddenly attacked us. When we fight back against them, some of the few races were gradually subjugated and made slaves”

When replying to Kouki, Miki-dono in response was thinking silently. This brings back bad memories. We should destroy the savage race of humans by humiliating them. Depending on the reply of Miki-dono, the Empire might act alone. Kouki asked again while tilting his head.

“Humans really attacked ‘Without any reasons’? Vampire Race did not suck human blood? No Fairy Race abducting human children or doing some mischief?”

“What thy want to say?”

“From the perspective of demi-humans it might not be a threat or just intended it to be a little mischief but it could be not the case with the humans. The usual judgment of living beings with intelligence is to protect yourself in groups if you cannot defeat the enemy alone.

If you kill them, the other humans of another continent will think ‘It might be our turn next’ and will also prepare for battle. Are you going to continue on fighting until either one of you is destroyed? Isn’t it better to gather our courage and go ahead one step beyond that and not do those useless silly actions?”

While listening to the words of Kouki, I had noticed. This boy, who came from a different world is a messenger sent by God to lead our race to the right path──

After thousands of years in the future, when the existence of Noah was considered as a myth… The historians who usually don’t bend their own ideas reach the same conclusion.

“In this world, during the period where the demi-humans are persecuted. There are heroes who ended the dark age…”

Saint Adrienne, Wise Cassis, Demon Lord Victoria, The Witch of the other world, Miki and another person who was barely described but did the most out of the 4 – The Devil Kouki. There is no doubt that these 5 heroes are the one responsible in showing the light for the dark period which is still going on.

Author’s Note:

This time is Kon’s Identity and Explanation Time. I am sorry that the misunderstanding trick are few, the next story is will be darker.

The story after several thousand of years was an idea from “sahyoue-sama”! At last, the heroes became myths. Rather, I think that this is the main point of this chapter.

The different world edition will end in the next 3 or 4 chapters. Actually, I think the next one is fairly interesting in my perspective as the author. I am still rewriting a part but expect that the “Weapon of Romance” is will be active along with few misunderstandings.