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Author Notes: This time story is long so I will divide it into two.

Again, sorry for the late post. There will be no dates for the next chapters because I am really busy. I will however try to post at least 1 chapter per week but no promises. There are a lot of things in this chapter that I think have proper military terms, but I am ignorant to those. I did try searching the web when I have an idea about it but let me know if there are words/sentence in here that we have to change.

Also, I am changing Lewis to Luis. I reread the novel from the beginning and found out that Luis was actually mentioned on the earlier but he was called ‘Louis”. He was also called as Lois on other chapters. To make it uniform, I will settle his name as “Luis” and will also update my previous chapters at a later date.

—- Arakawa Shuichi point of view —-

The moment I dive into the black gate, I sense a feeling which is hard to express. If I am to say something about it, it would be a feeling like diving into a ‘Tempered Water’. It is kind of similar when we carried out a sweeping strategy at the back of Amazon, although we dipped in rotten and muddy water on that one.

In just few moments, my sights cleared and a meadow came in front of me. This is without a doubt as Ozaki explains… an extremely isolated island in an ocean which is surrounded by steep cliff.

“Is this place a habitat for bird-like creatures?”

In the meadow seen trough the camera of the suit, I can sporadically see the feathers of big birds. At the same time, after confirming that the device with sufficient oxygen concentration and toxicity is not filled, I open the cockpit of the suit and try to breath in the outside air.

“Umai~… It is clear” (TN: Umai = delicious but in this sentence he meant that the air is fresh)

I take out the cigarette which is in my breast pocket and light it up with a fire. While spitting out smoke as I was waiting for my subordinates to arrive, the space behind me distorts and blurred shadows slowly appears. Was there a time lag with earth as per the preliminary explanation? I was watching a suit coming out of the distorted space with a ‘tepid’ feeling.

However… It takes such a long time for my subordinates to appear who should have jumped in immediately after me. Tomorrow is the transition of Kouki in here from the other world. Finishing my third cigarette while watching my subordinates who have only yet transferred their upper body, I again look at the ‘surface of another world’.

“Three hours after embarking into the gate, the number of people who transition is 20 people.”

Luis who just came after me unlocks his suit and sits in the meadow. Before the transition, Kouki told him “It will take time so it is better to bring at least 2 items of supplies with you”. If he did not give that advice, we would have wasted a whole day. While thinking about such a thing, I found a suit transferring something from the truck.

“Luis, what is loaded in that truck?”

“It is the [Outpost Base Materials]”

I see, so you start to plan on to setting up the outpost base. I look around and saw my men who are chasing birds like idiots and saying “Let’s have Yakitori!”. I issue an order to prepare in setting up the base. They are well-trained soldiers, I watched them immediately re-wear their suit and started to survey the surroundings. I started on thinking about the placement of the base while checking the arm terminal.

(TN: Yakitori = Japanese Skewered Chicken)

My subordinates who were exploring the islands while chasing birds found out and reported that this island has an elliptical shape and is about 40km around. It is mostly grassy field and there is only few woodland area on the south side making this island itself a natural fortress. I decided to build the base at the center of the island for counter measure against enemies.

“Luis, you build the base at the center of the island. Set the base 600 square meters in length and breadth. Surround it with Reinforced Barrier, place the anti-aircraft guns in the center and put the gate you brought in on the north side.”

“What about surveillance?”

“Have pairs of two people head in east, west, north and south of the island. Have them equipped with sniper rifles and floodlights. They are not allowed to shoot unauthorized, tell them to withdraw if they find something.”

After receiving my instructions, Luis sends it using his terminal. We will now help with the task of removing supplies from the truck. After setting up the base, we will launch the satellite and assemble the Reconnaissance Aircraft. We also have to think about the arrangement of tanks.

While thinking that work is almost done while unloading the luggage, I noticed that the number of people greatly increased. I called out to Luis while wondering.

“Your son said ‘Moving one by one is a waste of time so just have the suit grab the truck and enter the gate’. It is said that he is giving instructions at the other side.”

I see, It will be good because safety here is will be guaranteed to some extent. It is a command that I should have done from the very beginning… Kouki, I really appreciate it.

Thanks to the increase number of subordinates, work quickly proceeded and the defense walls of the base have been completed.

The observation satellite is assembled according to the given instructions. A report came in stating that it is about to prepare for launch. However, everything is going so well, I cannot help but think that something troublesome will happen. As I was thinking that─── An emergency contact from the surveillance team came in.

“This is the surveillance team from the east side. A large flying creature is approaching from area 0-9-3. Altitude 80. Distance 2500. Moving at low speed.”

“Surveillance Team, does the creature seem to have intelligence?”

“Unknown, however… I do not think there is intelligence in a creature who looks like a [Rotten Meat Monster]”

Although Luis confirmed if the reported creature of the surveillance team [have intelligence], We got a reply saying [probably not]. What now? Even though it is slow, we do not have much time… it will reach over the sky of this island in about 10 minutes. The creature will likely notice us in here.

“It will surely notice us”

Contact is unavoidable if it see us. Should we try using the floodlight to check the situation first? No, there is the danger that my subordinates will come in contact because of that. We can do a warning shot at distance 900 or send a light signal to see how it reacts. I will ask Luis to give his opinion before giving out the decision to my subordinates.

“Send a light signal. If it still continue to approach, fire two warning shot on the sea surface right under the target and if it still continue to approach after that… I give my permission in shooting it down at distance 300”


After their reply, I stop the communication in order to check on my nearby subordinates. They were listening on that exchange, my men are gathered around and had a deep breath as they watch the situation. Well it is expected, their fellow troops are doing their first “Battle” in the different world. I have no intention of scolding those who stops working… and then, the communication starts again.

“Target Down”

“Roger that, send a person here to report”

Apparently, our first contact with the creatures of different world have a disappointing result. I go to the command center which was recently set up to hear the battle report from the returning subordinate.

“Then… the 80mm sniper rifle you used is effective?”

“Yes, though it was too powerful. I believe shooting it down is possible even with the 20mm gun which the infantries carry.”

It is just like what was said. In the video collected from the suit, the monster falling to the sea surface after a single shot was projected. The basic structure of the living things in here seems not that much different from earth. The monster which was hit by a bullet on its head proves it and there should be no mistake about it.

However, when Miki analyzed the videos of Kouki when he was transferred to another world before, it is reported that the creatures in that world used something like a bulletproof walls called “Magic Barriers”. Are there no barriers in G-88?

“Have you ever been hindered by something when you shoot?”

“I do not understand the meaning of the question… but…well, it seemed like there was a lag for a moment before the bullet landed on the target. It was as if it had penetrated something.”

As expected, it is better to think that “some kind of barrier” exist in this world. Miki says, “Even if it is called magic, it is probably just a mass of energy. So you should be able to invalidate it by using an energy or power beyond that”. In this case, the barrier energy that the monster deployed was defeated by the power of the rifle bullet.

I draw my conclusions and dismiss my men. The question is whether a 5.56mm, which is the general caliber carried by infantry will pass or not… Well, we cannot just look for a protists and shoot them to test it, so it will be on hold for now.

“Captain, we will launch the observation satellite since the assembly of the VSTOL Aircraft brought with it was completed. We will be starting the test flight”

(TN: VSTOL = Vertical/Short Takeoff and Landing. V/STOL aircraft is an airplane able to take-off on short runways or take-off or land vertically. I believe VSTOL is also mentioned in Chapter 22 but I did not note what it was, sorry about that)

“Ok. As soon as the test flight is completed, begin the operation for gathering information. This will put a burden on the pilot but I am counting on you guys.”

After instructing Luis who came into the room, I light a cigarette and breath in the smoke. I understand that the number of my cigarette used recently increased but I cannot stop myself. Since we have set up the base and barracks, we just have to wait for the gathered information. I wonder what to do next, I have no idea on the priority of the tasks.

If this is the case, I should have pushed Ellis earlier into the gate. As I regret not having Ellis come here early, a knock is can be heard on the door.

“Ellis Dauntless, reporting in”

“I have been waiting! For the time being, we have done what is needed but I am thinking of what we should do afterwards”

When I call out, Ellis pushes up her eyeglasses with her finger while having a sullen face.

“Done? From what I confirmed before I came into this room. I only saw that the base was set up. What about work hours? The allocation in the barracks? Meals and PX usage time? Recreation Facilities?… In particular, the installation of the shower rooms. It seems that there are cigarette butts on the ashtray for a long time, what on earth were you doing?”

I forgot─── Ellis biggest difference to Clair is her ‘Poisonous Tongue’. Claire does not say anything even when she thinks of something but Ellis will just say it out clearly. Moreover, most of what she say is reasonable that I do not have an escape on what she is telling me. People being told by her have no choice but to endure it as their heart breaks.

“My bad, I will leave the operation regarding the facilities to you”

“I wonder if this is better, Captains should demonstrate their abilities in combat aspects. Is it acceptable to release the birds that idiots A and B caught earlier? Everyone are making noise saying ‘Make a Yakitori’ but I do not want to that”

I do not want to eat it, so give me permission. Ellis complained even more and operated her terminal at high speed, sending instructions to her men. If you let these facilities operate under Ellis, she will show more aspect than that of Claire. However, it becomes inevitable that the rules becomes very strict.

Somehow, to someone who is supposed to be the Captain… Ellis sent an e-mail to my terminal asking me to do some heavy works.

During my break, on the time the Ellis provided as dinner. I received an urgent message saying “Please come to the command post”, so I head to the command center while holding a dish. As I enter the room, my men who did not take off their flight equipment did a salute and wait for me to reply with the same action.

“You have a bad manners Captain, I will wait for you to finish that dinner for 20 seconds”

In order not to anger Ellis who have wrinkles between her eyebrows, I eat my meal in full power. 20 seconds later, Ellis began to explain.

“The pilot of the observation aircraft returned from information gathering. With the analyzed data and testimonies from the team, it was confirmed that there are no artificial buildings(artifact) which can be verify as a city within 400km radius. The first artifact is at 520km south which seems to be a “Lighthouse”. From this information, it is inferred that the living beings of this world have the ability to set sail. There is no doubt that this is a product of this world’s science and technology.”

In other words, the living beings here are not similar to the “Primitive Man” on earth? I finally finished my meal when I asked the question. Everyone in the hall nods and this time Coat brings a mobile screen and starts a detailed explanation.

(TN: Coat = coat guy, the one who loves stray cats)

“This is an image from the observation satellite that was launched. Currently, the satellite is stationary and is almost directly above this base. The result of analyzing the said image is that… this world is in a proper universe. Perhaps the physical law is similar to that of earth. There are no turtles or something similar which is holding the world.”

(TN: What he meant is something similar to this:


I see. It is not such a funny world where in sea water falls from the edge of the world to infinite abyss like in certain myths. However, it is quite different from the Earth’s continental map… It seems like there are 8 continents and there are dots representing each. Which point are we in? I urge the Coat to further explain.

“The place we are located is here. It is an island in the upper left of the continent which is reflected in the center. For convenience, we will name it [Noah Island]. In the image from the satellite, you can see a large city at 920 km south of Noah Island. Considering the size of the city scattered around it, it is probably the capital city”

Although the cities around the capital are only around 1000km away, the level of the civilization is rather low. There are no aircraft or flying vehicles found. I want more information… I asked Ellis if there is something else that we can check but she gave me the response, “The vice captain is analyzing the data”.

I decided to wait for Luis and let the subordinates who are still wearing the flight equipment go and take their meals. After waiting for about an hour, I heard the sound of running footsteps in the hallway and Luis jumped into the room.

“I deeply apologize, it took time in adjusting the satellite. Video streaming from the satellite is now possible so please take a look.”

Everyone was surprised as we looks into the video that Luis projected on screen.

“This is… a carriage?”

“Yes. It is pulled by creatures similar to Armadillo instead of horses. They are using torches instead of electricity for lights. There are also mysterious luminescent sphere but I guess those are [magic]. Also, there is one more thing that we discovered, base on analysis result─── this world is about 4.5 times the size of Earth.”

Alright, lets summarize what we have… This world, G-88, has an environment which is similar to Earth however the size is 4.5 times the size of Earth but the gravity is the same for some reason. Also, the living beings that inhabits this world is on a level similar to Earth’s Medieval Era. It is also possible to defeat the protists with the weapons we brought in. The nearest artifact is 520km south.

I gather my thoughts while holding down my glabella, what does this mean!? Miki asked me with a smile but I did not expect this situation.

Even if there was a civilization, I thought that everything would at least be at the level of 19th century so I expected an action from the other side. I ask my subordinates “What do you think we should do?” to get some opinions.

“What do you think about trying to make a contact on the country that we were able to verify after your son arrives? I think that we should withdraw if they opposed by force.”

“I agree with Ellis’ opinion. Let’s also have the aid of aircrafts equipped with “Gravity Collapse Bullet” for worst case scenario. In case our sincerity did not work, we can safely retreat and leave at high speed”

Is that so? Kouki is planned to arrive next morning. I began thinking of detailed procedures for getting in touch with this world’s state.

Next morning, I was waiting for the arrival of Kouki while somewhat dazzling because I only slept for 3 hours. However, this one day that we experience is only 1 hour on earth. The last subordinate who arrived earlier was quite surprised to see the completed base.

In his perspective, only 50 minutes has passed since I entered the gate. Remembering the words of my subordinate, the space in front of me distorted. The 8th Generation Power Suit worn by Kouki had a slow innovation… or it should be… but he seems to appear very quickly, I was looking at Kouki as he shows up in tremendous speed. In a panic, I warned my subordinates.

“Retreat from the gate! If you cannot make it in time, take a blast posture! Kouki got into the gate at the speed of sound.”

A few seconds after my warning, Kouki who finished the transition rapidly accelerated with a shockwave and soared into the sky. As I see his appearance at the edge of my sight, I made a communication in a shouting manner by yelling at the handheld device of a terminal.

“You Fool! Is there any other guy who enters the gate at the speed of sound!? You might kill someone if you made a mistake!”

“I’m sorry…… but it was an instruction from mom. I will hand over the documents as soon as possible.”

Action that do not think about the situation of the other side is cannot be forgiven. I decided to scold him later and see the “documents”. After I grandly hit Kouki in the head with my fist, I look at the documents which he handed over. In there…

“It is about time to do a full-scale survey. For this investigation, if you need to do unnecessary negotiations, please withdraw and contact me. Whatever happens, do not do discussions at your own accord. Leave the discussions of treaties to me.

PS: If you arbitrarily control the unknown civilization with your arms, I will divorce you.”

…is what written. My brain is not made up of muscles you know!? What about the custody of Kouki if you divorce me? While thinking that, I look at Kouki who is at my side when I open the documents.

“If you get divorced, I will go with mom.”

I see my men who heard the words of Kouki giggling. Ellis said “That is a reasonable decision”, while stroking the head of Kouki. While still somewhat having an uncomfortable feeling, I inform Kouki of the plan.

“From now on, we will be going for reconnaissance around the place where artifacts are confirmed by satellite. If possible, I would like to try and contact the state. We can take 30 fully armed people. While moving, we will take a circle formation and you will be at the center. We know that you are not a soldier, so if anything happens you have to leave at high speed even if you are alone, that is an order”


While I explain, Kouki was watching the glittering birds with a bitter smile. So I said “I do not mind waiting until you are fully prepared” and he ran away with a smile. After arranging the escort with the coat guy, I decided to go to the barracks to prepare for sortie.

Two hours later… while looking at my subordinates lined up in front of the large VSTOL Aircraft used for transporting troops, I explain again the mission procedure.

“From here on, we are to head for the continent which is 520 kilometres south from here! Our main objective is to get in touch with the country on the coastal continent but in case the gathering of information became difficult to a certain extent, we will withdraw. First is the landing procedure, we will get close to the coast using the Transport Aircraft, we will descend from the sky. At the time of landing, you will hide your figure by using optical camouflage.

After that we will move with our suit’s cruising speed towards our first objective which is a “Fort”. In the data gathered from the satellite, this fort serve as some kind of a checkpoint. We will do the negotiation there and make contact with their government officials.”

I wait for my men to digest the given information, and then proceed on the next explanation.

"Next is the Combat Rules. Basically, I do not approve the use of weapons except for self defense. I also do not accept the use of chemical weapons. Jonathan(ジョナサン)! Remove the Tear Gas Launcher equipped on your suit. Our formation in moving is a circle formation. Since Kouki is placed in the center, all shall protect him with full power! Aside from that, I leave the others on your own discretion.

I will keep on saying it─── you can shoot if you think you should shoot. If you think that you are in danger, run away. I will take full responsibility."

“Captain, isn’t this the same as usual?”

“To you, it would be useless to explain the concrete tactical plan so I have given up on that from the start.”

Even if I don’t explain it to him, since he is someone who can avoid bullet shot by snipers using his intuition, it should be fine. Also, moving at individual discretion provides the best result. That’s how we do it until now. I then decided and order everyone to board the transport plane.

Few minutes later, communication from the pilot to the soldiers came.

“Passengers on board, the aircraft will soon arrive at the descent point. Please do not forget anything when you get off. Also, Coat-sama is will be saved if you can pay the defeat on yesterday’s poker as soon as you can.”

Listening to the voice of the pilot who is pretending to be a cabin crew member in a cowardly voice, I give instructions to my subordinates while holding down the between of my eyebrows.

“When the light turns green, jump off immediately! Do not delay it. Kouki, what you will see while descending is very cool.”

“Then, I will do a rolling stunt and make a cool descent… Nu~a!”

I kick my men who said stupid things, I also started preparing for descent. There is no particular issue as Kouki is will be part of the last group to jump. After confirming that all my men have descended, I also jump off. In the middle of falling, Kouki who is also flying around sent a communication.

“Dad’s troops are all funny people”

“Kouki, I’m begging you not to do anything foolish. That’s the only concern I’m worried right now.”

While looking at the beach where my men gathered, I gave my reply. Upon landing on the beach with Kouki, my subordinates run and came to report.

“Reconnaissance Team has moved 5km south to check for safety”

Before I even give instructions, it seems that they are already act according to what they think is best. It was nice to leave everything on individual’s judgement. I took advantage of my free time and decided to establish communication between the installation of collection point and the Aircraft waiting at the sky.

Somewhere near me I saw Kouki chasing around a creature similar to a rabbit. I decided to let Coat and Jonathan to complete the communication tool. A communication entered from the Reconnaissance Team when they finished their work.

“This is the Reconnaissance Team, we found a group fighting at 12 km south… we are currently monitoring them”

We suddenly came across a troublesome situation. Is it theft? In this world similar to Middle Ages, it will be likely so. I send a message to the subordinates saying “Let me know the details of the situation”.

“They are defending an expensive looking chariot with a person who looks like a Princess. The escort are around 100 people who looks like knights and are fighting a big earthworm-like creature”

It is just an expression but it was really easy to understand. The point is that the people who are being attacked by monsters are thought to be a noble or royalty. If we rescue them, we will be able to get a foothold for our goal [making a contact on their state].

I will go to see the situation with everyone so I told the Reconnaissance Team to wait on the spot. I immediately give instructions to my subordinates on the beach.

"The Reconnaissance Team discovered a group of noble or royalty being attacked. We will rescue them if possible! We will move after activating Optical Camouflage."

We go to the place where the Reconnaissance Team is waiting while moving in a circle formation centered on Kouki. I could see the battle taking place, there are 3 creatures. There seems to be a corresponding damage in the group of knights. While we continue our observation, Kouki opened his mouth.

“Oooh~ an Elf! and the enemy… Is that a [Sandworm]”

“You~ You know what that is!?”

My men seemed to be shocked with Kouki. “What is an Elf?” and “Is that the name of that monster?” is what they are saying. Why Kouki knows about the creatures of a different world?

Well, I will do the questioning later. The issue at hand is if we can destroy those monsters with the fire power that we have right now. I tried asking Kouki about that point.

“Elf is a common name for creatures who have [Long Ears] like those who are being attacked. The Sandworm is similar to an earthworm. I think we will be able to manage somehow with our rifles but it probably has high durability. Also, I definitely think that it has no intelligence.”

Certainly earthworms do not have intelligence, rather this one seems to be fighting like an insect. Even so─── Kouki is calmly observing the ears of people who are being attacked and in combat even though he only experienced battlefield twice including the time when he rescued Alice. I am aware of my son’s awesomeness and my immaturity which cause me not think calmly but I send instructions to my subordinates.

"First Squad, Target the worm with your Rifle! I do not mind if you don\'t stop shooting as long as it is moving. The 2nd and 3rd squad will focus on defense. Open Fire!"

With my order, 10 suits belonging to the 1st squad began shooting with their equipped rifle…

—- Adrienne\'s Point of View —-

On the way back from visiting the important port city of “Furon”, we encountered a giant Sandworm. We are against a Disaster Grade Sandworm which is known as a Class A Monster. There are only 120 people from Platinum Knights who are acting as escort. Even the Platinum Knights which is said to be the strongest, cannot compete with just that number of people. We are having a desperate fight since the very beginning of our encounter.

“Hime-sama! Please leave us and run away! You cannot stay here anymore”

(TN: Hime = Princess, Sama = an honorific used for showing great/high respect)

“I will not, you guys cannot use Auxiliary Magic. If I leave this place, the magic effect in the battlefield will expire.”

If I abandon the knights and run away, the raise of [Physical Strength and Magical Power] that I am currently using with the effect of the Auxiliary Magic is will be gone. After that, they will be defeated unilaterally… As a Princess of one’s country, it is impossible to abandon my subjects.

However, we could not break through this situation and I was only able to watch the knights get exhausted in protecting one person, which is me.

At that time, I saw a big hole opened at the side of the Sandworm and from afar I heard a thunderous boom sound ringing.

“A hole was opened in a Sandworm… It was impossible even for an SSS Rank Adventurer. What the hell is that?”

“I do not know, but it may be possible for a group of demon. Please stay behind me.”

It was told that demon do not help humans in the first place. The knights stopped their movement as they are confused… and then, the Sandworms who afflicted us with exhaustion fall to the ground as if they are the one exhausted.

No Way─── I wonder if the legendary Hero appeared and saved us? One person from the Knight Order raised his voice while I was thinking of such stupid thing.

“There is something on the hill!”

Looking at the direction the knight pointed, something suddenly shows up from the space reflected in my eyes. That number continues to increase steadily and finally stopped after the 30th, which is the biggest creature appeared. While watching the situation, I found that one of them slowly walked towards here. The Knight immediately redoes their formation to become my shield. There are no more than 50 people able to move right now. If it is the creatures that defeated the Sandworm, they will be able to erase us with just a swing of their arm. Upon reaching the midpoint distance between the group that has emerged and us, the creature stops. It then put things like weapons in its hands to the grounds and then rotated around and showed its back, and then this time… It walks with his hands raised high. It is a procedure done when a soldier surrenders, it is saying that it has no intention of attacking us.

“Everyone, Please do not attack that creature. Its intention seems to communicate with each us.”

As I tell them, the members of the Knights stop holding their weapons but stay somewhat vigilant. I am relieved. If a battle occurred, it is without a doubt that we will be overrun so I am grateful to the Knights who shows their loyalty to me.

The creature walks frustratingly slowly and stopped 20 meter before us.

And then, the body area of the creature started moving and point at the knee and then the upper part of the pointing part opened upwards. A man with a face full of slander comes down from it and walks toward us. So that was like an armor which is worn by knights. While judging what it was, the man speaks.

“Do you understand my words?”

I do not know what he is saying, I made a gesture on the Knights ordering them [not to attack] and carefully use a [Translation Magic] to understand this person. Then I slowly speak a word.

“Can you understand me?”

“A~Ah! I can!”

Thank goodness, the Translation Magic seems to work. Moreover, it seems that his face is scary but a proper conversation is possible, I will state my thanks first.

“Thank you for helping us from a dangerous situation”

“Don’t worry about it, we judged that you are a daughter of a high-ranking figure… but are we not making a mistake?”

What does he mean? Perhaps he is asking for a reward for helping us. I do not mind then, of course I was planning on showing my gratitude from the start but I also dislike a person who demands it and asks for money. I reply to the man with a hint of sarcasm.

“You are correct. My name is Adrienne, 4th princess of the [Holy Kingdom of Merkava]”

By declaring myself as a princess, will the man going to change his attitude? I speak and forget my gratitude for their help. I fall into self-disgust with that shallow idea.

The man in front of me only showed a legitimate consideration on my status, I wonder why I did that… I cannot apologize for what I have and is watching the man for his action but an answer came back with contents far from what I predicted.

“Is that so? That’s good then. We are [Noah]. We want to establish diplomatic relations with your country.”

What is this all about? While processing the content suggested by this man, I had no choice but to stand firmly and raise my head high.