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—- Arakawa Kouki Point of View —-

My mother who had a serious face stood in front of the door. I desperately think if I have done something to make her angry. I did not do anything recently. The only thing that I can think of is putting Tabasco in the whiskey that macho is collecting but they should not know about it yet.

“It seems everyone is in here. I have something important to tell, do you have time?”

After saying that I guide my mother inside the room. While looking at everyone, mom who sits in the chair found Alice’s twisted bottle and asked me, “What did you do?”. While everyone is silent with an incomprehensible face, my mother started to talk after clearing her throat.

“Before I talk about the important topic, I’d like to know how aware everyone is on the things that you have done”

What are you talking about? Even if we told you what we did, we haven’t done anything big. Even when I look at the face of the others, they all have a questionable look.

“Everyone seems not aware because of Kouki”

Oi~ Mom! What do you mean? It\'s as if I am the cause of evil. It’s true that I have done a lot of research with Shingo recently but the finished products are rehash of Mother’s accidental product. Why does it lead to such heavy atmosphere.

“It seems like no one really knows so I will explain from the start. Alice-chan, you invented a remedy for the virus that was said to be the worst in human history. Shingo-kun, you developed an advanced AI and a new type of power suit.

Aikawa-san, you created a thesis for new concept of space development. Incidentally, this station is also based on that thesis. The mathematical formula, [The Mother’s Theory], that I introduced was completed by Kouki when he was 3 years old.”

(TN: This happen in but in the age mentioned was 4. I wonder if the Author made a mistake.)


Everyone’s surprised voice overlapped, Wait please! That formula was written as I play around and I was not thinking anything when I did it. I desperately explain but was blocked by my mother “You do not need to hide it anymore” while looking at me with gentle eyes. Do not say that with such kind eyes! It really was a misunderstanding, how many times should I explain before you can understand. They do not think about my feelings at all, my mother explanation continues.

“On the other note, 80% of my announced research is my original. I was a substitute so that he will not become famous because Kouki is feared by the leaders of countries and was called “The child of devil” due to the development of military technology in the last 10 years.”

“Kouki-kun, Sugoi~” (TN: Sugoi = Amazing)

“Arakawa-kun was really a genius”

Alice and Aikawa-san was looking at me with glittering eyes but it was all because of misunderstanding. Stop looking at me like that, I did not develop anything… all I did was give some advice!

Oi! We are getting out of track! I’ve been thinking, ever since I was reincarnated people in this world don’t listen to me when I am telling something crucial. Is this a curse?

“Right now I belong to a neutral international organization. Do you know what will happen after you graduate? For Kouki, there is no doubt that he will become the center since it will be a matter of leading the development of the country but in worst case scenario it may cause war. That situation is mostly the same for everyone.”

What do you mean? Why Alice and everyone else are involved in there? I stop holding my head and start listening seriously to my mother’s story.

“As a student, everyone accomplished feat on the level that changed the world. Perhaps after graduation, everyone on each of your own country is will be taken under the name of [protection]”

“Mom, looks like it is over”

When I said these words, my mother responded without changing her facial expression. “Naive”.

“You are too Naive, I will protect everyone even if I have to make a crime. Actually Kouki, mom and dad are moving and are doing something about that. Making a bargain among nations is a politics kind of thing”

Well then, what are trying to do? If the two of you are moving on such a scale, it is not on the level a normal human being can do. I wonder if everyone will follow you blindly. I do not want you to do such a thing! Everyone must be thinking the same.

When I told my mother, she smiled. This expression is the same when she is going to ‘punish’ macho.

“Kouki, don’t look down on your mother. If I do a crime, one or two of the great countries will do anything to stop me. It will be a problem if the whole world recognizes Kouki and everyone related to him as ‘enemies of mankind’. This is the reason why I need to talk with everyone, I will now tell you the important topic… It is about the [Ark Plan]”

I’m feeling something bad about this. I wonder if I can leave it to my mother? I urged my mother to continue talking while rubbing my painful stomach.

—- Arakawa Miki point of view —-

The Ark Plan───, It was originally a retreat plan considering the safety of our family. The original purpose is to address the issue when problems occurred. I was planning to evacuate to an uninhabited island or manned station but after the development of new technology and increase in financial margin, we scaled the plan to another level. It was because the observation of “Arakawa Particles” has been successful. I will execute the plan earlier than planned.

“Another Dimension Migration Plan”… That is the basic concept of the Ark Plan. To explain further, it is to discover a different world of environment in which humans can live in preparation for emergency. It is to prepare an environment to relocate about 20,000 people accompanying us and our families.

The construction of “Hakone Base” is a covert for the plan. After completion, it will have the role as a base fortress to protect the “gate” which leads to the other world.

As a secondary objective, it is to find a place where Kon-chan can live.

A world with as many human beings living on it as much as possible, furthermore although it seemed difficult to find a world where civilization is not well developed the ‘Dimension Observer’ brought back from the lunar surface here is useful. By using the Observation Device it became possible to search for a different world at a realistic level. Moreover, we are able to use the device immediately because Eve gave us an instruction manual neatly written in English.

When I explained it to everyone, everyone had a startled expression. It is true that it is like a fairy tale but for our safety it cannot be helped… In such circumstance, Shingo quickly overwritten his face and asked.

“If we go to a different world, what if the people living there attack us?”

“That’s a good question, if we can solve it by talking then we will aim to solve it as easily as possible because we are not invaders. I’m considering building a base in an island or peninsula as the last resort and covering the surrounding with high defensive walls but if we get attacked despite the fact that we have already settled down on the undeveloped land, we will eliminate them.”

While Shingo who kept silent as if to examine my answer, Aikawa-san raise up her hand.

“What about the goods which is needed for living?”

“At the moment, we started stockpiling supplies that can last for at least 5 years and we are still stockpiling more. Later on we are going to bring in large-scale facilities such as production plants.”

When Aikawa-san consented with nodding, Alice-chan asked the question next.

“Can we come back to this world?”

“Of course, if everything workout even after you graduate, you can think of it as a [strange villa]"

Alice-chan said “I wonder if that’s okay” silently. Kouki did not say anything, I wonder what’s wrong? I raise my face and ask with a serious expression.

“Do you have any other questions?”

“What is the content of our military force, weapons specifically developed and the political discussion about the other world”

As expected of Kouki… He already began to summarize in his head the necessary outlines for living in a different world. It’s a good thing I discuss this with Shuichi-san after all. It would be great if Kouki represents the migration to a different world and then we only need to compensate for the missing parts, I was pleased with my son’s growth and answer his question.

“There are 12,000 pure combatants and the rest are scientist and technical staff, more than half are combatants to cope with any dangerous situations. As for weapons to bring, there are a number of battle powersuit and dozens of working suits, 130 Tanks and 200 armored cars. In addition, vehicles for technical work is will be brought in as necessary.

Although the fine arming is left to the discretion of military department, proper weapon is will be brought in. Do not worry about political discussion because people in the information department and public relations department are in charge. They are definitely pros.”

Kouki said “That’s good if that’s the case”. It seems that his thought sank deep into the ocean. Since I looked over the face of all the children, I continue talking with gentle voice as much as possible.

"What I explained now is just for emergency but we will still need to prepare for it. I’d like everyone to help in Hakone Base during the summer vacation. Let’s do it while lightly thinking of it as a [Secret Base]"

I told it to them with a gentle voice so that they will not feel uneasy. A smile returns to everyone’s face. I renewed my determination to absolutely protect the smiles of these children.

—- Arakawa Kouki point of view —-

“A different world ……”

I look at the ceiling in my room and mutter these words. Everyone was a good person when I was blown by accident in another dimension but I do not know what will happen in this next world. I can also understand that it is necessary for the sake of Alice’s safety although honestly, I still feel uneasy.

Ma~a, knowing the number of soldiers who will go along… there will be a good number of people who will accompany us. They can guarantee the security. While thinking about this kind of things, an email was receive in my terminal.

“I will change the schedule and we will return to Earth tomorrow. You can go back home once you return. After that, on a convenient day, I will visit everyone’s house and explain the contents of the future to your family. We will gather at Hakone Base at a later date so please be prepared.”

It was a group email that my mother sent. Apparently, my mother is seriously going to build a base in a different world. It has become seriously ridiculous. I fell asleep shortly after I felt that the “bad feeling” I felt before the summer vacation became a reality.

On July 27, 2102, the upper part of the United Nation was in extreme confusion. "Arakawa Shuichi" who is the captain of the Arakawa Team who had achieved numerous difficult tasks suddenly applied for Demobilization Application. At the same time, 351 members belonging to the same team applied for discharge. At one part, they feared as to whether a military coup d\'etat would occur or not but since it was a formal procedure they approved this.

The next day, all researchers belonging to "Arakawa Miki" also resigned with establishment of a huge complex company called "Noah". The members of the Arakawa Team who had already been discharged are registered in the PMC (Private Military Company) Division which is one of the military industry divisions of Noah. After that, they become a mercenary exclusive to Noah.

In addition, more than half of the staffs belonging to "Next Generation Research Laboratory" and "Spatial Particle Research Facility" in Japan are transferred to Noah. Because of this, scientists and engineers all over the world who seemed to be with the Arakawa Factions transferred to Noah one after another. Each country tried to regulate in a hurry but nearly all of them were already under the protection of Noah.

Furthermore, this information reaches each country and runs around the world─── at a press conference attracting mass media all over the world, The 4 individual… [Arakawa Kouki], [Saito Shingo], [Alice Alford] and [Aikawa Megumi] officially expressed that they belong to Noah on their own free will. To this movement that predicted national intervention, each country could not take action but there is no way that they will only sit back and watch.

The world starts to move rapidly starting from this day…

Author Notes:

The story of a full-fledge foreign world will continue for next time and also the great success of macho.