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Author Notes: It is the third part

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Around Year 2102, the farthest galaxy that mankind has confirmed in space was called “MACS0647-JD”. The distance from earth is about 32.2 billion light years. Even if you have a space telescope you can only barely see a glimpse of its appearance.

(TN: For the Science Freaks out there, the real MACS0647-JD is only 13.3 billion light years away from earth)

Beyond that side… Galaxies that are around 128 billion light years away from the earth have stars with similar environment as earth. Of course, intellectual life forms also exist in there. For convenience, we will call it “Adam”. After 8.2 billion years since the same “carbon-based life forms” was born in Adam who is similar to Human Beings. The Adam People repeated trial and error till they were finally able to step into “outer space”.

Discovery of new substances and celestial bodies, searching for the same “Intellectual Life Forms” like them, they continue to face the unknown threats. Their purpose was to give vitality to their civilization, to save it because their species is starting to degrade.

And then, after 2800 years of searching… The Adam People discovered the possibility of “Intellectual Life Forms” being born on the third planet of a star system which is 128 billion light years away from their home. So they visit the planet. However in that star, intellectual life forms do not exist yet but they firmly believe that they will soon be born. They decided to leave a building as proof of their existence on the back side of that star’s satellite. They showed how to open the building entrance using “picture” instead of “character” so that the born creatures can easily understand when they reach the satellite by themselves.

“They won\'t be lonely, there is a companion in the far galaxy”

The Adam People tried to believe that… Perhaps they themselves were “lonely”. Even after nearly three thousand years of searching since they departed, it was impossible to find the same level of “Life Forms”. After the building is completed, The Adam People thinks further.

“This stellar system has many asteroid and rock masses. Even one of them can possibly hit the third planet…”

They decided to change the orbit of the satellite with feeling like protecting their own unknown child. They move the satellite to become the shield of the third planet, and then stabilize the orbit. They made the crust of the back thick and made it to be able to withstand the direct hit of the meteorites.

In order to stop asteroids and meteorites flying towards the planet, in the 6th star, the second largest star of the system, which was later named "Saturn", they build a Management Base. They manipulated the gravity so that the meteorite group that flew around the 6th planet will form a loop. Then, the Adam People left leaving an Artificial Life Form as the “Administrator” of the building.

—- Arakawa Kouki point of view —-

While listening to the story of the woman named "Eve" who is in front of me. I gather my thoughts. It is true that the moon is taking a circular trajectory convenient for earth, I am also convinced that the moon never shows its back side. Hearing the explanation so far, there is no mistake that Eve is the "Administrator". Then will Adam people come back to exchange with Earth someday? If that is the case, we must inform earth and consider the correspondence. Of course, I will mainly interact with United Nations and others but I will need to ask about that.

“No, that is not possible”

What do you mean? Why won’t you interact after you set a plan for our environment? Eve had a sad expression on her face…

“The Adam People perished about 600 million years ago”

Are you serious… I cannot believe that a tribe capable of traveling over 100 billion light years to be lost. What in the world happened? Did it happen during a large war?

“Why did they perish?”

“I will explain but after listening to the story, I’d like you to listen to two wishes.”

If I can do it then I promise to grant those wish, I urge her to continue the story. Then the history of the Adam People which came out from the mouth of Eve was an unbelievable content for us.

“On the way home from Earth to the star of Adam, The outer space exploration fleet received a communication from hundreds of years ago from the star of Adam”

“The star is showing signs of supernova explosion, fleets who are returning to this star should stop and join with the immigration fleet at the prescribed points”

“After receiving the communication, they follow as instructed. The exploration feet changed its course to that point.”

It was a terrific scientific ability to be able to deploy an immigrant ship capable of interstellar navigation. Moreover, as I hear the story, it seems to be a ship with urban functionality that can operate for thousands of years.

“The exploration fleet that arrived at the point searched for their fellow ships that should have been waiting at that place. There should be tens of thousands of ships scheduled in the place, however they can only see “one immigrant ship”. There were only few survivors inside this ship. It was recorded that the evacuation did not make it in time because the star caused a supernova explosion earlier than predicted. The truth is, there were other immigration vessels that luckily escaped from the impact of the explosion. All of those ships forced an “Another-Dimension Navigation”… To easily explain it to earthling people, it is the so called “Short-distance Warp”. It seems the ships are missing because the ships were not able to withstand itself during the another dimension navigation.”

With no place to return and the tragedy that occurred after they proudly convey the things that they finally found on earth. How did the crew of the exploration fleet feels who lost their kin? I cannot imagine.

“The survey fleet which housed the surviving immigrants decided to return to earth. The Adam People who drastically declined to about 40,000 people chose the location of earth as its new place. In order to coexist with Earthlings who had the possibility of being born soon, they decided to build a base on Mars which was close to Earth.

You have found evidence that water were present when you surveyed Mars in the past with drones right? That is a remnant of waters the Adam People have brought from earth. Although they thought that Mars Terra Forming Plan would go well… another tragedy strikes the Adam People again”

Although you could just occupy earth as it was… Were you trying to live separately by Terra forming Mars? They really tried to protect another race… To think that human race would stupidly discriminate others because of the difference of the skin even though they are of the same race

“Adam People in the outcrop of the solar system confirmed that a ‘High Dimensional Passage’ is occurring. In an easy-to-understand way, this High Dimensional Passage is like a ‘moving black hole’. They had confirmed the existence out-front. The probability of actually encountering it was supposed to be minimal and even more likely to occur near a planet where life forms may be born. It is a level of situation which they did not expect.

The Adam People tried to find a breakthrough desperately. If the calculation is correct, there is a possibility that if the ship for interstellar navigation that they are using is move in the area of the passage and self-destructed, it can be blown away. But where can they live now? They cannot live on Mars because Terra forming has not ended. If they live on earth, they can destroy the ecosystem which will hinder the birth of life forms. They are forced to choose between 2 ultimate decisions”

If she told us this far, everyone knows why they were destroyed. The face of the members in this place other than Eve has become steep… I guess I also have a similar expression.

“The civilization of the Adam People continues to decline. There is also a new species with high probability of being born. When two of these races are hung on the balance, they chose the “future” for the new species. Me as the administrator was left a message for the living life forms who would eventually come in here.

However… everyone, please do not make such dark faces. The Adam people did not perish with the feeling of misfortune. They are actually proud that they were able to protect earth. Everyone who reach in here are Earthlings, their death was not in vain.”

It was because of their effort that we can live on earth. I think what they did was really respectable as a tribe. It is probably impossible for human beings to choose the future of another species instead of ours. So, what is the “message” from this great group of people? I wonder if I can accept it. I ask confirmation to my mother and ossan with my eyes. They nodded so I open my mouth for the talk to begin.

"Can you tell me the message?"

“I understand. As the representative of the Adams to the representative of Earthlings, I will tell you the message. As I stream the image, I will interpret what is said at the same time.”

Eve stand up from the chair, she swing her hand manipulating a space and then suddenly a screen where a blue-haired man appears in front of Eve.

“Nice to meet you, whoever’s in there should have received an explanation from Eve. To watch this video means that the civilization has developed enough for you to reach the satellite by yourself, I am really happy. I do not know if you are watching this video from tens of thousands or hundreds of millions of years but please do not forget… that we certainly exist. We could not find it at the end, there is surely another tribe in this broad universe. We should not be lonely… And even if it takes time, we want to succeed in our dreams… to make peaceful exchanges with other races that exist somewhere. It is also the only defense against the decline that will always come.

We will be delighted if you could use the aerial record that we have as it will be useful. I do not have much time anymore so I would only like to say one final thing, we are proud that our juniors will someday step into the outer universe.”

Amazing, the level is too different from human beings anymore. I will call tribes like the Adam People as the “Higher Race”. Ossan is impressed and crying, I also feels like my eyes are hot. Whatever it is, I’d like to ask Eve’s request.

“So what is Eve-san’s request?”

When I ask, I smile gently like my mother. Eve has conveyed my wish.

“First, I would like the wishes of the Adam people to be handed over as much as possible. The other is to ask the owner, Arakawa Kouki-kun, to [stop my authority as the administrator]”

The first one is understandable but what does stopping of authority mean? Why do I need to do that? Humanity has developed to some extent and it is good if she come to earth.

“I want to go home. To the star where the Adams were living”

But… that star does not exist anymore. Why do you need to return home now? My mother asked Eve while I was thinking that.

“But Eve-san… your home planet is already…"

“Yes, I understand. Besides, I do not know if I can reach it using the ship in here. I also do not know when I will arrive. Even so, I want to approach my home planet even a little.”

Although she is an artificial life form, as the last man of Adam she wants to return home. I cannot stop her. “Stop Authority” when I declare that, Eve said thank you with a very happy face.

She has protected this place alone for over 600 million years… Even if she lives freely from now on, nobody will blame her. When I was immersed in that sentiment, Eve asked me while preparing to go home.

“So then, what should we do with this place? I think that it does not need extra attention”

Oi!~ Where are the lavishly beautiful atmosphere a while ago!? Why are you asking while shaking your hair with your hands… At least act like the girls who are on earth.

“I do not need it either”

“Desu yo ne~ It will be troublesome to get such a remote place. Maybe I should have generously include an interstellar navigational vessel.”

(TN: Desu yo ne(ですよねー) here means ‘I agree’ or ‘that’s right’. Mostly used as a softer way to show a strong agreement.)

Ah, what should I do? I cannot keep up with the change of tension. I tried to get help but looks like Ossan is as confused as I am. Looking towards my mother… Gone… Oi! Where did you go?

“Eve-chan, what is this?” (TN: This is Mii-chan)

“That? It is a device that can peek to another dimension, a perspective like that on earth or something similar. By the way, Miki-chan created something with “Arakawa Particles”. I develop it similar to that. This is a better version of it.”

“Can I have it?”

“Sure! Sure! It will become an antique item because I do not use it. Oh… but since the command of things in here is changed to Kouki-kun, you will need his permission when using it”

Why do girls love talking about souvenirs!? What’s more, Eve is 600 million years old.

“If you think about it further you will find that reality is really empty”

Oi!~ Stop reading my mind, I’m having headache so I joined the guard’s group. I sit in the corner of the room and wait for my mother to be satisfied. The question of what to do in this place is on my mind. As Eve says, ‘I am in trouble because it is on a remote location’ but the truth is ‘I am having trouble because it is too early for humanity’.

It is too premature to inform us of this lunar base who belong to different country and ride on the framework of a different race. More ‘Earthlings’ should have better awareness. Eve talks to me while I think about that.

“I think so too. I have been watching the human race from here all the time. We should not pass our technology yet. War will surely happen and the world will be destroyed. We can just abandoned everything here and check back on Pluto. I think you can do that because there are still bases built in there”

“OK, Let’s do that. Before you go home Eve-san, discard everything in here. Everyone should be good with that.”

“Yup, They will not trust everything that we report and will try to check on it. Besides, even though my head is not as good as Kouki-kun and his friends, I can understand the dangers of this place. It is better to leave it alone for now until the level matches the technology that we have.” (TN: This is Mii-chan again)

After that, while waiting for my mother who is consulting with the Osans on how to erase the data of the recording device which are in the suits. At last, it seems everyone is finally satisfied. In other words, it is time for Eve to go home… Eve turned back and told me something before she got onto something like a one-seater shuttle.

“I am glad that the earthling who came here is Kouki-kun. It might have been worst if someone else came.”

Such a thing is too much to think about. I myself have my own desire… However I do not think that I want an excessive power until I need it. When I tell her that, she was smiling with the same expression as when I first saw her.

“But Kouki-kun, though it may be misunderstood, what Kouki-kun made so far are over specified enough at the current level of your civilization. I know that you made an artificial black hole before? That was treated as a final weapon, ‘an imaginary bomb’, in our technology.”

Wh-What!? I do not remember creating something like that? Speaking of ideas… when I tried to warm a bento with Shingo and the other two, “It seems that it will become hot if your make the particles collide. With this, the lunch will warm up”. Did I do such a thing when I did that? (TN: Bento = Japanese Lunch Box)

“That is why, do your best at developing the civilization in the future while weighting it properly. I hope to see you again someday.”

Then Eve lightly “kissed” my lips and then got into the shuttle.

What are you doing!? I’m happy but!

“Consider it as a thank you for removing my authority… Ja, Bai bai~♪”

(TN: Bai bai = Bye Bye, of course in a cute way or at least that’s how I picture it)

With no time to complain, the shuttle accelerated in front of me and went away. We will also go home… As we get out of here the ruin will collapse and everything will fill deep underground so it will be practically impossible to dig it up. I wear the suit again and came back to the way where we came in. My mother contact me.

“Ko-chan, tell me later all about the ‘imaginary bomb’ in detail”

Since I am honestly having trouble answering her, she whisper ‘Alice-chan…’ so I give up and promised to tell her. By the way, if I talked to Aikawa-san about this expedition, would not she fall down with the regret that she was not able to participate? While imagining that figure, I looked at the universe spreading indefinitely through the camera of the suit.

Author Notes: Actually the story of summer vacation still continues! Please keep company for a while