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Author’s Notes: It is the internal story of the ruins. The next story will be a little longer but this time it is short because it was temporarily cut off.

TN: I was slightly disappointed on this chapter… but it is a novel to read for fun and not the serious type so I guess its fine. I’m warning you guys not to expect too much on this chapter but I still hope for you to enjoy this one!

—Lunar Base Guard, Cedric(セドリック) Point of View—

“First of all, can you wear this?”

When I pass the power suit for the Lunar Surface Exploration, Kouki-kun glance at it as if to confirm and started wearing it. Perhaps he examined if whether the suit can protect his life and can withstand practical use. Since I got a detailed information about him, I can predict what Kouki-kun seems to be thinking.

“My son will not compromise on everything. Although this suit has its pros it also has its cons.”

I remember Madam seriously telling me this as she hand out his information. At first I was thinking that it would only be a child but such idea was blown away when I saw the information. Originally this level of information is something that my level cannot browse but all the things that he had been doing and what he developed were written in there. People are evaluating Kouki-kun as a genius and I think it is true. (TN: He was addressing Mii-chan as Joshi without her name, so I decided to use Madam for this one. If you forgot, Mii-chan is Kouki’s mother. I like to call her that, I unexpectedly become attached to it.)

Construction of New Theory, Development of New Technology, Military Talent… He can do anything. Kouki-kun was such a human being. In the past 10 years, Technology has made dramatic evolution worldwide and it was all because of the single boy who is in front of me.

“Is this okay?”

I heard the voice of Kouki-kun when he finished wearing the suit while my consciousness was skipping. Umu… I don’t see any problem at all. As a final confirmation, it is necessary to check that the suit is working by checking the terminal in the arm.

“Kouki-kun, what attached in your arm is like a personal terminal. You can check if the suit is running normally on it. You can operate it from the hands or from inside the suit. I’d like you to check on it.”

“E~tto~ There is no problem if the display is green?”

“Yes, It should be fine if its green. If trivial things occurred, it will change to yellow so let someone know as soon as it happens. If the display is red, you will need to discard the suit and just have the exoskeleton equipment.”

Alright, I completed all the necessary explanation. Since Madam also wears the equipment without problems, there should be nothing to worry about. If they go to the ruins, they should carry a weapon for their own protection, I wonder if Kouki-kun has a shotgun? It is safe for someone to be alone but it becomes dangerous if one is an amateur.

While thinking that Madam sent a message via a secret line. “I will leave the escort duty to you”. What the– what are you? Why do you know what I’m thinking! I got scared a bit and responded with an amiable laugh. The survey equipment… since I was not designated in any particular duty, is my basic equipment good enough.

“Kouki-kun, if everything is ready would you like to depart?”

“Yes! I’m looking forward to it”

When I told him about leaving, he showed a smile suitable of his age. Looking at such expressions, It is not merely myself to feel that a mission on the moon without something like this is surprisingly bad.

One hour on a transfer shuttle, Kouki-kun who was sitting quietly suddenly started operating the terminal. He seems to be looking for information but he probably did not find anything. I can tell you what you want.

“Ano~ Where do you see the remaining amount of oxygen?”

“Time and percentage are displayed on the right arm of the exoskeleton. It is the time it can work with the remaining oxygen. Since it has a circulation function, it can work for around 30 hours but there are differences in each individual so I cannot tell you the exact activity time of it.”

Oh no… I should have told him about that first. I have forgotten because one would originally receive a basic training on earth. I was extremely worried, I will apologize and ask if there are any other questions.

“Do you have any information about the ruins?”

I’m sorry but I have no such information. The great scholar who came from earth only found “Symbolic Letters”. Even if they are “Symbolic Letters” they are very suspicious because they are only found around the entrance. I feel sorry to return such answer to Kouki-kun cause it seemed his heart was swelling in expectation.

“We will arrive soon”

We get ready to go outside by communicating with the pilot. Even if there is no danger, the shuttle is planning to land after the guard descends first to check the surrounding’s safety. I send a communication to Kouki-kun on an open channel while watching three subordinates descends from the hatch.

“Kouki-kun, from now on we need to set the communication at this frequency. Basically, communication between individuals is prohibited, so please be careful”

“────────I understand”

It seems that it took time to change the frequency but he was able to do it properly. The shuttle lands after a message of “no problem” entered from the subordinates who descended few minutes earlier. The shuttle stopped completely and everybody get off. Moving while surrounding Kouki-kun as if he was a little girl, we arrive at the ruins with no problem. A subordinate gave special attention to Kouki-kun by illuminating the character of the ruins using a portable lighting. For a while, Kouki-kun was silent while looking at the character… Then he said words as if it was just the usual.

“Standing at the edge, push the wall? No, is this something that you should hit?”

“Ko-chan!? You can read it!?”

I was surprised. Madam was also as surprised as I am. No way… It has been confirmed that the ruin’s “mystery” existed for 150 years. Are you telling me that he was able to decode those letters in such a short time? I need to tell everyone when I get back from the scene.

“What should we do? Should I open it?”

I did not expect to witness a new step of mankind

—- Arakawa Kouki point of view —-

After getting off the shuttle, we came in front of the ruins while being surrounded by Ossans. It’s dark and I cannot see anything! One of the people who is surrounding me turned on a light so that I could see better. What a nice guy, when we return I will buy you something from the shop to thank you. Now then, the problem is that “Symbolic” Letters. I laugh as I was looking at it as if I expected it, certainly this cannot be read by great scholars and archaeologists.

This is more of a “Picture”

In the shuttle, I was thinking about the “Symbolic Letters”. Life forms with sophisticated skills that could eventually create interstellar navigation or other ruins on another star were found. To be specific, will you be using “letters” when telling about your existence to humanity?

If you do not use letters and they have some level of civilization, you can use picture for them to understand. The extreme reason for not being able to read is how to decipher. Normally… it is normal for a planet to read letters from left to right or right to left. There are also types where your read from top to bottom. There is no doubt this ruin, needs to be read diagonally from the bottom and move in to another direction.

The scholars on the planet tell us about humanity as the “vertex of the ecosystem”, even though I think it is omniscient. The life forms that made this ruins might even be an “Amoeba”. I think that it is impossible to change the idea of reading because there is such a fixed concept. I never thought that I could read it because I don’t have this world’s common sense! No, It can’t be. (TN: Even if you don’t have this world’s common sense… GREAT SCHOLARS were not able to think of that? They also didn’t realize that it is a picture instead of letters and that it should be read diagonally? Really? Well… Whatever but I was actually expecting more than this)

“Standing at the edge, push the wall? No, is this something that you should hit?”

“Ko-chan!? You can read it!?”

When I read it out loud, my mother excitedly asked. Please wait as I am trying to decipher it. E~tto- Stand at the edge and hit the lower right after hitting it… Since the direction of reading here changes, we have to look for another one. After understanding how to open it for a while, I ask a question to everyone.

“What should we do? Should I open it?”

I want to open it and get inside as soon as possible. Maybe since it is a proof of their own existence, there is no possibility of them harming another race. Thinking calmly, It is hard to imagine that an intellectual life form at the level that can leave proof of civilization will attack anyone without clear propose. There is the possibility that it would fight back if the tribe has evolved or had “countermeasure” when they are attacked.

While wavering and waiting for Ossan and my mother’s decision, mom asked me with a serious voice

“Ko-chan, What do you think? Do you think it’s safe?”

I speak the opinion that I thought earlier. Mother seems to be convinced but Ossan looks anxious.

“We can just turn back and run away if it’s dangerous”

Towards the Ossan, my mother suggests a concession proposal. Ossan listened to it, agreed to open the door and instructs his subordinates. His subordinates are holding their gun in preparation for an emergency. I started the operation of opening the door… Standing on the right end, after tapping the bottom left three times I go stand to the opposite side and did the same thing. Then the picture lights up in blue, the door diagonally opened to the upper right.

I see… The tribe that made this basically like everything diagonally. I was somehow struggling with my laughter as we get inside. A passage which seems to be a corridor spreads in front of me. A similar picture is written on the wall.

“E~tto- [The passage is straight ahead. We don’t want to fight]… is what it reads”

“Kouki-kun, you understand such detailed contents?”

Ossan who was nervously looking around asked a question. In the picture, the creature manipulating the door discards things like weapons. I guess that it is fitting in beckoning another race. I properly replied to Ossan and proceed further to the back. After around 400 meters, there is another “picture”. This time, the creature that was beckoned had a weapon and it seems that another creature stops them.

“[When you open this door, there are surprising things but do not use weapons unnecessarily]… is what it reads. Please tell your subordinates not to shoot randomly”


Since I got consent, I opened the door… A blue haired woman is sitting in a chair and smiling. This is amazing! At the edge of my sight, one of the men of Ossan tried to point his gun but saw him being kicked and stopped by my mother. “Did you not hear what my son said?” was what she was telling the crew members with her scary voice.

I am thankful that she stopped him. Stop shaming earth, as this is the first contact with an alien!! The woman opened her mouth for the first time when he almost began to hold his head.

“Greetings… Earthlings”

The woman greets us with a clear voice. Hm? Wait a minute, It is not a synthesized voice!? Did she just speak in Japanese? I was surprised, she continue further her words while slightly laughing.

“It is you who opened the entrance door, Arakawa Kouki-kun. At that time, you became the owner of this place. It is only natural to have a conversation in the language used by the owner”

No, I am the one who opened it but it would be troublesome to become the owner. I wonder why she knows my name! I wonder if she can speak more complicated Japanese words!! Moreover, since this is the first encounter I was prepared to display my intention with a gesture or something but this is so surprisingly convenient.

“Japanese is possible because I have collected information on earth for quite some time. And if you like it, I can talk with our race language but it will take time to understand”

Oi~ I did not say anything right now, Why do you know what I want to say? Can you read what’s in my heart?

“No, I cannot read unstable things like the heart. Only the very superficial content of what you think is can be read”

I see, it’s amazing but stop reading my mind. “Humanity” is a living being who talks with “words”, what you are letting me do right now is not something a human being should do.

“I understand, then let us use “words”. Why won’t you take off your suit for a more detailed explanation? This place is similar to earth”

I was stopped by my mother when I was trying to unlock the suit just as the woman said. My mother told me that it is “dangerous”. This woman promised to speak in words according to humanity. If so, should we not act accordingly? After my mother thought for a moment when I said so, Mom said “Mom will unlock first”.

Then I got troubled because the guard Ossan said “No, for safety. I will go first”. We unlock the suit and take off the exoskeleton helmet as well. When I take a deep breath, the woman makes a voice while looking at me with a surprised face.

“I did not really expect you to take it off…I judged without permission that earthlings are more cunning creatures.”

“You are correct, but majority of humans are not like that”

When I answer, she gently smiled and nodded. Somehow this woman had a similar atmosphere as my mother. I think that I could probably trust her. After checking the members who released the suit following me, I think about what I am to ask. When I consulted to my mother about it, she said that “I should ask about the things that I would like to hear”. First I decided to know, who is the woman in front of me.

I listen to the woman… I listen about a tremendous long trip and a sad story of a tribe that existed in a galaxy.