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Author Notes: First Part of the Summer Vacation Story.

TN: Sorry for the delay, it is a lot longer than expected. Also, looks like I will be busy with my work next week so the next chapter might be delayed as well but I will try for it not to. Enjoy!

“No one left anything behind? ”

All the usual members replied to my mother’s question. I do not care about something I forget, I only want to take off this damn hot clothes quickly. Should I also stay with Kon? While mildly regretting, my mother’s voice resonates greatly.

“Okay then, let’s depart for the moon! Get on the shuttle!”

My mother beckoned in a light tone like going to a convenience store, opening the door of the “Moon Survey Shuttle”. While looking at it on the side, I remembered why I had to wear a space suit and get on the shuttle.

—- Arakawa Kouki point of view —-

After the women came off the bath, I prepared to broil the meat with Shingo and set up a barbecue set in front of the entrance. When vegetables and meat were stabbed in a skewer by Alice and Aikawa-san while sitting, I came out from the entrance while covered in sweat.

“Kouki-kun, I’m hungry”

With a bitter smile on Alice’s words, Aikawa-san asked about “Our schedule for summer vacation” while Shingo is grilling the meat on the burning heat.

“Ne~e, What are Arakawa-kun and Shin planned for summer vacation?”

Even if she asked with such a serious face, we haven’t decided on anything yet, so I am having trouble in replying. During the summer vacation… There is nothing to do together, I wonder if we should just stay at home? When I said such a thing to Aikawa-san, she sigh with her eyes looking at me as if looking at a raw garbage.

No, that’s because it is such a thing! The general populace decided that students sleep in the morning and get up in the evening for summer vacation. When I asked Shingo for consent.

(TN: I think Kouki is pertaining to a Gamer’s mind. Play at night, sleep in the morning. I’m not sure though but that most probably it)

“Kouki, I think there is no such thing”

I was sicken with the feeling of amazement. I would like to ask Alice as well but I think I will definitely get the same reply so I feel heavy. I told Shingo that the meat is burning while crying inside my mind.

“Oh… by the way, during the summer vacation, it seems that an “International Search Station” is will be built. I heard that the academy also had a part on it.”

Ho~, They are going to build such a thing? While listening as I remove the vegetables from the skewer and eating only meat, Aikawa-san speaks.

“Certainly, the responsible person for the construction and investigation of it was no other than Arakawa-kun’s mother, isn’t it wonderful?”

I didn’t know. In the first place the range of things my mother normally does is too wide for me to grasp. Maybe I should ask her when I get home? A mail ringtone rings from a terminal attached to my arm while thinking about such things.

“Ko-chan, I have forgotten to tell you but next week mom will go to the moon to build the “International Search Station”. I think I’d like to bring Alice-chan and the rest, I will tell you the schedule for the next two weeks”

I’m starting to seriously suspect the presence of surveillance cameras when I check the text, I think that it is not that bad though. I showed everyone the just-timed e-mail, and all participants agreed to come along. I kept eating meat silently while having a feeling that something troublesome will happen.

After that, we quickly prepared for it and reached the current situation. While sitting on the shuttle seat, I adjust the cooling device of the space suit using the life support device and lower the internal temperature. The memories when I was blown to space by a rocket that shook up tremendously revived in my mind so I asked my mother what it is like this time.

“That was a ballistic missile, it is not a thing that people consider riding in the first place. This time is like an airplane, it will take off from the runway and you just need to relax while it fly to the stratosphere and leave the atmosphere with a booster. Then from a work ship waiting on orbit, it will receive a large booster for re-acceleration and fuel. It will then accelerate to speed of up to 120 thousand kilometres at a stretch and aim for the moon” (TN: I think that is 120,000km/hour because Japan uses metric system on maps and signs all over the country. 1 km = 0.62 miles / 1094 yards / 3281 feet)

The Space Expert Aikawa-san who is sitting across the aisle said, “Break through the third of space in that speed?!” What? I can tell that she is surprised. I do not know well about their field but I think I get it to some extent. Since it should have been about 400,000 kilometers to the moon, our flight will only take around 4 hours… Because my mom has a part on this, It is a secret that I was slightly sorry for thinking of saying something like “Let’s go warp to space!”.

“The shuttle will take off soon. Please take a seat and fasten your seat belt for safety”

Announcement flowed when I was eating the biscuit that I received from Alice. I sit like an adult and tighten the belt as instructed. In the world before I was reincarnated, I remember that there was a saying that a “secret base of aliens” exists in the “back of the moon”. I tried asking my mother about that.

“Un? Other side of the moon? There, is the Ruins of Nanika. There are no life forms in there”

There is something in there!? Besides, is it something that can be said casually? Is it not a top secret that can’t be said to civilians…

“Ko-chan, you are not a “civilian” the moment you step in here?”

“I did not sign any “security document” before getting on the shuttle?”

Alice look at me with a face like asking what are you saying? I really don’t remember signing such documents. Ma~a, I definitely think that my mother wrote the document and submitted it without me knowing it. I felt that the shuttle that we are riding had a slight vibration and began to take off. There is only a shuttle for departure to the atmosphere, as such there is no window so we don’t know what is happening outside.

“Kouki, we got nothing to do so let’s play using the terminal”

Shingo from his personal terminal sent an application for playing card games and I approve it. I will not be able to keep myself from being bored so it’s better to kill time by playing cards. Even though I am now on a different world, It still feel the same. I feel a little touched. I was thinking that when I operated my terminal.

“Huh? There’s one more?”

There is a display in the lobby of the game screen. In addition to me, Alice, Shingo and Aikawa-san, a fifth “Mii-chan” was in there. Who is it? Mii-chan?


Listening to my mother declaring herself confidently, I, with a somewhat angry expression, propose a kick vote for “Mii-chan” to everyone. My proposal is displayed at the top of the terminal but it was rejected with 1 against 3 on vote. Looks like everyone except me is welcoming mom…

Do not come and participate in kid’s game like in new year!! Moreover, we are playing a simple millionaires without stairway but my mom is too strong. You cannot have a 6 times millionaire for 6 times! Why is she so strong? (TN: The 6 times millionaire for 6 times might be wrong, I’m not familiar with Millionaires so my term might be wrong. Let me know if you can translate it better. 6回やって6回とも大富豪なんてありえないだろ)

“Arakawa-san, why are you so strong?”

Aikawa-san seemed to wonder as well, I’m afraid I should have asked mother.

“Emi-chan, you don’t need to reserve yourself like that. Call me Miki-san! Rather than being strong, I simply “Memorize the cards on play”. Because everyone knows which cards are being played right now, I just use the most efficient card on my hand.”

Do not consume a game with your genius brain!!! Use it in a different place!? But I guess if you do that, you cannot win in any card games. Everyone seemed to have perceived this, a desperate look was in my face.

“The shuttle will dock with the work ship in 5 minutes”

An announcement resound at exactly good timing, I am glad that I did not become unilateral in a game development like this… I thought about such things while I sat on the seat and tightened the belt.

About 20 minutes after I felt the light shock when the shuttle docked with the work ship, I stand up and old men came into the room.

“Nice to meet you all, my name is Daniel(ダニエル), the captain of this shuttle”

(TN: It’s another English name, I think its Daniel but correct me if I’m wrong)

Apparently, it seems to be the captain. He is wearing a uniform that I saw before, It got the feeling of an “Air Force Officer” which can be mostly seen in old war movies. I also want to become such a cool person in the future… Daniel’s explanation continues while I was thinking about such things.

“I am tremendously honored to meet and guide prominent people to the moon. Also, based on perfect safety regulation we promise a reliable journey in space however our next flight will be in super high speed so please activate each life supporting device and wear a helmet.”

Ah- Yes, yes. His point is “I do not know what is going on in the future so please sit tight in your space suit quietly”. This person is too hard… I have to go out and explain with my mother every time. I decided to keep listening to the explanation silently while worrying about the captain’s “stomach”.

—- Moon Survey Shuttle Captain, Daniel’s point of view —-

I came into the conference room to do the briefing of today’s flight as usual. In addition to the flight officer who should be in the room when I enter, I notice that everyone is giving a salute to a woman with a military rank of “Major General”. Why is the General participating in the briefing? I was having such doubt, and when I was about to ask a question everyone became silent because she opens her mouth.

“Lieutenant, you may sit down”

I sit down on a pipe chair as instructed. As I seat I wait for the flight data that I receive almost immediately. Major General began explaining while shooting images on the screen.

“Colonel, the person you will carry to the moon today are not the “regular” staff”

(TN: His rank is Lieutenant Colonel. Don’t be confused.)

I look at the video displayed on the screen, at that moment, my mouth open as if my jaw was about to come off. I understand “Arakawa Miki” being on the boarding schedule list. She is the leader in the construction of Lunar Base and Lunar Survey. As we are planning to carry them to the moon, there are no surprises so far but the remaining four are important.

[Saito Shingo]… He made himself known with the orbit of asteroid that seemed to collide with Earth several months ago. He is a person who succeeded in changing the course of an asteroid to avoid a collision using his “Self-sustaining AI Robot”. Many people in the UN Space Army look to him as a hero. Of course I am one of them.

[Alice Alford]… A girl who succeeded in developing a medicine effective for the “European Tragedy Virus” which is known to be the biggest enemy of human beings, many doctors adore her. I heard rumor that WHO invited her as a chief researcher but was refused.

[Aikawa Megumi]… Although there is no remarkable achievement, she have published a number of papers on space development. It’s solid and originally rich content are highly appreciated. I have read some of her papers and I felt that her talent will lead the next generation of space development.

And it is displayed at the end… the problem… [Arakawa Kouki]…Succeeded in developing a “8th Generation Power Suit”. Individually did a rescue on a passenger ship and had rumor that he made an unmanned observation drone collide with a ballistic missile to stop a direct missile attack. Also last month, rescuing his lover alone by re-entering the earth from outside the atmosphere, rampaging into the island where the enemy is waiting and take part as a decoy, enduring until the main troops arrived.

Despite being a non-combatant, he “collaborate” with the descending unit which is said to be elite in UN in crushing all the enemy’s anti-aircraft position. He rescued his lover on his own as if nothing happened and withdrew from the island.

Besides, I have no qualification to view these information but it seems there is “something” about him. Each country in the world is nervous to the extent that he is almost abnormal.

I would like to take a resignation and go home… Is it useless? I don’t know if I can do it well. The task of carrying more important people than the head of state is too heavy for me. As flying with these five big people on board, although outside the atmosphere is safe, what kind of security is done on earth? I was asked questions so I also asked about things around me.

“There is no problem with respect to security. Fortunately there are no windows in the shuttle. Once the flight is started, aircraft belonging to UN will do the guard duty in full power. There will be more than 40 aircraft which will hardened around the shuttle at all times until reaching the stratosphere. They will become shields when receiving an attack. Normal security units on the ground are removed today with another unit who will do the guard duty.”

“I believe the troops who is in charge of guarding the shuttle’s departure and arrival place are specially trained unit. Is it okay to remove them?”

No matter how much security it is, it will be useless if the soldiers who are not specially trained in guarding is will be sent. So I speak out with the word but Major General answered while grinning.

“It is a troop unit belonging to the UN Special Army Group. Regarding the official name of that unit, I was told that it is a “Classified Information”. I do not have the right to know.”

I see, I can understand why. There is only one group that even a Major General Rank cannot know… It could be the “Ghost Troops” which is rumored to have caused a country to fall with only one unit. Since I had only heard of rumors, I thought it was just a made up story by the Public Relations Department for improving warfare but it seems that it really existed.

“Lieutenant Colonel, your mission on today’s flight is to serve the purpose of delivering these five VIPs safely and quickly to the moon and to give special consideration to Arakawa Kouki-san. These are directive from the higher up.”

How can I do “special consideration” on a military aircraft? It doesn’t have beautiful cabin crew on board, and there are no drinks nor can they eat lavished in-flight meals. Tell me what I really should do!!

“As regards to the method of “consideration”, Lieutenant Colonel himself should think about it, so… Colonel, I will be praying for your duty to be a success”

As I threw my question appropriately, Major gave away quickly. Any problem is will be impose on me. I should call my wife before departure …. I have to tell her to live a happy life with my child which will be born next month if in case I cannot come back.

After docking with the work ship that will install an additional booster on orbit, I headed to the room without watching the work. Despite being desperate after Major General told me to think of a method for “consideration”, in the end I can only give an explanation about the flight by directly going through the contents of the announcement. I arrange the wrinkles on my uniform in the built-in toilet, re-wear the hat, and then open the door of the guest room.

“Nice to meet you all, my name is Daniel, the Captain of this Shuttle”

Everyone is paying attention to me when I said my greetings. Ms. Arakawa… I beg of you, please stop sending gaze like that. I felt that my stomach hurts. I also saw that Mr. Kouki, who is the favourite is looking at me with likable eyes. Okay! Apparently it seems to be a success. I continue talking as it is. (TN: Raw translation is Arakawa-joshi and Kouki-shi)

“I am tremendously honored to meet and guide prominent people to the moon. Also, based on perfect safety regulation we promise a reliable journey in space however our next flight will be in super high speed so please activate each life supporting device and wear a helmet.”

If your head hits the bulkhead at the time of acceleration, my neck will fly. I will be relegated with worst case being sent towards a remote location or will be a laughing stack of military talks… No, stop it. Thinking of bad things makes me feel heavy, I only have to think about this flight for now. I try to keep up with the explanation.

“We are using the gravity generator to reproduce the same gravity on earth in the shuttle but when we accelerate towards the moon we will need to cut off the equipment, so food, drinks and the like should be put in the special container attached in your seat. In addition, when emergency occurs, we will prioritize the safety of everyone by separating the module of the guest room. In that case, a rescue ship from Earth is scheduled to make an emergency rescue within 3 hours, so please do not worry.”

While I look at the glittering eyes of Mr. Kouki during the explanation, he closes the belt as instructed, kept cookies and drinks in place and inspected life support equipment. Because I also received special treatments from the United Nations and other countries, it is not easy to be a good boy who was impatient about what they are told. The facial expression seems to be gentle, and looks like a person who never plunges into an armed group by himself. I finished the explanation with confidence and decided to return to the cockpit.

“Lt. Colonel, thank you for your hard work”

The serving Senior Captain provide me with words of labor. I was checking the equipment while replying appropriately but he asked a question.

“What kind of person was Kouki-kun?”

I guess you hear strange things. I will tell you the impression that I have, he was having a strange face while listening to my story. I am anxious and asked why he is having such a face but he answer with casual attention. When he further talk about it, I unconsciously said “I do not believe it…”

“I have a friend in Navy. He is a part of Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Army, so it seems to be a story heard from that self-defense army. Kouki-kun is said to have launched a “Cruise Missile” that he made himself when he was a child. He also did it twice. For the second one, the interception did not make it in time, it seems to be a serious situation but the missile itself seems to have suicide bombs.”

No way …. He cannot be a child to do such things. I was laughing and said that it was only gossip, but I heard the continuation of the captain and the story solidified.

“It seems that the space army tracked the rocket a few years ago but lost it. I did not belong to the space army at that time though but I think you are Lt. Colonel?”

Surely when I was a Major, every space army department has been requested for emergency dispatch. Clearly I was thinking that some countries had launched satellites without prior notice, was that what it was?

I answered to the captain, “Well, I do not understand”, I cannot hide my hand trembling. I guess I really have a ridiculous guest.

“Inspection and installation of the additional booster has ended. It is possible to take off”

A contact from work ship enters. We prepare for acceleration and announce it to the guest room. I saw the Captain trying to push the ignition button of the booster. I hurriedly grasp his hand and tell him the change of procedure.

“Captain, I will start with the engine of the shuttle body at its maximum, ignite the booster and then gradually accelerate. I will think about think about our guest safety first without using rapid acceleration this time.”

“So, it’s something like that”

“That’s right”

The captain who saw what I wanted to say shut up and obey my instructions. The Captain’s hand also starts trembling but I cannot laugh at it. In the case that even one of the passengers got an injury, “We will be Killed”. While trying not to think about it, I gradually accelerated the shuttle and started the booster.

You can feel the G Force on the body at once, but the burden is less due to the function of the space suit. Furthermore, since it is not a rapid acceleration from zero, the extra burden is less. The guest room is supposed to press a button in case there was an issue. The button to inform an abnormality is not pressed so a problem probably did not happen. After that I just wish to arrive safely without anything bad to happen.

“This is the Lunar Base Control Tower. I confirmed your shuttle, please land according to the induced radio waves. At present, the outside temperature is minus 170°C and it is a fine day.”

After about 4 hours flying, communication was started from the Lunar Base. With a woman’s voice talking about “temperature and weather” like an ordinary passenger aircraft flying over the planet. We cannot afford such things in here! We devote all our being in carefully landing the shuttle! Stop those remarks that disturbs our concentration!!

“Captain, Drop Wheel”


We let the landing of the shuttle as gentle as beyond the usual until we stop the engine. Afterwards, the Lunar Base staff brings in a moving vehicle and docks at the shuttle entrance. Our work ends here. I was sighing relief. I talked to the captain who is sitting next to me that he should get me a sake at PX Base because he told me with a crying face,

(TN: Sake is a Japanese rice wine. I think PX Base is the base on Earth.)

“Lt. Colonel… we also like to return”

When I go back the base, I will write a resignation… I decided so.

—- Arakawa Kouki point of view —-

After the shuttle has landed, we got on a moving vehicle and was brought inside the moon base. What I can see is the main hall that I could not believe that it was a base which is still under construction. As I am surprised and looking around, my mother claps her hand and attracts the attention of everyone.

“Alright, I will explain the cards that I will provide you right now. This card serves as a security card in base. You cannot go anywhere without it. Even if you sleep, as much as possible please keep it in your neck.

Also, since all four of you will be given the highest class security card, you will be able to go anywhere in the base. However, you should not enter dangerous places or getting out on the moon without permission. It is because I trust everyone which is why I handed this level of permission. Please take care of it properly.”

I don’t think there will be a foolish member who will do such thing. Everyone probably going to “I want to go here, I want to go there” so I think we should go and start talking to the people working at the base.

“There will be a place for everyone to sleep for two weeks, we all have a private room which is a compartment since we will have a guardian relationship. I don’t think there will be any particular inconvenience. Regarding water, consider the amount which is being brought in compared to the performance of your circulatory. Try to save water as much as possible.

The most important thing is, you will always get a call around 7am and 7pm and everyone should gather in the cafeteria by then. More than that, well… If there is something you don’t know, just ask the question.”

The last one threw me off! Well, I guess it is not needed to answer all the questions right now. I think there will be questions which will come into mind when we calm down. We decided to head to each of our room guided by my mother.

After placing our luggage in the room, we move to the dining room to decide on our future actions. Aikawa-san will accompany the Lunar Survey Team, Shingo will go see the new type of work machine. Alice is probably going to the research facility which is researching bacteria and viruses in outer space.

“Kouki-kun, have you decided where to go?”

Alice wants to know my plan, of course it is already decided. I have no other option other than to go there!!!

“I think I will go see the ruins on the other side”

That’s what I said and everyone had the expressions as if they are expecting it. Why? Because it’s Romance! You can see the heritage left by unknown intellectual life forms with your own eyes, We will never have a chance like this again. I will go even if mother won’t allow me.

“Fuhi! Then on the next two or three days, everyone is will be acting separately.”

Finally, Shingo ended up saying so and the discussion was concluded.

The next day, after the morning call is over, I consult with my mother that I wanted to go to the “ruins”. I was slightly reluctant but my mother laugh and surprised me because the permission was easily made unexpectedly.

“Oh, I thought that you would absolutely want to go to the ruins so I have already made the preparations”

As expected of mother, Is she predicting what her son is going to say? I said “Thank you” while smiling but mom started to explain with a serious look.

“In fact, the survey of the ruins is not yet completed. For the time being, “There is no harm to humanity” is what we knew on that ruin. It is not like there was actually an alien, in the first place we could not get inside so the research cannot advanced either. There are written “letters” at the entrance. We tried to blow it up to get inside but it didn’t even get a scratch. Ko-chan, please let me know if you learn something on the actual site.”

If my genius mother don’t know anything about it, then there is no way that I will understand it but I thought it would be nice to provide some help. I tell my mother “Leave it to me”.

I changed into reinforced framework equipment as instructed and waited in the lobby, I found mother came who is also changed to the same equipment and behind her is a harsh looking osan who is apparently considered as a soldier. That osan looks at me and said, (TN: Osan = Middle Age Man)

“C’est agréable de vous rencontrer”

(TN: Yep, that’s exactly how the author wrote it. Apparently it means ‘Nice to Meet You’)

He was talking to me. I do not know what he is saying at all. I think it is French in nuance manner. When I was quiet, I noticed Osan was trying to push the switch on his neck with his finger. What? I search the neck of my framework by hand and found the same switch in the same place so I also push it.

“Will the automatic translator work? Can you understand me?”

Oo~! Oohhh!? I can hear a synthetic speech with slight delay when Osan’s speak. Apparently the sound picked up by the microphone built in the framework is automatically translated and the translation is played.

“I can hear you! I was just a little surprised”

“Hahaha, People who use this feature for the first time are always surprised. This feature was developed by your mother.”

Are you serious?! Mom is amazing. Looking at my mom, I noticed her eyes are watching me while smiling gently as usual. I somehow become embarrassed and avert my eyes, Osan keeps on talking.

“You want to go to the Lunar Ruins. I will show you the way, please follow me carefully”

He said so and did a hand shake. While smiling bitterly with the slightly high tension Osan, I thought of the ruins that I have not seen yet.