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Author Note: This is Part 3. I informed this edition to have a total of 4 copies but when I was editing it was gathered in 3 copies so Alice’s kidnapping arc will end on this one.

—- Arakawa Kouki Point of View —-

Altitude 20,000 Kilometers… I can’t see anything because I was tucked into the warhead but I’m sure that I am in outer space, I also felt intense vibration earlier. Now, I can only hear few mechanical sounds emitted by my power suit. If it is as described, the warhead itself should soon be oriented towards the goal location. Will everything be OK? Communication comes in from my mother at the same time as my anxiety increases.

“Kouki, do you hear me? I think its okay because my voice is transmitted normally in here…”

My suit is a prototype machine, so I don’t have any means of sending communication from the satellite orbit towards Earth. I only can receive audio unilaterally.

“I will gradually separate the warhead from the missile. Be careful of your suit\'s air tightness, make sure the impact will not leak your own oxygen.”

With a slight vibration, white smoke entered my sight. The excess oxygen in the warhead was probably released into space. There is no issue with air tightness. There is no problem.

“Something is spinning!!”

I yelled my heart out. Normally in such a scene, it is a place where you are immersed in sentiments like “Beautiful…” while watching the earth.

“Although it may be doubtful that you are the one who is actually spinning. There is nothing we can do because it is not being pulled by gravity. I will try to make it fly straight. Please do the sightseeing of Earth in the next opportunity.”

As expected of my mother, she completely read what I thought. I will withdraw the sightseeing for now and drink the juice in the tube that I brought. I\'ll drink it while keeping it afloat. While my tension rises with the juice which started to float in front of me, a communication starts again.

“I think you are playing with the juice that you possessed but get everything ready 10 minutes before the re-entrance. You will receive your suit posture control in 2 minutes after reaching an altitude of 15,000 meters.”

I guess they have a surveillance camera installed somewhere in here. I collect my thoughts that tried to escape from reality by drinking all the juice that are floating.

Any small mistakes are directly linked to death from here on out… I tell myself to take a deep breath and calm down. On the screen at the center of the operation panel, the picture taken by everyone before is displayed. I tried to pump myself, looked at Alice at the edge of the photo and tighten up the seat belt.

“Starting re-entry, I will not be able to send communications when you enter the atmosphere. If something unexpected happens, do what you think is best.”

While saying that, the communication from my mother was severed, and Earth gradually becomes bigger. I’ve never heard that I will be reentering the atmosphere alone with no help from anyone. Is this alright? It a suit made by everyone, adjusted by Shingo and finalized by my mother. I would like to believe that it should not break so easily. The vibration becomes stronger as I was thinking of such things.


I grind my teeth and endure the vibration while holding my body like a G. Then the vibration was suddenly interrupted abruptly. When I opened my eyes and looked at the panel, a display was showing 11,000. I stretch out my hand and turn on the optical camouflage but I am not sure if it really works because there are no lights to indicate. I should do something about it and ask Shingo on what we can do when I return. In the first place, is optical camouflage made for peeping purpose useful for military operation?

Pi Pi Pi! Pi! Pi! Pi!

As I continue to descent, an alarm sounds started alarming when I reach an altitude of 2,000. The warhead started the thrusters and lowered the descent speed. As told by my mother, it tries to fly below 15 meters.

It won\'t be long before I am attacked by the units surrounding the island if I approach without giving an ally identification signal to the enemy. Even if it cannot be seen, it is easily detected by infrared or thermal detection type missiles. Well, it will not hit if they don’t know which direction they should shoot.

“What’s this?”

A mysterious radio wave was received at the moment of issuing the identification signal. Did the enemy guess it? Cold sweat drops but something seems to be different. When analyzed with the device stacked on my suit when it was suddenly improved at the mega float, it was a thing that was issued for the communication band used by the UN Military.

I think that it is information for the location for something but I do not know it. Let’s allow radio waves for allies for the time being… I decided to press the switch which permits communication.

The moment I pressed the switch, the electric wave stopped for a moment but it turned out that I was able to enable the receiver because a tremendous amount of data started flowing into me. However, I cannot use all of this information effectively. If Shingo is around he will be able to understand the contents of the communication but I can just barely read it. However, there is one which could be use effectively.

“Is this induction wave? It looks like it is being sent from a submarine”

Apparently the submarine unit deployed around the island seems to indicate a course that is relatively safe. I am seriously grateful. I reply “Thank You” in the same frequency band and approach the island according to the induced radio wave.

The warhead reaches the sky over the island and randomly spreads the missiles which were loaded as planned. However, it is being shot back from the ground. Even if you cannot see anything, you can hear the sounds and you will hear the shooting of anti-aircraft guns.

“Muri! Muri! Muri!”

(TN: Muri(無理) means Impossible, I\'m sure you guys know this already)

I was trying to desperately escape through the smoke curtain and disturbing bullet but I cannot really do anything more than this. I will die. It is not a job that a student should do in the first place!!! Just now, a towing bullet passed through my side again. Mo~ I have no choice… I should withdraw. Communication enters suddenly while I am in the process of escaping while half crying.

“We have confirmed the jamming effect on the entire island, the descending unit will start the Recapture Operation”

A brave voice said so then a large transport aircraft flew above the sky. Apparently, that communication is directed to all frequencies. Let’s go home!!! I will withdraw from the island with the thrusters fully open. I drop my altitude to the limit and pass through the jungle, a communication comes in the moment I see the sea.

“Kouki-kun, you did well! I do not mind you escaping, I will send you the rendezvous point where the ship will come to pick you up”

I’m sorry, I already am escaping the island! A person from the descent unit earlier sent a message to me but I am already on the sea. Even if I withdraw earlier than expected, it should not affect their operation. While thinking so, I almost crash as soon as I saw the rendezvous point that I received.

“It’s on the other side!”

The rendezvous point was displayed on the side opposite to the direction I was heading. Oh no… I lost track of my current location while I was avoiding the barrage and left to the other side. Let’s go around the periphery of the island and head to the ship.

So I decided to lower the altitude to the limit, looking at the island while flying 3 meters from the sea surface, you can see the people of the descent troops fighting. I thought I am trying hard but I could see that I pushed it quite a bit, unlike me it seems that a considerable number of allies have been shot down during the descent because they don’t have an optical camouflage.


Is it okay to withdraw from this situation? While everyone is doing their best to help Alice, only I is turning his back on this island. I cannot help anymore if I go back. I am not armed with any weapon, at most I can only act as a decoy… but I remember what my mother told me before her communication is cut.

“If something unexpected happens, do what you think is best.”

What do I think is the best at the moment… it is to get the descending unit to the ground safely. Then, my actions have been decided… I send communication to the submarine who sent the induction radio.

“This is Arakawa, Can you hear me?”

Although I was worried that I communicated in Japanese, the response that I got back is in Japanese as well contrary to my expectation.

“This is of the operator of the UN Submarine, Torusutoi. What is the matter?”

“I will return to the island and will act as a decoy, sorry to trouble you but can you contact the descending unit?”

When I told him, the Torusutoi side told me to wait for a bit. I hover my suit on the spot but a fierce battle is in front of me while I was waiting. After time passed, an answer came in at last but the content is not what I wanted to hear.

“I contacted the higher level but they did not approve it. Please withdraw as it is”

No no! Am I talking to something like a government office, your allies are fighting!? I almost shout at the operator but was able to keep silent in the communication while I shudder.

“However, I “mistakenly” sent the position information and suggestion to the descending unit a while ago. It was not approved but the unit sent a reply saying “I got it”.”

Apparently it seems that it was a flexible official, it cannot be helped if the other side made a mistake… I reply with a sense of delight.

“Roger that, I regret to withdraw as it is however GPS may have been broken due to a shot, “I will be be careful” not to take the invasion course in the island “by mistake”.”

After telling so, I return to the island with the thrusters fully open. After landing on the island, I restart the optical camouflage and started moving slowly while lowering the output to the limit so as not to be busted with the sound. I intrude into an anti-aircraft artillery that continues shooting to the sky.


I release my camouflage in the middle of their sight while waving my hand and shouting at the external speaker. When I suddenly appeared, they were surprised. The anti-aircraft gun stopped completely. The infantry desperately shoots with their rifle… when they understand that it cannot scratch me at all, the high caliber guns was directed at me. Yossha! Their attention was completely directed towards here according to plan. I immediately restart camouflage and get away with full power. They started shooting again towards the sky after I ran away meandering, so now I intrude from the opposite direction.


I reveal my appearance while waving my hand with the feeling that I completely play with my opponents. Through the camera, I can see the face of the enemy soldiers turning red. They aimed at me again and shoot so I headed to another position. Looking back at them, they seem to be wary of me. I am satisfied because it is a situation where they cannot shoot at the sky.

While continuing such a thing, I found that the descending unit is getting off safely.

“It should be ok now, the anti-aircraft gun and its solders are wary of me”

When I am about to fly to the rendezvous point, I found “my power suit” on a truck.

—- Alice Alford point of view —-

Immediately after being pushed into the transport aircraft by armed people. I immediately set “emergency mode” function of the suit. This suit is bought by Kouki-kun’s mother. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a fortress with the utmost effort paid to protect her son. it should be safe to stay in here until the battery runs out. After travelling by plane for several hours, I knew that this time I was on a vehicle based on the sound. I revert back to main mode for a moment to take a look outside.

“I can see a forest… and outside, temperature is around 38 degrees. It’s a tropical region here.”

I change to emergency mode again to protect myself. Does anyone who can help me know where I am? I remember my father told me to endure crying.

“Alice, you are a special one. Perhaps there will be in the future where you will be in danger but calmly wait for help at such times. People who always care about Dad and Alice are going to pick you up so do not worry.”

I never thought that time would be such a thing. When it comes to this kind of situation one is likely to be crushed by fear and anxiety. At such time, when I casually touch the terminal with my left hand, the picture taken by everyone before is displayed on the screen.

Kouki-kun, Saito-kun and Megumin who is showing Chabane-kun to me. I am not very good with the Chabane. I did not touch Chabane-kun until the end but I regret that. It feels like I’ve done something bad to him. Kouki-kun holds a tactile sense of Chabane along with Saito-kun while Megumin is grabbing Saito-kun’s clothes while they smiled.

“I wonder if I can meet everyone again?”

Really weak sounds came out of my mouth. At that time, I heard a sound hitting the outside to break the exterior! It looked like I was hit hard many times but I heard a sound like emitting a smoke. I think the tear gas for intrusion prevention was sprayed out but I cried with fear.

“Fu~e… I’m scared~ Kouki-kun”

When I saw the terminal, it took about 2 hours. Apparently I cried tired and seemed to have fallen asleep but why did I wake up? As I was wondering, I can hear a sound in a distance. It is the same explosion sound that I heard at school without a doubt. I wonder if help has arrived? While I was haphazardly breathing and checking the situation, I hear something jumping at high speed and a continuous explosion sound.

“I wonder if it\'s better to start the suit”

I reconsider trying to push the start button, if is not helpful then I have used the battery wastefully. It would have been better to keep quiet for now. So judging and listening to the explosion sound as it was, I found out that the vehicle has started to move.

Do not leave this place! After all, this sound is a sound that help has arrived. That is why I tried to move in a panic. I desperately operate to stand up after pressing the suit’s start button to change to main mode. It seems it cannot move… and suddenly all of the power supply failed.

“The battery has run out”

Apparently, I ran out of the last remaining battery with my current scraping. I shakily hold my knees again. With this, the suit that protects me are now ineffective. Afterwards it will be easy to open the suit without problem if they use heavy equipment… The other party seems not to understand this, you can hear them banging and pounding the armor with heavy sound in different part of the suit.

“I wanted to see Kouki-kun one last time”

As if I already prepared myself as I say such words, I can hear a voice from the outside.

“Alice, I know you’re in there, I saw it move a little while I ago. Come out quickly”

Did I mishear it? I think I heard Kouki-kun’s voice but maybe its because he is on my mind. Even if help comes, there is no way he will be here. It is a visual illusion arising from the feeling that I want to see him at the end… I was thinking that but I can still hear his voice.

“Alice! We will really die if this keeps up! I’m begging you to come out and ride on with me”

When I cancel the suit and go outside, there was Kouki-kun who is holding the hatch and beckoning.

“Hurry! The driver of the truck flicked and ran away but he may come back. Ride into my suit, we are running away”

While dizzingly approaching Kouki, he grab me with the hands of the suit and push me into the cockpit. He stroked my head after placing me on his knees.

“Good Job, You really tried hard. Let’s go home now.”

He was almost laughing while speaking, he started sending communication somewhere.

“Torusutoi, Can you hear me? I rescued Alice. I will head to a rendezvous point from here. The number of people has been increased so I do not have enough thruster fuel. Can you please collect us on this point”

“This is Torusutoi, roger that. We will be surfacing and waiting.”

Kouki-kun who is communicating with a crisp expression is really cool. I had a troubled look when I unintentionally hugged him but I also endured hard situation alone. This should be good enough as a reward. I cling to Kouki-kun firmly and listen to what I was wondering from a while ago.

“How did you come here?”

“Do you remember the mega float that we went to? The place where you saw Chabane. I went out into space with a rocket from there then I re-enter earth and flew to the island.”

I think he was saying something amazing… space? In other words, Kouki-kun said that he borrowed the power of a rocket to help me, he said that it fly for several ten thousand kilometres. Although he himself expresses it as if it is not a big deal, when will he have the consciousness that he did an outrageous thing.

“As expected”

In a loud voice he asked, “Did you say something?”. I shake my head while smiling to Kouki who is asking.

Even I myself love how much I love him, I never boasted about that though. Some people say that I am “like an air” or “I am a fool” but I think Kouki-kun really thinks “Trivial things don’t matter”. Perhaps for Kouki-kun to say “Amazing” it will be a feat such as a new discovery for humanity. I guess the day will certainly come to accomplish as such.

I wonder if I can be next to Kouki-kun? No, I should absolutely stay next to him. When I made such decision, a submarine which is emerging from the sea comes into view. It seems to be moving this way so it’s probably “Torusutoi”, then we slowly get on the submarine.

“Welcome to Torusutoi! We are honoured to have the hero”

Someone who seems to be the captain came out on the deck with the highest gratitude. Kouki-kun was bitterly smiling while muttering “I am not a hero but…”.

I smile when I looked at his face. See, he really doesn\'t realize it…

—- Arakawa Miki point of view —-

I was in a video call with Shuichi at home half a day after the rescue was successful. Kouki have not come back yet. I wonder if it was pretty busy? I know that my current face is scary but I want to know the truth this time. Shuichi-san who seems feeling heavy open his mouth.

“This is bad Miki, I don’t understand a thing”

What is that supposed to mean? The island should have been entirely suppressed by the UN Forces. You can find as much evidence as you want. I ask him that question with intensifying speech

“First, the head for this case is the archbishop of the religion. He easily broke through that siege area.”

How did he do such a thing! More than 100 vessels and satellites were monitoring the island. How could he escape.

“It was absolutely impossible, however him who runs away is a reality. There is no doubt that a country who participated in the strategy leaked the information. Their large number of equipment is also not the size that one religion can align. Are there any nuclear weapons banned under the treaty?”

What’s going on? Do they have different objectives? Or was it really Alice?

“I interrogated the survivors, it seems they believe that Kouki-kun was in the suit that they picked up. There is no mistake that the end believer tried to assassinate Kouki. However, I checked the archbishop’s room and found some documents that I could not bring out.”

He delimits his words and made an expression as a professional soldier.

“In the document, they have the photograph of Kouki and Alice. Perhaps, it was good that the one in the suit is Alice instead of Kouki. They will be satisfied to eliminate either one… This is our conclusion.”

If a country is involved, the investigation will be difficult. Even more if it is a big powerful country. I ask him about that.

“The goal is to catch the archbishop who escaped, everything will be clear if we catch the guy. After that is the country who leaked the information. Since it is left to Claire and her subordinates, I wonder which tail they will grab. Alice is more than what she seems.”

I know… It doesn’t matter if we meddle for Kouki’s well being. Besides, I do not want the girl who may one day become his bride get hurt.

“Then its fine, I will continue to investigate Project Alice. We only knew about this with the photos and limited information but Alice is a good girl. She is good enough for Kouki… Ma~a Miki though is much more beautiful. By the way, is Kouki still stupidly calling me as “macho”?”

I do not deny that Shuichi is surely a muscle head, I think that the cause is of being stupid is not to say anything that he is related to UN Special Forces.

“I don’t think so, when Kouki was watching a TV or movie with special forces in it. There was a time when I started telling him “Actually, Father…”, that was the first time I inform him that you belong to the Special Troops and he said “cool”.

I heard everything that I wanted to hear so I get off the communication with the “excited idiot macho” who is being overly excited. Let’s increase the number of guards in the future, as well as add guards for Alice as well…

I tried to remember what needs to do be done before Kouki returns.

By the way, I completely forgot about Kon.

Author Notes:

Actually, Torusutoi’s Captain perspective and the Captain of the descending unit have a different meaning of hero. It is the same as pertaining to the person who joins the operation and is not part of the army, it is also the same as saying to a person Please join the Army–! However there is a misunderstanding with Alice, she has her own evaluation of hero in her mind.

Recently, I have many dangerous stories to tell so I would like to send daily routine that I got stuck from next time. (TN: Not sure what he meant by that.)