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Author Note: This is the second part

TN: Thanks for visiting the site, I\'m warning you guys again, the WN is dropped/incomplete. I don\'t know if the last chapter in the WN is a cliffhanger or not but I\'m hoping for the best. I am translating as I read so I don\'t know any info on future chapters. Also, I made slight changes on some of the lines from the previous chapter. To be specific the power suit that Alice borrowed is the one Kouki\'s mother bought for him, the one that they newly made is a new 8th Generation Power Suit. Power suits don\'t have names which make things difficult when they are talking about multiple power suit, just like the previous chapter. So sorry about that.

Anyways, Enjoy!

—- Shuichi Arakawa point of view —-

"This is the content of the investigation report which was sent this morning. There is no human known as "Alice Alford"."

It seems today, received the most "shocking report" in my life. However, it is impossible as reports about Kouki\'s friends have already been thoroughly investigated. A report such as human beings that does not exist should come up first in the first place… I replied to Lewis but I was calmly denied.

"No, she is without a doubt someone who suddenly appears. Alice Alford nationality is Canadian, Admission is permitted after taking the test of the institute with nomination from the Canadian Government due to her display of Advance Medical Expertise. She recently succeeded in the development of therapeutic drugs which is effective on the “European Tragedy”. The world knows her as beautiful and intelligent but altogether there are no past records of her before she was 10 years old. Although Claire seems to have hacked the main terminal of the Canadian Government, it seems that there was no applicable information. The only thing that we found is her birth address…"

Lewis looks at my expression with a difficult face, it won’t help even if you care about my own complexion. I nod to encourage him to continue.

"Although it is a birth address, it was the “Gene Research Institute” a laboratory owned by the Canadian Government. However, this laboratory has already loss its function and has been closed due to fire. The date matches of when the fire broke out and when Alford-san appeared in public documents. With it, we search the old records of the United Nations Information Department, the research record of the gene laboratory was listed. Although we don\'t have much detail about it, the name of the research that has been conducted was called “Project Alice”.

I understood the reason why Lewis looked at my complexion. If my guess is right, that laboratory was doing researches which are ethically forbidden… but we don’t have enough information, perhaps it might be different however I cannot disregard this theory.

"Lewis, ask the Canadian Official to explain their circumstances. You can use our names if you need to. If it is related to legacy, I’ll leave it to your own discretion if the higher ups are involved. Know that this is a very delicate matter, I will not allow anyone to make my son sad or hurt my future daughter candidate."

After giving instructions, I organize my thoughts by putting my hands together. If Alice is involved in this case, it will be quite troublesome. Do I need change the rescue operation that I originally planned?

“Captain, the identity of the terrorist group turned out to be the cult religion."

Lewis who was in contact with another department reported to me. Hm… Considering the large-scale terrorist activities this time, they might be the same group involved on the previous ballistic missile. A country is definitely behind the scene. Funds, personnel, equipment, etc. No way a single cult religion can do all of this alone. Lewis told me his opinion while I was planning for the future on my head. (TN: If you don’t remember the Ballistic Missile, refer to )

"I think that the possibility that Alford-san is involved in this case is high. However, it may be completely unexpected that Alford-san is not aiming for it. “Saito Shingo” who saved the earth from an asteroid using AI robots and “Aikawa Emi” who specializes in space technology are your son’s friends. The possibility that they aimed at his friends for some reason are cannot be thrown away. I think that both of us should keep this confidential until we acquire more detailed information or if there is a sudden change in situation."

That\'s right, we cannot abandon all the possibilities. We should do our best for now. I urgently instructed Lewis and his subordinates to protect Saito-kun and Emi-san, and started planning again.

—- Information Officer Claire ‘s point of view —-

While withdrawing to the self-defense military base with my suit from the academy, my life was almost drained away. In the first place, my specialty is information analysis and not having battle using a power suit. This is the first time that this happens! Moreover, since the skin head who played my original role participated in the defense of the school, he did not accompany us on this withdrawal. His official duty is to protect Kouki-kun!! It should be the skin head who should deliver this mission to the base while we are the one organizing the defense. While I was thinking of such things, the base of self-defense army came into view. It seems that an emergency declaration has been issued, a considerable number of power suit is in operation and you can see tanks are deployed all around. We then receive a communication from the base operator.

"This is the Japanese Self-Defense Force. Reveal your affiliation, we will open fire if you approach without permission."

I was not able to contain my anger and shout at the operator who sends a stupid communication

“We are from the United Nations Organization! You should already received a notification from the government!? If you target us even after sending an identification signal, we will fight back. Please open the gate if you understand or I can just run through as it is.”

After declaring so, we approach the gate without slowing down and the gate opened like it is in a hurry. We slip through the gap and ran into the base. Inside the base… In a strictly guarded warehouse I gently let down Kouki-kun to the ground.

As expected of that speed, He was kept on being shaken. Although I thought that he could not walk properly, he is surprisingly walking with a steady footstep. As I took off my suit and ran into him, he seemed to remember me while making a blue face.

“Oh, it was rocket oneesan, I knew your voice was familiar.”

"Yeah that’s right, is your motion sickness severe? I had a medicine, let’s take a rest in an officer private room."

While talking, we are weakly shaking our neck however his eye is refuting with firm intention.

“I’m worried about Alice, can you lend me your communication equipment or will you contact mother for me?”

I’m sorry Kouki-kun but I cannot approve such a thing. We have more pressing matters at the moment, I asked him to take a rest first in the private room. It looks like he was hesitating for a while but I somehow managed him to take the medicine and promised me to take a rest…. After sending him to the private room and closing the door I recall the report that I sent this morning. If your lover, Alice Alford, turned out to be an artificially created human are you still going to continue to love her?

Several hours later, I was conducting video call in a communication room that uses confidential lines prepared by the SDF Military. The Captain was on the main screen, at the side of the screen are the figures of the upper part of the United Nations and Miki Arakawa with the heads of each countries.

“So what is the situation there?” The captain asked on behalf of the others. I figure out my words and calmly replied.

"Kouki-kun, who is our important goal, was properly protected. Also two hours ago his friends, Shingo Saito and Aikawa Emi, have arrived and they are also under strict protection."

Satisfied with the report, he nodded. When I said “I was having a hard time” Lieutenant Lewis who was next to the captain was urged to take over and continue the meeting.

"We, at the UN Special Operation Division, have concluded that the series of terrorist acts of this time is an abduction plan for “Alice Alford” which is disguised as Arakawa Kouki’s abduction. For details, please refer to the report presented at hand. Perhaps the main objective is the abduction of Alford-san and the assassination of Arakawa-kun is a secondary goal. The Organization manipulating the cult religion behind the scene seems to have something to do with “Gene Research Institute” but it is unknown at this time. In this case, we demanded the inspection of laboratories closed by the Canadian Government. I have attached the promise of information provision.”

So that child was involved after all? Then I guess coming here is the right decision but the explanation continues

“To know the truth behind all of this, we need to resolve this incident as soon as possible. Just now, since the size of the terrorist organization is huge we organize a rescue unit mainly based on UN standing army, maybe it will be more reasonable to call them “Rescue Troops”. After the terrorist organization withdrew from Japan, we confirmed that they had accommodated all their troops on a deserted island in Southeast Asia. Since the area is surrounded by ocean with clear sight, approaching it becomes extremely difficult. We are also looking for ways to solve this.”

My guess turned into a conviction at the explanation. I wonder if they noticed the change in my facial expression… The Captain urges me to speak if I have an opinion, I will talk about the idea that I have based on the information that I analyzed as an Information Analyst.

“First of all, I have a conclusion. There is only one power suit in the world that can approach anything without any difficulties. Have you forgotten? It can fly a distance of 3,200 km alone, The maximum speed was able to break through the speed of sound… It is as if there was an “8th Generation Power Suit” made for this."

I say this and everyone on the screen makes a noise. “Estimate everything and make a solution”, this is the reason why Kouki-kun is called “The child of a devil”

“Why did he rush to the site with a prototype machine that should been dangerous when an accident happened at sea? I think that life saving is the primary goal, but this was probably used as a field trial for the prototype power suit, one fact is that he did a display of full power of its thrusters.

Why did he develop optical camouflage just for “peeping”. Why was there a necessity to hurry development? I think that it was a counter measure for optical difficulties. If you think about it, he did not do any such stupid acts and after the fact that development has been completed, it has been installed on a suit and above all, I think that it is proof of my idea that the same suit was produced once more even though they discarded the test machine in the sea.”

When I’m done explaining everything, I heard that the people on the screen are saying “such foolishness”, “a real devil”, “how far he is looking ahead”. Arakawa Miki is the only one who remained silent.

“Does it mean that her son left her out even though he predicted that we will arrive on this situation?”

Different! No! That\'s not what I meant!! Please do not look at me with such eyes as if you are looking at an insect. I desperately explain while cold sweat flows.

"That’s not it, perhaps Kouki-kun was planning on solving it all by himself. This deeply involved with Alford-san who is his lover whom we discussed a while ago. From here on wards, I don’t have any basis but only my guess… Kouki-kun knew the secret of Alford-san’s birth from his own network. Surely we are monitoring Kouki-kun’s communication record but it is impossible to say that we can grasp everything… and once he knew the secret of his girlfriend, he chose to protect her rather that rejecting her. He probably planned to deal with everything behind the scene so that he will not hurt those that he loves. When I first saw this information, I thought “If you know that she is an artificially created person, Kouki-kun can you still love her?” However, I thought that my idea was severely unsightly if I thought of the behavior he had done for her you can say Kouki-kun did not care for such a thing. Acting without consulting anyone to protect his lover and her secret… but he did not expect that the scale of the organization was much larger that he imagined."

Everyone listens to my guess and the President of the United States leaks a small word,

“If a single child is determined to fight, then we should not waste more time on this meeting?”

Starting with those words, the meeting begins to progress rapidly. The first decision is to ask Kouki-kun to cooperate as a decoy for the rescue operation, because this 8th generation power suit, which is essential, can only be moved by him. Even though we have reach this conclusion, I am angry with myself who can only rely on children but I have no choice but to give up. Next, for this strategy, the UN Forces will inject 20% of total troops then a number of troops will be supplied as reinforcements from major countries other than Japan if confusion continues. And although these are the content of the main strategy… a method outside of common sense was proposed from the mouth of Arakawa Miki.

—- Arakawa Kouki point of view —-

I took some medicine and slept in the room for a while. I was able to think more clearly with a calm head. When Alice was taken away I panic and did not care about everything, but Alice wore “my power suit”. My mother ordered the suit individually and I know that it is not an ordinary suit. When we are making a new power suit, the specification my power suit says:

“Individual Ordered Power Suits are designed with the highest level of protection for key people”

That means… that the suit cannot be opened from outside unless you type in a password of 30 digits or more, If it is in emergency mode it is possible to stay inside for two days. Besides, we have stored food and water under the seat, so do not worry about anything. Alice who also had a bitter smile reading this specification together with me should have activated this emergency mode and it probably will hold up. Even if you try to forcibly open without a password, you cannot open it easily because it has armor which can withstand even a “Main Tank Bombardment”, and if you try to open it forcibly, tear gas will spray out all around you. Alice who is a partly uneasy about this can just sleep inside and can be pick up by the rescue unit.

“I got hungry when I was worried …”

I tried to get out of the room to get some food but the oneesan who took me to this base comes into the room.

“Kouki-kun, you will be moved to the mega float of “Japan Space Development Team”. Well, I guess you are hungry so I also prepared some sandwich to eat while on the move.”

It is truly a waste that this beautiful oneesan is a subordinate of that macho, I wish she could quit and work for mom. I was thinking of such things while eating inside the plane as it moves.

“Why only I was taken out of the school? Is it because I’m my mother’s son?”

I don’t desire to be treated specially because of this, I feel sorry for everyone that I’m the only one who escape from that dangerous place. The fact that Alice who was wearing my suit was kidnapped is supposed to mean that the purpose of the terrorist is “me”. I’d like to hear about that part properly, When I asked a question to oneesan, she started to remind me something

“First of all, Saito-kun and Aikawa-san are also protected though it is treated as special, You guys made a remedy which is effective to “European Tragedy”. There is an “obligation” for each country in the world to receive this kind of special handling. You should know this would happen from the outcome of your actions. Aikawa-san is a close friend, so her case is a special measure. We decided to protect her because there was a risk of being targeted on this raid. Next, Alford-san was kidnapped but I honestly do not know anything about it… Perhaps they are aiming for you but they might also be aiming at her from the beginning. In any case, once everything is settled, it will be investigated by the investigation team and it is outside my jurisdiction.”

After that, we are mutually silent. I need time to think about what she told me. Oneesan has been manipulating the terminal on her hand all the time. I was looking outside the window and saw the Mega Float after about an hour, I finally came this far. I thought of asking a question but oneesan gives direction to me earlier than before I was able to

“As soon as you get off, please go to the central control room, Kouki-kun’s mother is waiting in there and she will tell you the plan”

Ah- Yes. Is that so?… Everything seems going according to their plan, I will just do my best by following.

When I entered the control room where the noise was heard briskly, the surroundings became quiet in a moment. I felt uncomfortable and headed toward my mother. As I approached, she opens her mouth.

“Kouki, I don’t have much time so I will only tell you the main point. I want you to cooperate with Alice Rescue Operation”

Ha~a!? What? Why am I doing that? No, whatever you tell me, there is a limit on what a mere student can do. As I said so, my mother laughed and grinning said “It’s only possible for Ko-chan” but this only makes me feel like something terrible will happen.

“I will explain it to you, listen carefully. I will listen to all of your complaints later, as I’ve said already we don’t have much time so please concentrate”

Mom begins to talk and projects an image on a large screen

“As a result of the investigation, we learned that Alice was taken away to a deserted island in Southeast Asia. This is also the home base of the terrorist group. Currently, the United Nations Army and troops from all major countries are jointly developing a recapture strategy. However there are certain problems… If you get close to the island through the sea, with a clear line around, they will notice immediately. Therefore, it is impossible to advance from the sea. It is equally impossible to see the radar network stretch over the sky and the worst thing is that low pressure is approaching this area, after 9 hours there will be a storm and it will pass out after 3 days. In other words, the power suit worn by Alice will be disabled, do you understand the situation?”

If you grasp the explanation from mother you will understand, it means that if we do not rescue Alice within 9 hours she will be in danger. I nod to let mom know I understood.

“But there is only one way to solve this, rush into the island with the help of the power suit developed by Kouki, spreading electronic jammers that will hinder the radar network throughout the island. The recapture troops will then descend from the sky using that gap and after rescuing Alice will quickly withdraw.”

I am the only one who can operate the power suit so I can understand.

“I will explain the procedure. I will have a ballistic missile equipped with a special space in its warhead to be launched after 1 hour and 30 minutes from now. When it reaches satellite orbit, the warhead will separate. It will then re-enter the surface towards 30 km before the target island. Do not worry about calculation this time as mom will do this from the ground. Do not forget to activate the optical camouflage in the sky above 10 thousand meters. After that it will began autonomous flight from 2,000 meters, approaching the island while flying below 15 meters to avoid the radar network. As soon as it arrive at the island it will rise to an altitude of 40 meters. After that it will scatter missiles that it has randomly. After exiting the warhead, quickly withdraw. I will prepare a boat to pick you up on the other side so please withdraw with that ship. Any questions?”

Question? Well! There are a lot of things that I want to say. Will it succeed in the first place? What if I fail? What if the storm arrives earlier than expected? If you think about it, there is no doubt the this is something “Only I can not do it”. Alright, to help Alice. I shall reply to mother.


“Good reply, indeed a son who I am proud of. So we need to start with preparation, go over there and change your clothes and take a detailed boarding explanation”

After receiving detailed explanation, I was immediately put on the power suit and then put on the missile. While waiting nervously I can hear an announcement telling about the launch.

“Launch, 50 seconds… 49, 48, 47”

To be honest, I am afraid. I cannot feel my legs because of its shaking

“30, 29, 28, 27”

However, it is impossible to help Alice unless I go,I absolutely dislikes that I can not see her smile.

“10 seconds… 9, 8, 7”

I feel like I can hear her voice saying “I love you” to me.

“5 seconds… 4, 3, 2, 1, launch”

“Damn it!! Wait for me Alice!! I will definitely help you”

I shout out as I flew toward space