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Let\'s go have a test of courage!

Author Note:

This story, this is a story I came up with from a comment from Komei Trap-san.

I got the picture from Thunder Wind-san…..since the original story was written together with Chabane it was decided to drop the insertion of it into this volume. Go see "" for details.

It is pretty cool

—-Arakawa Kouki Perspective—-

"Arakawa, do you want to go on a test of courage?"

While cleaning up the cup that was blown off by roar of Kon, Aikawa asked all of a sudden. When I look at Aikawa-san with a stare that says "Ah, aren\'t you tired?", she hurriedly denied it.

"You, you’re wrong! I do not believe in ghosts.I want to unravel the mysteries about the 7 wonders of the school."

The wonders are cliched……why do I have to unravel the mysteries at the end of the seven wonders when I just enrolled into the academy. It\'s still June! This event is usually conducted around the hot season of August and summer and it is an event that you can get excited while doing it, even if you mistook the date, it is not a serious matter that you should tackle.

"I think it\'s a good idea"

Somehow Alice, who is the one to oppose the most, agrees to it, I gave a sideways glance to Shingo but he was just shaking his head as if giving up. They are like a stream grouped up and flows together…..recently I feel like I am being thrown around and honestly I want to refuse because it is troublesome, Alice decided at that moment and tried to say "I just a bit"

"Is it no good? Kouki"

As an insurance she looked at me with moist eyes. It\'s not fair, if you do this then of course there is no way that I can reject it, I ended up agreeing to it without resistance as usual.

"So Aikawa-san, what about the wonders?"

At any rate the base of the wonders are going to be filled with embellishments until the original story gets bigger and bigger, you will hear some of the person\'s expectations if you listen to the content of the subject…… I asked Aikawa-san for the content of the subject. Aikawa-san seems to be scared, she began to talk in a lower tone than usual

"The first one is about the story of the cherry blossoms that do not wither. 1 of the cherry blossom in the courtyard does not scatter it\'s flowers and continue to bloom even if the others "for certain" scattered theirs and then later on it scatters its flowers. The second one is the basement of the medical research building. Every night there, people can be heard screaming.

The third one is the monster of the warehouse.Every night at the equipment warehouse of the high school sports club a thinly human figure can be seen."

Fumu, so far these wonders do not have any attached expectation . After that I asked Aikawa-san some points, since a satisfactory answer was given I urged her to continue.

"The fourth one is a figure of a person dancing. A figure of a person dancing will appear on the 3rd floor of the drug research building once people are gone. The fifth one is the keeper of the clock tower. The moment the clock strikes 21 o\'clock, whosoever is inside the clock tower, will receive the wrath of the clocktower keeper.

Sixth is the disappearance at the main gate. It was night, this is the story of a graduate student who suddenly disappeared while walking by the front gate in order when returning home from school. The seventh….."

I press for her to continue with a "Hurry up and continue" to Aikawa went silent on the seventh wonder, however Aikawa looked over all the members and said,

"I do not know"(TLN: My god so much for suspense build up)

Everyone collapsed the moment they heard those words, Kon got angry and can be seen biting Aikawa-san\'s foot. I do not know whether the sixth can even be called a wonder! I complained

"Because we do not know the seventh, isn\'t that strangy by itself!"

You would normally be angry in this situation. Well whatever, since I know the truth about the contents of those rumors, I will just explain it to them one by one.

"I cannot respond to your expectations, what do we do everyone? Let\'s go to the actual place so that I can explain it."

Everyone wanted to know the truth when I said it. It is troublesome but it cannot be helped, for the meantime that is that…..besides it is better to have that device. While I was doing calculations for the devices, Aikawa-san approached Shingo and whispered something.

"Shin, I am scared let\'s hold hands."


In the end you guys simply wanted to flirt! Damn it! I\'m jealous!! I will not say it but I will glare at Shingo with eyes that have the power to kill. Alice is laughing, did she notice it? "Let\'s join hands as well" she told me, as expected Alice is cute….. (EDN: Riajuu should die (?)) (TLN: Hai Raijuu should die)

"There are also time reasons, that\'s why let us first go to the medical research building where the 2nd wonder is located."

I had such a cheerful feeling when I said so, everyone followed me without getting particularly afraid. As expected some got cold feet when Shingo said "The basement has a mortuary room", there is no mistaking it.

"Aikawa-san, even though I heard it awhile ago but is it true that there are basically no faculty members going in and out from the place we are going right?"

"Yup, management of it should have been left to the students."

It is roughly decided…..I came up to the entrance where now that I think about it the problem of people screaming can be heard. My mischievous heart is slightly excited and told Shingo to open a door, to the scared and hesitant Shingo I whispered "Don\'t you want to show her your good sides?". Did he made up his resolve?

"Fuhi! It opened."

While saying so, he vigorously opened the door.

What came into view was a "Mahjong table".

I imagined a making a small triumphant pose, I decided to explain it since Shingo, the one who opened the door, and Alice, who is standing net to him, had a pokan face. (TLN: this)

"Teachers and staff do not come to this "Special High School" research building, every night men gather in order to play mahjong. Moreover people do not come here because of the talks about ghosts, I think the origin of the men screaming would be from the guy who would lose the game."

In shock Alice said "What so it\'s like that" when she heard my explanation. The gossip is such a problem, they acknowledged me by laughing. Now next….. What time is it now? The place where we will go next changes due to time. While thinking so I tried to see the time on the computer terminal, that Shingo guessed it

"It\'s 16:30"

He informed me. As expected he is a good friend! I looked at Aikawa-san with respect,

"Shin, as usual you are wearing your watch at the opposite side."

I told him that I saw something unusual. Well, according to Shingo, he changes the position of his watch depending on his mood on that day. But since it\'s 16:00…..then let\'s go to the third one as the next one.

We came to the third floor terrace near the end of the academy which is part of the gymnasium in which the sports club uses. I have a good feeling that from here we can see the back part of the warehouse, I saw the window opened a little slowly while I was looking at the binoculars that I brought.

"It is as expected"

While I was overflowing with congratulatory feelings, Aikawa took the binoculars from me and looks at the warehouse, she then raised a voice filled with anger.

"That, isn\'t that smoking cigarettes!?"

Is that so…..as what Aikawa-san is saying, the junior high students are "smoking" and puffing. I do not understand how they feel but it is already an age where they would act like that and have a little vice, it can\'t be helped since the location is bad. I wonder if I should pay attention since there is an imminent danger of fire if they do something wrong, Aikawa-san sent an email to the teacher\'s terminal for immediate social guidance for the students.

I watched while a teacher ran and jumped towards the warehouse, they are going to be strictly reprimanded.

"Incidentally such a thing is dangerous, do not violate the law."

Aikawa-san’s still angry, and while I’m watching Shingo trying to appease her, I start leading everyone to the next place.

We arrived at the place of the academy that belongs to the botanical research institute….the cherry blossom in the courtyard is probably within their jurisdiction.

"Aah, the cherry blossom in the courtyard? That is a special kind of cherry blossom wherein it continues to bloom for a very long time. Because they are defective, they scatter all of their flowers at a specific night, that point needs improvement."

Alice questioned the male researcher to which he answered easily. As the mysteries surrounding the seven wonders are slowly getting clarification, I feel everyone\'s tension going down. Frankly speaking everything is so predictable or rather I wanna go home! Even though my favorite animal documentary is going to be shown today at 18 o\'clock (6:00 pm), I want to go home at once and see it. Mou isn\'t it fine if we disbanded already? I want to hear their thoughts.

"Are we still going to continue? The other mysteries to tell you honestly are like this."

"I want to know everything!" "Kon! Kon!" (TLN: I feel sorry for him XD)

Not only Aikawa-san, maybe "Kon" is a suggestion to continue. Shingo and Alice with a "Can you?" wanted to continue while in the middle of a momentum, with a sigh we moved on to the next place. If I am certain the medical research building can be see from the second floor of this place, everyone started looking at the medical research building when kon suddenly noticed something and cried out.

"Is that person dancing?"

Alice noticed a silhouette in the room at the end of the medical research building. I will find that room, as expected it is lukewarm and tedious. In this case it is a spectacle that I can always see in the research building.

"That is for ventilation. Alice always does that in the lab before going home right? It is being fanned in order to fan out the smell, to Alice it may seem like dancing but it is different due to its idiotic movements. "If there isn\'t anyone anymore" for that that reason they do it during that time since no one else would be around see but them."

"I wonder if those movements from outside would look weird…."

I heard Alice whispering dejectedly, I do not mind moving to the fifth which is the clock tower.

"Uhm, right now it is exactly 18:50 (6:50 pm) therefore…."

When I said so, Shino looks at me strange as if asking a question.

"Kouki, isn\'t time a problem since it is not yet 21:00 (9 pm)"

I do not answer while laughing at the question, after putting water in the glass that I brought, we went to the clock tower. I look back to face everyone and explained,

"The clock tower\'s bell will go off in 3 minutes, you guys better plug your ears. Kon for the moment enter my bag and curl up into a small ball."

With that everyone plugged their ears, Kon hurriedly went into my bag and rolled into a ball. At that moment the bell rang with a loud volume (TLN: improve), it is idiotically noisy! At first I thought about going inside but putting the glass was the correct answer after all….. Once the bell stopped I opened the door of the clock tower and showed them the glass that I placed inside.


I understand that Kon got terrible surprised, well to this guy has just been born, understanding the reason behind "cracked glass" is impossible to comprehend. It would seem that the others do not understand it that much either so I explained it briefly.

"It is the vibration of sound, that is the identity of the angry clock tower keeper. Remember a little while ago in the research building when Kon roared, didn\'t it shatter all of the glasses on the table? It is the same with that. I think a person will collapse with a concussion if they listen to the sound of the bell directly, a sound grenade would have the same principle."

When I told them, they nodded in agreement. Yosh, lastly the mystery of the main gate to end it! I can leave once this is over….. I headed for the main gate with light steps because I am going to be relieved of my troubles.

Once we have arrived at the main gate, I picked a spot and ask everyone to stay there and be on alert. I think that spot is probably ok but I do not have confidence that it is, if it fails then I would have to wait for another car to come. While I was thinking of such things, a car came from within the school! Fumu, the car, at just the right timing, came from the roads side. I raised my voice so that everyone waiting can hear it.

"Because it will only be for a moment, look carefully!"

And then, the car headlights overlap around me…. Was it successful? They exclaimed "he disappeared!" while I was looking at everyone with uneasy feelings, apparently it seems to have succeeded. After a while Shingo runs after that car that just passed and is slowly approaching me.

"Fuhi! What was that just now? What exactly happened?"

"It\'s the disappearance phenomenon, also known as a glare phenomenon. There are times wherein you cannot see the figure that is between you and the headlights of a car, it is one of the most dangerous phenomenon which can cause traffic accidents. If I probably turn at the side of the front gate this very moment then I would completely be out of sight, in fact there may be a misunderstanding that the person disappeared."

While I proudly explained it to some extent, they nodded admiringly. In the end it was all a rumor, the story just got bigger. As soon as a little bit of mystery would happen, it would spread immediately, I understand that it is fun but I would like for me to stop getting involved. At that moment a car that came from inside the academy stopped in front of me lowered down it\'s windows in order to talk to me.

"Ara? Why if it isn\'t Arakawa. What are you doing here, don\'t you travel to school by car?

I heard the academy director\'s voice as his face peeked through the window, I to be honest up until now wanted to complain but can only laugh while explaining.

"Is that so, well it is already late so please go home. Alford-san, Aikawa-san and Saito-san is here? Well if that is the case then everyone go home since it is time for dinner."

The academy director left those words behind while we were seeing him off, we also went to our respective homes.

Upon returning home, I ate dinner at my personal terminal. I ignored mom saying "Kou-cha, let\'s eat", then I opened the mail I received.

『Kouki, sorry! I returned home but on the way it got me thinking, did we clarify all of the seven wonders?』

Such a thing was written in Shingo\'s mail. What are you talking about? You stayed together with us till the end, I replied immediately but froze as I saw the return email…..

『What are you talking about? I came home but returned immediately since I have some business with the Mahjong table, didn\'t we together with Emi-chan and Alice-chan come home together after clarifying the mystery behind the cherry blossom? We were worried about you since you went to the medical research building by yourself, is it wrong?

Today "who" was I together with.

—Yamamoto Kaori POV—

I was laughing while driving the car. It seems that Arakawa also had a child like aspect, I never thought he would be so straight faced when clarifying the Seven Wonders. He must have misunderstood something, to be precise the seventh wonder.

It is a story I heard from the students when I entered the school, certainly it should have been "Rumor of the Imitating Mirror". The subject goes in front of the mirror and goes to where he was previously, the subject is then deceived by something that imitates a person. It is a wonder that will please a child like that….

"Even so"

No words would come out from my mouth.

"Even so, Arakawa-san was the"1 person" who was at the gate but were there others?"

In that case, did everyone hide because they were surprised that I came? While thinking of such things, I continued travelling my car towards home.

Author note:

I tried to make it horror like this time. The misunderstanding element of it is when the main character thought that the friends around him were his real friends.

It is an incomprehensible misunderstanding, don\'t you think it is good sometimes? And the next update, I will be free for about 3 days. But sorry it would be for personal use.

Translator Note: Alright guys so I am sick. Yesterday I got to the doctor and their assessment of it is that I have Viral Hepatitis. This slime just got a blood test today so I will know the result tomorrow. To those who wants to see photos of it visit my fund raiser. https://www.youcaring.com/xepueblos-921187

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