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-Arakawa Kouki’s Perspective—-

「Power suit development?」(Kouki)

As I asked that, Shingo and Aikawa-san nodded.

I don’t get what’s going on….

Why are they saying this all of a sudden?

Feeling troubled, I looked towards Alice for assistance, and she smiled bitterly at me and spoke.

「You two, if you don’t properly explain from the beginning, Kouki-kun won’t understand」(Alice)

Apparently, they were comparing the 『Generation 6 Suit』 that my mom designed, the 『Extra-Atmospheric Suit』 that I equipped when I transferred worlds, and the 『Quartet Incorporated’s private suit』 that I have for personal use in order to combine their strengths and create a new model….

「Can you really do that?」(Kouki)

In the first place, even if we might be able to take apart and recombine commercially made suits, the suit my mom made is a mass of technological mysteries.

When I asked about that,

「Yeah, I think we will be alright, I’m pretty skilled with engineering after all. Though I do want the blueprints for the Generation 6 suit」(Shingo)

I see, so in short, you want me to go and pull a 『Please, mom!』 huh?

If it’s these people, I’m sure they wouldn’t misuse the information if I were to pass the blueprints off to them, I thought to myself. After telling Shingo to wait a bit, I mailed mom about sending the blueprints for the 『Arakawa Model』to my personal terminal.

A reply came after about three minutes, and I immediately checked the contents.

『I attached the blueprint as you requested, Kou-chan. Please, no matter what you must not do some demonic remodeling on it and sell it to foreign militaries, ok?』(Mom)

Alice’s peering gaze from beside me hurts…..

Please stop looking at me with that 『Eh? You’re the kind of person who’d do such a thing?』face.

I’ve never done such a thing nor do I plan on it!!

I erased the unnecessary parts of the message and forwarded it to Shingo.

「Fuhi! We’ll put our plans into full swing now!」(Shingo)

Looking at Shingo’s delight, I swore to myself that someday I’ll have a serious conversation with my mom.

The result of the comparisons of the three models over the course of several days are as follows:

The Gen 6 suit had superior operability,

the Extra-atmospheric suit surpassed the others in durability,

and the Quartet Incorporated’s private suit was the most comfortable to wear,

that far we understood.

We are supposed to be combining these suits, but…….

「The original Arakawa suit was operated by converting the electrical signals in the brain to movement.」(Shingo)

Shingo muttered in amazement.

It’s exactly as Shingo said, the suit my mother uses converted brain signals as the main form of control.

So basically, the maneuvering that is being carried out by the wearer was nothing more than support for the machine.

Though I had once weeded the garden while wearing the suit, Alice and Shingo both told me that 『Power suits aren’t suited for such detailed work in the first place』.

Furthermore, the suit my mother made was specifically made to accept 『My』 brain signals…..

So in short, it was an ultra-high performance suit made specifically for me.

「It’s no wonder you’d be able to do detailed work like weeding the garden with that huh?」(Aikawa)

Even Aikawa-san looked at me with eyes of surprise.

But if it’s like that, wouldn’t that mean it’s impossible for normal people to wear it?

When I asked that to Shingo,

「yeah, so could you ask your mom how to make the main steering module and how to trace the brain signals?」(Shingo)

He replied.

After I sent another email to my mother, a reply came back after a few moments. Everyone crowded around my terminal.

『I attached the blueprint that you requested Kou-chan. Though the production itself can be done by academy students, there’s a problem.

The『Brain signal tracer』 does not decrypt the wearer’s brain signals in real-time. The system that I used when making your suit is what is tracing and decrypting your brain signals, Kou-chan.

But that was the result of me deciphering your brain signals for several years. And since information would not normally store properly, I’ve also attached a safety program to the suit in advance that will prevent information from being deleted in the event that you remove the steering module.

Since it has been attached, please use it when you remove the module.

Also, tonight’s dinner is hamburger. 』

Oh so it’s hamburger huh?….

Let’s hurry up and go home.

–Wait no!!!

Why the hell did you decide to decipher my brain signals on your own!

When did you do such a thing?

Geez Mom, you’re kinda scary!

The other members were also making『Uwaah….』face.

With things ending in such an uncomfortable atmosphere, we decided on the specific jobs we were going to do from now on.

First was the exterior, which we decided to raise its durability to the limit. Since this is a one-off prototype, we don’t need to worry about costs.

Next was the comfort, which we decided to make like Quartet Incorporated’s model and remove the burden of equipping the suit much as possible.

Last was the ease of use, which we decided to handle by transplanting the Maneuvering module from the Gen 6 suit.

「Let’s aim for a gen 7! Kouki-kun, let’s do our best!」(Alice)

Next to me, Alice cheered us on smiling.

No wait, You’re gonna be doing your best with us too you know, Alice….. right?

Fumu, but if we were able to increase the durability to the level of the extra-atmospheric suit, couldn’t we get it to fly too?

Thinking that, I tried asking everyone else.

「Hey, we might as well attach thrusters to it and make it fly too」(Kouki)

When I said that, everyone went stiff.

Was what I said really that strange?

I thought it was pretty cool though…..

—- Alice Alford’s Perspective—-

「Hey, we might as well attach thrusters to it and make it fly too」(Kouki)

When we were making future plans, Kouki-kun suddenly said that.

Make it fly?

I wonder if he realizes what he’s saying, Even I who knows almost nothing about power suits know how unreasonable that is.

There are a ton of problems like altitude control and fuel management, does he not know about those things already?

「I-Impossible, Kouki. I mean, how would you handle altitude control?」(Shingo)

Mirroring my thoughts, Saitou-kun asked the question that I was thinking of, but Kouki-kun just replied as if nothing was impossible.

「It’ll be tracing my brain signals, right? Then if you incorporate a support function that calculates air drag and altitude control, the maneuvering module should compensate afterwards, or so I think.」(Kouki)

I see, originally the power suit had an altitude control to stabilize the suit in the event that it falls over.

If it’s applied like that then it might just work…..

but there’s still the problem of fuel, and of how to install thrusters.

Does he have any ideas?

Just as I was thinking that, 『Megumin』asked.

「But since the maneuvering module is being installed there’s no room for thrusters or fuel, is there?」(Aikawa)

「In that case, it can just be bigger, right? There’s no need to worry about the suit’s size, right?」(Kouki)

The moment I heard that answer, I realized that because I have been in constant contact with him thus far, I had forgotten the true face of Kouki-kun.

My lover is someone who is referred to as a 『Genius』…..

Looking at Kouki-kun, it’s obvious that he couldn’t understand our thinking that it was impossible.

We, being ordinary people are being held prisoner by a thing known as 『Common sense』, but him being the genius that he is cares not about such things and walks far ahead of us.

True, it’s size at the moment is not enough, so making it bigger would be good, but that was something that we couldn’t come up with.

While Saitou-kun shouted 『Let’s go! We just might be able to do it! 』in excitement, my face took on a gloomy expression.

I wonder if it will go well if Kouki-kun is together with someone as normal as me? As I thought about how it would be better for him to break up with me and go out with some more outstanding woman,

「I want your help too Alice, so do you best!」(Kouki)

Kouki said to me with a smile.

Moping about won’t help anything, I decided to work hard so that I could stand beside the man I love.

Several days later, a huge power suit stood before our eyes.

Standing next to Kouki-kun was the person who directed the construction of the suit, Saitou-kun, who then puffed out his chest and began explaining.

「After you all returned home yesterday, I finished the final adjustments! This here is the first and only power suit in the world that is capable of 『Independent flight』!」(Shingo)

Saitou-kun continued to explain, but in summary:

『In general average size spans between three and four meters, but this suit is eight meters tall and has flight thrusters installed on its back and feet.

Similar to the Gen six model, this suit is able to purge all of its components in the event of an emergency.

As an added feature, though it might seem impossible we managed to improve its durability and air-tightness for use outside of the atmosphere.』

During that, Kouki-kun asked Saitou-kun a question.

「First and only you say, then what generation would this be?」(Kouki)

「Yeah, well I don’t know for certain, but you were testing that brain signal tracer on the Gen six model right?

Kouki’s mom probably used that tracer on things like the Extra-atmospheric suit before to make a localized remote control-model, in other words, I would say that the remote control model would be considered the Gen seven suit.

But what we made here isn’t remote control, it’s a 『locally controlled』, so wouldn’t it be 『Gen 8』?」(Shingo)

Though Kouki-kun shouted out『Amazing!!!』in delight, I wonder if he realizes that Kouki-kun is the only one able to make the suit move.

「But, can’t this only be moved by Kouki?」(Alice)

When I asked Saitou-kun about what I was thinking, the slightly depressed Kouki-kun looked adorable.

Kouki-kun, wanting to quickly get into the power suit looked back and asked me,

「Alice, did you finish the medicine I asked for earlier? 」(Kouki)

I pulled out a case filled with disposable syringes from my bag.

When I was done explaining how they were to be used and handed them over, Kouki-kun stroked my head, saying 『Thank you』. And he started up the suit……

「It lit up! All right!! It’s a success!」(Kouki)

Kouki-kun was talking to us through the speaker, and while we were watching in joy and the suit floated, suddenly an academy-wide announcement sounded. The emergency was explained:

『Notification to all students. There has been a collision in the Pacific Ocean between a large passenger ship and a tanker transporting chemicals, and the current situation is extremely dire. Twenty minutes ago the Japanese Government declared a state of emergency, and has requested the cooperation of the International Institute of Technology.

Students who are well acquainted with medical technology, or students in possession of a power suit that can be used for disaster relief, please assemble in front of the main gate to be picked up by the Self Defense Military air force. Even a single person’s help could save many lives, so we ask for your cooperation』

「Shingo, what’s this suit’s maximum air velocity and cruise range?」(Kouki)

Listening to the broadcast, Kouki-kun asked that to Saitou-kun with an intense expression, not at all like the happy expression he usually has.

It couldn’t be, is he planning on going to the rescue himself?

It’s too dangerous, even if you wear that prototype, there’s no way I can let you go to such a dangerous place.

However, Saitou-kun responds regardless of my feelings.

「Maximum speed it can tolerate is 1600 kilometers per hour and maximum cruising range would be 3200 kilometers. I don’t like catalog-specs, so I made sure that it has a full tank of fuel and the battery is fully charged. But make sure not to increase the output to maximum, you can expect a lot of power from it, but it will cause the suit to fall apart, or at worst explode along with you in it.」(Shingo)

(Fraiziar: It wasn’t specified if it was 1600 kilometers per hour, or kilometers per second, so I chose per hour. For reference, the speed of sound is about 1234 kph)

「Then, I’m going to go off then. Please send the information on the scene of the incident to my terminal. Please tell the director that I went on ahead」(Kouki)

Saying nothing else, Kouki-kun went and flew off.

As I approached Saitou-kun angrily for not stopping Kouki, He looked at me with a bitter smile.

「There’s nothing to it. Kouki’s just that kind of a person, so I know it’s pointless to try to stop him. You know that too, don’t you Alice-chan? Furthermore, he used 『Ore』 , I never knew that when Kouki gets serious, he starts using 『Ore』 huh…」(Shingo)(Fraiziar: For those who don’t know, ‘Ore’ is a word that means ‘I’ or ‘Me’, but is generally used by adult men. Kouki usually uses ‘Boku’ to refer to himself, but in this instance he used ‘Ore’. If you want to know more, learn Japanese. (then take a chapter or two off my hands!))

True, Kouki-kun is very kind…..

That’s the biggest reason why I love him.

But wouldn’t it be okay for him not to go alone?

When he comes home, I’ll be certain to give him a scolding.

Promising myself that, I started running to report to the director.

—-Yamamoto Kaoru’s Perspective—

Someone knocked on the door to the room I was in where I was conversing with the Self Defense Military’s top brass Who is it now, at such a busy time!

I instantly turn away, only to stop myself with the thought that it might be Arakawa-kun.

「Excuse me」(Alice)

The person who entered the room was the one responsible for making the 『Cure for the European Tragedy』and later was troubled by enquiries from the mass media and medical community. It’s the person who we isolated in Arakawa’s….

I mean it’s a member of Arakawa’s Research building.

「Is there something you need? I’m extremely busy right now.」(Yamamoto)

As I indirectly tell her 『go home』, the student by the name of Alice began to speak.

「Arakawa-kun went to the scene of the accident to provide relief to those involved. He went while equipped with our new type of power suit so I thought there might be some confusion if I didn’t come report it.」(Alice)

Saying that, she handed me a sheet of paper summarizing the details of the new type of power suit.

The heck is this?

A suit capable of solo flight?

Furthermore a cruising range of 3200 kilometers!?

Furthermore, it’s written here that it’d be possible to mount small weapons on the thing, are they trying to mess with me?

This isn’t a friggin power suit at all!

Ain’t it just a strategic weapon?…

The hell is that kid thinking, equipping something like that?

Before, the United Nations did nothing but scold me when discussing our progress in 『Ethics Education』, but now they’re never going to shut up about it!

Should we call him back now?

However, if we accidentally upset Arakawa-kun, he might act violently towards the academy.

Even though normally I couldn’t stick my hands into their business, if they were to use such weapons, the school could just go up and vanish, no I’d probably be dead before that. In the end, I just decided to let him do as he pleases……

「I’ll contact the Naval sector of the Self-Defense Military that is performing the rescues from my end. I don’t suppose I could get you and your friend’s participation in the relief efforts?」(Yamamoto Kaoru)

Putting Aikawa-san aside, we could certainly do with Saitou-kun’s ability at piloting power suits.

Furthermore, Alice-san’s medical knowledge will be invaluable towards treating the wounded, I gaze towards the students as to express my desire for them to understand.

「Of course we will participate」(Alice)

Right, I’ll put the problem of Arakawa-kun for later, right now I have to prioritize saving lives. I told them to go wait in front of the main gate like the others, and I went back to making calls.

—-Arakawa Kouki’s Perspective—–

Though I lept off from the school in a cool fashion in order to show off my good points to Alice, I kinda regret it now.

First of all, the shaking that resulted from breaking the sound barrier is seriously crazy. Even though I ingested the extremely powerful anti-motion sickness medicine I got from Alice, it’s not very effective and I think I’m going to vomit.

And above all…..

「This is terrifying!!!! t- too fast!!!」(Kouki)

According to the information that was sent along when I left, the sea is currently extremely rough due to the typhoon.

Because of that I’m currently flying with almost no vision whatsoever, it’s extremely terrifying.

I am currently traversing this gloomy situation at over 1360 kilometers per hour, with this oscillation and feeling of dread, I think I’ll be having another meeting with my lunch, but I’ll just have to power through.

「Ah– I see it. It’s there huh」(Kouki)

Coming into my field of view, a self-defense military rescue ship was desperately trying to reach a passenger ship through the storm.

But besides that one ship, I don’t see any others.

Could it be that there aren’t any others?

Scanning around with the radar, there seems to be only the two ships involved in the collision and the rescue ship around.

Isn’t this pretty bad?

For now, I’ll get closer in order to inform the Self Defense Military’s ship that I’ve come to help.

「I’m Arakawa Kouki, coming from the international institute of science and technology to cooperate with the rescue. Please give me instructions.」(Kouki)

「Thank you very much, we are unable to get any closer due to the storm. Currently, there have been no casualties in the tanker, and we have yet to confirm any flooding. However there have been many casualties on the passenger ship, dozens seem to be severely injured. Could you prioritize transferring those severely injured people to our ship?」(Rescue Ship)

「Roger, I’ll get to work then. From now on please use this frequency as a dedicated channel for future communications.」(Kouki)

Saying that, I proceeded to the passenger ship, and a large number of people were waiting for me on deck.

I transfer the injured as carefully as I can as to not cause them to go into shock, but there are quite a lot of them……

At this rate I won’t make it in time.

Thinking that, I opened correspondence with the self defense military.

「There’s a limit to what I can do with only one machine. Are there still no other rescue ships here yet?」(Kouki)

「Currently they are heading here at maximum speed. However due to the bad weather it is extremely difficult. Similarly, it is dangerous for aircraft to approach near the sea surface.」(Rescue Ship)

Every time, 『It’s impossible』 they say, 『it’s too dangerous』 they say.

You could at least friggin try your best!

No, I understand that they are already doing their best, but they need to try harder!

I continue to transfer the wounded while thinking that, but in the end it really is a lot of people…

Furthermore the space on the passenger ship is getting smaller from the flooding. The terrible thought that 『we might not make it』passed through my mind, and I had a sudden breakthrough.

I quickly asked my question.

「About the aircraft, if landing were possible for them, would they be able to rescue the passengers faster?」(Kouki)

「It would be possible yes」(Rescue Ship)

Satisfied with the Self-Defense Military’s immediate answer, I made my decision. Back when I scanned with the radar, there ought to have been an island somewhere around here….

I plan on towing the passenger ship into the cove of that island.

『Make sure not to increase the output to maximum,

You can expect a lot of power from it, but It will cause the suit to fall apart, or at worst explode along with you in it.』

I remember what Shingo told me, but it’ll probably be fine.

That guy is a true genius and my 『Best Friend』, there’s no way he’d make a power suit in which I could die.

I inform the self defense military of the unwavering confidence that I held in my heart.

「I will tow the passenger ship into a cove in a nearby island, please have the rescue team land at that location」(Kouki)

「Huh, what did you just say? I seem to have misheard you, could you say that one more time?」(Rescue Ship)

「Like I said, I’m going to pull the ship into the cove! Don’t you dare tell me you’re too tired! There are people’s lives at stake!」(Kouki)

As I shouted that, they replied with an energetic 『R, Roger!』.

Alright, next is to get into contact with the passenger ship and let them know……

After finishing all preparations, I grip the anchor of the passenger ship and activate the thrusters at full throttle.

50 Percent, 55, 60, 75…..

Little by little, I increased the output, but the passenger ship didn’t move.

I’ve passed the 80 percent threshold, and the vibration of the fuselage has greatly increased, yet it still doesn’t work.

90 Percent, finally breaking the 100 percent mark, the membrane shattered, yet it still hasn’t moved! (Fraiziar: what is メモリ? I don’t think it’s memory in this sentence)

I ignited the reserve thrusters and began to shout.


Maybe because I wished so hard, at that moment the ship began to move Now that it managed to move a little, I was able to coast by on inertia and towed the passenger ship into the bay in one fell swoop.

My intention was to reach the cove’s beach, but the force was stronger than I expected and it seems that it can’t be helped that the ship will be run aground.

Well, it still ought to be easier for the rescue teams this way.

As I thought that in relief, an alarm in the suit suddenly rang out.

『Uncontrolled fire confirmed inside thrusters』was being displayed on the main screen, so I hurried to purge myself from the vehicle.

As I fell from the sky wearing just the reinforced exosuit, I plunged into the ocean muttering to myself.

『I wonder if rescue will come soon』…….

—-Self Defense Navy disaster relief ship captain’s perspective—-

「An object is approaching from the mainland at high speed!」(Crew member)

While approaching the collision site through this bad weather, a correspondent suddenly informed me of an object heading this way.

Isn’t it just a helicopter from the air force?

When I asked that, it was swiftly denied

「There is no response to our hails as to whether it be friend or foe. Furthermore, there’s no way a helicopter could fly at the speed of sound.」(Crew Member)

In that case, what is it? It’s not like we’d be under attack from the mainland.

As I thought that, another message arrived from headquarters, which was read aloud.

「Incoming transmission from the Self Defense Naval Headquarters.

『Currently, A power suit associated with the International Institute of Science and Technology is flying overhead. Please cooperate when conducting the rescue』

That is all.」(Crew Member)

What did he just say?

Currently flying?

A power suit is independently flying over here from the mainland huh…

How stupid, there’s no way something like that is possible.

I mean, we’re no less than 800 kilometers away from the shore, it’s impossible for a power suit to get here.

Maybe the eggheads back at HQ who don’t know what the situation is like was fooled by an institute student who wanted to make an extravagant display.

As I thought that, a power suit came flying before my eyes with a tremendous roar.

That power suit, is actually flying!

One person standing on the bridge looked at the spectacle with his mouth agape, I wouldn’t be surprised if all members of the crew were in a similar state.

Then the suit before me entered communications.

「I’m Arakawa Kouki, coming from the international institute of science and technology to cooperate with the rescue. Please give me instructions」(Kouki)

Arakawa Kouki…

The son of that genius huh, I had heard he was admitted to that school, but I guess he inherited his parent’s spark after all.

Even a genius would have pushed through using their power for their adorable son. After all, it would be impossible for two geniuses to be born in consecutive generations……

or so I had thought.

However, what are the results?

The mother watched as her son’s talent bloomed like her own, and he managed to develop crazy things like power suits that are able to fly.

「Captain, what should we do?」(Crew Member)

His voice made my return to my senses saving lives is the priority right now, I hurriedly instructed the person in charge of communication to inform Arakawa of the situation.

As I watched him go to work with the rest of the crew, I noticed something.

That suit moves around as if it were a human being itself.

Normally, a certain lag time is evident when operating a power suit, but in this case there is no lag as far as I can see.

The smooth movement of the machine coupled with its appearance make me think of a suit of armor possessed by an evil spirit.

However, what on earth kind of thing is that machine?

I guess I’ll ask those amongst my subordinates if they understand.

「It’s just a hypothesis, is that alright?」(Crew Member)

Hm, this guy’s this ship’s power suit manager, wasn’t he?

He’s an excellent and dependable human being, If it’s this guys opinion, then it’s probably credible…….

Thinking that, I urge him to continue and he blurted out something completely unbelievable.

「Perhaps, It could be that it’s implementing the experimental 『Intracerebral signal conversion maneuver module』that was originally used in the Generation 6 Power suit. However, that was something already planned to be used in the construction of the Generation 7 suit. Taking into consideration how that suit is able to fly, it’d be more appropriate to call it the Generation 8 model. Technologically, it’s thirty years ahead of our current level of development.」(Power suit manager)

Generation 8 you say!?


How could something like that be made by just children!?

What a monster, there’s no mistake, that child named Arakawa Kouki is a genuine monster.

As I thought that, I once again receive communications.

「There’s a limit to what I can do with only one machine. Are there still no other rescue parties here yet?」(Kouki)

「Currently they are heading here at maximum speed, however due to the bad weather it is extremely difficult. Similarly, it is dangerous for aircraft to approach near the sea surface, it’s impossible」(Crew Member)

The person in charge of communications immediately replied.

If we were able to do anything we wouldn’t allow a child to be in such danger, we also have our pride as a professional rescue squad.

However, right now we can do nothing but rely on a lone child…..

As was grinding my teeth, painfully aware of how powerless we were, we received three transmissions that have arrived.

「About the aircraft, if landing were possible for them, would they be able to rescue the passengers faster?」(Kouki)

「It would be possible yes」(Separate Crew Member)

Unlike the previous answers, this reply came immediately from the aviations officer.

That guy sure does have a strong sense of responsibility, he seems even more enthusiastic than me after hearing that there might be something to be done.

However, there aren’t any boats to land the aircraft on, right?

So what exactly are you thinking?

「I will tow the passenger ship into a cove in a nearby island, please have the rescue team land at that location」(Kouki)

Arakawa explained to us something that seems completely impossible.

What the heck is he saying?

For a power suit to tow a passenger ship of over 200,000 tons, I sat there listening almost unable to believe my ears, and the officer beside me who probably was thinking the same thing asked once again and unlike the previous transmissions, he suddenly shouted at us.

「Like I said, I’m going to pull the ship into the cove! Don’t you dare tell me you’re too tired! There are people’s lives at stake!」(Kouki)

In hot haste the operator replied to his words.

And then I sent orders to all the aircraft currently flying in the sky, but they did nothing but reply with

『There’s no way to tow the ship to that island, it’s impossible! Furthermore, we haven’t received permission from our superiors.』

The officer who listened to that reply in silence slammed the desk and shouted.

「Don’t bullshit me!! That child is going out there on his own to make the rescue you know!? At such a time as this, are you not ashamed to be standing by watching this!? Are you a pro or aren’t you!? Any fuckers who don’t understand that ought to go straight back to base and resign.」(Crew Member)

And with that, the pilots all simultaneously started flying towards the island, understanding what they needed to do.

「Captain, I apologize. I made a mistake and became overly emotional.」(Crew Member)

「Don’t worry, I don’t mind. You were merely saying aloud the thoughts of the entire crew. If punishment gets dealt for such a thing, I’ll receive the whole of it.」(Captain)

As I said that, they looked at me in bewilderment

The hell is with those looks?

I may be a bit tough and strict, but not once did I think I was an unreasonable person, so don’t look at me with those eyes as if I were some rare creature you’ve never seen before!

Looking away from those faces, I gazed at Arakawa who was flying away from us in his power suit.

He was igniting his thrusters while holding onto the ship’s anchor.

However, it wasn’t moving.

Rather, smoke was confirmed to be coming from his suit.

Stop fooling around!

If you put any more stress on it, the suit is surely going to explode!?

I grabbed the microphone in order to send a transmission to him, but I was stopped by his sudden voice.


Hearing that scream from the line, I saw that the passenger boat slowly started moving.

He’s really towing it….

I nearly found myself laughing in pleasure at how unrealistic this whole thing was. And seeing him accomplish that feat, I’m at a loss for words.

The figure of an angel reflected in my eyes.

The sight of him igniting his spare thruster and towing the ship was clearly visible even through the storm.

The flames spewing from the thrusters were like the wings of an angel.

Until a while ago I had compared it with an evil spirit, but I want to go back in time and smack my foolish past self.

That angel succeeded in towing the passenger ship safely into the cove with gradually growing speed.

Everyone on the bridge cheered, the rescue operation can be done smoothly now! As I tried communicating our thanks to Arakawa, the bridge froze.

We all froze at the sight of the fire spewing forth from the suit.

Apparently he decided to give up the main suit’s body and eject.

After he purged everything and landed in the sea, I hastily sent instructions to my subordinates.

「As quickly as possible, advance towards where he landed! We must not allow that child die, he was the greatest contributor to the rescue! If we let him die, we will forever been seen as incompetent!! Hurry!」(Captain)

A child managed to save far more lives than we could……

This time, it’s our turn to help.

Silently swearing that, we rapidly approached his position.

—-Yamamoto Kaori’s Perspective—-

A few days after the incident, I received a call from the United Nations.

I’m going to get scolded again.

Expecting just that, I was pleasantly surprised it was something else.

「Well, as one would expect I must bow my head at your educational skills.」(US President)

The president of the United States was praising me through a video call.

The Russian Prime minister shouted out 『I absolutely agree!』, making some sort of hitting sound as he spoke, but I don’t quite understand.

Did I do something?

Thinking that, I asked them.

「No need to be humble, that 『Arakawa Kouki』 put himself into danger to save human lives, surely the results of your ethics education!」(President)

「I’ve heard from other sources that even when his suit burnt to flames he carried out his self imposed duty to the end I’m also very happy he survived unharmed, his loss would be a serious one for the world.」(Russian Prime Minister)

I am sincerely sorry.

Your excitement is unwarranted.

Though I planned ethics education for him, due to his attendance among other things, I’ve yet to give him a single lesson.

But there’s no way I could say that in this atmosphere, so I decided on a proper response.

「Of course, I am confident in my skill as an educator. Henceforth, I will make an effort to focus on teaching him proper ethics」(Yamamoto)

As I said that, they replied with a resounding 『Fantastic!』 and I heard them discussing amongst each other 『we should consider a bonus reward for the academy direction…』

I don’t know what led to this misunderstanding, but for now I want to hurry up and get a drink, then go to sleep.

Escaping into reality, I stood in silence until the meeting was over.

On June 18th 2102, a collision occurred between a tanker filled with chemicals and a passenger ship occurred on the Pacific ocean. However, thanks to Arakawa Kouki who quickly responded whilst piloting『Prototype Generation 8 Power suit』, a catastrophe that could have resulted in 560 casualties miraculously ended with 0 deceased.

Furthermore, even though the British Military secretly retrieved the parts purged from the suit during the rescue, all data in the 『Maneuver module』had been reset, resulting in them simply wasting 300 million pounds in retrieval costs.