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Hello everyone, Fraiziar here. Sorry for the huge gap in releases. This was supposed to be translated by Frost and released either on New-years or on January 6th, but it seems he was too busy. I just translated this whole thing in one sitting so there are bound to be mistakes, and it\'s not super well-edited either. I hope you enjoy and once again sorry for the delay.

P.S. What happens in this next chapter is friggin crazy. None of the misunderstandings from before compares to this shit.

P.P.S Also, for those who didn\'t already know, I\'m taking it upon myself to hack and help finish translating a game called , but don\'t worry, this shouldn\'t cut into the time I use to translate Kanchigai Tensai. This does mean though that I won\'t be starting that second novel that I mentioned a while back.

Chapter 15: Transference

----Arakawa Kouki\'s Perspective----

Suddenly I awoke, and as I looked around all I saw was a messy room with a broken『Particle Conversion Machine』.

"If I\'m not mistaken, the suspension program was activated but..."

I said to myself since there wasn\'t anyone to speak to.

Did I succeed in stopping the reaction?

No, if it worked, someone would have immediately sent rescue teams and they would arrive here soon.

In that case, it\'s a failure huh?

Since I couldn\'t come up with a conclusion I decided to go outside to confirm the situation.

「This is bad, the bulkhead won\'t open」(Kouki)

I tried hard to open the closed bulkhead, but there are no signs of it opening at all.

While sitting down in front of the bulkhead trying to come up with a way through......

If I was not mistaken, the guide I was speaking to said that the power suits were kept somewhere in this block.

Looking around for the storage room, I found a power suit placed on the other side of a dislocated reinforced door.

「What the heck, rather than a storage room isn\'t it more like an armory?」(Kouki

When I entered, I saw huge amounts of military ordinance crowded together.

Furthermore, imprinted on them were instructions for their use, probably for the researcher\'s use since they were amateurs.

As I went around looking at the various items in order to make it so that I could survive even if a conflagration were to appear on the other side of the door, I found something that was probably supposed to be used for floating about in space.

It was a prototype model of an extra-atmospheric suit with『Painted Angel on the chest』drawn on it.1

Putting it on, I wrenched open the bulkhead and caught sight of something.

Seemingly surrounding the wreckage were countless「Robots」.

I panicked for a moment.

However, I had already died once and reincarnated, So I calmed myself down and concentrated on grasping the current situation.

  1. Where am I now? Neither the suit\'s GPS nor its positioning computer were functioning for some unknown reason.

  2. Who is it who is surrounding this area? There is no identifying signal or appearance that could correspond with any country.

  3. There\'s no way I\'ve reincarnated again right?... I have no memory of dying and, although uncertain, judging from the surrounding, it is unlikely I have died.

In the end, I don\'t know everything huh.


I\'m so anxious, it\'s probably showing on my face.

I want to go home.

As I was thinking that, a single aircraft came out of the group and flew up to me.

「Would you be so kind as to inform us of your affiliation?」(??)

It said to me in Japanese, Is this Japan?

Me being at a loss, it spoke once again, raising its vocal output making the surroundings reverberate.

「All Hands! Lower your weapons Show respect to the honourable Messiah-sama!」(??)

It said.

The robots who were surrounding me all simultaneously faced towards me and made what looked like a salute.

Oi, wait a moment.

Could this Messiah-sama be me?

「I deeply apologise for the rudeness, Somehow, would you be gracious enough to come with me?」(??)

Not understanding what was going on, 『Understood』was the only word that I managed to utter…..

----Nina Akroid\'s Perspective----

The Akroid Empire in which I was born is currently at war with the Demon King\'s Army.

My father, the king ordered total domestic mobilisation two years ago. In order to take on the Demon King, he bet the Empire\'s Everything.2

Then, after countless battles and skirmishes, we finally managed to successfully seize the Demon King\'s castle at the cost of many lives.

However, just when we thought victory was at hand, what was awaiting the Japanese Imperial army was nothing but despair

From the Demon King\'s castle, countless Demons gushed forth.

We had barely managed to put forth a siege, yet he still had this much war potential…….

Isn\'t it just pointless for us to keep on fighting?

Just before the decisive battle, when morale had fallen to a minimum, and we could do nothing, not even imagine what the future holds for us, it happened.

Suddenly, the space surrounding the Demon King\'s castle began to distort and was wrapped in a pale light.

I shut my eyes as if I had peered directly at the sun.

And when I opened my eyes, My eyes reflected the scene before me.

The Demon King\'s Castle was completely and utterly blown away, leaving only ruins.

The once overflowing hordes of demons now vanished without a trace, Only the corpse of the uniquely tenacious ancient dragon type remained recognisable.

And in the center appeared a strange and unfamiliar 『Building』looking thing.

「Princess, what shall we do?」(Soldier)

My personal guard and trusted soldier asked me.

How am I supposed to know!?

I wanted to shout that at the top of my lungs, but I am currently the highest ranking officers so I couldn\'t do such a thing.

「Have the entire army assess the situation. Even if you see movement, don\'t recklessly attack.(Nina )

I make those orders, if for nothing other than to make more time.

In the first place, what is that thing?

At first, I thought it was an ally, but if someone had a weapon of such overwhelming power they ought to have come forth and sold their strength to our country from the beginning.

In that case, is it a new enemy?

「This is a nightmare, isn\'t it」(Nina)

That\'s right, a nightmare.

It\'s laughable to think of fighting something that could blow away the Demon King\'s castle and kill a dragon type in one hit.

There\'s no hope for humans to stand up against something like that…….

「There\'s movement! It seems something is coming out from within」(Soldier)

With my subordinate\'s report, I come to my senses.

Certainly, it seems there is the figure of a person coming from within the building.

However, it\'s large. Isn\'t it approximately twice the size of the 『Mage Armour』that we use?

Whatever just came out, it just stood there without attacking.

「What should we do? The opponent is only one person, so if it\'s right now we can launch an attack.」(Soldier)

「Wait, I will investigate directly, only after will it be okay to attack. If something were to go wrong, prepare to destroy us both.」(Nina)

『Well, it\'s probably impossible to destroy it.』 I thought, though did not say aloud.

We probably cannot defeat that thing, in fact, our allies would most likely be defeated in an instant.

Thinking that while biting my lip, I arrive before the thing that came out of the building.


Surely, it is the perfect word to describe this thing before me.

I stood with a relaxed posture while being surrounded by a number of troops.

「Would you be so kind as to inform us of your affiliation?」(Nina)

When I asked it that, it turned its head towards me.

It appears it has some sort of intelligence……..,

So long as It\'s not that it has nothing but the animal-like intelligence of orcs or goblin,

If it is able to speak we may be able to come to a peaceful conclusion.

Feeling a little relieved, I managed to get a good look at the figure.

Drawn on its chest was the『Angel\'s Crest』.

At that moment I understood, this thing was a saviour dropped down to the land of human beings by the gods.

I consciously ordered my subordinates…….

When I ordered to 『Show respect to the honourable Messiah-sama!』.

As you would expect, the well-trained soldiers all acted as ordered before asking questions.

That\'s good, this way we won\'t be showing disrespect.

While carefully choosing my words, I spoke with discretion.

「I deeply apologise for the rudeness, Somehow, would you be gracious enough to come with me?」(Nina)

When I say that, it gave its permission with a quiet『Understood』.

I immediately instructed my subordinates to inform the Imperial Capital of the ending of the Demon King war and the arrival of the messiah.

After that, his Imperial majesty invited him to the castle in order to express his thanks personally.

And now I am in the middle of guiding the Messiah to the Imperial Capital,

I\'m regretting not taking my mage armour off immediately in order to greet him directly.

----Arakawa Kouki\'s Perspective----

Before my eyes were people filling the street cheering.

Well yeah, the two-year long Demon King War has ended, even though the cause was entirely coincidental…….

Ah, this is bad, my stomach hurts.

Up to that point, the princess inside the robot-like thing named Nina had explained various things to me.

About how they were desperately fighting a war of extinction, She explained things about this world in detail.

It seems after reincarnating, I\'ve taken a trip to another world.

Apparently, the place I appeared at was inside the Demon King\'s Castle, and she said that not only the castle but also all the demons were blown away in the aftermath…….

But when I explained,

「It was a coincidence, I wasn\'t aiming for that at all」(Kouki)

「Of course, if Messiah-sama were to act serious, not even ruins would have remained right?」(Nina)

Far from actually understanding, She interpreted my words overly optimistically.

Or rather, that was pretty dangerous wasn\'t it?

If my arrival location had deviated 500 meters, wouldn\'t I have destroyed the Imperial army?

If that had happened, I would have been killed by the Demon King\'s army in an hour.

This may be a novel, but something like an immediate battle after world transference is just impossible.3

Meanwhile, the carriage carrying me steadily approaches the castle where the King awaits.

Beside the castle gate that just came into vision, I saw someone doing what I understood as some sort of kneeling.

As the carriage approached, we stopped and the person told me something surprising.

「I welcome you to our nation Messiah-sama, I am its king Ulfric Akroid」(Ulfric)

Why is the king waiting for me whilst kneeling!?

Shouldn\'t the Imperial Guards be stopping him!!

This is supposed to be the scene where you royals are all like 『We don\'t need any Messiah or anything』 with nasty expressions.

Even if I\'m wrong, that doesn\'t mean you should fear me!

「My name is Arakawa Kouki, I thank you for the invitation」(Kouki)

I returned their greeting as calmly as possible.

I\'m not about to mention what\'s going on inside my head, I don\'t want him to say something like 『I order you beheaded』.

「First, in order to express my gratitude, I ask you please come to the throne room. I wish to participate in honourable conversation concerning gifts to your personage」(Ulfric)

As he said that, I was guided into the castle.

For some reason, it came to be that 『I』was the one sitting on the throne.

Currently, all the people who are in charge of key positions in the country are bowing their heads to me and thanking me for 『The matter concerning your manifestation…..』.

With so many people here, surely there\'s at least one person who understands my situation, right?

Thinking that, I forcefully interrupt their speech.

「Everyone, If possible please listen to me, I….」(Kouki)

I desperately explain.

That I accidently came to this world during an experiment with interdimensional travel.

That my mother and friends in the other world are probably concerned about me.

And that, if possible I would like to return as soon as possible.

I explained these things as simply as possible…..

And I saw that most of the people there began shedding tears.

It looked like they were sympathising with my situation.

Even a man who seemed to be a mighty warrior was also watching me in tears.

And Nina-san who was well persuaded spoke.

「There is a way for Messiah-sama to return!」(Nina)

She explained to me what she meant.

Apparently, there seems to be a ritual in this country called 『Brave Summoning Ceremony』, and if I hold a strong enough desire to return to my former world, I will.

Magic is friggin amazing oy!

By the way, the reason I could talk to them right now is due to the constantly active 『Translation magic』.

If I were to show this system to my mother who always declares 『Science is Supreme!』, I wonder if she would faint?

Also, since the people like Nina-san are so gentle, I wonder if I could ask them if I could bring home a souvenir.

I guess I\'ll ask later when I can give an appropriate reason…..

While thinking that, we once again changed locations in order to go eat dinner.

「This is Kurgitos Salad」(Chef)

The cuisine served at dinner was very delicious.

I have no words for it, It\'s extremely delicious!

What\'s this?

From the name, I can tell it\'s something really otherworldly, but it\'s a taste I\'ve never experienced before.

As I was told that the ceremony to take me home would take place tomorrow morning, my anxiety went away and I ate the food with gusto.

At that time, the king spoke with a meek face.

「The truth is, we have a request for Messiah-sama」(Ulfric)

Being in a good mood, I told them that if it\'s something I can do I\'ll, of course, do it, so please explain.

Rather, you\'re still calling me 『Messiah-sama』 aren\'t you….

「In order to respond to possible demon disasters, could you please leave some of your power in this world?」(Ulfric)

Hmm, since it\'s to help those in need I don\'t see why not.

Although I don\'t know if it will be foolproof, but I gave them a preliminary answer.

「Then, I will leave you the gravity collapse bullet, the suit I was using, and 20 laser guns, along with instructions」(Kouki)

「Thank you very much, Thank you very, very much!」(Ulfric)

It\'s fine, It\'s fine!

You are kind enough to send me back to my home, so this much is a given.

I told them that I was wondering if there was something I could take with me as a commemoration.

When I say that, The king gave me 『The scales of a dragon』, 『The national treasure Giesel Butterfly』, and 『Armor of the Imperial Order』.

Nina-san also gave me 『The Silver Wolf\'s Lap Robe』, and I returned to my room feeling euphoric.

The next day, with Nina-san\'s guidance I was preparing to go home in the ritual room.

While the magicians were pouring their magic into the formation, I asked a question that I had been wondering.

「If you had summoned the brave from the start, wouldn\'t the war have had ended earlier?」(Kouki)

「If the summoned brave isn\'t strong enough to defeat the demon lord, the summoning would be in vain. The magical powers of magicians are not abundant enough to use for such a gamble」(Nina)

So it\'s something like that huh.

Rather than wastefully using their energy on something unreliable, they chose to aim for a solution with their own power?

As I admired them, the mages declared that 『Preparations are complete』.

Well then, I guess I\'ll go home…..

I look back at Nina-san and say goodbye.

「Well then, Goodbye Nina-san 」(Kouki)

「Messiah-sama, Thank you very much」(Nina)

As I entered the magical formation, I do as Nina-san instructed and think of my original world as she stood at the Terminal\'s display.

The king quickly told me that 『the items that you left behind will be sent later once the mages have recovered their magical power』

And once again, my vision disappeared.

----Nina Akroid\'s Perspective---

As soon as I finished explaining this world to Messiah-sama, the carriage arrived at the imperial capital.

Even though we travelled through the transition gates several times on the way here, each and every time we dove the Messiah looked fascinated.

Perhaps, in the world of gods where this person lived, such techniques are no longer in use.

When we entered the main street leading to the castle, the citizens were raising a big cheer.

『Empire Banzai! Nina-sama Banzai!』

『Congrats on subduing the Demon King!!』

The smiles that I wanted to protect were still there, thanks to the savior sitting right next to me.

Just as I was thinking that I saw his majesty the king waiting on his knees in front of the castle gate.

Even his Majesty was waiting with such posture.

With just a glance at the figure of their saviour, a group began to crowd around.

And then the carriage stopped in front of his majesty.

「I welcome you to our nation Messiah-sama, I am its king UlfricAkroid」(Ulfric)

「My name is Arakawa Kouki, I thank you for the invitation」(Kouki)

The two people give each other greetings…..

And it\'s the Messiah who is surprised.

Even after displaying such power, he speaks to his majesty without a shred of arrogance.

One might think that normally the king would shout something like 『Commoners should not speak so freely!!』.

He was trying to keep up appearances by receiving him on equal footing.

Really, I wish the other foolish aristocrats would follow his example.

「First, in order to express my gratitude, I ask you please come to the throne room. I wish to participate in honourable conversation concerning gifts to your personage」(Ulfric)

It seems they will move to another location.

I will also go to my room and change into a regular dress, and rush to the throne room.

Around the throne, Everyone in the castle from military officers to civil officials was prostrating themselves and stating their thanks, but the messiah seemed depressed, is he displeased somehow?

As I thought that, he suddenly started to speak.

「Everyone, If possible please listen to me, I….」(Kouki)

I was shocked when I heard his story!

It seems this person tunnelled here from the world of gods and created such devastation by chance.

And without being asked to, he forcefully stopped the sacred treasure 『Par-tickle Con-verta』and appeared in this world.

What a merciful person…...

And though he was the victim, he helped us as if it were a matter of course.

The surrounding people shed tears, touched by his self-sacrifice and mercy.

Even Lord Axe, who is said to have reached the peak of martial prowess had tears in his eyes…..

But in the end, it seems that he has left his parents and friends behind.

He told us that『 if possible I would like to return as soon as possible』.

As soon as I heard that, and Idea appeared in my mind and I cried out without warning.

「There is a way for Messiah-sama to return!」(Nina)

When I explained the method, Messiah-sama showed a smile for the first time.

Everyone agreed on the spot to perform the summoning ceremony, and when Sir Axe was ordered to 『Gather all magicians from all over the country!』 he went off excitedly.

After the turmoil in the throneroom, we held a dinner party with a peaceful atmosphere.

Messiah-sama was happily enjoying the delicious meals made by the Imperial chefs…...

Meanwhile his majesty the king said something outrageous.

「In order to respond to possible demon disasters, could you please leave some of your power in this world?」(Ulfric)

The surrounding air freezes instantly.

If this person was made uncomfortable, the empire could be made into ashes overnight.

Does his majesty understand that?

Making fleeting glances towards him, his majesty awaited an answer while sweating heavily.

It seems he\'s understood the implications.

「Then, I will leave you the gravity collapse bullets, the suit I was using, and 20 laser guns, along with instructions」(Kouki)

Despite our worries, the Messiah readily agreed.

And in memory of the defeat of the Demon King, he asked if he could bring anything with him back home.

We decided to hand over the best gifts that we could prepare at the time, and while we gathered the items from the castle he expressed our thanks many times over with a delighted face.

The next day, the time for the Messiah to go home has come.

While the magicians were putting magical power into the summoning formation, Messiah-sama spoke up with a serious expression and asked.

「If you had summoned the brave from the start, wouldn\'t the war have had ended earlier?」(Kouki)

「If the summoned brave isn\'t strong enough to defeat the demon lord, the the summoning would be in vain. The magical powers of magicians are not abundant enough to use for such a gamble」(Nina)

In the end I lied to him….

When the matter of a brave was brought up as discussion, the conservative aristocracy opposed it claiming that 『There\'s no such thing as a brave or anything!』 and refused to cooperate.

It was a lie that I made in order to keep him from unnecessarily worrying while he went home, and it seems he believed me.

Then the magicians told us they were ready.

「Well then, Goodbye Nina-san 」(Kouki)

「Messiah-sama, Thank you very much」(Nina)

Our saviour entered the summoning formation and closed his eyes…..

As soon as his majesty quickly told him『the items that you left behind will be sent later once the mages have recovered their magical power』, The Messiah vanished.

「He has returned home」(Ulfric)

His majesty said while standing alone, looking somewhat lonely he continued to gaze at the summoning formation….

But before long he gathered his mind and spoke.

「Now then, once we send the rest of the items we need to tackle domestic issues, and there\'s also the aftermath of the Demon King war」(Ulfric)

While looking at his face filled vitality, that which I haven\'t seed for over two years, I made a suggestion『Let\'s make a statue of the Messiah that saved our world.』

After that, the Akroid Empire continued many times over to start 『Demon Lord Suppression Attacks』while using 『The Legacy of the Messiah』to repel the demons, continuing to fight without giving up…. And at last they succeeded in subjugating all demons.

The kings always used the middle name 『Arakawa』, and children were raised listening to the story of the legendary Messiah. In that story, the Messiah saved this world merely 『By chance』, and planted the seed for the best future possible.

In addition, the Empire certainly sent out the 『Messiah\'s leftover items』from the summoning formation as promised.

However, they could not travel through the waves of space well, and the items that by all rights should have landed in 2102 ended up being scattered around in the year 1915 where each nation began confiscating these items.

By studying these items World war II came to an early close, but that\'s another story…..

1.(Fraiziar: The original text was 『胸に天使のペイント』 which is literally 『Angel\'s paint on chest.』, don\'t ask me what it\'s supposed to be, I\'m incompetent I guess)

2.(Fraiziar: from what I can tell, \'皇国\' is an old word that means both empire and japan, and there is another word for \'empire\' which is 帝国, so this might be another alternate universe japan?)

3.(Fraiziar: I wrote it this way because I *think* he\'s breaking the 4th wall here, but I\'m not sure. It\'s funnier this way so I left it like this)