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Hello all, Fraiziar here.

I had this ready on January 4th, And I was planning on releasing chapter 14 and 15 together since 14 is a cliffhanger, but since SOMEONE (Frost, I\'m looking at you. Seriously, look out your window) didn\'t translate it on time, It has been delayed until now. I decided to just release it now even though there is a cliffhanger, so if you are upset about the cliffhanger, don\'t blame me! blame Fr.. I mean blame someone else!

Additionally, my schedule is now twice as packed as usual, so I\'m either going to die in the next few months releasing chapters, or I\'m going to slow down on the releases. You guys get to choose I guess. Please post all corrections in the comments below!

Chapter 14: Arakawa Particles.

(Author\'s Note: I wrote in the activity report, but this is the first of three chapters in which the protagonist regains his protagonist likelihood. please think of this as the prologue.)

『A serious accident as occurred, Research block E-2 will be closed. All researchers should evacuated immediately. I repeat....』

As the mechanical voice rang out its warning, I was holding my head in my arms wondering how it had come to this.

I saw my mother, screaming from the block across from me......

That\'s enough, evacuate already!

I\'ll enter the halting program for this equipment,

so there\'s no need to worry.

In the first place, this situation is because I did something unnecessary.

Planning on taking responsibility, I faced towards my yet-to-evacuate mother who was shouting something.

「Thanks for raising me up till now」(Kouki)

Doing my best to transmit my thoughts, I spoke with my mouth wide open with exaggerated movements.

Then, I injected the program into the 『Particle Converter』, and it seemed to collapse in on itself......

The scenery around me began to rapidly distort.

Before long, I saw nothing.

----Arakawa Kouki\'s Perspective----

Today, I am taking a day off from the academy to visit the 『Spatial Particle Research Facility』 where the main part of my mother\'s work is.

For whatever reason, she told me she wanted me to help her with the spatial particle observations.

Even though I doubt I can do much to help there, when she says 『Please?』 with such a smile there\'s no way I can refuse.......

Or rather, there\'s no way I can refuse because if I did I would have to deal with the whole macho mom thing again.

「Kouki-kun, this way」(Guide)

A person from this establishment was showing me around.

Hmm, There really are a variety of things here aren\'t there?

Is that a personal heavy particle rifle over there?

Why is something like that here?

As I wondered that, the person guiding me noticed my gaze and began to explain.

「We use that for particle research. Whether it\'s completely unimportant or not I\'m unsure, but you never know where you could find a hint to one of our questions. Right?」(Guide)

Explaining further, he mentioned that there are prototype gravitational collapse bullets for the military suit stored in an armory in block E-2, where my mom was waiting.

If Saitou-kun were to hear that, I\'m sure he\'d get all hot and bothered over it.....

As I thought about that, It seemed that we arrived at our destination.

「Kouki\'s come as well huh, well then, I\'ll start the experiment in five minutes.」(Mother)

Mom greets me with her eyes and excitedly prepared for the experiment.


I\'m seriously out of place, you know.

The surrounding researchers were exchanging whispers whilst looking my direction.

Their all probably thinking『What\'s this brat doing here?』.

As I saw that,

hey! don\'t avert your eyes you jerks!

I felt a slight urge to cry.

I hope I\'m not too much of a hindrance.....

rather, I move over to a desk in the far corner in order to stay out of the sight of the other researchers.

I sit down obediently. And so I stood desperately hoping my feeling that 『I really wanna hurry up and go home』 doesn\'t show on my face.

「Well then, Let the experiment begin.」(Mother)

With my mother saying that, the siren in the room began ringing as the machine started to run.

However, nothing happened.......

Mom activates the machine one more time, but nothing happens.

The room teemed with a delicate atmosphere.

And *Fwipp* the researchers all simultaneously turn!! They all turned towards me without making a sound.

「What do make of it?」(Researchers)

They asked me.

I dunno.....

in the first place, why are you asking me!!

Not only do I not understand the subject itself, I don\'t know its purpose!

When I asked mother what sort of reaction they would deem as a success, she appeared to sparkle for a moment.

Mother explained: when the theorized particles are observed, it seems that a momentary tunnel to another dimension is opened around the machine.(Fraiziar: I\'m unsure about this whole explanation, if anyone understands japanese better than me please contact me! )

Then the particle collapses and releases heat, meaning it only glows for a moment.


I don\'t understand at all.

However, There\'s no way I could say such a thing when under such expectation.

I halfheartedly said something that seemed alright.

「We should darken the place of observation so we do not miss the light emission. Also, please increase the output of the machine a little more」(Kouki)

Incorporating my suggestion, the experiment is held again, but nothing happened.

well, of course that\'s the case.

If the experiment would succeed with something so simple, my mother would be able to succeed by her self in the first place.

While feeling discouraged, the researchers started meeting with each other.

Picking up the particle construction model that lay on top of the desk, I began rearranging it to pass some time when,

「Kouki, that..... I see!! It\'s like that is it?」(Mother)

All of a sudden mother raised her voice as she looked at the model I had in my hands.

Wait, I have a bad feeling about this.....

This is the same feeling I had when that 『Slight misunderstanding』happened as I knocked down that ballistic missile.

I hurriedly tried to explain to my mother but she was all like 『It\'s fine!! I already know everything that kou-chan wants to say』, and didn\'t hear a word I said.

「Mom.... You don\'t understand anything」(Kouki)

I murmur aloud, but no one heard me.


you returned to calling me Kou-chan you know.

There\'s no way I can stop mother who was in serious mode giving instructions with tremendous momentum.

I could only watch silently.

As soon as mother was done with the preparations, she began the experiment again and,

「Light emission phenomenon confirmed!」 (Researcher)

Cheers were raised from everyone in the room.

As I peered down from a distance, I noticed something there.

The light seemed to be getting stronger......

Other people seemed to have noticed and tried to stop the machine in a hurry, but it seems to not be working.

And then an alarm began to ring signifying that an abnormality had been detected.

『A serious accident as occurred, Research block E-2 will be closed. All researchers should evacuated immediately. I repeat....』

The people in the room began to run towards the exit all at once.

Mother had been caught by another researcher evacuating.

On the other hand, I was unable to move due to this sudden and rapid development.

「Um, anyone.....」(Kouki)

I thought about getting someone to lend me their shoulder, but my voice just disappeared in vain.

Rather, isn\'t this when skinhead should be here and shine?!!

Where is that bastard!!?

And, the bulkhead closed before my very eyes.

----Arakawa Miki\'s Perspective----

Today, I\'m in a good mood since Kouki is coming to help me with my research.

Since I always boast about him being my pride, when we arrived, my subordinates were all surrounding us and,

「That child is the son of that woman huh?」(Researcher)

「It seems that before, he created a remedy for the 『European Tragedy』you know」(Researcher)

I heard them say things like that.

In fact, the person in question, as if leisurely sightseeing he walked over to a desk in the corner of the room and sat down.

I absolutely cannot fail.....

That sort of feeling swelled up inside me.

This experiment, it\'s goal is to prove that there is actually another dimension using the mathematical formula Kouki had devised.

The particles that are supposed to be observed here have been named 『Arakawa Particles』.

I actually wanted to name it the 『Kouki Particle』, But it was dismissed since it apparently sounded bad.

「Well then, Let the experiment begin.」(Miki)

With everything ready, I made that declaration and pressed the startup switch.

However, nothing happened.....

I tried one more time but nothing happened.

「What\'s wrong?」(Researcher)

My subordinate asked me.

This is bad, I wonder what Kouki is thinking now that it\'s been revealed how troubled I am.

At that moment, everyone looked towards Kouki simultaneously.

Kouki, shocked at everyone suddenly glancing at him gave his opinion.

「We should darken the place of observation so we do not miss the light emission. Also, please increase the output of the machine a little more」(Kouki)

He said.

I\'m sure he\'s shocked.....

It\'s our very own research yet we\'ve abandoned thinking on our own, and relied on a child.

I followed his opinion and did the experiment once more, but nothing happened.

I gathered my subordinates and hold a meeting.

We had no choice but to conclude that the experiment is a failure.

In the middle of that, I looked over at Kouki who was doing something with the particle model, and that model gave me a sudden shock.....

My theory on how the particles were bonded was wrong!?

Perhaps, Kouki knew from the start that this experiment would fail?

He thought that if he had butted in, he would have wounded our pride?

And now that the experiment has been judged as a failure, He\'s showing us the 『Solution』?

I input the bond model that Kouki had made and activated the experiment three times.

「Light emission phenomenon confirmed!」 (Researcher)

When I heard the report, I felt overwhelming joy!

Kouki\'s formula wasn\'t wrong at all....

However, I immediately noticed the strangeness of the situation.

The light emission phenomenon was gradually began to escape the area it should have been contained in.

『A serious accident as occurred, Research block E-2 will be closed. All researchers should evacuated immediately. I repeat....』

And an emergency warning was issued.

My subordinates took hold of me and we evacuated, but there were no signs of Kouki.

「What about Kouki!? Did he manage to evacuate?」(Miki)

Just as I shouted that, I noticed Kouki who was still in the other block.

A bitter smile, the kind you make when a trifling disturbance occurs, floated on his face....

It\'s not such a trifling matter, yet why aren\'t you evacuating!?

Then, Kouki picked up the Emergency stop manual located by the 『Particle Transducer』.

「You stayed behind to stop the disaster?」(Miki)

I couldn\'t help but shout out.

While we prioritized out safety and evacuated, that child was the only one who considered stopping the machine.

The duty that was initially meant for the staff, we pushed it onto Kouki.

I\'m sure everyone is realizing this now. Even now we all are trying to open the bulkheads with our bare hands.

However, once the bulkhead has been closed it cannot be reopened without following proper procedure.

Then, I saw Kouki facing me mouthing something to me.

Th・a・k Y・・ F・・ raisi・・ ・e up t・・・no・

『Thank you for raising me up till now』probably, to say something like that.......

I pounded on the bulkhead until my hand bled.

「Kouki! Kouki!!」(Miki)

A nightmarish thought came to mind: This may be our final separation.

After probably finished entering in the halting program, he looked back at me with a satisfied expression.....

And Kouki disappeared from the research block.

Year 2102, May 20th. A sudden accident occurred at the 『Spacial Particle Research Facility』.

There were no injuries among the researchers nor the private staff, however the son of chief researcher Arakawa Miki 『Arakawa Kouki』was involved in the accident.

His whereabouts are currently unknown.

Furthermore, In the Vanished Research block E-2, many Prototype 『Military Accessories』were lost.

The search for both the missing person and the missing equipment is being hastened.

(AUTHORS NOTE: There was a comment that said 「Please advance the main plot」, but in the first place there really isn\'t much of a main plot. I plan on continuing the story in the style of something like the Nichijou anime (Fraiziar: I\'m assuming he\'s referring to the Nichijou anime) The academy setting is just an excuse for the protagonist to go out and make friends. however, Stories like ones about school festivals and such don\'t matter at all. )