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Chapter 13: Hello from space (Reader Warning, Goki-san is coming!)

Author\'s note: Today is a story idea that came from Muumin-san who had the same Idea that I had. This time is going to be the biggest misunderstanding yet. for those who can\'t stand the Chabanes, please hold you opinions until you read Saitou-kun\'s perspective. In the meantime, The misunderstanding of the protagonist will be solved, and after that it\'ll be Saitou-kun and Chabane-kun\'s time.

thirty-six thousand kilometers above the ground.......

An object was floating in outer space.

On the side of the cylinder, written in what appears to be black magic marker are the words 『DO NOT OPEN』.

And there, a machine shaped like a fish approached it.

The machine was gliding around the object as if considering how to proceed, when it paused, and after seeming to finally make up its mind stretched out its arm.

Slowly, Irritatingly slowly, it grasped the object......

As if pushed by the machines breath, the object flew away from the arm.

The machine that had been left behind by the object, as if troubled by the situation, gazed in the direction of the floating object.

Reflected in it\'s lens was the 『Blue Earth』.

---Arakawa Miki\'s Perspective---

Right now at the request of the United Nations, I am guiding the development of the 『Outer Space Probe and Attached International Space Station』.

It\'s a plan that involves setting up a space station in the asteroid belt on the other side of mars, and at the same time launching an unmanned exploration ship towards outer space.

However there are far too many difficulties

Firstly, there is the problem of having extended stays on the station.

The stress that human beings undergo when confined to a closed space is no ordinary thing, The 『United Nations Space Army』that is currently under experimental development is experiencing the same problems.

「I wonder if I should ask Kouki?」 (Miki)

Though I murmured that, That child is currently studying in school and fully enjoying his youth with his friends.

I shouldn\'t bother him with something like this.

And...... there\'s one more problem that plagues my mind.

「An asteroid that could be on a collision course towards earth huh.....」 (Miki)

The trajectory of the asteroid has already been calculated, and the probability that a collision will be avoided is 82 percent.

Even if some external factors get involved, its a number that isn\'t a problem.

That said, I still need to submit a proposal for concrete countermeasures.

Moreover, after the completion of the station there are still many things to do, such as making concrete plans for a manned exploration on Mars and designing the survey vessels.

The tasks just keep piling up.

By the way, Kouki and his friends were supposed to come over today to play.

According to the report on the investigation of Kouki\'s friends, Among them would be 『Aikawa Megumi』, who wrote a widely accepted thesis on Space Development after being accepted into the academy.

(Fraiziar: Jenpress originally translated her name as Megumi in chapter 7, though I would have chosen Emi. Either way, the author doesn\'t specify how her name is read so please tell me which name you prefer, Emi or Megumi!)

「In the end, I won\'t be able to come up with a proper plan by my self.... I guess it can\'t be helped.」 (Miki)

Spouting out such an excuse, I begin preparing tea to greet Kouki\'s friends.

----Arakawa Kouki\'s Perspective----

I am having friends visit my room to play.

Although I get why Saitou-kun and Alice-chan are here.....

Why are you here Aikawa-san?!!!!

Though it seems she\'s on good terms with Saitou-kun.

It\'s that Aikawa-san who told me 『make sure you ranked top 10 in the tests』. (Fraiziar: Chapter 7)

She\'s leaning on Saitou-kun with those girly eyes!

I\'m so envious dammit!

In the end, When Aikawa-san found out I didn\'t have to even take the test, she was furious, however Saitou-kun asked her

「Arakawa-kun managed to collide the observation drone with the ballistic missile, could you do such a calculation?」 (Saitou)

And with that said, Aikawa-san became hazy and vague.

Though it was just a coincidence, if you admire it I wouldn\'t mind if you fell in love with me....

But why Saitou-kun?!

As I grumbled under my breath, Alice-chan whispered into my ear.

「Somehow, it seems that Saitou-kun saved Aikawa-san during a street brawl.」 (Alice)


Saitou-kun is unexpectedly a man of action.

In that case I can understand Aikawa-san\'s attitude.

He\'s your prince on a white horse that came to save you when you were in trouble after all.

When I say that,

「It seems he used the usual robots though.....」 (Alice)

Ah, now I understand.

If you were to use THAT robot on me, I\'d flee with all my strength.

Thinking that, I look at Saitou-kun and Aikawa-san, and I see Saitou-kun in a lap pillow.

Geez, lets just go home already.....

It\'s not like you need to come to my room.

But wait, following this trend, would I be allowed to dive into Alice-chan\'s lap?

When I put that thought into action,

「quite a few came today huh?」 (Miki)

Said my mom, as she entered the room.

Although I Want to complain to mom because I was about to be in a good spot, everyone else in the room is becoming tense.

Oh, I get it.

I, who is used to being with her, am unfazed.

However everyone else from the academy idolizes and wants to meet the 『Genius Arakawa Miki』I guess.

When we visited her workplace earlier she just came to lead us in, she didn\'t have a chance to speak to us since she was called elsewhere right away.

It\'s probably a universal dream to be able to meet my mother the great researcher.....

In order not to be a hindrance and be cause I was feeling awkward I sat in the corner of the room.

「I\'ve got something to discuss with everyone」 (Miki)

My mom talks to everyone about her research.

Since it\'s my genius mother I\'m sure she\'d be able to solve the issues without consulting us students, so this is probably just a service to give us an opportunity to interact with a genius.

Mom is kind after all.

While thinking that, I stare at their exchange and, apparently it seems to be a discussion relating to space stations.

Alice-chan suggested the use of medication to relieve stress, and Saitou-kun explains how remote-control robots could be used to do dangerous work.

My mom was eagerly taking notes while listening to everyone\'s ideas, but what was surprising was Aikawa-san.

「I think that the environment interior of the space station should be close to that of earth. as for the advantages, they wou....」 (Aikawa)

looking at her figure as she explained her opinion in a very professional way, I am fairly surprised.

Is Aikawa-san\'s specialty related to space?

I ask Saitou-kun that,

「Fuhi? That\'s right, Megumi-chan\'s specialty is in Space Environment.」 (Saitou)

「I was right after all? Rather, Saitou-kun, you call Aikawa-san 『Megumi-chan』 heh? You sure are on good terms」. (Arakawa)

As I said so teasingly, Saitou-kun went silent and turned red.

Even I thought that maybe he had a thing for Alice-chan, but it looks like I was wrong.

In order to regularly listen everyone\'s opinions, Mom exchanges Personal Terminal Addresses with everyone.....

Is that okay?

Isn\'t this supposed to be a private business?

As I thought that, A skin head burst into the room with enough momentum to break the door.

「We have an emergency」 (Skinhead)

Whenever you come, it\'s always an emergency isn\'t it!


Two hours after the skinhead burst into the room, we arrived at the 『Japanese Space Development Team』Megafloat on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.

Up till now we had been flying in a helicopter being piloted by the skinhead.

Unfortunately, all the members who were in my room were forced to come in the name of security.

Only Aikawa-san looked happy, saying 『Is this the Megafloat!?』 excitedly, but everyone else is uneasy, and Saitou-kun was getting sick due to motion sickness.

「What is the situation? I have the obligation to protect these children. Depending on the situation, I can contact my husband and have him occupy this megafloat.」 (Miki)

Mom, with a scary face that I had never seen before voiced her complaint.

Rather, mom...... is tapping into her macho side.

Well, if it\'s Dad & crew, they would probably swim their way over here, though they\'d be caught by the security guards as the arrived.

Meanwhile, the Director, whose breathing was fairly similar to Saitou-kun\'s, began to explain.

「The Russian Space Military discovered the rocket that Kouki-kun had launched into space. However, The Russians broke the treaty and attempted to retrieve the rocket, and subsequently the rocket is flying on a return trajectory towards earth.」 (Director)


that huh.......

This isn\'t good, that thing is coming back?

If that happens, I\'m dead.

This life that I\'ve been earnestly piling up so far will end.

I trembled as I listened to the director\'s story, but as he continued I saw a shard of hope.

「After receiving the report, The United Nations instantly ordered the United Nations Space Army to sortie. The fleet is gathering in satellite orbit in order to intercept the rocket.」 (Director)


That\'s fine, you can just blow it up and be done with it.

Thinking that, mother spoke.

「So how does that relate to us? Is there something that gives you, the director, authority to confine these children?」 (Miki)

「No, I mean.... The United Nations wanted the person who created the interception strategy to participate as well」 (Director)

「In that case wouldn\'t it be fine if it were just me? Let\'s have these children quickly go home.」 (Miki)

Hold on mom, If you pressure director so much it\'ll become a problem, stop tormenting the man.

And, I want to confirm exactly what will happen to That thing.

I tell my mother that I intend to participate.

Since the others also agreed with me to remain here, Mom hesitantly said 『It can\'t be helped.』 and gave in.

However, earlier the term 『treaty』 came up earlier, what did they mean by that?

Concerned, I ask my mother in a whispered voice.

「There\'s no need to worry, it\'s fine.」 (Miki)

She replied, smiling back at me with eyes that were not smiling at all.

Here we have the kind a person that you don\'t want to mess with.

There was someone who once got in the way of macho-mom when she was making that smile, and I really don\'t want to remember what happened at that time.

The Director immediately informed the fleet commander of our participation, and then the Fleet commander spoke.

「Even if we have to suicide ram into the thing, we will absolutely stop the rocket!」 (Fleet Commander)

He said, expressing his determination.

no, wait you don\'t have to do that!

Even in the worst case scenario, I can just endure my shame and it will be fine.

Many things that float in space will burn up when falling through the atmosphere, and even if it falls down to the ground, it will definitely land in the ocean or a desert.

There is no way it could fall into a city.

There\'s no reason to put your life on the line, If anyone will take responsibility, it\'s the Russian army for doing things they shouldn\'t have.

「Well then, with that let us commence with the rocket interception, 『Operation Pandora』. I pray that there is still hope for us yet」 (Director)

The director said.

Wait a moment, haven\'t you made a serious misunderstanding?

It\'s not that dangerous of a thing.

They are saying things like『If the interception fails then earth will....』.

What should I do?

Since it\'s has become such an important matter now, there\'s no way I can speak up.

The thing that is inside That thing is a『S&M Ero-book』that I was trying to dispose of.......

---- Fleet Commander Jeff Old\'s Perspective----

I look at the blue earth from the bridge.......

Down there on that planet, Mary, my granddaughter is alive.

I cannot afford to fail this mission.

In the first place, this incident would never have happened if not for those stupid Russians who violated the 『Arakawa Agreement』

If the greedy Russian army gets their hands on the 『Arakawa Relic』.....

while grinding my teeth thinking such thoughts, a communication came through, from the President of the United States, my son 『William Old』

「Commander, Operation Pandora has been declared active. The destiny of earth is hanging on you, Please, let this mission be successful. ..............Mary\'s waiting here on earth too. Good luck, Dad」 (William Old)

I respond to William\'s communication with a salute.

My idiot son......

There\'s no need for you to remind me.

I absolutely must not let the rocket reach earth.

The department of information reported that the contents of the rocket are most likely a virus weapon.

Whatever it is, it has to be shot down in outer space.

I confirm the state of affairs with the information officer.

「Currently, There are three Destroyers heading towards the Zenith, and two aerospace carriers are deployed on either side.」(Information Officer)

「That is good, hold position until instructed otherwise. Order the carriers to be prepared to launch aerospace-planes immediately」 (Jeff Old)

Everything has been according to plan so far, Our first real battle is progressing smoothly.

Now all that\'s left is waiting for the radar to pick up on the enemy.

Now is the time that will be the hardest on the crew since they are doing nothing for a long period of time.

Please, keep focused and wait patiently.

「There\'s a Reading on the radar! I have put the target on screen.」 (Officer)

After waiting for about 20 minutes, the officer suddenly raised his voice.

At last.

I sit down on the command chair and make the order to correct our position.

「Launch the aerospace-planes, and have them open fire on the target. In case they fail at shooting down the target, prepare to fire a barrage 」 (Jeff Old)

In response to my order, all aircraft advance towards the target.

Looking at the battle status on the central screen, I see that it is apparently not going well due to the rocket\'s avoidance capabilities being high.

Just as I was about to issue another instruction, an officer spoke up.

「Currently, we are unable to communicate due to interference from a magnetic storm on the sun. It is impossible to communicate with both the allied vessels and earth.」 (Officer)

He reported.

After all, is it still too early for mankind to perform systematic military operations in outer space?.....

However, if we give up here the rocket will reach earth. I look at the central screen trying to decide on the best action to take.

This is no good, I can\'t come up with anything, time is just wasting.

Then, I saw the destroyer at this ship\'s rear begin to move forward.

What on earth are you doing! I have yet to give instructions!

The situation may be grave, but don\'t do anything unnecessary!

As I turn towards the officer, he reported to me.

「Checking Destroyer Ortho\'s(オルト―) light signal. They are repeating a message:『Glory to the space army. We shall throw ourselves at the target.』!」 (Officer)

The idiots!

You plan on suicide bombing!?

I send a light signal to tell them to stop, but Ortho has already gone without any hesitation.

I understand that this is the only way, but that doesn\'t mean I\'m going to sacrifice you!

It is I who should have performed the deed in the first place.

My eyes follow Ortho on screen as they escape visible distance.

However, a sight came that made me doubt my eyes.

A giant unknown object has collided with the rocket!

Hit by something of that size, the Rocket should be blown away without a trace.....

The deployed aerospace-planes and Ortho all take evasive maneuvers.

However, what was that?

I ask the officer.

「Analysis complete, the object in question is an asteroid. furthermore, this is...... this is a disaster! The asteroid is now on a collision course towards earth!!」 (Officer)

It feels like I am standing in a pit of despair.

With the current space army, there is no way to stop the asteroid now.

Even with all the ships, there would be no effect.

For now, I sent a light signal to order the troops to withdraw in order to get in contact with earth.

---- Saitou Shingo\'s Perspective----

Immediatly after the interception operation began, we lost contact with the fleet.

It seems that something along the lines of a magnetic storm occurred.

I didn\'t quite understand it, but Megumi-chan kindly explained it to me.

Megumi-chan told me that it was impossible to communicate through strong magnetism, it\'s a problem that can rarely occur with satellites.

While listening to her in admiration, I noticed that Megumi-chan seemed concerned over the contents of the rocket.

「Shin-kun, What really is loaded inside it?」 (Aikawa)

When I told her I didn\'t know, she just said 『I see, well, I hope the mission succeeds』 while taking hold of my hands.

My heart rate goes up as I hold her hand back, and then I started thinking......

The others are saying things like "Viral Weapons" or "High-yeild bombs" are loaded on the rocket, but I don\'t think the gentle Arakawa-kun would do something like that.

Perhaps, it\'s a diary or something that he doesn\'t want to show people.

As I pondered such a thing, the people of the observation team started to move around rapidly, frequently asking Arakawa-kun\'s Mother questions.

I was concerned so I went and listened.

「The Asteroid that had its course changed, it\'s getting closer to earth. at this rate, it will collide with the planet」 (Scientist)

What did they just say?

What should we do?

Even I, who barely knows anything about space, understands that this situation is serious.

There are people suggesting to destroy the asteroid, while others are pushing towards changing its course to a safer alternative, but aren\'t we missing the equipment needed to do either?

When I ask her that, Arakawa-kun\'s mother answered me with a troubled face.

「This is probably because another asteroid collided with this one, but it\'s as you say Saitou-kun, we aren\'t able to defeat that asteroid. None of this fell within my calculations, though even if I say that, that was before, and this is now. Either way there\'s nothing I can do right now. If only we had robots that could independantly reprogram themselves. If we had... say 1000 machines we might be able to do something.」 (Miki)

As she said that, Arakawa-kun\'s mother went back to her hectic work.

An independent robot huh......

There\'s certainly something that fits the description.

Megumi-chan pulled on my clothes and spoke.

「If it\'s those kids, they could somehow manage right?」 (Aikawa)

Megumi-chan seemed to be thinking the same thing as me.

however, if do something like that it would probably kill him.

Although I\'m concerned there is no other idea that might work.....

I spoke to everyone in the room.

「We can prepare a large number of robots that can perform independent autonomous work.」 (Saitou)

Arakawa-kun\'s mom and her comrades from the development team asked for details.

I tell them about the Chabane-kun that I developed, Due to the advanced AI that was installed on the machine it is able to some extent think and act by itself.

And since it has repeatedly self-replicated, it has already reached the required number.

When I told them everyone immediately began acting right away.

Asking the self-defense military and UN forces, we managed to arrange for missile boosters to be attached to the Chabanes and prepared explosive charges for the asteroid. And I am going to be the one to go get the Chabanes.

「you\'re the one who got us this far after all.」 (Everyone)

They said, and I couldn\'t help but smile a bit.

Three hours later, we stood at the Mega-float\'s rocket launchpad.

Reflected in my eyes.... are the Chabanes, enough of them to completely fill the sky.

I probably should have told you not to reproduce more than necessary.

How many of them are there now?

As I thought that, one of the chabanes approached me from the middle of the crowd.

「Master, This One apologizes for the wait. The gathering of the 2613 additional units is complete.」 (Angel-tan)

「Fuhi!? You\'ve all become able to speak?」 (Saitou)

I asked in astonishment when I heard the Chabane-kun speak.

He spoke back to me looking rather confident.

「Naturally! This one was made by genius masters you know? If I could not speak it would be shameful to the names of my masters!」 (Angel-tan)

Chabane-kun said, hugging me.

To this Chabane-kun who is happilly embracing me right now, I am going to have to tell it something terrible.

『Go to the asteroid, and change it\'s course, however you cannot return.』....

there\'s no way I can say something so cruel!!

Falling to my knees, I hold my face as my tears seem to overflow from my arms.

Then Chabane-kun spoke.

「On our way here, I was intercepting communications. We understand the situation Master...... We were created solely to help you. That\'s why, at times like these, This One would hope that you smile」 (Angel-tan)

I couldn\'t hold back my tears any more.

I\'m sorry!

I\'m terribly sorry, but there really isn\'t any other way other than to rely on you.

I said while crying.

Chabane-kun just kept silent and stroked my head.....

The Chabanes, one by one, lit their rocket boosters and rose into space. and finally, the Chabane-kun that I first made, the original, began to leave.

「please, take this. this is a copy of This One\'s AI, and a record of This One\'s evolution. With this, you can one day once again, construct this one」 (Angel-tan)

Saying that, he handed me the memory stick. Even with something like this you can\'t make the same Chabane as befor.... Even you should know that, Chabane-kun. Even if you tell me not to cry, it\'s uselss! To ask me to not cry at all, that\'s impossible!! At the very least, I have to see them off with a smile. desperatly holding back my tears, I say goodbye with a smile.

「Farewell, Chabane-kun」 (Saitou)

「Yes, I am going, Master」 (Angel-tan)

Even after the Chabanes flew out of vision, I could not turn my eyes away from the sky.

As Megumi-chan embraced me, I finally relaxed and went limp, unable to stand. 『Surely, they\'ll manage somehow』 She said, comforting me as I wept.

「Communication with the United Nations Space Army has been restored. The contents of the message are as follows 『What are the objects flying towards the asteroid?』. How shall we reply?」 (Communications Officer)

「Please tell them that 『Our Comrades are going to settle the current situation』」 (Miki)

Arakawa-kun\'s mother said to the communications officer.

Comrades huh.....

truly, the Chabanes were certainly my precious 『Comrades』.....

Even though they left to outer space, the fact that they are my comrades will never change.

We returned to the interior of the float and awated the result. suddenly a message was recieved.

「Both inside and outside the asteroids, several explosions have been confirmed. It is now veering away from its collsion course!」 (Officer)

The Chabane seem to have succeeded.

Thank you, Thank you so very much.

Once again I cried, this time not out of sadness, but out of gratitude.

Hundreds of years later, mankind had begun full-scale exploration of space, and discovered an unknown intellectual lifeform on a faraway planet. At that time that lifeform had already been forgotten. They were a very freindly 『Mechanical race』 which referred to human beings as 『Master』using the international language of Japanese。(Fraiziar: The raws are マスター which is literally the romanization of the English word "Master", yet it says they use the international language of japanese. kek.)

Authors Note: For now, I\'m going to keep collecting the suggestions that you guys are throwing at me. Next time, the story is one that I got from a new suggestion. By the way, the fact that I forgot to make a reservation post on friday, keep that a secret, okay?