Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 99

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 99: Grudges? Killing Kikunojou?

Tokyo Area 39, Fairy Tail\'s organization

Noah is currently sifting through a dossier.

"Hiruko Kagetane, originally the no.134 highest-ranking IP, due to problematic behaviors like killing others, his license has been revoked."

"As the result of the New Human Creation Plan, most of his innards had been replaced with varanium parts giving him the ability to project a repulsion field that can defend against Stage 4 Gastreas\' attacks. It can even block anti-tank bullets."

"According to estimates, his ability should be well within the top 100 on the IP rankings. His threat level is very high."

Noah flipped through the pages.

"Hiruko Kohina, a praying mantis type initiator, just like Kagetane, she used to be rank 134 until her license got revoked along with Kagetane\'s."

"With short swords in her hands, her combat ability is nearly unrivaled. She possesses a high capability even among initiators."

"A wielder of varanium wakizashi, her ability is within the top 100 highest-ranking initiators in the IP ranking. Likes killing, very dangerous."

The dossier contained information about the jobs Kagetane and Hiruko did before their licenses got revoked. The information was condensed into a dossier of at least 10 pages.

He asked Seitenshi to produce this dossier before leaving the state office.

Noah wanted to understand more about Kagetane, he promised the participation of Fairy Tail\'s civil officer but Noah himself is still on the fence.

This world isn\'t as simple as the world Noah came from.

He learned about the darkness of the human heart and how things aren\'t always what they look like in this world. This is a stark contrast to the people of his first world.

After a year of living in this world, Noah isn\'t naive enough to borrow his strength just because Seitenshi asked for it.

Before ascertaining Kagetane\'s motive and intention to bring a stage 5 Gastrea to Tokyo Area, Noah won\'t move. It wouldn\'t be funny if someone used him to do bad stuff and he got conned into the whole thing.

For a start, Noah must know more about Kagetane.



A small figure peeked from behind Noah\'s back, with her hair tied in twintails, she stared at the dossier with her bored giant pair of eyes.

"Ex rank 134 huh? Is this kitty really that strong?"

"Pretty sure you\'re not that big either though?"

A more developed woman with black and straight long hair peeked from behind Noah\'s back as well.

"134 IP rank before revocation, they are clearly stronger than before, they might just be monsters that belonged to the top 100 IP pairings."

"Do we really have to fight a foe like that?"

A languid guy made his appearance as well. He sounded anxious.

"Even with a lot of personnel on the move, I doubt if we stand any chance against a monster like that."

Noah listened to the three voices who are breathing down his head, left & right shoulders before he sighed.

"Why are you guys here? Is Tendo Civil Security Corporation not joining the operation this time?"

"I am the boss!"

Said the boss who came to Noah for help or even eating would be a problem. Pretty sure she got 0 sales for last month too. Said boss continued in a boastful tone.

"Boss don\'t do jobs on their own, they get other people to do it for them."

"And, I am just an initiator."

The precocious 10-year-old girl said while puffing her chest out. She looked rather proud of herself.

"Even if Rentaro won\'t move despite being a promoter, I won\'t stand to see the reputation Fairy Tail be tarnished by inactivity against a crisis!"

"Hey, I am also waiting for intel on the target this time. Please stop framing me as someone who is afraid to fight?"

Grumbled the promoter who got teased whatever he did.

"Also, Enju, you\'re my initiator and a member of Tendo Civil Security corporation, I think you should use that status before thinking about defending Fairy Tail\'s reputation?"

"Be that as the case may be, I am a Fairy Tail member!"

Enju said while hopping around energetically.

"My school\'s here, my home\'s here, all my friends and comrades are here, even if you\'re my promoter, I won\'t leave Fairy Tail behind!"

"I didn\'t say you have to leave Fairy Tail though?"

"You\'re insinuating that!"

"Hello, you two, we are still discussing business, do that banter when you two are alone together alright?"

Three heads within 20 centimeters of his ears, bickering and making noise, how awful would that feel like?

Noah would prefer listening to his Fairy Tail members\' banters rather than the voices of these three.

"Look, I know your company is small and doesn\'t have an intel department. If you need to rely on outside information and take action before they do, I promise Fairy Tail will supply information as soon as it\'s available. Therefore, can you guys please stop making noises here?"

Rentaro shut his yap and Kisara looked rather satisfied with this outcome. Noah noticed their ploy but he played along anyway.

More than likely, they did this so he would offer his help.

"By the way, guildmaster, this is the first time we mobilized so many civil defense officers, you also personally order this mobilization, could it be that you\'re not planning on participating in this operation this time around?"

Enju said with an energetic tone.

"If guildmaster entered the game, those two won\'t be able to escape!"

"I might but I am not feeling it."

Noah shook his head.

"I did find something intriguing I must investigate."

"Intriguing, you say?"

Kisara approached him.


Noah laughed but he didn\'t reply which made Kisara slightly upset.

Kisara also recalled something.

"During the briefing, Kikunojou said you guys had grievances, what did you guys meant by that?"

Rentaro and Enju are also interested.

"Ignoring the grudge between me and Kikunjou, I do recall that Kikunojou is your grandfather, Kisara. He\'s also Rentaro\'s stepfather right"

Noah looked at Kisara and Rentaro.

"If I say I am going to kill Kikunojou, what will you guys do?"

Rentaro and Enju flinched.

Kisara shouted something which surprised Noah.

"I want to kill him too!"