Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 98

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 98: I hope you can lend me your strength

Tokyo area, state office…

Noah entered the state office, a place he had entered not too long ago. It\'s still as opulent as ever.

"I didn\'t expect your presence so fast…"

Sitting on the sofa in an elegant manner, Seitenshi addressed Noah.

"Please, sit down, guildmaster Noah."

Noah didn\'t bring his magic arming sword with him this time. Not much has changed appearance-wise for Seitenshi. He scanned the surrounding before sitting down.

"Where is that old geezer?"

"It\'s what I ordered."

Seitenshi asserted.

"I noticed strange chemistry of the bad kind between you two."

"I don\'t think bad is the word for it."

Noah continued.

"You should know that if keeps this up, there will come a day where we will have to duke it out."

Hearing Noah\'s provocative statement really placed Seitenshi in quite a troubled position.

If it\'s someone other than Noah, Seitenshi wouldn\'t react like this.

Noah and Kikunojyo\'s position are totally different.

The former is someone who woned a civil defense firm. The latter is someone who commanded a lot of authority in Tokyo Arena.

If a civil defense firm owner went against a political figure, the winner should be clear.

Noah is so good that Kikunojyo\'s secret plan and underhanded tactics failed to do anything other than to make Noah\'s triumph even more outstanding. He expanded Fairy Tail while foiling Kikunoyo\'s dirty tactics.

As someone who spent a lot of time being tailed by Kikunojyo, she noticed that Noah is someone who can make a normally expressionless Kikunojyo frown. That\'s just how troubling Noah is for Kikunojyo.

Seitenshi understands the extent of Noah\'s words, he can really do it if he said so. Kikunojyo might be the one running off with his tail between his legs if Noah got serious.

It would be more accurate to say that Fairy Tail\'s existence is the only thing keeping Noah from acting solo. Without concern for Fairy Tail, Noah would have dealt with Kikunojyo a long time ago.

Surprised at the praises she is giving Noah, she inhaled deeply and she changed the subject.

"Noah-san, I wanted to discuss with you about the matter with Kagetani and the job."

"I have two questions before that."

Noah stopped Seitenshi. He looked at her beautiful face before continuing.

"First, just what is the New Human Creation Plan?"

"Noah-san doesn\'t know about that?"

Seitenshi found it startling that Noah didn\'t know.

"It\'s a plan humans came up with in the early days of the Great Gastrea War. It\'s a strategy that revolved around experimentation in the creation of a mechanized soldier."

"Mechanized human?"


Seitenshi continued.

"Through extremely inhumane and dangerous surgeries to replace human innards with varanium, it\'s a plan to create a mechanized soldier powerful enough to fight against Gastrea monsters."

"A specialized solder that can fight against Gastreas huh?"

Noah mumbled before he continued.

"Why are there almost no news about this?"

"Because that plan has been frozen a long time ago and sealed away from the common public."

Seitenshi replied.

"The New Human Creation Plan created powerful soldiers, Gastrea below stage IV basically can\'t hurt them. However, cursed children appeared soon after."

Noah knew why the plan was frozen.

Both cursed children and mechanized humans can take on Gastrea monsters.

Between the two of them, which one is more effective is hard to judge, but, with an abundance of cursed children, mechanized soldiers became obsolete.

Moreover, to create such powerful soldiers, a significant amount of resources would have to be invested in each soldier.

Cursed Children are born naturally and as such, there is no investment here.

A bunch of soldiers that are not easily produced financially and technologically versus a ton of cursed children that can fight Gastreas just as well as mechanized soldiers. It was natural that the project got forgotten.

Noah grinned in a sarcastic manner.

"In the end, the abhorred cursed children saved the day, they fought for humans while the precious mechanized soldiers created by humans want to turn against humans, this sounds like it would make a good movie."

Seitenshi didn\'t have a comeback for that.

"Second question."

Noah continued.

"What\'s in that suitcase?"


Seitenshi seemed reluctant to reveal it, she sighed and she continued.

"Sorry, Noah-san, I can\'t tell you what\'s in the suitcase. But, what I can tell you is that the suitcase contains a dangerous artifact known as the Legacy of the Seven Stars."

Seitenshi has a grim look at the moment.

"The artifact can summon , also known as stage 5 Gastrea."

Noah confirmed that Seitenshi isn\'t lying and his heart sank.

Stage V gastreas are also known as Zodiac Gastreas.

During the height of the Great Gastrea War, the war that drove humanity to the verge of extinction, there were 11 extremely powerful and dangerous Gastreas that made Stage 4 Gastreas look tame in comparison. They are the ones most responsible for the wipeout of entire cities.

Humanity dubbed them zodiac Gastreas because of their astronomical power.

Cancer is a blank title, meanwhile, Model Taurus and Model Virgo had already been defeated by the current IP rank 1 and IP rank 2 initiators and promoters. Currently, there are 9 more Stage 5 Gastreas running around.

Noah heard about these creatures.

Way bigger than Stage 4 Gastreas, conventional weapons don\'t work at all, ridiculous regenerative powers and the immunity to the field generated by Monoliths protecting the cities.

If the Legacy of the Seven Stars can really summon Zodiac gastreas. Uninhibited by the Monolith, a Stage 5 Gastrea can really decimate Tokyo Area.

Noah understood why they are willing to pay so much for the contents of the suitcase.

It\'s a request to retrieve an item that can potentially bring about an apocalypse.

"What\'s the next move for you guys?"

"Almost all top civil defense officers are on the move for the suitcase in the Original Gastrea."

Seitenshi continued.

"I hope Noah-san will lend me your strength to locate the suitcase faster thankagetani."

The mood became heavy. Seitenshi stared intently at Noah who is thinking with his eyes closed. When Seitenshi started feeling anxious, Noah finally gave his reply.

"Fairy Tail\'s civil defense officers will participate in this operation."

Seitenshi released a long sigh of relief, she beamed at him with a very beautiful expression.