Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 97

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 97: The legacies of the New Human Creation Plan

The people here immediately took out their guns as they surrounded the two infiltrators.

The guy who looked like he\'s going to a masked ball ignored them as if their guns posed no threat. He took off his head and he bowed towards Seitenshi.

"Allow me to introduce myself, I am Hiruko, Hiruko Kagetani."

He then placed his hand on the girl next to him.

"This girl is my initiator, she\'s also my daughter."

"Hiruko Kohina, I am 10 years old!"

She said in a cute tone. However, she said something that chilled everyone\'s heart.

"Say, Papa, can I cut down the ones pointing their guns at us?"

Kohina started oozing killing intention, she\'s serious about what she said just now.

It\'s clear to everyone here that this initiator girl had killed before.

Noah frowned and he looked at Kohina with serious eyes.

"Are you a murderer?"


Kohina blinked, she turned towards Noah with red eyes.

That\'s the sign of cursed children unleashing their power.

Kohina\'s expression looked innocent and evil at the same time. She continued in a frosty tone.

"Do you want to be killed by me as well?"

Noah understood that this child perceived the act of killing another human as just part of the business.

There is no way he can save this child and let her live as a normal child would.

This is very frustrating for Noah who ran Fairy Tail in order to make sure that cursed children will have human rights and live like a normal child would if not better. He looked at Kohina with sympathetic eyes.

"Papa, this guy\'s eyes are making me very uncomfortable. I don\'t care about the others can I slash just this one guy, pretty please?"


Kagetani looked at Noah and he gave her the go ahead.

"If my beloved daughter is feeling upset, make yourself at home by cutting him a new one!"

Kohina grinned.

"No way in hell am I letting you do that!"

Rentaro fired his gun.

Like dominos, the others followed after him.

Bang bang bang

Multiple shots were fired from multiple directions at Kagetani.

However, what happened next dropped the attackers\' jaws.

Tang tang tang

The bullets were suspended in the air by an invisible shield around Kagetani. The bullets appeared as if they are stuck in mud.


Shocking as it may be, this is what just happened.

Seitenshi, Kisara, and Rentaro\'s expression changed to one of surprise as well.

The surrounding attackers stopped in shock.

Even Noah\'s eyes beamed for just a second.

It\'s like something you would see in a movie with Kagetani\'s hands behind his back and the bullets stopping inches away from him.


"Oh, quite the contrary, it\'s possible!"

Kagetani spread his arms wide in his usual dramatic flair.

"Allow me to continue my introduction, I am part of the 787th mechanized squad of the ground defense force, a participant in the New Human Creation Plan, ."

"New Human Creation Project?!"

Gasps could be heard.

"New Human Creation Plan"

Noah revealed a look of confusion.

He didn\'t know what that project is but he suppressed his confusion since he noticed something.

He looked at Kisara and Rentaro. He noticed Rentaro\'s eyes wavering at the sound of

She glanced at Rentaro.


While Noah is preoccupied, a figure charged him from a certain direction.

Noah steeled up.



A confused sound came.


Kagetani also expressed his surprise.

"You blocked Kohina\'s attack?"

who had been standing by Kagetani\'s side jumped and she assaulted Noah with her two wakizashi.

Noah easily blocked her attack with his savage-looking oversized revolver.

Crik crik

The wakizashis raised sparks clashing against the revolver.

Kohina tried to put more strength but she still could not get through Noah\'s defense much to her surprise.

Kohina quickly retreated to Kagetani\'s side. She glared at Noah with a serious look for once.

"Just who are you?"

Noah looked at Kohina.

"I forgot to introduce myself, I am the guildmaster of Fairy Tail, NOah, Dreyar!"

"Fairy Tail?"

Kohina flinched.

"Fairy Tail…"

Kagetani observed Noah.

"I see, you\'re the one in charge of the institution protecting cursed children?"

"I have no interest in this conversation."

Maybe it\'s because of Kohina, Noah replied in an annoyed tone.

"What\'s the big idea? You trying to put on a show or something?"

"Oya oya"

Kagetani recalled what he came here to do.

"I almost forgot about my business here."

Kagetani looked at Seitenshi.

"I came here with one objective, to speak with the administrator. As a civil defense officer, let me take part in this operation as well, how does that sound?"

Seitenshi didn\'t respond. She looked intently at Kagetani, he laughed in response.

"Of course, if we get our hands on that thing, I hope you wouldn\'t mind us using it for a bit."

Seitenshi gave up and she closed her eyes.

"What are you talking about?"

Kisara asked first.

"What\'s in the suitcase?"

"I am not the one in charge of briefing."

Kagetani put on his hat and he bid Noah a farewell.

"We will meet again soon."

Kagetani and Kohina smashed open the windows in the briefing room and they jumped through it before disappearing into the streets below.

Noah glanced at the flabbergasted group of civil defense officers. He looked at the streets the two disappeared into and he narrowed his eyes.