Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 96

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 96: Countermeasure, idea, and grievances

"Guildmaster Noah, please wait!"

The familiar voice rang up just as the monitor fired up. The individual on the display made everyone here widen their eyes in surprise.

The bigshots all stood up before bowing in respect at the figure in the monitor.

Noah is also a little surprised to see the individual.

She\'s wearing a fancy white dress, her white hair made her look like she belonged to a world of snow.

She\'s the administrator for Tokyo Area, Seitenshi.

Behind her, Tendo Kikunojyo followed like a shadow. He glared at Noah and Noah leered back, creating sparks between them. The tension rose as they stared each other down.

"Let\'s put that until a later time.."

Seitenshi sat on her white chair as she tried to cool the situation down.

"I am the one who assigned this task to you guys, I would be very much obliged if you guys can listen to what I have to say."

Seitenshi\'s words caused everyone to relax their stern expressions. Nobody sat down, this is their way to show respect for this administrator who might or might not be just a figurehead.

"I am very sorry, Noah-san."

Seitenshi turned towards Noah. She lowered her head apologetically.

"It\'s as Noah pointed out, we erred by not considering Fairy Tail\'s stand, we invited Fairy Tail despite that with more requests on top. However, I ask that Fairy Tail be tolerant of us and our mistakes."

The people around all turned towards Noah, waiting for his reply.

Seitenshi has already lowered her head, would Fairy Tail give her the time of day and prevent this from escalating to a bigger issue or will it become a huge problem.

The people around here wanted to see the mental maturity and attitude of this peculiar young man.

Luckily, he did not disappoint their expectations. Noah didn\'t think he\'s some pompous individual who would grab this chance to get more benefits out of her.

"I only wished for Seitenshi to ponder more carefully whether or not Fairy Tail\'s participation is truly necessary for this operation."

Noah ignored Kikunojyo as he addressed Seitenshi.

"If the participation of Fairy Tail is necessary, an arrangement that would satisfy both sides should be prepared."

A lot of the people here revised their views on Noah.

He clearly analyzed the situation, compromised where necessary and to assert his stand on those terms that must be kept. Even when negotiating with the administrator of Tokyo Area, this young man didn\'t back down on his principles. Not many men his age could pull off something like this.

Before this, they respected his strength for taking out a civil defense officer like he\'s nothing, now, they admired his way of getting what he wanted without being overly aggressive.

"I understand."

Seitenshi nodded after musing for a bit.

"I am going to explain the job, Fairy Tail\'s level of cooperation will be ironed out after further discussion at the state office. How does that sound?"

"The state office?"

Noah raised an eyebrow before smiling at Kikunoyo.

"Surely, that\'s not the idea from Kikunojyo right?"

Seitenshi silenced herself.

His antagonistic tone didn\'t fall on deaf ears, everyone seemed surprised.

Kisara observed Noah from a corner of the room, she had her own thoughts.

Kikunojyo said something that made other people gasp.

"Guildmaster Noah, it\'s true that we have our grievances. However, you should know that I don\'t bring personal business into official matters."

The other people exchanged looks.

They had grudges toward each other?

Noah tilted his head, he didn\'t say anything more. He turned around and sat down on his seat.

"Let\'s begin the briefing."

Seitenshi relaxed a bit. She quickly put on her business face.

"The request this time is to deal with a Gastrea that sneaked into Tokyo Area. The object of concern is inside the Gastrea, it\'s a box that looks like this."

The screen changed to display a silver suitcase with "Mission Objective" written above it. The reward is also displayed.

The suitcase itself looked rather ordinary.

However, the reward displayed made everyone slightly confused.

The reward is too high, so high in fact that one wouldn\'t be able to think of this request as just a normal subjugation job.

Everyone stayed silent as they considered the situation at hand.

Other than civil defense officers who dance with death every day, the rest of the people here are managers or bosses of civil defense firms.

They got to their positions because they knew something\'s up when they saw it, even if they didn\'t have the strength to fight like their subordinates.

Seitenshi didn\'t explain any further. She closed her eyes and continued.

"If there are no questions, please get this job done as soon as possible."

Kisara wanted to ask something by raising her arm but Noah stopped her with a pat on the shoulder.


Kisara is confused.

"What\'s the matter?"

Noah didn\'t say anything he stared at a certain position near the central desk, everyone focused there as well.


The two nearest managers yelled out loud in surprise as they immediately got away from Noah\'s field of vision.


Somebody uttered after noticing his cover is blown.

"I thought I would have to say something before people noticed me. To think there is someone with a sharp enough sense to detect me, intriguing."

It\'s a very tall man.

His height had to be at least 190cm, he is strangely lanky, he wore a red tailcoat and a top hat along with a sinister white mas. He\'s so strangely dressed that it\'s surprising that no one but Noah noticed him. He also added salt to the injury by putting his legs on the briefing table.

"Wh-when did you?"

"What about the other one?"

Ignoring the shocked audience, Noah continued.

"Tell her to come out, no point in hiding…"

"You even noticed her?"

The guy laughed out loud in a weird manner. He stood up in a dramatic manner.

"If that\'s the case, Kohina, come on out and greet everyone!"

A small figure dropped down from the ceiling and she stood on the briefing table.