Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 95

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 95: Eye-catching in various ways

"Fairy Tail?"

The civil defense executives and officers gasped.

"He\'s the guildmaster of THAT Fairy Tail?"

"The famous place that provides sanctuary for cursed children?"

"That makes sense…"

Only the ignorant few didn\'t know about Fairy Tail.

The reason is very simple, Fairy Tail is the famous institution that provided protection for cursed children when the world treated them like vermins.

In a word where cursed children are treated in an inhumane manner, very few people would go out of their way to offer protection to cursed children.

In just a short year of appearance, Fairy Tail became a famous organization in Tokyo Area.

With such a reputation, how can Fairy Tail avoid being on people\'s radar?

Furthermore, it\'s also a tacitly agreed point that the initiators from Fairy Tail are all above average in battle performance when compared to ordinary initiators.

A lot of famous initiators are Fairy Tail approved partners of their highly-trained initiators. A lot of them also joined Fairy Tail as civil defense officers.

Fairy Tail is also famous for posting assignments on boards, officers can get paid by taking on lots of mission instead of a fixed benefit. This modus operandi attracted a lot of external civil defense officers who would kill to join Fairy Tail.

Everyone has heard of Fairy Tail.

There are other measures to describe Fairy Tail\'s fame.

Like how Fairy Tail had a lot of civil defense officers that are ranked around 1000 or better.

Shougen\'s IP ranking is only 1584.

In other words, there are a lot of promoters who are better than Shougen in Fairy Tail.

Not to mention, there are a lot of cursed children who are more than capable to join the ranks of an initiator.

Even if Shougen wanted to pick a fight with Noah, he\'s way in over his head.

Kayo is trying to subtlely hint at this.

Shougen clicked his tongue. Gnashing his teeth, he snapped his arm back into place.

"Just my luck!"

He returned to the crowd after having his ass handed to him.

The executives and civil defense operatives are readjusting their attitude towards Noah, the guildmaster of Fairy Tail.

The initiators are all looking at Noah with curiosity and goodwill. Noah is like a celebrity to them.

It\'s probably because of Noah\'s reputation as someone who was there to offer sanctuary to cursed children when they cried for help.

How can any initiator in good conscience hate Noah?

Kayo bowed towards Noah. Noah smiled and he rubbed her head before sitting down at the briefing table. There is a nameplate for Fairy Tail at the seat.

Senju Kayo bowed one more time and she returned to Shougen\'s side. She kept looking at Noah without looking away, just like the other initiators.


Kisara sat down at her seat with Rentaro standing behind her. They released sighs of relief.

"That gave me quite a surprise."

"You guys would be surprised with some of the jerks I have to deal with."

Noah said.

"Just smack them down whenever they come along, otherwise, they are just going to walk all over you."

"If I could, I would."

Rentaro grumbled.

"He\'s a formidable opponent, an IP ranker that is close to the top 1000, if I tried anything, it wouldn\'t end well in just a few minutes right?"

Noah didn\'t answer him.

A high ranking civil servant in uniform entered.

With mixed emotions, they all turned towards the officer.

The officer also greeted everyone with a nod.

"To get down straight to brass tacks, there\'s a mission for you people!"

Everyone put on their business looks.

"However, before the briefing, anyone who will not or cannot join this assignment are advised to leave before briefing begins. Once briefing begins, you can\'t reject the assignment."

The executives frowned while Kisara exchanged a look with Rentaro.

Isn\'t this a compulsory mission then?

Nobody stood up so everyone\'s in.

They are all more or less famous civil defense corporations so they can\'t afford to lose reputation by resigning before even hearing the briefing.

The high-ranking officer nodded as if he expected this response.

"This seems rather inappropriate doesn it?"

To everyone\'s surprise, somebody actually spoke up.

Noah continued.

"Fairy Tail\'s policy should be well-known, we post requests on boards and let the members figure out the rest."

Noah said while looking at the officer.

"Since this mission is compulsory after hearing the briefing, this would suggest either high difficulty or extremely classified nature. So, the end result is that either nobody would pick up this request or I can\'t post this request in my guild so why was Fairy Tail summoned here in the first place?"

The officer stayed silent.

"You don\'t seem to have figured out that part yet…"

Noah narrowed his eyes.

"Am I correct to assume that you called Fairy Tail here despite this obvious failure to consider our policy?"

"It\'s an order from the government."

The officer frowned.

"Are you saying Fairy Tail plans on rejecting this?"

"The government, you say?"

Noah laughed even though his eyes would make any adult piss his pants.

"Too bad for you, we are a civil security firm, not one of your government\'s lackey unit!"

Noah stood up as if the conversation is over and he headed straight for the door.

The monitor in the briefing room lit up.

"Guildmaster Noah, please hold on!"