Holistic Fantasy - Chapter 94

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Holistic Fantasy Chapter 94: The brat and the gangster, the melting pot that is the civil defense officers

Rentaro and Noah walked along the corridor with a slightly agitated pace.

"Guildmaster Noah! Satomi-kun!"

A black sailor uniform-wearing Kisara was waiting for the both of them. She looked assured now that both Noah and Rentaro are here.


Rentaro approached her.

"What\'s going on? Why did you call me out here?"

"I want to know the same thing, I just received news of a mission myself."

Kisara signalled for Rentaro to calm down. She turned towards Noah.

"I see they didn\'t just my company, even Fairy Tail got summoned huh?"

Noah didn\'t answer, he just nodded. He looked behind Kisara and he asked her.

"Where\'s Enju?"

"She stayed over at Fairy Tail, I thought I should let her continue her lessons."

Kisara sighed.

"Plus, even if I brought her here, she would be asleep 5 minutes into the briefing session right?"

Noah bitterly laughed but he didn\'t say anything in response. Noah pushed open the door.

It\'s a room with a large oval desk placed in the center. There\'s also a large monitor on the innermost wall.


The heavy mood in the room caught Kisara and Rentaro immediately. Noah frowned at this scene.

This heavy mood was created by the other participants in the briefing room.

There are individuals with well-made suits, it\'s clear from their appearances that these people all lived very posh lives. In front of them are nameplates of the companies they represented.

Different from what their bosses are wearing, the subordinates are all wearing different gears. They had varanium weapons as well, this made them looked hard to approach.

They are all personnel of various civil defense agencies like Rentaro, all of them are promoters. By their sides, initiator girls who are around the age of 10 just like Enju accompanying their promoters.

"What is happening?"

Rentaro lowered his voice subconsciously.

"Why are there so many civil defense officers and their bosses here?"

"Moreover, these are all bigshots in Tokyo Area."

Kisara said in a tense tone.

"It only means something big is going on."

Noah entered the room without further speculation.

With Noah leading them, Kisara and Rentaro got some courage as they followed after him.

The operatives inside shot them glares filled with killing intent.

"Hey hey, is this a joke?"

One of the promoters leaning on the wall teased them before Kisara, Noah, and Rentaro can react.

It\'s a tall and sturdy man who looked like a gangster with a skull bandana covering his mouth. He also had a varanium great sword that looked like it\'s at least over 10kg.

"What\'s with the newcomers recently? Is this a game to you people?"

The gangster wannabe said in a patronizing tone.

"This isn\'t a place for brats to run around, get the fuck out of here!"

Kisara and Rentaro froze up because they didn\'t expect such hostile antagonization the moment they walked through the door.

Noah ignored the man like he\'s air and he approached the meeting table without dignifying the provocation with a response.


"Watch out!"

The sound of something cutting through the air entered everyone\'s ear the moment Noah walked pass the gangster wannabe.

He roared.

"I am talking to you, shithead!"

The gangster threw a punch at Noah.

The next second, the gangster got sent flying away, all 180 over kilograms of his mass like a sack of potato being launched by a catapult at the wall.


His big body made a beautiful spiderweb-pattern crack in the wall.


The agonizing pain made the gangster moan as he fell to the floor.

A closer examination would reveal that the gangster\'s arm is twisted in an impossible angle.


An executive of a civil defense agency stood up in shock. He couldn\'t believe a big guy like his subordinate would cry like a baby after being flung away.


The executives and the civil defense officers had cold sweats streaming down their heads. The reason: Noah who looked like he just swatted a fly instead of a human.

Noah glanced at Shougen.

"Gosh, what\'s with the upstarts nowadays? All brawn and no brains or eyes for that matter, the bar sure have been lowered."

Nobody had a comeback.

"Y-you bastard!"

Shougen held his broken arm while struggling to stand up. He leered at Noah with murderous eyes.

"Kill you! I am definitely going to kill you!"

Nobody\'s surprised, including Noah.

There are over 700 thousand promoter pairings in this world. There are good guys who have good moral compasses. Of course, there are battle-hungry criminals who are trying to blend in, including gangsters.

Noah knew about this so he didn\'t hold back, why would he when the other guy started this.

Shougen rushed over but a little girl stopped him.

"Shougen-san, please calm down!"

The girl is wearing a plain dress and tight pants. She had adorable eyes that gave off an icy feeling.

"Are you stopping me? Kayo?!"

Shougen is obviously too angry to think rationally.

"Don\'t forget your identity!"

"Please remain calm, Shougen-san."

Kayo the initiator girl being yelled at replied in a composed tone.

"He\'s the guildmaster of Fairy Tail, Noah Dreyar."

It\'s Shougen\'s turn to freeze up now.